Title: Unintended

Warnings: Lots of angst and implied yaoi

Light blue eyes fluttered open, immediately landing on the photo placed on the floor next to his futon. A small smile bloomed, and his pale lips twitched weakly, but that smile had never reached his eyes. If anything one could say it was a tired, yet completely content smile. The teen let out a shaky breath as he reached, arm trembling as he touched the cool glass, sliding his fingertips over his love.

Wrapping his fingers around the frame, he brought it closer, never taking his eyes off the beauty that smiled from behind the glass. Slowly he sat up, shivering slightly from the cold air that kissed his bare pale skin, yet did nothing to chase away the chill. Finally he laid the frame on his lap, eyes glazing over as he touched the gem coming out of his chest. It was insanely cold, like ice, and protruded right out of his chest, but only about an inch or two. Again he touched it's smooth surface, admiring the deep blue sapphire that resided above his heart.

Pain began to erupt from his heart, folding outward in waves, no, more like a flower blooming, extending it's petals forward while leaving smaller shocks of pain. His chest tightened, and his throat became unbearably dry, but every time he swallowed it felt like he was throwing water down into a never ending void. Tears sprung at his eyes and he continued to smile, his eyes softening at the smile on his beloved's face. His breathing became erratic as he let his tears fall, and soon he could no longer hold back the years of emptiness that built inside of him. His pain only increased, and soon, he was having trouble breathing. As beautiful as the gem was, it was hurting him, killing him with the never-ending pain and sorrow, his thin hands began pressing the damned jewel towards his chest, trying to find some sort of relief from the void that had opened.

His pale blue eyes finally saw his reflection in the mirror, and he felt disgusted. His stomach began reeling, his skinny body was ugly, and his hair was a dull shade of black with no luster at all. Bones sometimes pushed against pasty white skin, his skeleton trying to break free from his cursed heart. He ripped his gaze from the reflection, and tried to move once again. His muscles burned and ached, his chest still tightened in pain as he continued his effort to get out of bed. Soon he was on his feet, wobbling around for something clean to wear. A tight old black wife beater was pulled on and his worn out blue sweater quickly followed , since he had fallen asleep in his jeans he didn't bother to change them.

Today was a Saturday, meaning no school, so he walked around aimlessly, trying to find a quiet place to waste away at. His thoughts quickly turned to his friends, mainly Duncan and how he had hurt him. His mind throbbed painfully, his memories flooding back and he bravely held back tears. His fist clenched until his knuckles where white, nails digging into his skin and hurting his palm. His pace quickened, his eyebrows knitted as he tried to ignore the voices that swarmed in his head.

Kenny found himself in the middle of nowhere, but the trail he had aimlessly followed ended and he stood right above the ledge. He felt his legs ache with acid from his trip, and he carefully descended, sitting down and letting his legs hang off the edge. Putting a hand over his heart, he felt the pain trying to flare up again, but he desperately tried to quell the anguish burning in his chest. The voices had started up again, overwhelming him with emotions and ideas, screaming and shouting in his cranium, the sounds bouncing in his skull provoking a splitting agony to bleed from the noise. He closed his eyes once again, and when he opened them, his hands held a soft blue glow.

The dim light followed his hands, Kenny's mind grew foggy, and the voices faded, becoming more hushed as time passed. His heart had settled as well, the pain dissolving away and he let out a relieved sigh. One voice, soft and soothing spoke to him, "You are finally aware of your powers... but this power comes with a price, as you can tell, your body feels hyper-sensitive reactions from your emotions...For now rest my dear, all I ask is that you sing, let your pain known to the winds as they will carry the burden for you..."

His chest felt lighter, and warmth spread over his body in waves, swaying in every direction. Kenny let his hands guide him, the guitar became materialized, soon enough his fingers glided over the strings, nimbly playing notes as his feelings became more controlled. His despair came back, but he allowed the feeling to pass, traveling from his chest, the despondent emotions trickling down his vein and through his fingertips and onto his strings. They freely flowed, his river of emotions reflecting in his song. Once his heart started to burst from unrequited love he began to sing, only thinking of beautiful honey-colored eyes...

You could be my unintended
Choice to live my life extended
You could be the one I'll always love
You could be the one who listens to my deepest inquisitions
You could be the one I'll always love

His voice reverberated through the small valley, and the vibrations bounced around in his chest, and soon he could no longer feel the stabbing, aching pain from his heart. Soon he felt as if he was floating, completely consumed in his song, infatuated with his newest love. He could no longer hold back his choking emotions, and they continued to spill from his lips and Kenny only sang louder, hoping that somehow that those warm honey eyes would soften at him.

First there was the one who challenged
All my dreams and all my balance
She could never be as good as you

His sight began to blur, and Kenny only continued his ballad, smiling all the while because here he could show his love, he wouldn't have to hide and lie, he could simply let the love tear him apart completely.

I'll be there as soon as I can
But I'm busy mending

broken pieces of the life I had before

Before you...

As his song finally faded to nothing, he felt exhausted, and his energy was leaving him. The guitar became dust and the light from his hands dwindled to small flames, leaving only soft hazy smoke in their wake. Kenny groaned, he could barely keep his eyes open. Soon the world also faded from his sight, and he felt as if he was falling. The brunette sighed as the wind hit his face, his body weightless as he only went down, down, down.

Kenny felt his lips pull into a smile, he would finally rest, he would never have to wake up in pain, never have to cry from the painful dreams he had, because as sweet as they were, it was all just lies.


And even as the idea of death made itself known, Kenny could only be relieved at the fact that he would probably die here. It wasn't as if anyone would care, and this way he would no longer have to suffer anymore. As his body finally collided with the hard unforgiving ground, his last thought was of that beautiful smile, and how dazzling his love looked.

He had only wished that he was the one responsible for such happiness from his beloved...

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