I said a little prayer as I stepped into the hallway with Feliciano, who had his arms crossed and his eyes open with a small scowl that did not at all fit his face. I took a deep breath before standing in front of him and hoped that we wouldn't end up screaming at each other, like we did on very very very very rare occasions. Feliciano always won, because he would scare the shit out of me and... Well, he's just Feliciano.

"Fratello, what was that?" he asked, tilting his head to the side and lightly tapping his foot. I couldn't help but wince at his tone.

"What do you think it was?" I growled back, my breath catching when his foot suddenly stopped tapping. Oh shit...

"You went on about him being a pedophile! And you're now just telling me that you're in a relationship with him? Don't tell me you two already fucked," he snarled with his brows scrunched up. I took a deep breath and looked away as a blush crept across my face. I heard him exhale sharply and suddenly his hands were gripping my shoulders.

"Explain," he demanded.

"I... Ouch, shit, I'm not gonna fucking tell you if you have the death grip on my arms!" I exclaimed, sighing when his grip loosened. "Okay, listen. Apparently, he had this thing for me from the start, creeper, and I guess... Well, I guess I k-kinda return... Th-those f-feelings... A-and he's not really a pedophile, Feliciano, he's... Only 17," I explained while his eyes bore holes into my skull. Eventually, his arms fell to his sides and I heard him give a small chuckle.

"Mi dispiace," he apologized, "I was just so worried... I just want you to be safe, vee~," he sighed and incased me in a bear hug. I let him this time and rubbed circles onto his back, since that always calmed him down.

"...You don't like him, do you?" I asked with a sad smile.

"Antonio? I... Vee," he just said and pulled back with an innocent grin. "Let's just say I don't hate him."

"Okay," I agreed and let Feli hug me again before another pair of arms were wrapped around us. Feliciano pulled back almost immediately to see who it was, and stepped away once he caught Antonio's eyes.

"No group hug?" the Spaniard asked with a small frown, yet his eyes were still happy and playful.

"Vee," Feliciano hummed with the same grin imprinted on his face before abruptly turning on his heel and going back into the potato bastard's room.

"Weirdo..." I mumbled before letting my head rest on his shoulder. Antonio just chuckled and started to nibble at the skin where my neck and shoulder met.

"Te amo," he sighed and left a kiss on my forehead. We hugged in the hallway for a while before I pulled back and made my way towards the hospital room. Antonio took my hand in his the best he could with casts before we entered the room, so when we opened the door Alfred snorted with a generous smile on his face. Gibert paused his conversation with the potato bastard to glance at us, but resumed when we took a seat between him and Feliciano.

"So, Antonio, was it?" Arthur said from the other side of the room. Antonio nodded.

"You and Lovino... When did this start?" eyebrows asked with a calm look on his face, while Antonio's was scrunched up in thought.

"Uhh... Like... A week ago, then a few days before that...?" he offered with a small smile.

"That doesn't tell me anything," Arthur said in return, a sour look on his face. How rude.

"Well... It was a few days after I started babysitting them..."

"And you loved him just like that?" the Brit questioned, his head tilted to the side, his fingers snapping once he formed his last syllable.

"Ehehe, well..." Antonio started, giving a small shrug and preparing for the story that was yet to come. "Lovino doesn't remember, but I knew him when he was younger too. My parents and his grandfather were good friends!"

"...Go on," Arthur urged him, and by then everyone else in the room shut up to listen to him.

"I really liked Lovi, and I told my parents about the little feeling I had whenever someone mentioned him. They told me it was a crush, and then I did some research. Francis helped out a lot too. I learned about it, but then we moved away before I could act. I made a note to myself that when I saw him next I'd win over his heart!" Antonio finished, leaving everyone else quiet to proccess things over.

"That's so cute, but a little sad, vee~..." Feliciano broke the silence, a sad smile present on his face.

Antonio nodded, laying a casted hand on mine. "Yeah, but look at what's happened now!"

"You're in therapy, you have both of your wrists broken, and you're responsible for crushing a guy's arms," I snorted, keeping on a blank face as I looked up at him.

"But I have you~," he cooed, smirking slyly when I felt my face flush. Damnit, why does this bastard make me feel... Good? Is that the word? I feel warm and tingly... I-it's a good feeling though.

Alfred decided to start whining about his arms, so everyone went back to their own conversations. Arthur growling at Alfred, albino and potato talking brotherly things, and Feliciano even decided to talk with Antonio.

I tuned out all of the chatting and looked down at the ground below, trying to rach my brain for any memory of Antonio as a child. I just couldn't seem to figure it out...! Also, why did he act as though he didn't know me when he first came here? He would obviously piece it together with the recognizable curl and attitude... Unless he really is an idiot.

I was pulled out of my thoughts when the door opened. What I thought was going to be a tiny, skinny little nurse was actually a very very tall, broad shouldered man with a stoic expression. He looked around the room and locked eyes with Antonio before stepping aside, further into the room, letting a smaller woman enter and smile brightly. The woman skipped over to Antonio and gave him a quick hug, grinning brightly. I looked back over to the tall guy. He was not amused.

"It's been so long, Tonio!" the woman chirped from beside me, almost sitting on me even, getting all over Antonio. Truthfully, it bothered me. Was I not here? Was Antonio not just holding my hand?

"Way too long!" Antonio answered back, grinning just as bright as she was. I coughed lightly into my hand, nudging the Spaniard lightly with my elbow. He seemed to get the hint after his eyes shone in realization, making a soft gasp.

"Oh, Lovi, this is my friend Femke! Femke, this is my boyfriend Lovino~," he purred, causing my face to flush but take Femke's hand and shake it softly. I'm pretty sure that's how you greet people in America...

"Hi Lovino!" Femke grinned, white pearly teeth peeking past her pink lips, formed in a cat smile you'd see in anime or something. Her wavy blonde hair shone in the lights from the ceiling, a green headband settled on top.

"Ciao, Femke," I greeted her, allowing her to sandwich the hand she was holding with her own tiny ones.

"Italian!" she nearly squealed, quickly turning to the Spaniard next to me. "Tonio, nice job!"

Antonio just did one of those nod and chuckle a bit nervously kind of things, unable to really answer as the tall guy cleared his throat. Loudly.

Everyone turned their attention towards him, startled.

"Oh, Daan, come here!" Femke chirped, moving away from us for a bit to pull the tall guy over. "Daan, this is Lovino, Toni's boyfriend! Lovino, this is Daan, my brother!"

Daan nodded without looking at me, his eyes fixed on Antonio. What was his problem? He break this guy's shoulers too?

"Daan..." Antonio said a bit bitterly, staring right back at the tall guy, who's hair defied gravity. I bet this stupid Spaniard was responsible for that scar on his head, too. I'm not sure I like this tense atmosphere, either... It's creeping me out, since it's not Antonio-like at all. Of course, the bastard is so fucking unpredictable I should proabably get used to it. Tch.

"...Antonio," Daan said lowly, yet still clearly and loudly. I didn't know what to do at this point... Cut the atmosphere or just drown in it?

I was still making my decision when Femke stepped in with a crooked smile, scooting the tall dude to the side.

"It's nice we get to see our friend again, isn't it, Daan?" she said sweetly - too sweet - with a big grin, clinging onto her brother's arm.

"...Yeah..." he replied slowly, intensifying his glare before shifting his gaze to me, which had softened. We stared at each other, the room totally silent, until Alfred had sniffed a bit, causing Femke to step forward once again.

"How's everyone been~?" she asked, trying to change around the subject. Everyone in the room nodded, responding with an "alright" or "okay."

This wasn't going anywhere...

Femke sighed lightly with a small shrug and sat down at my feet, bringing Daan down with her. The room stayed silent for quite a while, and it felt rather awkward. I decided to look to the ground until someone spoke. I didn't know how to deal with all this awkwardness...

But of course you knew that, you creepy know it all person. I have a feeling you... stalk me, or something. I see pictures of me all over the Internet. Don't think I'm not seeing them. That's some freaky shit.

But I digress. I'm not here to break the fourth wall, no, but I'm here to play a role in this story.

"Dude, this is all so awkward," captain obvious Alfred whined with a pout, throwing a mini temper tantrum.

"Hush, Alfred," the Brit next to him scolded without moving his eyes from the book he had in his hand.

"...Antonio," the tall dude at my feet said with a glare in Antonio's direction.

"Daan," the Spaniard said right back with a fake smile.

Seriously, what the hell is this guy's problem?




"Shut up!" I semi-shouted, glaring at everyone who had spoken just then. The room was silent and awkward again after that. That's not what I was aiming for, but okay...

We sat in the room silently for hours, and I could tell Feliciano and the albino were becoming antsy in their seats from staying quiet for too long. It's a miracle that they didn't break out in song and dance yet.

As for Antonio and this creepy Daan guy, they were having a glaring contest. Still.

Arthur was reading, Alfred was napping, potato bastard was probably thinking, and Femke... I'm not sure what she was doing.

I'm not sure what I was doing either. But it was bothering Femke, since she glanced sideways at my weird twitchy-jerky leg having a seizure next to her shoulder.

...This silence was really becoming unbearable.


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