A/N: Well, I decided to help contribute to the extremely small fandom of Arthur Christmas. However, this fic is gonna focus big time on Bryony Shelfley and Peter (Steve's assistant elf). I was originally gonna start working on this other Arthur Christmas fic but then I had this dream about these two elves and the plot bunny just won't leave me alone! Hopefully this fic will turn out ok, so enjoy! :D

Disclaimer: I don't own Bryony Shelfley, Arthur, Steve, Peter, etc. they all belong to Aardman. The only thing I own is the last name "Jones" that I choose for Peter. Later on their will be some elf oc's but I'll talk about them in the next chapter.

'Well this was a 'fine' situation I've found myself in!' Bryony thought miserably as she looked at the male elf that was currently trying to open the door that had locked once it closed. Said elf was none other than Peter Jones, the right hand assistant to Steve. At the moment, he had both his feet on the door while his two hands pulled at the knob.

"That's not going to work." Bryony stated flatly while crossing her arms. Peter ceased his attempts for a few seconds to turn his head and glare at the female, "Well I don't see you trying to find a way out!" He snapped back before returning to jiggling the doorknob.

Bryony frowned, "Well there's really nothing I can do since your trying to open the door that's obviously locked from the outside!"

Peter stopped, "Well then use your HOHO and try to call someone to let us out of this storage room." He demanded without turning his head and continued on with his efforts. "I lost mine when it fell into the ocean." A huff from Peter made her continue, "Well where's your HOHO?" She demanded.

"I forgot it in my room." Was the reply from the right hand elf.

"Unbelievable." Bryony sighed. Peter let go of the door knob and dropped down on the floor, landing on his feet before turning and walking up to his 'fellow' assistant elf till he was only a few inches away from her. Glaring down at her, he narrowed his eyes before responding, "You want to know what's unbelievable miss Shelfley? Unbelievable is you, Arthur and Grand-Santa going against orders and running off on Christmas to deliver one present to a child. Unbelievable is you all going all around the world and almost exposing us, unbelievable is Arthur becoming the next Santa when the position rightfully belonged to Steve! Arthur stole Steve's right!"

Peter turned and grabbed onto the door knob once more before continuing, "And what's really unbelievable is that of all the elves in the North Pole, I got locked in a bloody supply closet with a crazy, gift wrapping obsessed elf!" As he said the last words, he gave the door a violent jiggle before letting go and sitting on the floor. Obviously that strategy wasn't working so they would just have to wait till someone walked by and unlocked the door. 'Who knows how long that'll be.' Peter thought miserably.

Bryony, meanwhile was glaring daggers at Peter. Making up her mind, she practically stomped over to the elf. "First off, yes Arthur, Grand-Santa and I defied orders to deliver a single present but we did it because you and Steve didn't want to go deliver it. Second, we almost exposed ourselves. The key word is almost. If anything, the humans thought we were aliens. Third, Arthur earned the right to be Santa, he never stole the position! And last off, don't you ever call me crazy again! Besides, you're no joy to be around either!" With that being said, Bryony kicked one of Peters' boots before turning her back to him and crossing her arms.

"Oh you're just asking for it soldier!" Peter retorted while standing up again.

"And what are you going to do about it?" Bryony demanded while sending an icy glare his way.

Peter blinked. What could he do? Despite being Steve's right hand elf, no one really listened to him and he knew what everyone viewed him as pathetic and the only time anyone would listen to Peter was if Steve was around. Steve wasn't here so his threat just fell on empty. Sinking back to the ground in defeat, Peter let his head drop back against the wall with his eyes closed.

The sound of clicking caught his attention and his eyes shot open and he looked over at where Bryony was sitting against the wall on the opposite side of him. In her hands was a HOHO! "I thought you said you didn't have your HOHO!" Peter demanded angrily. Bryony frowned at him, she really liked Peter more when he was quiet.

"I don't." Was her reply before she went back to texting.

"I see it right there in your hands!" Peter insisted. He could feel himself getting frustrated.

"It's not mine, I told you mine fell into the ocean and I'm still waiting for my new one to come in." Bryony explained while pushing the send button. Hopefully Arthur would get the message and come to her rescue. "Then who's is it?" Rolling her eyes, she answered the annoying elf, "Its Kevin's. He loaned me his to borrow for work."

Peter furrowed his brows, "I asked you if you had a HOHO."

Bryony smirked, "You asked me if I had my HOHO which I don't, but you never asked me if I had a HOHO." She checked the phone and saw that Arthur hadn't replied yet. "Anyway, I sent a message to Arthur to come let us out so all we have to do is wait."

Peter leaned against the wall, "The sooner he comes the better." He grumbled while settling himself on the floor and closing his eyes. Bryony nodded in agreement before leaning against the wall herself. "That has to be the first thing we've agreed on." She mused and then rolled her eyes when Peter chose to ignore her.

'Why does he have to be so difficult to work with?' The wrapping elf wondered as she looked over the form of the assistant. Ever since they had first met, they did nothing but argue or try to avoid each other as much as possible. Normally Bryony was nice to everyone but it seemed that Peter knew how to bring out the worst in her. 'Too bad his attitude can't be as good as his looks-what what?' Bryony blinked in shock at her own thought.

Shaking her head Bryony scolded herself, 'Where did that come from Miss. Shelfley? Peter Jones is your enemy and you do not think he's good looking!' Thinking this seemed to start a battle in her mind.

Her more timid, lovey-dovey, side protested, 'But look at him sitting there looking all cute with his adorable hair cut, and his little red tie and-'

'No, no, no he doesn't look cute! He's a rude, arrogant, prick and it's best not to think that about him. Besides, your supposed to marry Kevin remember?' Her tougher, stricter side argued back.

Bryony's timid mind didn't back down, ' It's not like I actually like Kevin. If anything, the only reason why I'm marrying him is to please my parents.'

The wrapping elf dropped her head in her hands at the conflicting voices in her head, "Shut up!" She hissed. Peter opened his eyes and rose a brow at the supposedly crazy elf, "I didn't say anything." Blushing furiously, Bryony shook her head, "I wasn't talking to you, I was talking to…oh never mind!" There was no way she was going to tell her rival about the 'voices' in her head. It was bad enough he thought she was crazy and mentioning that would only confirm his suspicions. After an awkward silence, Peter cleared his throat, " So is anyone coming to our rescue or not?"

Checking the HOHO and not seeing any sort of reply, Bryony shrugged, "I don't know, Arthur hasn't answered back."

Peter rolled his eyes while standing up and stretching. "Well this has been 'fun' and all but now I really need to get out." He announced while glancing at the door. "We both really need to get out." Bryony sighed. Peter shook his head, "No I mean I really have to go to the bath room. I had two cups of expresso before we got locked in here."

"Oookay I didn't need to know about your sudden urge to empty your bladder." Bryony stated while closing her eyes. Steve's right hand elf smirked, "Then I suggest you try calling for help again before I decided to go on the wall." Of course he wouldn't really do that but it was nice to see the female's look of disgust cross her face. Gagging at the thought, Bryony started to text another reply when the HOHO started to vibrate. Checking on who was sending a message she let out a sigh of relief when she saw the name 'Arthur'. Thank goodness!

Quickly reading the message she looked up at Peter. "Looks like your going to have to hold it cause Arthur's on his way with the key. "About time." Grumbled the male elf.

Sure enough, a moment after receiving the text, Arthur arrived at the locked storage room and freed the two elves. Bryony smiled up at her friend/boss with a cheerful "Thanks!" while Peter mumered a quiet, "Thank you sir." Before running off to the restrooms.

Arthur watched his brothers' assistant run off before turning to his own helper, "He didn't give you too much of a hard time did he?" He asked.

Bryony shook her head, "No more than he usually does, I just hope I don't get locked in a room with him again." She piped up while she and Arthur walked down the hall towards his room to reply to some children's letters.