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Epilogue: Eye of the Hurricane

The ship was a mess. She hadn't really taken the time to inspect the damage as they had a mission and it wasn't a guarantee that they would even be coming back. Now she had a logistical nightmare on her hands with no less than six hull breaches, four auxiliary systems down and main power at only forty percent.

The couplings Shepard had bought on Omega were fried and a broken regulator had the power grid fluctuating on a whim. Still, she should have been grateful for being alive to complain about all this. They had all made it, the crew, the ground team, even Shepard's hamster. Despite it being labeled a suicide mission, they had all come out relatively unscathed.

Ken and Gaby were both shaken up a little but seemed to be keeping their minds occupied with work. The one thing she also noticed was that they were standing a little closer together now, something she was sure Kasumi would love to hear.

"I've stabilized the energy flow for now," Tali said closing her work station, "if it acts up again just call me and I'll be back down. I'm going to go see if I can get power back on in Shepard's quarters."

"Don't worry about it ma'am, me and Gabby got it under control. You just do whatever you need to in Shepard's…ouch…dammit woman I didn't even say anything that time," Ken growled in frustration.

"Yeah but you were thinking it you perv," Gabby said poking Ken in the ribs.

"I'm not even safe in my own mind," Ken moaned, "what's a man to do?"

Tali shook her head, giggling at Ken's misfortune as she headed out the door. Stepping out into the hallway, she was greeted by the sight of Garrus, Zaeed, Jacob and Kelly standing by the windows overlooking the hanger.

"What is everyone doing here," Tali said tilting her head.

"We're watching Miranda and Jack fighting," Garrus said not looking back.

"What," Tali yelled pushing the Turian out of the way.

Sure enough, she could see Jack and Miranda in the center of the wrecked hanger trading biotic shots back and forth.

"Keelah, look at the mess their making. Isn't anyone going to stop them?"

"If you think any of us is going to get in the middle of that your fucking crazy girl," Zaeed chuckled.

"Don't worry so much Tali," Garrus said patting her on the shoulder, "those two need to get it out of their system. If it gets too rough we'll break it up. Right now it's nothing but a friendly spar," Garrus explained as a support beam went crashing into a wall below them.

"This hardly constitutes a spar," Jacob said shaking his head, "although I do agree that this might be good for those two."

"Although I don't approve of this either Tali, I have to agree that letting them clear the air might improve their relationship since we aren't with Cerberus anymore," Kelly said wincing at the sound of scraping metal.

"What would Shepard say about this," Tali said crossing her arms.

"He'd probably say that a certain Turian has some explaining to do," a voice said from behind them.

"Shepard," Tali asked spinning around.

"What's the matter Tali," Shepard said grinning, "you act like you never heard me speak before."

"No I…it's just…Miranda and Jack are destroying the cargo hold," Tali said pointing at the fight.

"Yeah, EDI mentioned that on my way down. Well Garrus, I take it this whole spar was your idea," Shepard said smirking.

"It seemed like a good idea at the time," Garrus said shrugging, "besides the Oculus pretty much destroyed the cargo hold anyway."

"So who's winning," Shepard said looking over the hold.


"Jack is more powerful, but Miranda is the smarter fighter," Jacob said smirking, "pretty much a draw at this point."

"In that case we should probably call it just that. Go break it up Garrus."

"Couldn't we wait for them to tire a bit? I had hoped they would wear each other out before getting in the middle," Garrus said nervously.

"And I had hoped not to have any new holes in the hull so it's not looking good for either of us," Shepard said motioning towards the elevator.

"On my way," Garrus sighed.

"Ah well that was fun," Zaeed said stretching. "Although it would have been better if someone's top had gotten ripped off," the old merc said heading back to his room, ignoring the looks from both Kelly and Jacob.

"Commander," both Jacob and Kelly said with a salute before they went back to the CIC.

"Thank you Shepard," Tali said as she watched Garrus approach the two biotics.

"It's my job," Shepard said wrapping an arm around the Quarian. "Besides, I can't have my girlfriend fixing holes and sub systems all day. She needs her rest and relaxation."

"Somehow I doubt I'll be getting any rest with you around," Tali said before covering her mouthpiece in embarrassment. "Oh keelah, I can't believe I just said that."

"You've been working with Ken for too long. Maybe you should take a break up in the captain's quarters," Shepard said grinning.

"Maybe I should," Tali purred, "although that deck still doesn't have power or lights."

"I'm sure we could work around that," Shepard said pulling her closer.

"I'm sure we could," she said resting her head on Shepard's chest, her heart fluttering in the moment.

A moment soon ruined by the sight of a Turian in blue armor being flung across the room and crashing into some storage containers.

"Maybe you should have sent Samara with him," Tali deadpanned.

"I know, but this is funnier," Shepard said chuckling.

"I wish things could stay like this forever," Tali sighed, "no Reapers or Collectors or Cerberus, just us."

"I feel the same way, but the Reapers are still out there and they won't wait for us. But no matter what happens, I'll always be there for you. I love you Miss Vas Normandy."

"And I love you Mister Vas Normandy."

And for a time, all was right in the galaxy.

THE END…for now.

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