Author: Ri-Ryn

Chapter: Un Sole Furente di Ira (A Raging Sun's Wrath)

Word Count: 2587

Rating: M* (Content suitable for Mature Teens)/ +T

Disclaimer: Katekyo Hitman Reborn belongs to Akira Amano.

Warnings: Severe/coarse language! Depressive thoughts, angst, descripting imagery of injury/light gore?

A/N: I am more than sorry for such a long wait. If you're really curious about what's happened and why it took so long, PM me and I'll give you a rundown. I'm not really happy with this chapter, feels like a letdown now that this story is really starting to wind down. There are only four chapters left. ;] Enjoy~!





Reborn sat silently on a sitting room couch, waiting. The bastards had gotten his message and all moving to a central location before arriving by plane together.

"Reborn-san." The hitman glanced to the side, seeing Fuuta. It still surprised him that the hay-colored young man would be the one to 'help' him, considering the man categorized the others as siblings too. It elated and frustrated him that only Fuuta was so loyal to Tsuna; someone who should have paled in that aspect compared to the 'guardians.' All they could do was point fingers and display their backs.

"Their flight has already arrived; they'll be here in twenty minutes." Fuuta closed his eyes. "Will you hurt them?"

"Yeah," Reborn grunted. "They aren't forgiven, not even all the way by him."

"Tsuna-nii said not to harm, only discuss if you must."

Reborn's eyes bore into Fuuta's. "You're going to defend them?"

The cloud flame user shifted uncomfortably before reaching a decision. "I'd be sick to my stomach if I did, in the end," he replied evenly.

Reborn smirked as Fuuta abided the unspoken cue to leave. The hitman removed the hand gun from his holster, glancing into its glossy finish. His face was reflected, eyes colder than normal, more the demon his mother gasped at when he opened his eyes for the first time and the irises bypassed the standard blue for pitch black.

He cocked his gun once. Standing, he placed the weapon back in its holster on his belt and followed after Fuuta. Twenty minutes? Just enough time to play devil's advocate with himself and qualify why they wouldn't be dying today as they should.

Reborn sighed. He worked under a goddamned saint, that's the only reason why. The number one reason, only, and he had nineteen minutes, fifteen seconds left.


Seven pairs of eyes followed the fifty or so construction workers swarming the mansion, taking in the newly implemented bare wood frames and catching sight of the black lawn patches coupled with the faint smell of washed out ash.

"Remodeling?" Lambo suggested.

Mukuro raised an eyebrow as Gokudera sighed in irritation and faint anxiety. "Stupid cow, does this really look like house renovation to you? They're rebuilding: place looks like the damn aftermath of a war." He muttered the last part, speaking up on the other five's uneasiness out loud.

With new oak doors slamming shut, the group froze. The air was stagnant, baiting anyone who dared to enter.

"Someone's waiting for us." Yamamoto grimaced, hands already on his sword, a similar action taken by the others. It was ridiculous; this was their home. With the semi-comforting lie in mind, all seven removed hands from their respective arms and moved forward.

The gunshot was quick with a successive bullet following behind. Chrome let out a shrill gasp while crumpling to the floor with a bullet embedded in her left knee. Lambo only had time to glance before a copycat was lodged into his arm and through at the elbow, effectively causing pain and rendering the arm useless.

Ryohei, Gokudera, and Yamamoto immediately stood with their backs to each other as Mukuro and Hibari were on opposite ends of each other alone.

"The hell was that?" Gokudera grit through his teeth.

"The beginning." Reborn oozed from the inner balcony's shadowed corridor.

"Reborn-san!" Ryohei glanced up, expecting a comrade against a pesky rodent.

A single, uncovered eye and blood thirsty barrel smiled back.


Gokudera felt uneasy after hearing Ryohei repeat the question, his back facing opposite to the sun flame users. Why would the hitman be…? The storm guardian clenched his jaw and stiffly turned his head.

The ex-sun arcobaleno was pointing his gun at them. He had shot Chrome and Lambo.

Yamamoto had reached the unanimous conclusion, glaring. "I never thought you would turn against the Vongola, Reborn-san."

"Turn against? The Vongola?" Reborn echoed caustically.

The rain's eyes narrowed further with displeasured acceptance. "Unless Sawada sent-"

Reborn snapped before the insolent man finished, firing one round for the rain's head and launched himself immediately after off the railing, gun raised as a weapon. Yamamoto twisted around, dodging the bullet with ease and failing to take into account Reborn's incoming form. The hitman landed, swing his metal gun to hit the side of the former baseball player's kneecap and hearing the audible splitting of bone. Paying no head to the sharp intake of breath and whimper of the rain, his gun arm shot out to steady his body's fluid transition into an arched low sweep directed towards Yamamoto's uninjured knee. A sadistic satisfaction filled him as the force of the kick transfered and bloody edges exited the opposite end of impact.

The suit clad man allowed his spine to arch backwards, one leg coiled to kick the tonfa out of the wrist overhead and the weapon soared unaccompanied. Hibari growled, too far into the strike to pull back and ground his teeth at the carnivore's skill. A black pistol was already in the conjecture of his leg and groin. Reborn glared, sparing no wait for three bullets to tear through the flesh and bone of the cloud's pelvis and break the hardened calcium easily. Hibari fell, teeth bared as he snarled at the hitman. "Carnivore!"

Reborn glanced down in disgust before watching the movements of Mukuro, Gokudera, and Ryohei. "Really now?" He snickered. "You're all angry?" Reborn gripped Leon, feeling the small sledge hammer now in his grasp. "Who the hell gave you the right, I wonder?"

Reborn swung at Ryohei, exchanging blows as the boxer avoided the heavy blunt weapon. "Why, what is this about Reborn-san!?" The sun guardian bit his tongue when the iron end caught his wrist when attempting to deflect it. Reborn laughed, sending a quick left as a decoy. The white haired man caught it, preparing to retaliate when the sledge hammer came down on the middle of his collarbone close to his left shoulder, skin splitting by the force. The boxer fell to his knees and Reborn turned around.

"Why am I doing this, for what reason?" The older man cracked his knuckles, approaching the storm and male mist guardians. "Crime and punishment." He glowered up from the brim of his hat, unconcealed hatred forcing the last two standing back a step. "Sin and atonement." Reborn stopped walking; removing his jacket and tossing it aside to unbutton his long shirt sleeves and roll them up. He clenched his fist. "Betrayal and family." Leon shifted into his original form in the breast pocket of Reborn's dress shirt as the tall man entered a fighting stance. "Consider this part of your many to come reprimands."

Reborn lunged.

Mukuro jumped back, leaving Gokudera in front. The storm guardian responded with throwing ten explosives as the assassin flipped backwards, the bombs harmlessly flying above and over him, missing. He pushed off from his crouch, seeing system C.A.I. up. Did they really think he was that weak? He was an ex-arcobaleno, the number one most skilled and feared hitman in the world. They were wary, but they weren't scared enough. Reborn cursed the former rain arcobaleno as he drew flames into a collection in his fist, rushing ahead simultaneously.

Gokudera stopped the beginning of his attack to defend again as Reborn made contact with the box weapons shield. Reborn grunted softly. Maximum Canon!

The silver haired Italian was thrown back as the shield shattered, sending shards to cut him before his concentration was lost and the box weapon disappeared entirely, reverting to its normal state. Reborn allowed a quick smirk before dodging left, a trident looking to meet his gut.

Angry eyes glazed with the pain of injuries watched the reaming three combatants.

"Kufu," Mukuro carefully eyed the man across from him while waiting for Gokudera to rejoin the fight. "Pray tell, former sun-arcobaleno, what it is exactly that we did?" His heterochromic eyes briefly passed over the crippled rain guardian. "I'm guessing it has to do with the Vongola?"

Reborn leaned back, flexing his fist. No, of course not. "Really, what gave it away?" The man bared his teeth. "Killers don't usually feeling anything, right? Rationally, at least?"

Mukuro's smirk faded, a bleeding Gokudera now beside him having seen better days.

"Imagine if you will," Reborn grit out, "that your boss is more humane than all of our humanity combined and tell me he doesn't feel the need to protect, suffer, and accept his own guilt."

"Baldassare and-"

A gun shot echoed as the illusionist eyed the fired bullet's malice to his cheek. "You're fucking hilarious, shorting changing yourselves like that with such undeserved generosity. Own up to your own conscious and look at the truth."

Reborn pushed forward, gun in holster as the end of an incoming trident found its way into his awaiting hand. The hitman pulled harshly, taking the unsuspecting guardian with it. Reborn grasped the wrist as his other hand located the connecting shoulder. Immediately, he had the male mist guardian down to the floor, eyes widening as he turned to catch a glance over his shoulder as a knee dressed in fine pant threads met his elbow. The bone broke and fragments tore through the flesh at the junction, the shards and pieces to continue biting into their exposure to the sharp air of the mansion. Mukuro grunted, moving and forcing his useless arm out of destructive hands. The last strings of flesh were severed on the serrated calcium of the compound fracture, leaving almost no connection between the arm and body.

Gokudera stayed on the floor knowing he wouldn't be able to out maneuver the man in his current condition, even accepting the heavy dress shoes' impact that surely broke the cartilage of his nose. Reborn's coal eyes met his muddled green ones.

"Arrogant, undeserving." Reborn's foot rested on the man's chest. "Filthy." He pressed down, breaking a rib or two.

Reborn swiveled his head, meeting the eyes of everyone. "A half-blooded brat who ran away with his tail between his legs; an idiotic baseball player too stupid to determine his own life's purpose and that couldn't recognize he was being used; a shitty child who should've been killed by his Famiglia for failing; a boxer more alone than he'd admit, not having anyone but his sister; a Chihuahua who would die for biting off more than he can chew; a girl abandoned by her parents who holds no meaning in the world; and a criminal who would be dead after torture by a couple of Famiglia's by now for taking his revenge over certain boundaries."

The suit clad man leaned back and pressed down again, taking and innumerable amount of ribs this round. "What worthless shit. Even if I hadn't come along, Tsuna still had a heart of gold at the beginning; he was still something alone."

"Gokudera." Reborn watch the man struggle to focus on his form through he pain. "You would have not found anyone to accept you. Only someone like Tsuna would actually befriend you and not judge such a dirty open secret like yourself."

"And why should I have to remind the suicide case why he's alive today? Tsuna shouldn't have bothered with you." Yamamoto flinched.

Reborn examined Ryohei. "You weren't satisfied? You got love, friends. He's the only one capable of giving unconditional love. And it was your hands that crushed it." The white haired man winced, seeing his bandaged fists.

"You tried to kill him, Lambo. If he didn't let you live or you returned to the Bovino's without his death or a more intimidating name (Vongola) backing you, heh-" Reborn smirked. "The Bovino's would have had morning target practice with your body, fool."

"Needless to say," Reborn pointed out in dry disappointment to the cloud. "If Tsuna hand't grabbed hold of such a blood thirsty beast under his wing, someone stronger would have undoubtedly disposed of you. You'd never have had a teacher to reign in your brashness and people of Dino's former level would be something unobtainable. And acceptance has a nice ring, whether you openly acknowledge it or not." Hibari glared sideways, lips drawn over his teeth.

"That body is only a reality because you met him and he loved you like family." Reborn pointed to his own abdomen. "Everything in there, the fact that you're living? It's thanks to Tsuna. He personally searched for willing donors, all for you, and spoke to them just for a girl not worth her parent's or a charity's time." Chrome sobbed, the truth chilling.

Mukuro felt a familiar hatred for Mafioso churn as the hitman gave a face like them, that he was- "Expendable. Only Tsuna thought otherwise. Not many, Mafioso or civilian, would try giving a human experiment and murderer a second chance outside of jail, an institution, or Hell where you'll surely end up again."

Reborn stepped off the illegitimate heir underfoot finally. "Well?" The atmosphere was silent, tense, apprehensive, and perhaps the smallest part guilt ridden. "It astounds me that the two times he raises his hands to end a life- it's only to save seven wretched ones at too high a price. Never mind the convenient fact they were the scum of the Earth."

The man stopped his verbal assault, nowhere near completion, to look over behind him. An elderly man in a wheel chair, a horribly burned girl with an oxygen tank, skin still rotting and peeling, a tall man in a sling, a woman with wounds in various states of repair, Fuuta in the same condition next to her, and a worn out doctor Mantua behind them all. "Quite the cavalry," Reborn murmured. "How can I help, Fuuta? I'm not finished here."

Fuuta grimaced. "Yes, but Tsuna-nii asked that you only speak to them if you must. If we leave them any longer like this, someone will bleed out or die of a punctured lung." The hay colored man gave a pointed look towards Gokudera, struggling to breathe now and the entire collection of trash pale, resting in a mixed pool of blood, spread across and smeared on the marble entrance floor.

Donatello spoke up, evaluating the blood smears. "Not to mention the clean-up this will necessitate. I don't care for stains in a mansion under my care." His granddaughter followed with a not so subtle quip of 'except the things still breathing.' Donatello glared sharply, Diva bowing her head. "A maid must be refined, in all company."

Andrea drew closer to Renz who gave her a one armed hug and a quiet mutter of "I know," understanding her agitation in the former guardian's presence.

Mantua clapped his hand with a tired smile and garnered the attention of all present. "As amusing as it is for all of you to draw the situation out longer, he won't be pleased to learn they went six feet under after returning here. They need at least minimal care." He gave them a baneful once over. "And moving them is going to take some time, too."

Reborn chuckled, smiling. The hitman couldn't be more satisfied. They were excellent. Not physically stronger, but much more suitable.

They were absolute and his student was on the mend. The suit clad man cracked his shoulders, head for an exit leading back to Tsuna's room while fixing his tie.

Utterly pleased.

He waved a hand back in passing. "No, please, take your time."

Ah, damn. He was happier than he had been in long time, cutting the chains of an angel, everyone's.


Chapter 12:

Riattualizzare Qualifiche

(Reenacting Qualifications)