Title: Infrazione della Vita (Translation: Infraction of Life)

Author: Ri-Ryn

Genre: Family/Hurt/Comfort

Word Count: 2,993

Rating: M* (Content suitable for Mature Teens) / +T

Disclaimer: Katekyo Hitman Reborn belongs to Akira Amano.

Summary: Vongola Decimo, Sawada Tsunayoshi, promised to never take a life; however, when his guardians are placed in danger, he is more than willing to save them. His guardians don't see in the same light as him, though, and drift away from him and his breach of promise with only one, collective thought instead of Decimo, "…Demonio…" Demon; fiend.

Warnings: Severe language and curse words.

Chapter: Rifrazione della Luce (Refraction of Light)

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A/N #2: Thank-you everyone, I received three more than the number of reviews I requested. In response, I've added the rest of the chapter as promised. I realized I didn't answer the question of their ages, so I shall do so. I looked up the age gaps online, so this is how old they are here: Lambo is 14, Chrome is 23, Gokudera-Yamamoto-Tsunayoshi are 24, Ryohei and Mukuro are 25, and Hibari is 26. Also, I will proudly state that I was indeed inspired by Chu-Chan's story Their Boss, but hopefully you'll be able to see the difference between our stories. I don't have a Beta, so I do all that myself. Also, looking down at it, I'm not sure the second part of chapter one is up to par with the first part, but I'll let you guys be the final judges on that point. Enjoy.

Story Art Cover: .com by: ~Oriigamii

Sawada Tsunayoshi, Vongola Decimo, was seated at his mahogany desk viewing, for once, the remnants from innumerable skyscrapers of paperwork. He sifted through to find Chrome and Lambo's most recent mission progression update. Although Lambo was lazy and Chrome shy, they worked exceedingly well together in covert missions, surprisingly. He almost had a heart attack when their first mission went off without a hitch and success as an end result; courtesy of Chrome's illusions and Lambo's unraveled acting skill. Granted, they were still his youngest and weakest guardians. Tsuna tried to keep their missions below a certain danger level for now, probably till the end of the year. Of course, though, Fate still despised Tsuna with a passion to behold.

Tsuna scanned the report, Lambo and Chrome were to observe and report the Carmona family activity. The Carmona's had been under suspicion for a year, but Tsuna only sent the two to investigate around a month ago.

Tsuna smiled at Chrome's elegant handwriting before schooling a more serious expression onto his face.


The Carmona has become restless recently and Lambo and I have fallen under suspicion. We're now singled out in meetings and dinner. The little information we received before has lessened even further. They'll be making a move on the Vongola or us soon. To be honest, I have a feeling it will be both. However, Lambo and I decided to hold out until you explicitly give us the order to vacate the manor.


Tsuna leaned back in his chair to stare at the ceiling. Damn, so they'll be making their move soon. I should pull those two out before the family decides trying a little interrogation on them…

Tsuna sighed, leaning forward with his elbows now resting on the table and chin on his clasped hands. If Reborn wasn't on that year long assignment, he would send him over. Reborn could convince that smaller than average annoyance that maybe attacking wouldn't be in their best interest. But Tsuna forgot about Fate; that charming, sly, conniving, flirtatious-

Gokudera Hayato, his right hand man and storm guardian, burst through his office door, "Juudaime, we have trouble! Ahoshi and Chrome were discovered and detained by the Carmona!"

"That BITCH!" Tsuna shouted and slammed his hands on the table.

Gokudera's face fell, "Excuse me for asking Juudaime, but who?" As far as he knew, the boss of the Carmona family was Giovanni Carmona, who was a male. Unless he was a transvestite or drag queen, maybe it was Juudaime's past girlfriend, but-

"Never mind," Tsuna hastily cut into Gokudera's horribly incorrect musings. "Have they sent anything about Chrome and Lambo's safety, any negotiating terms?"

Gokudera nodded in affirmation, "Yes, a moment ago one of their cars skidded up to my office window. Those bastards threw a freakin' brick through my window with their terms of agreement tied to it!" he huffed angrily. He stepped forward giving Tsuna the parchment and clutched the brick in his opposite hand.

Tsuna took it from his hand, almost face-palming. As much as I appreciate the archaic form of email, couldn't they have chosen something less expensive: an abrupt phone call, a threatening letter, malicious fax? I can't tell if their brilliant or stupid! They captured TWO of my guardians, a respectable feat, but engaged a drive-by to the wrong window. They're sporadic, unpredictable, but that's what makes them dangerous. I don't know how they'll react amongst themselves, much less in retaliation to my actions.

Tsuna's brown eyes scanned the conditions, typical. A large amount of…lira? What the hell? That currency hasn't been in use since 2oo2, why would they want that instead of euro? Tsuna scanned the rest of the note; they also demand that he bring all remaining guardians and himself. If that wasn't an obvious trap, he would still be fourteen and dame-Tsuna.

He sighed, looking up into green eyes, "Gokudera-kun, gather all remaining guardians in the main foyer and call a car to the front. Afterwards, collect the amount written here from Vongola funds. It'll be tricky since they want lira instead of euro, but I trust you can handle it?"

Gokudera nodded grimly with a spark of joy flashing through his eyes, "Understood Juudaime," and retrieved the paper before hurriedly walking out the door. Tsuna opened his desk's top drawer, retrieving his HDWM pills and mittens, sparing a glance at the glinting Vongola Sky ring on his hand before shutting the drawer. Tsuna grabbed his pin striped vest and put it on, buttoning it. He placed the pills in the breast pocket of the vest before placing the mittens in the matching slacks' pockets as well.

Tsuna walked out of his second floor office to the foyer, already finding his guardians present and waiting with Gokudera attentively watching him from the foot of the stairs.

"Alright," he started upon reaching the bottom, "Our suspicions regarding the Carmona family was just rectified, considering they captured Lambo and Chrome. Expect a fight to be fought. Mukuro, Hibari, try to keep your selves and your activities contained," Tsuna pleaded, eyeing them and vividly remembering last time.

"Hn, watch your mouth herbivore," was the clipped but expected answer from Hibari Kyouya.

"Kufufu, I don't think so Tsunayoshi-kun. I'll be twisting their innards into a lovely concoction. Then, through a little coaxing they'll be finding themselves throwing up liquidated organs," Mukuro Rokudo snarled in response. "Hell will be giving them a fiery welcoming for even touching Nagi," Mukuro grinned demonically at the promise of their atonement.

Personally, I think they get the idea in their own respective ways. Tsuna turned to Gokudera, "Ready to help me negotiate? I need my right hand man watching my back," he smiled.

"Of course Juudaime, no one will be coming near you," Gokudera replied readily with a raging determination hidden in his voice.

Finally he faced Sasagawa Ryohei and Yamamoto Takeshi, "It'll be up to you Nii-san and Yamamoto-kun to rescue Lambo-kun and Chrome."

"We'll extremely do our best Sawada," Ryohei almost shouted, holding up one bandaged fist in promise.

"Ahaha, of course Tsuna! We'll get Lambo and Chrome back safe and sound for sure!" Yamamoto laughed with a glint in his eye; he reached behind him to lightly touch his sword, signaling him ready and waiting.

"Well then everyone," Tsuna walked forward to open the grand double doors of the Vongola mansion, "Let's hurry and rescue our friends and teach the Carmona a lesson." He walked down the steps and opened a door to the awaiting sleek, black car parked in the driving way, with a silver Vongola crest proudly displayed on the hood.

Tsuna turned his head to spare a glance at his following guardians, "to never mess with my family and friends," he finished, brown eyes determined as he slid his lithe body into the back seat.

"Carmona manor, please, Leo," Tsuna said, crossing his legs elegantly and folding his hands on a knee when everyone was situated.

"Understood Young Master Sawada." Leo turned the ignition to the 550-horse power engine. "We shall arrive in a brief eight minutes." He used a black gloved hand to shift into fourth gear…


The black car came to a precise stop at the entrance of the manor. The six men exited it as a maid stepped outside of the grand house to meet them while another remained holding a door to the interior open.

"You're Vongola Decimo, correct?"

Tsuna nodded his head. "I am."

She bowed before standing up straight, "I'm one of Master Carmona's personal maids, Isabella Petrarch. My sister, Vittoria, and I shall direct you to Master Carmona. If you would please follow me now." Isabella turned around and walked back into the house.

Tsuna slightly turned to incline his head for the other five to follow. Before walking, Gokudera positioned himself in front of Tsuna while Hibari was directly behind Tsuna glaring. Yamamoto and Ryohei stood on his right and Mukuro on his left.

They walked inside, finding Isabella waiting. "Please do try not to fall too far behind," she reprimanded.


The door shut behind them and Vittoria, they assumed, came up from the rear of the group of Vongola. "It would be troublesome if you strayed off," Vittoria added.

Isabella walked forward, leading the visitors to the back of the mansion. She removed a key from her apron pocket and unlocked a plain looking door to the outside. Vittoria came up and opened the door for everyone to pass through.

Tsuna felt himself narrowing his eyes while Gokudera muttered, "Are you serious-"

A stone path lay before them running up to a large, warehouse type building in the center of the yard. It looked to be sturdy, made of metal and concrete with thin rectangular windows running around it near the top.

Tsuna stared at Isabella. "What exactly would that building's purpose happen to be?"

Isabella only giggled. "Don Vongola, surely you have somewhere on your property to train your personal," she smiled, showing disturbingly perfect teeth, "or to entertain any guests that visit."

"I prefer to actually entertain the men who visit me in a meeting room," Tsuna replied coolly, "not ensnare them for the slaughter."

She merely shrugged in reply.

The procession made its way until reaching two heavy metal doors; both Vittoria and Isabella opened them this time. The doors creaked as the two maids huffed to fully open them. Vittoria and Isabella each lifted a hand towards the inside, speaking in unison. "It would be Master Carmona's pleasure to see you now."

Tsuna's party stepped in while the loud sounds of the door slamming closed and chains being used ricocheted of the metal walls as the maids outside sealed them in.

Yamamoto chuckled tensely, "Hehe, looks like they don't want any loose ends escaping here today, or at least not outside of a trash bag."

Bright industrial lights flickered on, unmasking the darkness to reveal Giovanni Carmona. The Carmona boss was surrounded by ten subordinates while another thirty were dispersed at attention along the walls. Two long chains hooked to a mechanical pulley hung from the ceiling, but what hung from the chains was hidden from view by a row of five more men.

Well aren't they prepared; not a bad line-up with fort-six men including Giovanni. Tsuna thought wryly.

"Welcome~" Giovanni all but purred, opening up his arms widely in a welcoming gesture, "Vongola Decimo and family. I do hope Isabella and Vittoria treated you all pleasantly."

And what a sickening creep he turned out to be.

Giovanni licked his lips. "Such sweet girls they are." Grinning to himself he hummed before adding as an afterthought, "Kind of like that young girl with violet hair. I do take it she belongs to you: care to barter for her?"

Mukuro's trident materialized and he crouched to lunge forward. Tsuna frantically clutched his arm in a vice grip. He leaned up to Mukuro's ear, not taking his eyes off of Giovanni. "Calm yourself, Mukuro. We don't know if he's actually done anything to Chrome yet. My hyper intuition is going crazy right now. These guys are unpredictable because they haven't even made up their own minds with what to do with us. Let's not push our luck, ne?"

Tsuna leaned away as Mukuro frowned at him icily, he wasn't laughing. "He better not have done a damn thing Vongola, or I do guarantee your existence will cease to be." Mukuro stepped back holding his trident with white knuckles.

"Now, you have the money and our presence, where are they Carmona?" Tsuna's eyes bore into the man's flesh.

"Please, do call me Giovanni, Tsunayoshi!"

"That was not what I asked. Answer me." The ambiance in the room became frigid as Giovanni ignored Tsuna.

"If you mean Artemisia and Cosimo, then they're here," he replied, referring to Chrome and Lambo's pseudo names. One of the men placed a remote into Giovanni's awaiting hand before stepping back into place. "Suppose they should join our date considering it is their lives."


The chains began retracting, lifting two objects off the floor two inches. Cries of pain sailed through the air as the five men barricade shuffled out of the way.

Tsuna's eyes widened. "Goddamn you to hell, Giovanni…"

Chrome and Lambo now dangled by the chains…and two metal hooks skewered through the flesh of their back muscle.

"Tsuna-nii!" Lambo wailed, tears streaming down his face.

"Mukuro-sama," Chrome gasped weakly, "Bossu…"

Giovanni walked to the hanging guardians. "I always make sure to take care of my family!" Laughing, he placed his hands on Tsuna's guardians and spun them.



Crying, pain.

Mukuro flashed past Tsuna. "Damn it Mukuro, no!"

Tsuna quickly un-pocketed his pills and swallowed one before whipping his gloves on. Yamamoto had Shigure Kintoki unsheathed and Ryohei raised his fists while sliding into a stance. Hibari violently uncovered his tonfas, bathed in roaring purple flames.

Every Carmona man brought out a weapon: knives, guns, and a few scattered box weapons.

*Pitter, pitter, pitter. Pat. Pat.*

Gunshots sliced through the air.

Gokudera shielded himself and Tsuna with System C.I.A. as bullets flew. "Juudaime, are you alright!"

"I'm fine, what about Chrome and Lambo!"

Gokudera scanned the room. "Yamamoto and Ryohei are trying to reach them, but they're held up by Carmona men. Mukuro and Hibari are in a similar situation as well as us."

Tsuna stepped up to Gokudera's side. "Take care of these guys. I'll get Chrome and Lambo. I also believe Giovanni requires a visit."

"Wait! Juudaime-"

Tsuna dashed out of System C.I.A.'s walls, instantly becoming the focus of four enemies. Tsuna thrust out two fists, nailing the sternums of the two men. The sound of splintering breaks in the bones was followed along with their cries in descent.

Three consecutive shots whizzed past Tsuna's head as he leaned to the left a fraction. He then grabbed the gunman's arm and delivered a sharp blow to the twisted elbow, breaking it. Tsuna caught the falling gun from his hand, aiming for his right knee cap. The man collapsed instantaneously without his right leg's support.

Dropping to the ground, Tsuna swept a foot in an arch taking out the last gunman's legs, standing above him before shooting thrice into the pelvic girdle.

Looks like Mukuro made good on his promise. Hibari and Mukuro were finishing up another wave of men together. They may hate each other's guts, but over the years they've created a bond of respect for each other. That or they refuse to let someone else have the pleasure of finishing the other off. Tsuna looked to see as Ryohei delivered a punch to a man aiming for Yamamoto's back. Yamamoto gave a courtesy nod before slashing at their opponents again.

Good, everyone is finishing up, but where did Giovanni slither off to? Brown eyes scanned the groaning bodies littering the floor. That coward, where is he!

"Well Tsunayoshi, I believe I underestimated you!"

Tsuna whipped around.

Giovanni stood with a gun pressed to Chrome's temple. "I believe I've lost, but I rather our match end in a draw. My subordinates," he turned his head back to Chrome, "Your family," he spat. His finger drew close to the trigger.

Tsuna's hand shot out behind him, propelling him forward with hard flames as he held his other hand out in front of him like a blade.


Tsuna's guardians had finished fighting, so Giovanni's shot had ringed out loud and clear in the building.

Did I make it, are Chrome and Lambo alright? Tsuna hissed at the sting of a bullet graze on his cheek.

If he shot my cheek, why is my hand bleeding? Tsuna glanced down and froze.



He faintly heard Gokudera and Yamamoto's voices.

Tsuna couldn't see the rest of his hand and wrist.


Because it was embedded into Giovanni's body, through his muscle and wedged in between the ribs. Blood was trickling down his arm in syrupy tears. And Tsuna could feel it. The thing he didn't believe most mafia bosses to possess. Something soft and warm: sticky, frantically beating against the intrusion inside of it.

Tsuna gasped and slid his hand back out as blood spurted from the laceration to the heart through the wound and across Tsuna's face. Giovanni dropped to the ground.

No one spoke up. No one breathed a whisper. Yet it felt as if seven pairs of eyes were asking a barrage of questions, but secretly, no one wanted an answer. Rather, there wasn't an answer to the questions in their eyes nor should there be.

Tsuna stood still and stared at his hand, willing it to become porcelain again instead of crimson. He shook it vigorously, splattering droplets from it, before turning to reach for the chains holding Lambo and Chrome captive. Except-

Lambo screamed and Chrome flinched at his approach.

"Sawada!" Ryohei yelled, sprinting up, Tsuna whorled around in a daze. Ryohei could only stare at Tsuna's right hand before speaking up, "You've been plenty extreme today; I will grab Lambo!" Ryohei quickly turned around to reach for the teen.

"Kufufu," Mukuro materialized in front of him. "I will take Nagi." He waved his trident and both chains snapped. Ryohei and Mukuro caught Lambo and Chrome bridal style. Hibari had already decimated the door and walked out.

Tsuna glanced into Gokudera and Yamamoto's eyes that shied away from his gaze.

"I'll go call an ambulance and a party of our men!" Gokudera offered, all but running out of the building. "I'll direct them when they arrive," Yamamoto swiftly following suit.

Tsuna stared numbly, before his eyes wandered to find Giovanni's body.

"What was it Reborn taught me about Mafia bosses? About what they come to be called sometimes: eventually, at the end." His voice cracked, questioning the corpse and air.

Oh yeah, they were considered demons eventually.

Tsuna glanced at the door his family fled out of.

Demons are frightening.

Chapter 2:

Il Giardino di Piangendo

(The Weeping Garden)