Romanian Holiday

"Put me back in my body, I'm trying to book this flight, but filling out these forms is a pain in my occipital lobe. I need fingers! You hear me through that hubcap you're wearing?" Krang was on a tear, having disintegrated a tenth of the foot clan with a disruptor pistol, enraged over a stolen key. Although, the key was not stolen, but only confiscated by Shredder out of responsibility for the safety of Krang, who had a habit of getting thoroughly ripped on deuterium gas that he sucked from a glass tube, getting pissed, then taking off in the subterranean drill. There was only so much Shredder could do for the disembodied brain, he wasn't just dependent on his technological skill, he had grown very close to him as a comrade. Krang had a way of turning almost any confrontation into an absolute blood bath, seizing every opportunity to make a conflict into a degrading and humiliating defeat for those who gave any hint of resistance. A character of such brutal and monolithic hate, abusive and manipulative, devoid of compassion and remorseless and cold as the tread of a panzer; he was dependent on Shredder. He plucked the writhing Krang from the stool he was perched on after carelessly discarding the glass dome on legs he had been using, which under closer inspection by Shredder, still clutched the matter disruptor pistol. Shredder plopped Krang into the control cavity of the humanoid exoskeleton and Krang let out some satisfied coos and gurgles.

"Guess what I found in a pile of ashes?" Shredder lied. "I knew it, I just knew one of those abominations stole my key! Give it to me!" Shredder casually used the end of the key to clean his fingernails, ignoring Krang's flailing demands. "I believe you were in the middle of something, finish the reservations and I'll give you the key."

"Bllllllaaaaaarrrgggggg!" Krang snorted in frustration, turning back to the computer console, madly tapping the keys with the fingers of his suit. "Make sure you reserve the sound proofed suite, I don't want a repeat of our last vacation." Krang paused for a moment and thought about this statement, he didn't need any more inconveniences like hotel managers beating on the door or cops showing up when the hotel manager was reduced to a lifeless pile of gore. "Yes, yes that is a good idea, but we still had fun, the look on their faces after you jumped out and ripped a hole in the police captain neck, priceless." Shredder nodded, although most of his face was covered by his mask, Krang could tell he was smiling just by looking at his eyes. "Heh, heh, what did they call me after that? Ass-wang? Heheh what a bunch of cowards."

"They called you Aswang, and it's pronounced as-wong. It's some kind of shape shifting vampire monster. Of the two that got away, one hanged himself and the other is still in a psychiatric ward."

Krang laughed and snorted at this, finishing the forms and printing them. Shredder picked up the papers and started looking them over when he stopped and looked up at krang, who was back to inhaling deuterium gas, now directly from the nozzle of the tank. "I think you've made a mistake, I see two names and one is Robert and the other is Margret, grrrrrr I'm not dressing like a woman." Krang took his lips off the deuterium gas tank for a moment,"You fool, I'm Margret and you're Robert, look at the pass ports I made for us. You don't think I'm going to march through an airport in this thing naked, do you? No, I'm going to be wearing a disguise. Now, give me that key and get dressed, our flight leaves tonight." Shredder looked over his shoulder at the still smoldering pile of dead foot soldiers. "who's going to clean that up?" "Get the remaining nine tenths of the foot to do it."