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AN. This is my first foray into NCIS fanfiction as a writer, not just a reader. Well, sort of. I wrote a NCIS/House crossover a few years ago, and a HOUSE fic which featured NCIS characters in it, but I'd only just started watching the show then (from season 5), so I count this as my first NCIS fic.

It's AU from early season 6, after "Agent Afloat" but before "Heartland". It's a Tony/OC fic, with many Tony/Gibbs Father/Son moments, a few cases, and lots about our favourite NCIS family.

Basically, I felt it was time Tony got to fall in love- without it being an undercover assignment.

In this life

Chapter 1

"Luck if you've ever been a lady to begin with, luck be a lady tonight!"

Frank Sinatra blasted through the car speakers, playing at a much louder volume that it usually would be, so that the smooth voice of Ol' Blue Eyes could be heard over the pounding of rain on the car roof.

Tony sang along, mostly on-key, but his private performance was only half-hearted as he kept his focus on steering safely through the streets of Georgetown. It was absolutely pouring down, and had been all day. McGee had read online that it was the worst storm DC had seen in years, and they had all been relieved when Gibbs had told them to head out home for the day slightly earlier than usual.

Tony didn't think his boss would have minded being stuck at the Navy Yard all night due to the storm, but stuck at the Navy Yard with Tony, McGee and Ziva, who admittedly had a tendency to act like squabbling children at times instead of the Federal Agents they were? Yeah, not going to happen.

Tony had taken it upon himself to drive Abby home, he didn't want his favourite forensic scientist driving in this weather, and Gibbs hadn't made to move when his team had. Abby had invited him to stay the night at her place to avoid the storm, but Tony had refused.

"Please, Abs. A storm like this? Perfect movie marathon movie weather," he'd grinned at her and Abby had laughed in agreement before hopping out of the car and dashing into her apartment building.

The promise of microwave popcorn, and a few movies that may or may not be storm related; was more than enough for Tony to suffer through driving his car at a snail's pace through the streets, and hey, he had Sinatra for company.

Even in the worst weather such as this, Tony was just glad to be home. It had been a month since he'd been reassigned to DC after the Seahawk and sometimes felt like he was still trying to find his land legs.

Tony was only ten minutes from home when something caught his eye through the darkening sky and sheets of rain. There was a car pulled over to the side of the road, a little emerald green Ford Fiesta. There was a woman standing next to the open trunk, wearing jeans and a hooded sweatshirt and she was soaked through.

Tony groaned inwardly. He felt sorry for the unknown woman, car trouble was bad at the best of times, let alone in this weather. He didn't really want to have to stop and help, getting wet himself- he couldn't endure another lecture from Ducky about how careful he had to be to risk pneumonia with his plague-scarred lungs. But no other driver was stopping to help the woman, and as a Federal Agent, wasn't it part of his civic duty to help those in need?

"Anthony, you owe yourself big time for this," he muttered to himself, flicking his indicator on and pulling up behind her.

In the glow of his headlights, even through the rain, he could catch the expression of relief and also wariness on her face at seeing someone pull over to assist her.

Bracing himself against the cold and the wet, Tony opened the door and stepped out of the car, shutting the door quickly behind him as he approached the woman.

"Hi. Are you okay?"

He called out above the rain.

"Flat tire," she called back. "Thought I had a jack in the trunk, but I can't find it."

Tony nodded and jogged back to his own trunk, popping it open to dig out his own jack and an umbrella. As he returned, he noticed the woman eyeing the jack as though it were a weapon, which Tony knew very well it could be.

Mentally slapping the back of his head a la Gibbs for not thinking to do that first of all, Tony dug into his coat pocket for his ID.

"I'm Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo with NCIS," he introduced himself, handing his badge and ID to her.

"NCIS? I haven't heard of it," she said hesitantly.

'No one ever has,' Tony thought sadly. "It stands for Naval Criminal Investigative Services," he explained, still holding his ID out to her.

The woman slowly took it, glanced at it and visibly relaxed. "Hi. Jemma Fitzwilliam," she introduced herself in return.

"I'm sorry," she apologised. "It's just… this seems like the plot of a bad horror film you know? Pouring down rain, flat tire, guy pulls over to 'help'…."

"And then the woman ends up stuffed in a trunk or running through the woods," Tony continued with an easy grin. "I get it."

He didn't mention that he was the one who should be wary. Tony would never forgot the case Team Gibbs had solved a few years ago when Naval men pulled over to help a damsel in distress with car trouble and were murdered for their assistance.

"Here, let me help," he offered.

Jemma began to protest. "Oh, no. I couldn't ask-"

Tony cut her off. "I insist. You can hold the umbrella," he smiled charmingly at her and Jemma blushed shyly as she nodded and took the umbrella from Tony.

She was a fairly pretty woman, Tony could tell, even though she was soaked to the skin. She had large dark brown eyes, and brown hair, that was currently plastered to her head in a ponytail. She was shorter than Tony, about 5'10 to his 6'1, but as Tony knelt down to change the tire, he noticed she was wearing boots with two-inch heels.

Tony couldn't believe how dark it was when it was only five o'clock. Luckily it was only October, or it would have been even colder than it was.

"Thank you so much," she said gratefully when Tony finally fixed the new tire on and was lifting the flat into the trunk.

"Forget it," Tony brushed her thanks aside. "How long were you there before I pulled over?"

"About fifteen minutes," she admitted. Then she laughed sheepishly. "I couldn't help myself from looking in the trunk every few minutes in the hope the jack would magically appear."

Tony nodded. "You'll find it when you go home."

"In the last imaginable place, I'm sure," she agreed.

Tony shut the trunk and turned to her and she stretched out her hand to his. "Thanks again, Agent DiNozzo."

"Tony," he corrected her, shaking her hand and she smiled.

"Tony. Thank you. I really appreciate you stopping."

"Not at all. Have a good night," Tony smiled and took the umbrella back as she handed it back to him.

By the time he'd put the umbrella and jack away and was climbing thankfully into his warm, dry car, the Ford Fiesta was already pulling away, the taillights just visible through the rain.

Tony turned the heater up as he pulled away. Maybe he'd have his movie marathon on the TV in his bedroom tonight where it was warmer. He wasn't joking about Ducky lecturing him if he got sick.

When Tony entered his apartment, his first stop was the bathroom where he pulled off his wet clothes and had a steaming hot shower to warm up. When he turned off the shower and reached for a towel, the rain was still pounding against the window, and lightning was lighting up the sky.

"If it's still like this in the morning, I'm calling in sick," he grumbled, pulling on warm sweatpants and an old Ohio State sweatshirt.

Gibbs wouldn't believe he was ill for a second of course, but maybe he could ring Ducky and get the elderly medical examiner to convince Gibbs it was better Tony didn't get exposed to the cold, wet weather. You know, for health purposes.

Luckily, Tony's apartment had a great heating system and by the time he'd made the popcorn and selected his movies (The Perfect Storm, Back to the future- the first one, and maybe Twister if he felt up to it after the first two) and brought them into his bedroom, the apartment was warm and toasty.

He was just climbing into bed after putting The Perfect Storm into the DVD player when his phone rang. Cursing under his breath, he reached across to the nightstand to grab the handset, but his irritation vanished when he saw the caller ID.

"Hey Abs. You okay?" he greeted her, wondering if perhaps she was freaked out by the storm.

She sounded relieved to hear his voice. "Tony! Where have you been? I tried calling, but there was no answer, and then I tried your cell, but it went straight to voice mail. I thought maybe you'd had an accident between my place and yours and I knew I should have made you stay the night."

"Abby!" he cut her off gently. "Relax, okay? I got held up on the way home, and then hopped straight in the shower. My cell went straight to voice mail probably because of the weather. Cell towers are probably down. Okay?"

Abby let out a deep breath. "Okay," she said, her voice calmer. "I just wanted to see if you got home okay. It's awful out there."

"I know," Tony agreed. "But I'm really fine. I'm about to watch a movie."

Abby perked up at that. "Which one?"

"The Perfect Storm."

"Appropriate. I approve," she laughed. "Sounds good. Maybe I should have come home with you."

"You know you're always welcome here, Abs. But I don't want you out in this storm," Tony said sternly.

Abby sighed. "Fine. Are you picking me up in the morning then, considering my car is still at the Navy Yard?"

Tony hadn't thought about that, and grimaced to think that now he had no hope of calling in sick for poor weather in the morning.

"Sure. What time?"

"I've got to be in the lab for seven. I'm getting Major Mass Spec repaired and the guy's coming between eight and two."

"What's up with the Major?" Tony asked, leaning back against his pillows.

"I think he's throwing a temper tantrum. It's probably nothing, but I didn't want to risk fixing it myself."

"Yeah, I can imagine how happy Vance would be to replace your mass spectrometer if it couldn't be fixed," Tony rolled his eyes at the image of the NCIS director.

"This has nothing to do with Vance, DiNozzo!" Abby sounded indignant. "This is do with the Major. He's a part of the family, he's one of my babies. I can't replace him!"

Tony paused. "Of course not. Ok, so I'll pick you up at half-past six?"

"Cool. See you then, Tony!"

"See ya, Abs. We'll have our own movie night when it's better weather, okay?"

"Sounds like a plan," Abby agreed enthusiastically. "Are we going by theme, actor, or a series?"

"Up to you. We'll talk about it tomorrow okay?"

"Sure. Night, Tony."

"Night, Abs."

Tony hung up and grabbed a handful of popcorn as he picked up the remote and pressed play.

There was no better time to watch a movie than when it was raining.

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