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I, Lovino Romano Vargas, at the age of fifteen, DOES NOT need a fucking babysitter! Neither does my younger brother, Feliciano, at the age of thirteen! What the fuck was Nonno thinking? We can absofuckinglutely take care of ourselves while he's on a date (read: fucking) with some random chick. Feliciano thinks that it's a fucking wonderful idea to have a babysitter. I bet Nonno- that bastard- doesn't even know the guy. He's probably some pedo that'll jump us as soon as Nonno shuts the door behind him. I'll be sure to land my fist in his face if he dares to lay a finger on either of us.

I sat grumbling angrily to myself while Nonno waited for the babysitter to get here, saying that he has time to kill and wants to spend it with us. Pfft, more like spend it with Feliciano. Our bastard Nonno was chatting with Feli in the doorway, petting his hair soothingly and telling him the basic rules of when our babysitter came over. I'm not even gonna call him a fucking babysitter, I'm gonna call him a fucking pedobear. Have you seen that bear? It's fucking creepy. I always tell Feliciano that if he talks to a stranger that it's gonna turn into that fucking pedobear and take him away. Then rape him. Then kill him. Then smear his guts all over the wall. My stupid little brother always starts to cry and freak out once I get to the part where I tell him the bear's gonna take him away. Fucking crybaby. He said that he doesn't want to get taken away, because he'll miss me and his boyfriend, the German bastard, Ludwig. He seems to care more about that bastard than me. It makes me so angry, I wanna punch that muscley blonde right smack in the face. But he could just hit me right back, and it'll most likely hurt because his muscles are so damn big. Bastard doesn't know his own strength.

"Oh, he's here~! Feliciano, Lovino, I'll be back by tomorrow! Be good to Mr. Carriedo~!" Nonno said and opened the door. He'll be back by tomorrow? TO. FUCKING. MORROW? There's no fucking way I'm staying with that pedo bastard until tomorrow! Fuck, what if he's an old man? What the fucking hell?

Feliciano waved goodbye to Nonno and stepped aside as our pedobear babysitter entered. I didn't even bother to look at him. I didn't care. I kept my eyes fixed on the TV, fighting the urge to look over at him. I heard their conversation though.


"Vee~, ciao Mr. Carriedo~!"

"Oh, you can call me Antonio if you want, I don't mind~."

"Okay, Toni then~!"

"Hahaha, what's your name?"

"I'm Feliciano~! And over there on the couch is-"

"FUCK YOU, DON'T TELL HIM MY NAME, BASTARD!" I screamed and turned my head over to the vase near the hallway. I could feel Antonio's gaze on me as I just sat there on the couch, fuming, and if I wanted to I could break that vase with the intense fury in my eyes. Feliciano was NOT going to tell the bastard my name, I could say my own name! A-and I just didn't want him to know my name. He might call me an annoying pet name like Lovi or something.

"Uhm, mi dispiace Toni, he's kind of like that... Alot."

"Ah, I see... Is he your older brother?"

"Vee~, si! I don't think he likes you very much. I think he'll warm up to you though~!"

"Yeah, I think so too. Hey have you eaten yet Feli?" Oh, he gave my fucking brother a pet name. No doubt he'll give me a pet name too. Now I really don't want him knowing my name.

"No, not yet! We have dinner at 6 pm~."

"Ah, I see~ It's only a little after 5, I can make you something! Do you have anything in mind?"

"Vee~ PASTAA~!" Whenever Feliciano says he wants pasta, he screams in and reaches his hand out into the air, trying to grab somthing, I guess. He's a fucking weirdo. I heard Antonio turn and walk over to the couch.

"Feli's older brother, do you want pasta for dinner too~?" he asked me with a hint of something that sounded like lust in his voice. It couldn't have been lust though, it sounded a bit different. If it was lust that was in his voice, I am going to fucking chop his balls off. Fucking pedo.

I grunted, super duper tempted to turn around and look at him

"Mi amigo, I don't know if that's a yes or a no~. Can you nod or something?" Antonio said and he leaned forward so his breath was tickling my ear. PEDOALERTPEDOALERTPEDOALERT.

I grunted and shrugged. Haha, take that bastard. There's no way I'm warming up to yo-

"Hey," he said and grabbed my chin to turn me so that I was facing him. At that moment I knew that this was a guy not to fucking mess with. He looked like he could be friends with that one guy in school that picked on Feli and his Asian friend, Kiku, wasn't it? Although he didn't look like he'd punch you for no reason, he could fucking beat you into the ground for self defense. It was that kind of feeling that I had. "It's kinda hard when I don't know what you're saying. Kind of, uh, just say yes or no, por favor?" He asked me and smiled at my widening eyes. Our faces were so close, I could feel his breath on my lips. Fucking uncomfortable, dammit.

"I-I don't care, bastard," I replied and backed away from him. I felt vulnerable. I bet that if he wanted to, he could just crawl up on the couch and rape me. Right in front of Feli. Feliciano would be scarred for life and would have to see his therapist a lot more than twice a week.

Thankfully, he backed away with a shit-eating grin on his face and I could see him better. He looked about in his mid-twenties. He had curly brown hair that framed his face, emerald green eyes, and that fucking grin that I mentioned a second ago. Judging from his accent and the natural tan he had, he was Spanish. Or Mexican. Not like I would care. Pfft.

"Show me where the pasta is then, si?" his eyes sparkled, something I'd never seen before since my brother's eyes are always closed (it's creepy, I'm not even gonna ask how he sees things) and I don't talk to people. When I do, though, I never look them in the eyes.

"G-go find your own damn pasta, bastard," I shot back, seeing Feli flinch for a second as Antonio's hand twitched.

"F-fratello, Nonno said to be nice to Mr. Carriedo!" Feliciano broke the silence and gently pulled on Antonio's arm towards the kitchen. Antonio didn't seem to want to move, so Feli just stood there with him, waiting for me to say something. When I just snorted and looked away, Antonio just sighed- somewhat happily (WTF)- and was led into the kitchen by Feliciano.

I didn't like that guy already. But when Feli said I was gonna warm up to someone, he meant it. He was right every fucking time. He introduced me to that Matthew kid from Canada, and he said I was gonna warm up to him. Now I'm pretty much best friends with the guy. He didn't say that I was gonna warm up to his boyfriend, his boyfriend's fucking albino bastard of a brother, or that fucking rapist, Francis. The words never left his mouth, and now look; Ludwig, Gilbert, and Francis are all my enemies. I hoped, though, that this time, he was wrong, and that Antonio just leaves me the fuck alone.

I was inturrupted from my thoughts, not realizing I was growling all the while, with Feliciano yelling from the kitchen that the fucking pasta was ready. I flew up, that's right, I fucking flew, from the couch and trotted into the kitchen, grabbing the plate that Feli handed to me and sat back down on the spot I always sat on the couch. Feli followed, then Antonio and we ate our pasta while watching TV, Feli and Antonio laughing and chatting while I put bite marks on my fork from the anger boiling in my chest. I hated Antonio. I wanted him out of my house. But Feli's just gonna tattle to Nonno, then I'll get in trouble, and blah blah blah. You never want to mess with Nonno's wrath. Seriously. Last time I did, I couldn't walk for three days.

...What? OH YOU FUCKING PERVS! No, dude! He took a fucking ruler and spanked me with it! He didn't fuck me, you sick bastards. He doesn't swing that way. My clothes were on the whole while, and so were his. Sick fucks.

"Fratello, can I please tell him your name now~?" Feliciano asked with a pleading look as Antonio watched me with careful emerald orbs.

"It's Lovino," I grumbled and glared at Antonio. if looks could kill...

Antonio's face darkened a little. "That's... Not a very good name to name your kid," he said. Yeah, my name meant "I ruin*." My parents were total bitches. Good thing they coughed Feli and I over to our Nonno.

"Yeah, luckily bitches at school don't know Italian," I said angrily, not liking the look he was giving me at all. For some reason, the look on his face just didn't suit it.

His face lit up a little as he smiled, pearly white teeth peeking past his lips. "Can I call you Lovi~?" FUCKING HELL NO WAY BASTARD.

"Like hell you can! You think I just let things like that slide with me like my brother does? Well I'm way more fucking cautious than that! Motherfucking shit!" I yelled, a long long long string of curses leaving my throat. Antonio covered Feliciano's ears, not wanting him to repeat any of that.

I finished my curses, panting heavily and slowly, Antonio removed his hands from Feliciano's ears. Feli stared at me thoughfully for a while before finishing his pasta and putting his plate in the sink. He stayed in the kitchen for a while, to avoid any more anger spewing from my head.

All the while, Antonio stared at me with wide, green eyes. His smile drooped and he set his pasta down on the coffee table during my cursing fit. Apparently, I had too, because my plate was no longer in my hands, and there wasn't a trace of pasta ever being on the floor.

My breathing settled and I closed my eyes while resting on the back of the couch. I felt a dip in the cushions, but ignored it. It could have been Feliciano sitting back down next to me. I suddenly realized that it wasn't Feliciano that sat down, a pair of arms were wrapped around me tightly, yet also gently. Feliciano never hugged me after one of my fits of rage. He smelled like pasta, too, not like tomatoes with a dash of cinnamon, mixed with an unrecognizable cologne that went perfectly with the other two scents mentioned above.

My eyes shot open quickly, seeing some curly brown locks dangling in front of my face. Antonio was hugging me. He... He was fucking hugging me. After I swore at him not too nicely, his arms were wrapped around me, gently cradling me, repeating something that sounded like "Fusososososo."

Why wasn't I resisting? Why wasn't I struggling away from his grasp? Why did I feel warm after he said sorry to me? Why does... Why does m-my heart hurt? Why do I feel the need to hug him back? Why do I feel like I want to be hugged like this? I'm so confused.

He just kept mumbling things like "Fusosososososo, and lo siento, and forgive me, and te amo." Why did te amo sound familiar? I didn't bother to pay attention in Spanish class, I knew enough Italian to understand Spanish. But te amo sounded very familiar, I just couldn't place my finger on what it meant.



Te amo... Ti amo...


The bastard l-loves me. He's my fucking babysitter! W-why does it feel normal for him to say something like that? It wasn't right, it was disgusting. I'm only fifteen, and Antonio is only about twenty-three or something. A-and he says he loves me? I haven't even known him for two hours yet and he says that he loves me? And... T-the only thing that kept me from saying that I loved him back was my pride? That's not right. Feliciano's in the kitchen, watching this whole thing, and one wrong move on Antonio's part could send Feliciano's hand reaching for the phone to call the police.

"T-te amo...?" I squeaked and his eyes opened to look at me, and smiled softly. Not one of those way too fucking cheerful shit eating grin type smiles, but a calm smile, one that's soft and relaxed.

"Si. T-te amo, L-Lovino," he stuttered, and I could tell he knew that having feelings for me was something looked down upon. If he did anything to me, Feliciano could panick, call the cops, and Antonio would be gone in a flash. D-don't tell anyone, but I kinda didn't want that to happen.

I squeezed my eyes shut and punched at his chest weakly, tears forming in my eyes. He loosened his grip but didn't let go. This turn of events was startling, to say the least. First, he comes into the house, smiling away, and now he's hugging me and I'm on the verge of tears. I can imagine Feliciano's face right now, mouth agape and eyes wide. It made me smile, forgetting my tears for a split second.

Antonio finally let go, disposing of our pasta. I sat there on the couch for a while before Felicano shakily sat back down in his spot on the couch. Antonio sat in his own spot as well, and Feli smiled at me.

"V-vee~, fratello, can we play XBOX?" he asked carefully, reaching for a controller slowly.

"Yeah sure," came my reply, and I got myself a controller, giving Antonio one too. Feli turned on the XBOX 360 Nonno got us for our birthday, and we, well, I, kicked Antonio's ass in Halo 3. Feli was on my team but he ran away from Antonio everytime he neared.

At about 11 pm, Feliciano passed out in his bed. I was kind of scared, though, being alone with Antonio. He inched closer to me and subtly put his arm around my shoulders. Subconsiously, I leaned into him, making him smirk as my eyelids grew heavy. No way would I fall asleep on this bastard. I tried to stay awake, since I wasn't actually tired. Antonio's chest just calmed me down t-that's all.

Eventually, though, I drifted off to sleep on Antonio. My fucking pride made me all embarrassed and all that shit.

Yet, as I was still half asleep, I felt warm lips mold onto mine.



Nonno - Grandfather (Italian) (I read this off of another fic so if it's wrong let me know~)

Hola - Hello (Spanish)

Ciao - Hello (Italian)

Mi Dispiace - I'm Sorry (Italian)

Mi Amigo - My Friend (Spanish)

Por Favor - Please (Spanish)

Si - Yes (Italian and Spanish)

Fratello - (Brother or older brother (?))

Lo Siento - I'm Sorry (Spanish)

Te Amo - I Love You (Spanish)

Ti Amo - I Love You (Italian)

*I read on Askdotcom or something that Lovino meant "I ruin." I don't know if it's accurate, they gave a pretty reasonable explaination for it, so I assume it's correct. Someone else here on FanFictiondotnet wrote Tonio wincing when he heard Lovi's name, saying it's not a nice thing to name your kid.

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