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Thread of Fate

Chapter 1

He had finally reached the end of the temple. Link was ecstatic at the possibility of Zelda standing beyond the beautifully crested door ahead of him. The Skyview Temple had caused him enough trouble, and Link was eager to not only leave this dreaded place already, but also to finally reunite with his childhood best friend. Thus, without a moment's hesitation, he made his way for the door in the room he had just entered when a bright light suddenly blinded him.

The Skyloftian held up his arm to protect his eyes before lowering it to find, much to his surprise, a tall, caped individual standing right at the door. Link watched as the figure lifted up the sword in his hand and growled, seemingly irritated, before the sword slowly disappeared in a sea of diamonds.

"Look who it is…" a strange, deep, chilling voice ricocheted throughout the room in a rather steady yet unsettling manner. The figure turned around, revealing a grayish-colored face with white pale lips, and equally white silky hair that flowed gracefully over one of the large, cat-like eyes lined with purple shadow underneath. "I thought the tornado I stirred up would have torn you apart, yet here you are." The individual turned away to look at the door. "Not that your life or death has any consequence. It's just the girl that matters now, and I can sense her here…just beyond this door." The stranger eyed the golden frame with the bird crest. "Yes, we plucked her holiness from her perch in the clouds, and now she's ours…"

Link blinked, trying to figure out who the stranger was, and if it was a man or a woman.

"Oh, but listen to me. I've forgotten my manners. Allow me to introduce myself. I am the demon who presides over this land you look down upon…The surface. You may call me Ghirahim." The stranger continued with his back facing the boy clad in green. "In truth, I much prefer to be indulged with my full title: Lord Ghirahim."

Link stepped forward at this announcement. A demon…a very strange looking demon who is apparently a male clad in even stranger attire. This demon was responsible for taking Zelda away, and now he wants to be addressed by a title? Link clenched his face, and he grabbed his sword and shield, ready to confront this very being.

"Did you really just draw your sword? Foolish boy." Ghirahim turned around, slightly amused as he sprawled out his arms theatrically. "By all rights the girl should have fallen into our hands already." He hunched over, a dark aura forming around him as his fingers began twitching and curling rather disturbingly. "She was nearly ours when that loathsome servant of the goddess snatched her away. Do you have any idea how that made me feel inside?" Ghirahim threw his arms down dramatically with each exacerbated breath. "FURIOUS! OUTRAGED! SICK WITH ANGER!"

He disappeared.

Link blinked and began looking around him, sword and shield readied in hand. Confused, he looked left, and then right, finding himself seemingly alone…save for the haunting voice that still rang in the air.

"This turn of events has left me with a strong appetite for bloodshed."

Link remained where he was standing, searching for where the demon was speaking from when he felt a pair of cold hands grip the wrists of his own and a dark presence lean over his left shoulder. Heavy breathing left a cool chill on the skin of his neck. Link shook, startled, as his eyes peered to the left at the face that spoke calmly into his ear.

"Still…it hardly seems fair, being of my position, to take all of my anger out on you. Which is why I promise upfront not to murder you…"

Link swallowed the lump in his throat at the chilling words and the uncomfortably close presence of the demon pressed up against him.

"No, I'll just beat you within an inch of your life!" Ghirahim stuck out his long, snake-like tongue and ran it up that long ear.

In an instant, Link's eyes enlarged, and he immediately tried to escape, only feeling those hands now snake around and wrap his body closer towards the demon, effectively locking him in.

"You don't like?" The Demon Lord Ghirahim teased, whispering huskily into that now flushed ear.

Link tried to wrestle himself out of those strong, firm arms locked around him when he felt a hand reach below his belt and brush up between his legs. The Skyloftian became flustered, and he immediately swung his arms as hard as he could as he broke free from the demon's grasp and stumbled forward before turning around to face this new, unknown, and rather sick enemy. Panting, he tried to catch his breath, slightly startled and taken aback as he watched that figure look at him with a very unsettling and amused smile.

Ghirahim began chuckling, entering a set of chilling laughters before spreading his arms apart and letting his long, red cape disintegrate into another sea of diamonds. Fully revealing his tight, white, inappropriately clad attire, the demon began walking slowly towards Link, his eyes filled with the hunger of a predator ready to play with his prey.

The battle has begun.

For a moment, Link felt nervous sweat at the individual slowly coming towards him. There was something extremely sinister and creepy in that smile and those large, sharp eyes and graceful strides. Eager to defeat this enemy so that he can quickly leave this place, Link struck the Goddess Sword down, only to find in horror and utter shock the blade stuck between two fingers of the demon's hand. Gripping the sword tightly, Link struggled to pull it away, feeling the tight grip at the other end before finally successfully prying it out. He leaped back a step, carefully observing his enemy, who only calmly stared back at him in amusement. Again, Link lunged forward and struck, once more finding his blade held effortlessly by those two gloved fingers. Link's heart sank at the realization of how difficult this battle would be. Gathering his courage, he leaped forward, faking an overhead strike when, at the last minute, he swung his sword from underneath. This trick surprised the demon and effectively knocked him back. Heart excited at this victory, Link lunged forward to attack again when he struck thin air and the demon disappeared in a sea of diamonds. Confused, the Skyloftian whirled around to find the demon appear right behind him. Immediately, Link swung his sword again, but found his blade caught between those two fingers until, this time, the sword left his hand.

In horror, Link took two steps back, fingers feeling suddenly much too empty. He watched as Ghirahim held the Goddess Sword and observed it curiously.

Smiling, Ghirahim threw the blade straight at the boy clad in green.

Immediately, Link held up his shield to block the deadly strike, feeling the sword hit his shield and fall onto the ground with a clatter. Without a moment to lose, the Skyloftian slid and grabbed his blade as he prepared to fight again. He noticed that the demon suddenly hopped back, licking his white lips in delightful anticipation.

"I haven't had this much fun in a fight in a long time," Ghirahim smiled, clearly showing his excitement in this battle. His eyes flickered with a sadistic hunger that sent chills down the other's spine. And then, he made his sword appear in his hand.

Link readied himself as he swung his blade, finding in surprise the demon easily dodge his hits. He attacked a few more times, each time missing until finally his blade made contact with the other's, but before he could even dwell on this small successful feat, the demon swung his sword hard, sending Link flying back. The Skyloftian fell down and quickly gathered himself back onto his feet, now finding a string of shiny, brightly lit, red daggers hovering before him. He saw the demon send the daggers flying forward, nearly piercing him if it hadn't been for the his quick reflexes in blocking some of them with his shield. Taking advantage of this moment, Link leaped forward and struck his sword downward, finding once again the demon disappear in an instant. Gripping his shield in frustration, he turned around and met with a blade that slashed down on him coldly. Link gasped, only barely escaping with a scrape to his shoulder as he stumbled back and blocked another hit.

"What's wrong, sky child? Are you starting to wish that you never traveled down to the surface?" Ghirahim mocked.

Link clenched his teeth and cried out as he lunged forward and attacked, the clash of their blades echoing in his ears. The two fought hard, with each parrying the other's blows as one would dodge the other. Then, with a single strike, the boy in green created a gash in the demon's left shoulder.

Ghirahim stumbled back, hand clasping the wound that now began to seep with blood. He looked at his red-stained glove, a look of annoyance now flashing across his face. "You…sky child…you dare stain my most prized white glove with the color of my own blood?" He threw out his arms violently, his cry of anguish echoing across the room. He looked down and saw the boy only stand there firmly, undeterred and ready to continue the fight, a lion's determination in those bright blue eyes that glared at him with the will to end him. Ghirahim paused for a moment before smiling again, noticing the boy from the sky now look slightly confused. Flicking his hair back in a dramatic flair, Ghirahim licked the blood from his hand and took a few steps forward, noting how the other suddenly took a single step back. "You know, there are other ways for me to play with a worthless, pathetic human like you." The demon noted the short stature of the boy, the smooth delicate skin of that neck, and the pure innocence in that face. He felt a strong urge and temptation to…taint this naïve individual and humiliate him. Oh yes, he really hasn't had this much fun in a very, very long time. And his patience has been waning lately with finding that girl. Perhaps, to keep himself occupied, he will have some fun with this boy who was foolish enough to leave the safety of his home in the sky.

And he will make this boy realize just how foolish he really is.

Ghirahim called out his red daggers again, controlling his weapons effortlessly.

Link noticed a sudden change in the demon's expression. In fact, the demon looked creepier than usual (if that was even possible). But that didn't matter, for he was sure enough to end this clown's life and stop him from capturing Zelda. Gripping the hilt of his blade and holding out his shield, he was ready to block the hits when, suddenly, the daggers disappeared. Blinking, he stared dumbfounded at the smiling demon when, immediately, a dozen stings seared against the edge of his arms and legs. Link cried out in pain, stumbling back and realizing that the daggers had appeared behind him. Shaking, he noted the cuts through his tunic and even chainmail, and although they were only scrapes on the surface, they were enough to make his whole body sting uncomfortably. Link looked up at Ghirahim, who looked as though he was enjoying the entertainment. Brows furrowed, Link lunged forward once more, determined to wipe that arrogant smile off that demon's face when Ghirahim dodged him and slapped him with the back of his hand. The blow was rather insulting and condescending, and Link stumbled back to regain his composure. But his momentary distraction cost him, for more red daggers suddenly shot forward and, to his utter shock, pinned him against the wall.

Link's eyes widened, his arms spread out a few inches away from his waist, the daggers outlining parts of his arms and hands. His legs were apart at a little more than shoulder-width, with daggers also outlined around them. The Skyloftian struggled to push himself off the wall, but found his arms and legs effectively locked in. The daggers did not even touch his skin or clothing, but seemed to have now created a magical barrier that kept him imprisoned. He moved his hand, still feeling his wrist loose as he gripped the sword tightly.

And then he gasped as Ghirahim effortless pulled that sword out of his grasp and tossed it beside them, the sound of the blade's contact against the hard floor making Link's whole body go cold at his current predicament. The demon stood before him, looking down at him with a rather unsettling and creepy smile. He watched as Ghirahim made his own sword disappear before raising up his now empty hand to caress the side of his left cheek. Link turned away, avoiding that disgusting touch before finding his face cupped roughly and pulled towards the demon.

"I can see the fire in your eyes," Ghirahim grinned, watching how helplessly the sky child struggled within his binds before shooting him a dirty look. "Hate me, do you?"

Link growled and tried to move around even more, but only his torso and head and hands could, which were utterly useless without his immovable arms and legs.

"Tell me, what is your name, sky child?"

"Go rot at the bottom of where you came from!" Link spat.

Ghirahim raised a brow. "Oh, so you can talk. How amusing. And why, such an innocent boy like you would dare speak to someone like me so rudely?" The demon released the boy's face, staring straight into those eyes that glared at him with such burning fury. "Now, I'll ask you only one more time." Without warning, he sunk his sharp fingernails deep into the boy's shoulders, hearing in delight the other let out a cry of pain.

Link shook, immediately clenching his mouth tight as he shut his eyes at the pain that seared throughout his shoulders. He could feel those claws digging deeper into his flesh, and the heavy breathing of his enemy now up against his face. He opened his eyes slowly, staring straight into large sinister ones.

"What is your name, sky child?"

The Skyloftian glared, choking on the stings before answering, "Link."

"Oh! Link? My, my, what a terrible and laughable name." Ghirahim pulled out his nails in one swift motion, hearing the other grunt abruptly. "Now look what you made me do!" He held out his hands before him. "My nails had gone through the tips of my gloves. Do you know how much I love these gloves?"

Link didn't answer, continuing to stare at his enemy angrily.

"Oh, and earlier, you stained my glove crimson red. Luckily, I got most of the stains out, but…" Ghirahim gripped both injured shoulders, hearing the other clench his teeth to stifle a cry. "That doesn't mean I'll let you go without you paying for them." Suddenly, without warning, Link head-bumped Ghirahim, causing the demon to stumble back slightly and hiss in pain. "YOU…!" Ghirahim growled, feeling his throbbing forehead as he looked at the other also recovering from the contact. "My patience is waning, sky child. And my thirst for blood is increasing. But…" Ghirahim lowered his hand, a chilling smile appearing on his pale, white lips, "…at the moment, there is something else I thirst for."

Link trembled as that gloved hand caressed his face again, long fingers running up his bangs. Heart pounding, the Skyloftian didn't want to think about what the demon planned to do.

"Link, you say?" Ghirahim grinned, leaning forward and gently taking that face into his hands as he pulled it up towards him to look him in the eyes. "Tell me, how foolish do you think you are for coming down here to the surface?"

Link glared, face clenched as he spat back, "How foolish do you think you look with all that ridiculous makeup?" And then, he felt the demon lean over his shoulder towards his left ear, those lips barely brushing up against his skin as they whispered chillingly into his ear…

"Such lack of manners. I will show you just how foolish and stupid you are. And when I am done with you, you will regret that you ever left the safety of your own home in the sky." A long wet tongue slid against the inside of his ear. Link shivered, heart pounding apprehensively at those words as one hand slowly grabbed one side of his face and traced his bottom lip with a thumb, while the cold, merciless mouth bit his ear and sank its fangs. Link clenched his eyes shut at the pang, feeling the blood seep down and hearing the sound of his enemy lapping it up in delight. The Skyloftian couldn't quite comprehend the words he had just heard, but they were enough for him to dread the true meaning in them. His eyes shot wide open at the enemy's mouth now moving to the corner of his neck, lips kissing and chewing the delicate skin. Link's heart leaped, and he suppressed the threat of a groan in his throat as he swallowed and felt that mouth now move to his Adam's apple.

Ghirahim brushed his lips over the skin, tasting the sweetness of it. "Hm, this is my first time trying a sky child." He breathed in deeply as he ran his hand up and down those injured shoulders. "So…tempting, are you?" He nuzzled his nose against the corner of Link's neck, taking a deep whiff of the boy's smell as he felt the other tremble at the contact. He pulled back and saw how flushed the individual looked. And those cute little ears – they were beyond red. Licking his lips in hunger, he ran one hand down that broad chest, surprised by how fit the boy was, until his hand passed the belt and gripped the area between his legs.

Link gasped out loud. "What-what are you doing?" He stammered, shaking at the hand that began massaging his package. "Stop…no!" Link twisted his head left to right, mouth open and panting at the immediate sensation. He glanced down, eyes horrified by that hand touching him disgustingly. But unfortunately, disgust wasn't exactly what his body was feeling. "Ah!" Link pressed his head up against the wall, shaking as that hand rubbed with its palm against him, slowly and deeply, effectively setting off key sparks that made his legs tremble and nearly collapse if it wasn't for the daggers holding up his body. He moaned, unable to contain himself as that hand now began groping and stroking.

"My, my, look at how much you want this. It feels that good to you?" Ghirahim teased, placing one hand against the wall beside's Link's head as he hovered over him to kiss him. He felt the boy turn away, and his lips only met the right cheek, but that was all right. He nuzzled his nose, feeling the other tremble at the touch. He smiled as he saw the dilemma the sky child now faced. That's right, it was much more fun to break this boy down mentally. He has made it his goal to torture him senselessly and drive this foolish child into madness.

Link groaned, the blood rushing to his face as he felt pleasure grace between his legs. He clenched his mouth shut, stifling his whines as that hand now proceeded to squeeze.

"You're looking a little hot, sky child," Ghirahim mocked, running a tongue up the other ear and further sending shivers down the other's spine.

"Why don't you just…fight me…instead of…acting like a coward," Link struggled to say, biting each word bitterly. He felt the demon cup his face and bring him to face him.

"Such ferocity," Ghirahim remarked. "And quite foolhardy. But you are not one to criticize me, especially with the way your body is…reacting right now."

"I'm not-" Link felt those pale lips latch onto his, devouring his mouth as that long, sadistic tongue invaded his mouth. Eyes widening, Link tried to turn away as the tongue began to explore his inner cavern, toying with his own tongue before climbing down his throat. At this, the Skyloftian coughed, half gasping as the tongue finally pulled out and the demon backed away just slightly before licking his lips and biting the bottom lip playfully.

Ghirahim gripped the face tighter as it turned partially away, and he spoke huskily and forcefully against those lips, "Have you ever tasted your own blood?" He bit down on the boy's bottom lip, hearing a hiss from the other as blood is drawn.

Link winced at the pain and the metallic taste as the demon began kissing him passionately. He tried to shut his mouth tight to prevent any further invasions when his enemy groped his crotch hard, causing him to open his mouth in a gasp and allow the tongue to come in once more. Link struggled for breath as the other now proceeded to taste him with a combination of blood. Finally, Ghirahim pulled away, and Link was left catching his breath as he trembled at the hand that continued to pleasure him between the legs.

"I think you've noticed by now my talented tongue." Ghirahim bragged, sticking his tongue out in a wave before retracting it. "How about I show you just how talented it can be?"

Link was still trying to recover from the last kiss, the blood drying up on his lip, when he froze at the feel of hands lifting up his tunic and chainmail to tuck within his belt. His heart pounded hard, nearly ready to burst out of his chest.

Those hands now grabbed the hilt of his pants.

Before Link could protest, his pants were swiftly dropped down passed his knees, leaving him bare at the bottom.

Ghirahim took a step back. "My, my, I wasn't sure if I felt it right. But you are bigger than I expected."

Link's face turned even redder as Ghirahim rested his chin on his hand and admired without shame his bottom half. "Stop staring," he muttered bitterly.

"Oh, but look how hard you have become. Are you really that turned on by my advances?"

"Like hell I am!"

Ghirahim's eyes darted to blue ones that glared at him with determination. "Don't deny it. You are enjoying this as much as I am."

"No I'm not-" Link stopped mid-sentence, swallowing the lump in his throat as Ghirahim stepped forward and leaned down. The Skyloftian's heart pounded apprehensively, cold nervous sweat dripping down the side of his temples when he suddenly gasped out loud in surprise at the feel of warmth encasing his member. He looked down and stared in shock as Ghirahim's mouth began bobbing back and forth on his manhood. Link whined, twisting and turning within his binds at how wonderful this felt. He hissed and drew out a long moan as he felt that long, demon tongue wrap around his shaft and lick intimately. "Stop…I don't…want this…" Link found himself protesting weakly, completely humiliated as the pleasure washed over his body. "Ah…!"

Ghirahim continued sucking him, tongue toying with the tip of his member while teeth scraped the shaft teasingly. Link shivered, shutting his mouth tightly once more until the sensation was too much and he continued moaning. He found himself panting, wanting to keel over but unable to as his member was sucked on mercilessly. It was amazing, one of the most amazing feelings ever, and the more amazing it felt, the more terrified the Skyloftian became.

Ghirahim licked his lips and continued taking the erection into his mouth. The sky child tasted rather delicious, and the demon was enjoying the reaction he was getting from the other. To spice things up a bit, Ghirahim ran his hand down one of Link's legs, fingernails leaving light incisions behind.

Link hissed at the addition of pain, feeling sharp stings run down his leg and nearly draw blood when he let out a hoarse groan at Ghirahim suddenly cupping his sac and massaging that area. He twisted and turned, eyes shut tight at the horrible nightmare. Short whines escaped his mouth at how wonderful it felt as the massages continued and the mouth and tongue stroked his weeping member. "…No more…" Link whispered, nearly out of breath. As much as he was trying his best to resist, his mind couldn't deny just how talented Ghirahim's tongue was. "Hah!" Link's eyes shot wide open at the hard sucks Ghirahim was inflicting on his erection. After a couple more, the Skyloftian cried out in shock as he reached a very unfamiliar and earth shattering climax he had never felt before. He moaned and sighed loudly, trembling as he shot out the milky liquid...and hearing in equal horror the sounds of the other swallowing every last drop.

Ghirahim pulled away, licking his lips clean as he stood up and observed the boy before him pant heavily. He cocked his head at an angle, amused. Even Link's panting sounded incredibly erotic. "Well, I'll say that went quite well for you."

"You bastard!" Link bit, lips trembling as the emotions inside him swelled, and he struggled to suppress them in front of his enemy.

Ghirahim laughed. "Look at you – a sky child caught with his pants down and his face completely red. Oh, I'm sorry. I do apologize for failing to notice how embarrassed you must feel right now for enjoying every moment of that."

"Who in their right mind would enjoy any of that?" Link froze as that hand lifted up his chin and he stared into eyes that clearly lacked any sympathy…

…or humanity.

There was a sadistic enjoyment in those eyes that left the Skyloftian extremely uneasy.

"Are you insulting my…talents? Why, I only made you feel good now, didn't I?"

If Link had his blade, he would've struck that smile in half. Speaking of his blade…

Ghirahim released his hand and turned to look at the Goddess Sword on the ground. An idea crept on his lips, and he immediately snapped his fingers, releasing the daggers from binding Link.

Link fell straight to the floor, legs beyond weak from that little session as he found himself now facing the ground. He struggled to get back up when he suddenly felt Ghirahim pin his arms down and spread them apart, binding them against the floor once more with more red daggers that struck down out of thin air. Grunting in this uncomfortable position of being bent over against his knees, his blood ran cold at the presence of his enemy pressed up against his back.

"Where do you think you're going, sky child? I'm not done with you yet."

Link shivered as Ghirahim licked his ear. He was startled when a finger began running down the crack of his bottom before pressing his entrance teasingly. Link lifted up his head, flustered as he looked over his shoulder questioningly when his eyes widened at the Goddess Sword in the other's hand. "What…what are you…"

"Now, I'll be a little kind to you right now. You see, before I met you, I was extremely frustrated and exacerbated at having not obtained the girl. But you have provided such wonderful entertainment for me just now that I figured I'll let you decide what I should do to you next."

Link scowled. "What is that supposed to mean? Why would I want you to continue this?"

"Oh, but you should care about this next part, because, you see…" Ghirahim held the blade up and gently pricked the entrance, watching in delight the other shake violently with the fear present in those beautiful and terrified blue eyes. "So, what will it be? The hilt…" his fingers felt the smooth texture of the handle before pricking him again lightly, "or the blade?"

Link couldn't believe what he just heard. He gulped nervously. No, this psychotic, creepy madman couldn't be that psychotic, could he? "I'm not playing any stupid games with you!"

Ghirahim chuckled. "I can tell you, you'll live for sure with the hilt."

Link gritted his teeth, yelling out angrily, "I'd rather die than suffer anymore of this humiliation!" The sword…the Goddess Sword…Fi was inside it. No, he will not subject her to something so impure…so…degrading!

Ghirahim grinned. "Oh, I can see how stubborn you are. You're one to withstand a lot of pain when your integrity and pride is on the line." His smile widened. "But, if you don't survive the blade, then, what will happen to your precious little friend?" His words hit the spot, and he immediately saw the devastated realization wash over Link's face. Ghirahim's heart filled with rainbows. "Have you already forgotten why you traveled down to the surface? Who will be able to save her now?"

There was a momentary pause.

Link closed his eyes, swallowing slowly and painfully against the hard, cold floor. A large lump remained stuck where his Adam's Apple is. The pit of his stomach churned as his heart tugged deeply. He gritted his teeth, shaky lips struggling to remain steady.

"The hilt."




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