Hey! This is for an English project I had, decided to post it! I do not own the Chaos Walking Series, I hope you enjoy!

Fire! Stick? Fire? Fire stick. Todd, fire stick. Viola? Smell Viola, smell Aaron. Fire, ground? Ground. Bigger fire! Smoke? Todd, smoke? Smoke. Smoke good? Good.

Todd bark? Bark good? Bark! Todd! Todd! Todd!

Bark! Todd! Todd! Todd! Aaron! Bark! Todd! Todd! Todd!

Run. Running, run. Run, Todd. Run, run. Bark, Todd! Todd!

Aaron? Hate. Aaron hate. Hate Aaron. Aaron running, Manchee run. Tree, treeā€¦ squirrel! Run, Aaron run, Manchee run. Todd? Todd, Viola? Run run run Manchee run.

Aaron mad? Mad, hate. Run, running. Todd, run? Run! Aaron! Follow! Run! Trees, trees, running running.

Bark? Bark. Todd! Todd! Todd! Run, run. Aaron hate. Viola? Todd? Run! Run!

Todd! See Todd! Bad? Bad? Aaron see Todd? Bad. Bad. Warn Todd! Bark! TODD! TODD! TODD! Warn! Aaron! Coming! Aaron!

Viola? Viola? Todd, Viola? Todd! Aaron, coming. Aaron hate, hate Aaron. Aaron hate Todd. Hate Viola. Running! Running!

Viola! Todd! Aaron? Run! Boat? Boat? Viola, Todd boat? Jump! Jump! Run!

Todd fall? Falling? No fall Todd! Aaron grab Todd? No! No! No! Growl! TODD!

Aaron hurt Todd? No! No! Bite! Kill! Not Todd! Aaron! Growl, bite! Free Todd? Free Todd. TODD!

Todd, is free? Todd free! Wag tail! Aaron, on Aaron? Aaron hate, bite! Face, bite, claw, hate Aaron! Grab? Grab, twist? Twist! Bite, chomp, bite! Twist! Bite, growl! Blood? Blood, Aaron. Blood!

Todd? Call? Todd! Viola, call? Viola! Boat? Boat! Boat, Todd, Viola! Ow! Down! Down! Down! Aaron, ow! Ow! Neck, ow! Todd!

Todd leaving? Todd? Viola, Todd leaving? Todd? Todd? Why? Leaving? Todd? Todd?Todd? Aaron hurt Manchee? Hurts! Down! Ow! Todd!

Sorry? Why sorry? Todd? Todd? Todd leaving? Why? Todd! Todd? Todd? Todd!

Todd, yell! Manchee? Leave, Aaron? Manchee with Aaron? Why? Todd? Todd?

Love Todd. Love Todd, why? Leaving? Why? Love Todd? Ow! Aaron hurt? Why?

Love Tod-

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