Man I'm just have a bunch of ideas in my head! I know I have What if and so cold but so WHAT? I want to have as many stories as possible. So just for the record this story is Naru/Saku. No harem with Ino or Hinata just Naruto and Sakura.

Naruto has signed a contract with kyuubi. He can still summon toads and all that but he will summon Kyuubi when he needs to. I think we all know the benefits of signing the contract with the fur ball right? Such as hearing, strength and all that good stuff. Alright so here we go.

Chapter 1: Naruto's Departure

It was a warm dark windy night in Konoha. The number one headed knuckle head ninja Naruto Uzumaki or now known as Naruto Namikaze thanks to Tsunade and Jiraiya telling him was sitting on top of a building watching the stars. He was close to the village gate because that's where the best view was. He was drifting off to sleep when he heard voices. He turned to see Sakura and Sasuke. He noticed Sasuke had his back pack on his back without his headband.

"It's late out, what are you doing out here?" Sasuke asked facing Sakura who noticed his bag. "Well it's the only way out the village so…" She murmured. Sasuke didn't have time for this. "Go to sleep." He brushed her off walking past her. "Why don't you ever tell me anything?" Sakura cried. "What I do is none of your business." Sasuke replied. "Please Sasuke don't go! I'm so in love with you I can't bare it." Sakura cried. Naruto flinched her words.

"I'll do anything for you! I'll even go with you, and we can beat him together!" She continued. Naruto was aghast, he couldn't even think right.

"What about Naruto? You know how he feels for you. What about him?" Sasuke asked sensing Naruto's chakra nearby. He wanted Naruto to hear what Sakura really felt.

"Naruto? Naruto is nothing! He is just an obstacle. I love you!" Sakura cried. Naruto was really hurting. An obstacle? Was that all he was?

Their was silence for awhile. "You just…don't get it do you?" Sasuke said with pity. "I honestly feel sorry for you." He wasn't just speaking to Sakura but to Naruto. "I'll stay. Now go home." Sasuke turned around walking back to his apartment. Sakura smiled, it worked. Team 7 was not gonna break apart… so she thought.

Naruto went home and started packing with tears running down his face. "Is that all I am? Am I loved anywhere?" Naruto asked.

Calm yourself kit. Your sadness is bringing my sunlight down. You may not be wanted by her but think about every one else. The pervert, the old woman, the shy hyuuga…Sasuke.

Naruto stopped, hearing what the fox had to say. He realized that Sasuke was talking to him. When he looked towards the stars.

Naruto left a letter for Jiraiya, Tsunade and Sasuke. Without hand signs he created a shadow clone. "Drop these off." Naruto ordered with a hoarse voice. The clone nodded. \

Naruto packed his fathers scrolls and Journals when he walked to his new home when he returned. His parent's house was large with many rooms and pictures. Before naruto left he placed a powerful seal no one could undo but him.

Naruto walked in the direction Sasuke walked and noticed no Sakura. "Thank you, Sasuke." Naruto whispered before continuing to walk.

It was early morning when the Godaime hokage Tsunade senju woke up. She had a very vivid dream of her favorite blonde genin. She saw him give her a letter before falling asleep. She noticed something on her desk and her heart skipped a beat. She opened it and read every word.

'Dear grandmother Tsunade, I'm leaving on a training trip for a little while. I found information that the Akatsuki won't start looking for me for 3 years the most. So till then I'll be training around the world. Do a few missions here and there but… please don't look for me. I need time to gather my thoughts till I come back. I still need to become hokage after all. I'll miss you baa-chan. See you soon

P.S you approved last night so HA!

Love Naruto Namikaze.'

She read it over and over again; her eyes were beginning to tear. Naruto was gone, for 3 years without even saying good bye. "Stupid Gaki. Who will watch over you? You couldn't have gone that far. SHIZUNE!" Tsunade called and Shizune barged in. "Bring me Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura haruno now." Tsunade ordered. Shizune bowed and ran off.

After 5 minutes the two genin from team 7 stood in front of the hokage. Sakura was looking around. "Excuse me lady hokage but where's the idiot? Shouldn't he be here too?" Sakura asked. Tsunade looked at her trying not to glare. "That's why you're here. Naruto left the village last night. I have a letter to prove it."

Tsunade said and Sakura gasped wondering why Naruto would leave. Sasuke on the other hand kept his calm demeanor. "I know, I also go a letter." Sasuke held it up. Sakura looked at it confused. "Who is it from?" Sakura asked. "Both our letters are from Naruto. I'm positive he must have left one for Jiraiya." Tsunade said.

"Wait how come you and Sasuke got a letter but I didn't? He's my teammate too?" Sakura said. Sasuke glared at her. "He's an obstacle remember?" Sasuke informed her. Sakura froze. "He heard them?" Sakura thought. "I'm sending you two on a mission to find him before he crosses the border. Bring him back." Tsunade ordered. "Yes." Sasuke said before walking out. Sakura was still frozen but followed.

It was 3 hours later and the two members' of team 7 saw their 3rd member on Madara Uchiha's head.

"NARUTO!" They both called. Naruto stopped and dropped his bag turning slowly around. They gasped at what they saw. Naruto had red slitted eyes and his whisker marks were darker his teeth a little sharper and his hair shaggier.

"Well if isn't Teme and his fan girl. What do you want I'm on a tight schedule." Naruto said very cold. Sasuke was taken back by his tone. "Naruto come back with us. Come home." Sasuke said which caused a smirk on Naruto's face. "Why? I have better things to do. Plus I'll come back in 3 years. See ya." Naruto turned around and picked his bag but noticed a shadow coming down on him. He straddled by Sasuke who's fist collided with Naruto's face. "DID THAT WAKE YOU UP?" Sasuke yelled. Naruto turned his head back to Sasuke's and spit his blood on his face.

"Yes. I've been awake for awhile now." Naruto answered still with that cold voice. He grabbed Sasuke's collar and he was holding him up by it. "Come to think of it, we never finished our match did we? Sasuke?" Naruto smirked. "Naruto, come back." Sasuke gurgled shocked by his strength. Naruto didn't answer. "Hmm, No." Naruto dropped Sasuke and punched his face in. Sasuke flew all the way back to Sakura. Sakura looked at Sasuke his face was damaged but he got back up.

"What about being hokage?" Sasuke stuttered. Naruto's face softened for a mere second then went back to being cold. "That's my problem; it's none of your business anyway. Go home." Naruto said walking off but heard a chirping noise.

"NARUTO! YOU'RE COMING BACK WHETHER I HAVE TO BREAK EVERY SINGLE BONE IN YOUR BODY OR NOT! YOU HEAR ME!" Sasuke yelled holding out a chidori. Naruto turned around half amused and cast a red Rasengan. "Just try it." Naruto smirked.

Sasuke ran towards him and leaped off the Statue, Naruto did the same. "NARUTOOO!" Sasuke yelled. "SASUKEE!" Naruto roared. They both flew at each other no one regretting what was happening. The two clashed together and with sheer luck and power Naruto won the fierce clash. Naruto was standing over Sasuke's unconscious body. Naruto's head band untied its self and landed next to Sasuke.

"Good bye, Sasuke." Naruto said. He grabbed his bag but was halted yet again. "What are you gonna try? Sakura?" Naruto asked.

Sakura was behind Naruto with open arms. "Please Naruto, come home I'm begging you." Sakura begged. Naruto didn't answer.

"You're so annoying." Naruto smirked and kept walking into the darkness, passing the border. They failed. Minutes later Kakashi appeared.

"I'm too late aren't I?" He whispered. "He left sensei. Without saying a single good bye. He said good bye to Sasuke, Lady Hokage. But not me. I thought he loved me." Sakura said. "Sakura, Naruto will come back. But in at least you still have Sasuke right?" Kakashi asked. "Yeah but were not team 7 anymore. Naruto is gone. I didn't think he heard me. I didn't think he stop loving me." Sakura nearly cried. Sasuke was awake but didn't show it. He was awake since Kakashi arrived.

"You hurt him. He may not be the same Naruto when he comes back, Sakura." Sasuke said getting up. "SASUKE!" Sakura hugged him and cried into his shoulder. Sasuke looked to where Naruto left.

"Will you ever be the same? Naruto?"