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Dream sequence: North Pole headquarters, Shelfley's room: Bryony age six.

"But mother, I don't want to wear a dress! It makes me look too girly!" Bryony whined a six year old as she crossed her arms and pouted at the feminine clothing that her mother was holding up in front of her.

Mrs. Shelfley frowned at her daughter, "You are a girl Bryony." She retorted while staking a step towards her daughter. Bryony took a step back while shaking her head, "But I don't see why I have to wear that. None of the other girls in the class is going to wear one." The tiny elf mumbled back and sighed in defeat as her mother began to change her.

"Bryony I don't think you'll be the only one wearing a dress." Mrs. Shelfley sighed, "Now turn around so I can tie the bow in the back." She instructed.

Her daughter turned and grumbled, "I can't believe I'm going to school like this"

Mr. Shelfley shook his head, "You look fine; now hold still so I can take a picture of you for the family photo album." He held up his camera for emphasis. Bryony's mother quickly pulled Bryony's mid-back, dark brown hair into a high pony tail before standing aside so her husband could snap the picture.

"Smile sweetie!" Mr. Shelfley instructed.

His daughter sighed again before giving a big fake smile. As soon as the camera flashed, she dropped her lips back into a frown. "Alright, now let's get going, your classes will start soon!" Mrs. Shelfley announced as she took her daughters hand and led her out the room.

As the two elves walked down the hall, Bryony looked up at her mom, "Mum?" She questioned softly. Mrs. Shelfley looked down,

"Yes Bryony?"

"Would you take me to get a haircut after school? I want to make my hair really short like the other working elves!" Bryony gave her mother the puppy dog look. The older female stared down at her daughter in shock. She knew of which hair style her daughter was talking about. Many of the younger female working elves had started to cut their hair very short; it was a trend that was growing quickly much to Mrs. Enya Shelfley's displeasure. In her opinion, it made the women look like men and made it hard to tell the difference between the males and the females.

After a moment of awkward silence in which Mrs. Shelfley realized that her daughter was still waiting for the answer, she shook her head, "No absolutely not! You are not going to get that ridiculous hair style."

Hearing the 'I've made my decision and that's that' tone in her mother's reply, Bryony decided it was best to drop the subject for now and looked forward as they continued to walk to her class room.

Bryony's head shot up as she felt her HOHO vibrate in her pocket, indicating that she had a new text message. 'Flashback dreams, you've gotta love em.' Bryony mused as she read over the message that she had received from Sabrina.

Hey Bryony! I hope ur enjoying ur Saturday, Carlos and I have some good news to tell U guys! :D Meet us in Lounge Room # 26 2day at 6:00 and we'll tell u about it. C U later. ;)

Bryony looked at the time section on her phone; it read 5:30 P.M.

"I guess I'll be able to meet up with them after all." The wrapping elf thought as she stood up. After the meeting with her parents and eavesdropping on her mother and uncle, she had hoped to meet up with her friends only to remember that they had other plans for the day and wouldn't be available till later. In the meantime, she had spent most of the day with Arthur, just chatting.

After a few hours of gossiping, Bryony announced that she was feeling a bit drowsy and bid Arthur good bye. Bryony soon found herself in the library where it was nice and quiet and allowed herself to dose off at one of the tables.

Chuckling she left the library and started to make her way to the lounge. As she walked, her hand rose to her head and felt her Mohawk, making sure that it hadn't messed up while she was asleep. She sighed in relief when she felt that it was still neat and in place. Thinking of her hair, Bryony remembered back when she first got her now trademark hair style.

Flashback: North Pole Headquarters, Shelfley's room: Bryony age 18.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR HAIR?" Mrs. Shelfley yelled in both shock and anger. Mr. Shelfley shook his head in disappointment at his teenaged daughter.

Bryony gave a sheepish grin as she rubbed the back of her head and felt her now extremely short hair tickle her hand. "Well…I figured that since I'm 18 already and I'm technically an adult, I thought that it's my choice that I could fix my hair like this." She replied while shrugging her shoulders.

"Brasil are you seeing what our daughters done?" Mrs. Shelfley exclaimed as she stared at her husband and pointed at her daughter. Mr. Shelfley nodded, "I see it alright. Bryony what were you thinking?"

The teen elf rolled her eyes, "Well I told you that I wanted to do this for a while now and you two didn't let me." She paused and gave her parents another sheepish look and added, "So of course I made the decision on my own."

Her parents glared at her, "I can't believe you did this without telling anyone!" Her mother complained. Her father nodded, "Yeah and did you have to die your 'Mohawk' blonde?" He questioned.

Bryony crossed her arms, "I like it blonde and it's not like no one knew I was going to do it."

Mrs. Shelfley furrowed her brows, "Who else knew about your decision?"

A knock from the door sounded and Mr. Shelfley answered it, "Elliot…what an unexpected surprise." He announced while said Scottish elf pushed past him and beamed at his niece, "Bryony! Ye got the haircut ye wanted!" He exclaimed as he approached the young female and examined her brand new style, "It looks great!" He added while the older Shelfleys just continued to glare.

End Flashback

Bryony gave a soft smile while shaking her head. That had been one of her most intense days involving her parents, the second was when she turned 21 and got her brow pierced; her mother literally fainted when she saw the piercing; and the third was when she was told who she was going to marry.

'I wonder how they would react if I told them I was going to get a tattoo?' She thought with a smirk. Knowing her parents, her mother would most likely faint and her dad would probably have a heart attack. The fainting would be a bit funny but the heart attack would be no laughing matter and even though Bryony wasn't really happy with her father, she would never want to purposely hurt him just for her amusement.

Now if she were to tell Kevin that she was going to get a permanent marking on her body and he had a heart attack, well that would work out pretty well for Bryony. It would certainly postpone the wedding by a week or two.

Realizing on what she was thinking about, Bryony shook her head dismissively, 'Now, now Bryony, it's not nice to think those kinds of thoughts about people, no matter how much they deserve it.' She scolded herself and continued walking.

When she finally reached the assigned lounge room, it was already 5:45 p.m. Carlos and Sabrina was already sitting at one of the tables, talking to each other. Bryony casually strolled over to the table and sat in the chair next to Sabrina's.

The blonde elf looked over at the newcomer and beamed, "Hey Bryony! Oh I can't wait to tell you the good news!" She squealed while clapping her hands together with excitement. Bryony smiled, "Is everyone else coming?" She questioned and Carlos nodded,

"Yeah, they should be getting here right about now." He looked up and smiled, "And here comes Tardy and Deborah right now."

The other two females turned and saw the two shyest members of the group walking towards the table. Tardy threw an empty bag of chips in a nearby trashcan before sitting at the round table, next to Deborah. Following close behind was Andrew and Norah who seemed to be chatting about some horror movie they had just watched and they too, took a seat at the table.

The only ones missing were William and Kathy. Sabrina glanced at her watch and saw that it was now 5:55p.m. "They helped wash the S-1 today, so they're probably taking a nap." She stated out loud. 'If they aren't able to make it on time, we'll just fill them in later.' She reasoned.

"Actually, we're here."

The group turned to see William walk in with Kathy, who was leaning against him and covering her mouth in a yawn. Carlos smiled, "Great, now we can tell you the big news."

The seven other elves leaned forward in anticipation of what their two friends were going to say. Sabrina and Carlos let out big grins before Sabrina stated, "Okay, you guys are never going to believe it but…I'm pregnant." She said this calmly and watched her friends' reactions.

It took about ten seconds for everyone to react. When they did, the boys got up and gave Carlos the manly 'congratulations you're about to be a dad' pat on the back, while the girls gave a loud chorus squeal of joy before getting up and hugging the mother to be.

The commotion coming from the ladies caused the other occupants in the room to turn and stare at the group. It just so happened that Peter was sitting at one of the nearby tables with his mother. The moment he saw just who were the ones making all the noise, he groaned and tuned while putting his face in his hands.

Lydia took her eyes off the celebrating group and tilted her head at her son's reaction. "Do you know them?" She asked.

Peter nodded, "Yes, that's the group that I was telling you about. They're the ones that snuck out yesterday." His mother looked back to the group, "Oh that's them? They don't look so bad…in fact; they look like a really nice bunch."

"Yeah a nice bunch of migraine starters." Peter grumbled back while his mother nudged him with her elbow.

"Oh be nice Peter, they can't be all that bad."

Her son shook his head, "They can, especially Bryony, and I know all about Bryony since I have to work with her sometimes." Peter rubbed his temples, "Look mom, why don't we go hang out somewhere else? I really don't want to see Miss. Shelfley more than I have too."

Mrs. Jones stared at her son in shock, "Peter!" She scolded softly. Peter just stood up and gently pulled his mother up and started to lead her towards the door. The last thing he needed was Bryony seeing him with his mother. 'I can just imagine all the 'mothers boy' jokes she'd come up with.' Peter thought with a shiver, he had already heard quite a few from other elves throughout the years, he didn't want to hear them from Bryony. Once they were at the door, Peter glanced back to see if Bryony had seem him before gently pushing his mother out and leaving the room himself.

What Peter didn't know was that while he was trying to rush his mother, he had managed to catch Bryony's attention and she watched as he left the room with the older female that Bryony could only assume was his mother since he bore a bit of resemblance to her.

Shaking her head, Bryony looked back at Sabrina, "I'm so happy for you Sabrina!" She exclaimed while giving her friend another hug. Sabrina hugged her back and giggled, "Thanks! I still can't believe I'm going to be a mother!"

The other girls nodded in agreement and continued to congratulate her. Carlos was talking to the guys who were wishing him luck with his upcoming fatherhood.

The two future parents thanked their friends before sitting back down and continued to chat throughout the evening.

North Pole Headquarters: Just outside Tanya's room. 6:45p.m

The door to Tanya's room cracked opened just enough to let the owner's head through. Tanya looked down both ends of the hall and saw that there were still lots of elves wondering around. Frowning, she pulled her head back in and closed the door. After securely locking it, she turned back towards her bed and smirked at the occupant.

"I'm guessing the coast isn't clear yet?" he questioned while leaning on one arm. Tanya shook her head, "Nope, there are still too many elves wondering around out there." She walked to the bed and straddled the male before adding, "But I guess we can consider that a good thing," She was now lying flat on him, "We can spend a little more time together and have a bit more 'fun'." Tanya placed a small kiss on the boy's lips.

The male smirked up at her, "You want more? But we've been at this all day."

Tanya shrugged, "Can you blame me? Peter's being stubborn and I'm practically starved. I need a pick me up before I get back to work on that little teachers pet." At this point, she rose a brow, "And what about you? What would your girl say if she found out you had agreed to do this, or when she finds out that you were the one that came to me?"

The boy elf chuckled, "Oh she won't find out if no one catches us. See that's the good thing about being a male, you can say that you're a virgin when you really aren't and a girl can't tell if you're lying."

"Oh you're such a naughty boy Kevin." Tanya giggled as the fiancé of Bryony rolled himself so that he was now on top of Tanya.

'Yes, as far as Bryony knows, I'm still 'pure'. I just have to make sure she never finds out.' Kevin thought as he prepared for his next 'pleasure round'.

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