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.i. The Greaser King

They day had turned damp and dreary, the sun escaping behind the darkness of the thick, heavy clouds. The rain had been unforgiving up until about an hour ago. Johnny had spent his morning at the diner, trying to gather himself, trying to remain cool. Now that it had stopped raining, he was stomping on the wet, black pavement in the direction of school, where he supposed he'd go to class for a change. It was the only way he'd get to see Lola.

"That's what Gord's eye is going to look like," Johnny thought, staring at the black walkway. "I'm gonna kill him," he thought. The anger inside of him welled up, and it felt like a river's tide was so high that the dam would break. He knew he had anger problems, but this was an entirely new fury. He could kill Gord for making it with his girl.

Johnny considered himself a merciful king. He was firm about what he wanted and about his orders, and when he was crossed, he handled it. He was forgiving when necessary, sometimes allowing second chances, but what he didn't appreciate was being made a fool of.

Everyone knew Lola was his girl. It was school-wide common knowledge. Lola Lombardi and Johnny Vincent, until the end. Or so he thought. He felt played for a fool. Lola had wasted too many second chances after several different discoveries of her infidelity, and Johnny, a slave to his compassion, allowed it to slide.

But the hypothetical line had been crossed; the camel's back broken with the final piece of straw. Too many, including Johnny personally, had seen her gallivanting about Bullworth Town and Old Bullworth Vale with Gord on her arm. The stories of their escapades in the quiet alleys had made it around school. The fact that Johnny had just let it happen, without doing anything about it, was too well known.

His reputation was being tarnished, all because of this tramp and her inability to keep her legs shut. He didn't know how he was going to fix this, but he knew he had to somehow.

The Greaser wandered along, a lazy cigarette hanging out of his mouth, his hands tucked in his leather jacket pockets, hiding from the chilly air. He was on his way to class, where hopefully he'd see Lola. She had been avoiding him like the plague and not returning any of his phone calls. They had English together, and hopefully he'd be able to set her straight, and cut her loose. Maybe if a public spectacle was made out of it, he could redeem himself a little bit to the public, but it was just an idea.

"Hey! You, Greaser!" Johnny heard from behind him.

Slowing in his tracks, he turned around to identify the voice, and wasn't very pleased to see a short chunky man in a police uniform. Johnny Vincent didn't own a watch. Time wasn't really something that important to Greasers, especially the Greaser king. They showed up when they pleased, and Johnny Vincent didn't go out of his way for anybody. But he could just about bet the reason why this cop, standing across the street with an angered look on his face, was flagging him down was because he was late for class. Wouldn't be the first time.

"Skipping class, eh?" called the cop, as he began in Johnny's direction. "Come here!"

Johnny didn't panic. This was normal. Scoffing at the cop's attempts at scolding him, Johnny threw his half-smoked cigarette to the ground and bolted. He spent a lot of time running from authorities: prefects, teachers, and policemen.

The cop began to waddle after the young, physically fit boy, despite the obvious disadvantage. The short man panted as he struggled along, shouting commands at Johnny as he went. "Hey, stop kid! You're gonna be in big trouble when I get my hands around your neck!"

Despite the cop's aggravated determination, he was physically unable to keep up with Johnny, and his run slowed to a jog, which eventually slowed to a walk. Eventually, he gave up altogether, watching Johnny run towards the school, and into its gates.

He was in the clear, he made it.

Upon entering the gates, Prefects were rounding kids into the school building like cattle. A few Prefects shot some rude obscenities in Johnny's direction, but he paid no mind, waving them off and continuing in his direction towards class.

Johnny had Auto Shop, with his boys, as his first class of the day. The sound of the heavy equipment, car engines, and the laugh of his friends immediately took his mind off of his heartache. The smell of oil was more intoxicating than a woman's perfume.

If his heart didn't lie with the ladies, like his mind did most of the time, it most certainly lay with the shop. Johnny wasn't very academic. He wasn't book-smart, but he was logical, technical, and mechanical. He was good with his hands, fixing things in a hands-on fashion. He didn't want to spend the rest of his life behind a desk! He planned on actually earning his money in the world. Granted, right now, he could be doing better. But dealing drugs and selling alcohol to minors wasn't in his long-term plans.

Often times, Greasers were looked down on for their place in the workforce. If you asked Johnny, he'd say it wasn't fair. The nerds had their thing: books. The jocks had theirs: sports. The preps had theirs: money. And the Townies – well, the Townies didn't really have anything.

But it was only fair that Johnny and his boys had their own thing, which was mechanics, the art of the machine, the ability to build. They had the ability to make something out of nothing. This was what they were good at, and they capitalized on it.

Their kind was judged for graduating and staying in New Coventry to open shops and hardware stores, as if that was the only thing they could do. That wasn't true. Johnny was a smart guy, and he knew that. Johnny's best friend Lefty – hell, he was a genius! Johnny and all the other Greasers spent their lives in New Coventry, building friendships, street credentials, reputations, and hobbies. So, yeah, some didn't want to leave. But that's what set them apart from a lot of the other Social Groups of Bullworth Academy.

If the Preps could grow up to inherit their parents' money, like the trust fund babies they were, then why couldn't Johnny's crew open up a shop and be left alone? Yeah, auto shops didn't bring in a lot of cash, but that wasn't anyone else's problem. If you don't like New Coventry, then don't visit it. It was as simple as that in Johnny's mind.

The boys spent an hour and a half working on the vehicle they'd been trying to complete for weeks, now. When their break came, they worked through it. "We'll just go to lunch when class is done anyway, and we gotta finish the car, guys," Johnny would say. For the entire hour and forty-five minute class, the boys worked on their car, and when the bell rang they toddled off to lunch, where they eyed girls, terrorized the Preps, and taunted the launch lady.

"What's up, Edna," Johnny called, approaching the lunch line. "Who are we eating today?"

With a hacking cough and chunky sneeze, she roared back, "Your mother, if you're lucky!"

Johnny wasn't stupid enough to eat from the school cafeteria. He cheated on Mr. Hatrick's math test once and ended himself up in detention with Edna the lunch lady. There, he learned how to cook what she served for lunch and sometimes he found out who was put in it.

Once she ordered him to catch Mrs. Phillip's cat and bring it to her. He didn't know what for and he never found out. The cat scratched the hell out of him when he finally got his mitts on it and eventually he just gave up. He told Edna to shove it, that he was done with this detention crap.

Come to find out she never reported him. As far as the principal and Mr. Hatrick knew, Johnny had served out his sentence patiently, willingly, and diligently; that he proved himself to be a polite young man with great work ethic. From that, he gathered that Edna was all right, but he still wouldn't eat her food.

The boys left the line with fruit, chips, and the pre-wrapped sandwiches Peanut's mother sent him to school with. Peanut's family was just in as much hardship as everyone else, but Peanut's mother, Larraine, had more generosity in her heart than most. She cared about his friends, and made them sandwiches everyday for lunch at school. There were a lot of kids in New Coventry that couldn't depend on their parents. A lot of Peanut's friends found themselves seeking the wisdom of Larraine before ever considering asking their own parents the typical questions of teenagerhood.

"So, you got English next with Lola," Peanut whispered under the boys' loud banter in the corner of the cafeteria.

"Yeah," Johnny scoffed, "so?" He wanted to seem uninterested, unaffected by Lola's deceit, but Peanut knew Johnny better than that.

"Well, no one's seen her all day that I know of. She's prolly hiding out or something, you know?"

"I'm done with that whore," he replied, defiantly, despite the fact he'd been looking forward to talking to Lola after class. He didn't want to seem weak in front of the boys, and hopefully he wouldn't after he broke things off with her, for good.

Peanut left it alone and went back to conversation with the boys. Johnny tried his best to join in, but he didn't do as well as usual, and it bothered him that everyone had a good guess why. Before he knew it the bell had rung, his half-eaten sandwich was in the garbage, and he was on his way to English.

He could already see her, in his mind, the way he usually found her in English. The leather jacket he gave her for her birthday, draped over the back of her chair; she was normally wearing pink; her scarf would be tied neatly around her neck; her books were would always be under her desk, untouched and unopened. In the back of class, they'd sit next to each other – that is when he actually attended – and they'd pass notes.

He didn't know what she did when he wasn't there. As the thought crossed his mind, he realized how stupid it was. Gord sat on the other side of Lola, and he had every day since term started. So, when Johnny was skipping and was out at the shop, Lola probably was passing notes with Gord, or even Chad who sat in front of her. The thought made him sick.

But when Johnny stepped into class seconds after the bell rang, he didn't see Lola in her desk. Gord was gone as well, his seat empty. Chad was there, but didn't even notice Johnny's existence. Preps are good at that, pretending like they're the only ones in the room.

Lola's seat, however, wasn't empty. It wasn't filled with just another girl at Bullworth that he had seen everyday since the beginning of term, or either a nerd who was unlucky enough to sit in the back because all the seats up front were taken. No, this face was unfamiliar. It was another girl, a pretty girl, a brunette with her nose in a book.

"Glad to see that you've decided to join us today, Mr. Vincent," Mr. Galloway announced with a smile. "Have a seat, please. I won't count you as tardy. You were only a few seconds after the bell." He laughed. "I'm just glad you showed up."

As Johnny sat in his usual desk, he couldn't help but stare at the girl who was occupying Lola's seat.

"Ms. Tyler," Mr. Galloway said to the girl.

Johnny watched her pull her nose out of her book and gaze up at Mr. Galloway, allowing him to get a better look at her face. She had milky skin, and chestnut brown hair, that was pulled over one shoulder, and her eyes were like the grey in a foggy morning. But, it was obvious she was a Prep. Her hair neatly groomed, makeup perfect, and the obviously expensive manicure on her hands. Even though she looked like a Prep, though, she was still quite lovely, and would serve to be a nice distraction for Johnny for the length of the class.

"You're caught up enough I believe," Galloway said to her. "Please show Johnny where we are in our novel."

Johnny watched as the Evelyn reached into the depths of her plain, black school bag and pulled out a class copy of the novel, which didn't resemble the one she'd been sticking her nose in. "I have my personal copy." She handed the book to him with a kind smile. "You can use the class edition I was assigned. We're on page one-hundred and sixty-nine, I think."

"Oh, okay," he replied, not really sure how to react. He knew he wasn't going to pay attention, but he turned the page anyway.

"I'm Evelyn Tyler, by the way," she added. She didn't look back up at him again, or offer him her hand, but began fanning through the pages of her book.

"Johnny Vincent..." Well, wasn't this something? He'd come to class for the first time in weeks to see Lola and break up with her, but it looked like he wouldn't be doing that, today, after all.

Galloway began his lecture about someone and Johnny really didn't care, and he didn't have anything else to do. He didn't have Lola to distract him, so he just sat there and waited for the class to end. He began to listen, because it took his mind off how bored he was. Whenever Galloway got distracted with something else, Evelyn would ask him questions, genuinely trying to help him catch up.

"Do you understand what the letter on her dress represents?" she would ask.

"He said adultery earlier, right?"

"That's right, but it's symbolizes so much more." Then, Evelyn would explain how symbolism was so prominent in the assigned novel, whereas Johnny was just impressed with himself that he knew what the 'A' stood for.

Evelyn continued walking Johnny through the story so far, attempting to catch him up. He wasn't keeping up very well. English wasn't his thing. He didn't really care for it and never had a reason to. But, she seemed dedicated to helping him, and helping hands were rare around Bullworth Academy. So, in attempts to be nice, and partly in awe of her willing to help a complete stranger, he sat quietly and listened.

As Galloway continued his lecture, a small freshman entered the classroom, running up with a piece of paper. Johnny watched as the teacher looked over the note and then crumpled it up in his fist in an obvious anger.

"Hatrick, you fiend," Johnny read on Galloway's lips. "Alright, class," he announced, "I have an errand to run. Feel free to discuss the material with your classmates. I'll be back in a moment."

He didn't seem very interested in leaving them with any sort of threat or anything of that nature, considering he was leaving them alone without supervision. In result, the very moment the door shut behind Galloway the class erupted in an uproar and it was obvious no one was talking about the reading material.

"Am I making sense?" Evelyn asked, flush in her cheeks, slightly embarrassed. "I feel like I'm rambling."

"Nah, nah, you're fine," Johnny replied.

He watched her turn away from her book, her eyes falling on the chalkboard at the front of the room. "Oh...Well, then..."

Johnny started to chuckle when he saw a jock at the black board, writing obscene, profane things. The rest of the class was pointing and laughing.

"How stupid," Evelyn said under her breath, disappointed. Promptly, at her statement, Johnny stopped laughing. "People can be so immature sometimes."

"Immature is just what boring people call fun people," Johnny said, unable to help himself break back into chuckling.

"Well, yeah, but THAT," she pointed at the badly drawn portrait of Hatrick chasing Galloway with a giant fish, "is just stupid. I mean, they could at least draw the fish better." Evelyn looked at Johnny as he sat at his desk chuckling. Watching him, she couldn't help herself stop from chuckling either.

Things began to settle down a little bit. Evelyn went to her reading and Johnny watched the few who were rambunctious make fools of themselves. Chad, who was sitting in front of her, started yawning and stretching. The desks were in rows. The front of her desk touched the chair of the person in front of her. It was very tight knit, so when Chad bent back in his chair and stretched out really wide, he got a little bit to close as he leaned backwards, arching his back.

"Excuse me," Evelyn said politely. "Can I get a little space, please?"

"Silence, cretin," the Prep replied rudely, apparently unaware of who he was speaking to.

Johnny thought it was strange Chad would speak to another Prep this way. He had an inkling suspicion it was because she was talking to him, and Preps and Greasers weren't exactly known for their love for one another.

Evelyn looked up with wide eyes, her brows furrowing as she adopted an angry expression. Johnny watched from the side, amazed by her reaction. "You want to try that one more time, trust fund baby?" Her tone was vicious. It was actually kind of hot, he couldn't help but think.

Twenty-eight sets of eyes looked at Evelyn, shock on most faces and interest on others. Chad turned around and said, "I told you to cease, you cretin. I haven't the time of day for people like you."

A nerve struck in Johnny after that statement. This was the first time he'd ever met Evelyn, and she was already proving herself to be a tough little thing. However, as far as Johnny was concerned, it didn't matter how tough she was – a girl shouldn't be talked to like that. "You might want to re-think your tone, Prep, before I throw your ass to the ground," Johnny threatened.

See, Johnny only thought he was mad. Johnny only thought he hated Chad. Chad was being rude to a female, and that was highly inappropriate by Johnny's book. But that didn't make him nearly as angry, not nearly as livid as Chad's next statement.

"Oh, you mean like I did to your girlfriend?" Chad sneered.

Evelyn was confused, and the round of oohs and snickers didn't help either. "Oh, boy," she thought. She'd never heard a screech so loud as Johnny's desk, rising so forcefully the back of his knees sent it back a couple of inches, causing it to scrape the tile floor. Chad stood, too, but very nervously.

"You say that one more time," Johnny threatened, closing the space between him and Chad, both sporting menacing glares.

Evelyn wasn't quite sure how to react to the boys' sizing up one another. This morning, she never thought that class would end this way. She looked up at Johnny, who towered over Chad, glaring down at him with utter discontent. She didn't need to know a lot to gather that Chad and Johnny had preexisting issues. She didn't know the anything with Johnny's girlfriend, either, but she figured it wasn't exactly a honeymoon by the things she'd heard. She wondered if he and Chad were going to fight, right here in class, or if she was going to have to stand up and break it up. There wasn't much of a chance to find out.

"What is the meaning of this!?" All eyes fell on Galloway, who stood in the doorway of the classroom, bewildered eyes on Johnny and Chad. He marched into the classroom with Hatrick at his heels.

Johnny felt Hatrick's large hands grab a firm hold his shoulders and yank him away from Chad as Galloway took Chad by the collar of his Aquaberry sweater.

"This is unacceptable!" Hatrick roared.

"I leave for fifteen minutes, and I come back to this!" Galloway added.

"Well, they're pissed," thought Evelyn.

Worry initially set in when Hatrick started dragging Johnny away, his hands clutched at the Greaser's black leather jacket, Galloway following suit with Chad.

"Ms. Tyler, grab Mr. Vincent's things for him," Mr. Galloway called to Evelyn, not breathing a word about Chad's belongings.

Part II

The last time Evelyn had seen Principal Crabblesnitch, it was the day she first arrived. She remembered standing in his office, being lectured on the ways of Bullworth Academy, almost as if she was already in trouble. Following everyone up the stairs in the main lobby of the Academy, she didn't expect this visit to be anymore pleasant.

Evelyn would have much preferred to just stay behind, but she supposed she didn't really have that much of a choice, anymore. It would be more awkward if she stayed behind than if she tagged along. So, with a sigh, she followed them into Principal Crabblesnitch's office.

As she suspected, he didn't look very happy, sitting at his desk, arms folded, and a look of great discontent on his face.

Galloway sat Chad down in a chair in front of Principal Crabblesnitch's desk and said hesitantly, "I have to get back to my class. I'm going to go tend to my students."

"You should do the same, Mr. Hatrick," Principal Crabblesnitch directed toward the permanently angered Math teacher. A dangerous stare loomed down onto the boys. "I'll handle these two. Thank you."

Mr. Galloway kind of nodded and then bolted out of the office unusually quick, Hatrick not far behind. Evelyn found herself stuck in the middle of the office, unsure of what to do. Looking over her shoulder, she saw a spare chair next to the doorway, and settled herself there where she was out of sight, nervous as to what exactly would become of this meeting.

"Johnny Vincent," Principal Crabblesnitch began in a menacing voice. "Why are you so keen on destroying my school?" What an accusation! Johnny didn't reply, fists clenched, lips forming a hard line. "And you," he turned to Chad. "You come from such a respected family, dear boy. Why do you choose to associate yourself with such an ingrate?"

Evelyn was surprised that Crabblesnitch would go so far as name-calling, especially during this obvious game of favorites.

"I ain't associatin' with nobody! Especially this Prep."

Chad just smirked.

"It's 'anybody.' Learn to speak proper English, boy!" Crabblesnitch snapped. "I'd send you back to your English class to learn some English, but you don't have that luxury, anymore. I don't think we'll be having anymore problems from you."

Johnny sat up in his chair, quickly. "What's that supposed to mean?!" Johnny exclaimed.

"I have had enough from you, Johnny Vincent! I have no choice but to expel you! So as to prevent any further issues like this coming up again!"

"Expulsion!" he exclaimed.

"Serves you right, greaser," Chad snickered.

Despite Evelyn's desire to stay hidden and unseen, she couldn't help herself rise out of her chair and exclaim, "No!" But, as she did, all three sets of eyes fell on her, much like before in English class. "Oh, not this again," she thought.

"What are you doing here, Ms. Tyler?" Crabblesnitch inquired, a genuine look of confusion on his face.

"Your employees drug me here," she wanted to say. "I haven't the faintest clue why I'm here." But instead, she settled with a quick excuse, "I'm...your witness?"

She really didn't expect it to work, but after a moment of silence, Crabblesnitch asked calmly, "Well, then? What do you have to say?"

Evelyn was surprised that Crabblesnitch was at all interested in what she had to say. She guessed it was because she was fairly new and he hadn't had a chance to decide a reason to dislike her yet. However, she had to take this opportunity.

She didn't know how to say it exactly, but she figured she was going to have to start somewhere. The truth was a good start. "Johnny didn't start the fight," Evelyn blurted nervously.

"And I guess Chad did, then, right?" Crabblesnitch chuckled. "Am I supposed to believe that this Greaser with a record dirtier than his hair didn't start the fight with Chad, who has one of the most pristine records in school?"

"Only because his parents pay you to keep your mouth shut!" Johnny scoffed under his breath.

"Shut up, Johnny," Evelyn spat before Crabblesnitch got the chance to respond. "I'm trying to defend you."

Crabblesnitch only glared at Johnny.

"Look, Principal Crabblesnitch, I started the fight, not Johnny." Of course as soon as he heard this, Johnny jerked around in his seat to look at her, a shocked expression on his face, but the shock on Crabblesnitch's face was even more so. "Chad was in my space, and I started arguing with him. He said some things to me, and Johnny felt the need to defend me. Chad was minding his own business and Johnny was just trying to defend a girl." That's probably where the truth ended. Chad wasn't minding his own business. He was an annoying prick, but Johnny did go out of his way to defend her. "Johnny had the best intentions. If there's anyone that should be punished, it's me, but it's certainly nothing to expel anyone over."

After a moment of silence from all three other parties, Crabblesnitch finally said, "Well, then. I certainly wasn't expecting this." He looked at Johnny and then to Evelyn. "Since you're new, Ms. Tyler and your parents are very well respected in their field, I will give you the benefit of the doubt, and believe that this…" he paused, "cretin really did have the best intentions. I'll take that into consideration, that perhaps there's hope for him after all." He seemed bewildered, but got over it and looked to Johnny, "As for punishment, I won't expel you, Johnny." (Johnny let out a quick sigh of relief.) "However, if anything like this happens again, expulsion will be the final step in your high school career at Bullworth Academy. Do you understand?"

"What about her?!" Chad exclaimed.

"As for you, Ms. Tyler," he turned his attention again, "you and Mr. Vincent will serve detention for two days for Galloway because of your…disturbance this afternoon."

Johnny scoffed at Principal Crabblesnitch. Evelyn thanked him.

"And of course, Chad, you are free to go."

Johnny piped up immediately, angered by the injustice of it. "Wait a min-"

But Evelyn shushed him before he could finish, interrupting him promptly, "Just thank Principal Crabblesnitch, Johnny," she scorned in a wry tone.

Johnny looked at Evelyn as if she were crazy, to order him around, and then looked at Principal Crabblesnitch, and muttered something along the lines of "Thank you."

As Principal Crabblesnitch stood, the boys took their queues and rose. The Principal waltzed around the two boys and Evelyn to the door. He reached over dramatically and held it open, standing tall, and looking down at the three. "Don't let this happen again," then motioned with his hands for them to leave.

Chad bolted first, followed by Johnny who walked in a cool stride. Evelyn, however, was stopped at the door.

"Ms. Tyler?"

Looking up at him nervously, she replied, "Yes?"

"Don't expect me to be this merciful next time."