Title: Unintended Ch.2

Warnings: Yaoi and Angst

He shot up like a rocket, hands flying to his eyes and practically hyperventilating on the spot. With another shaky breath he began to calm down, but he couldn't overcome the sense of dread that sat at the pit of his stomach. He closed his eyes, trying to regain his senses, and yet his heart refused to slow down, only beating faster and faster with every passing second. Soon he let out a laugh, it's tones sounding odd in the room, he was getting all worked up over a stupid dream.

Anxiety flooded his heart, and he was finding it difficult to breath properly, his chest began to cave in, collapsing and creating immense discomfort. The images of the dreams began to resurface, he felt completely helpless, cradling his head in his hands.


A sob escaped his lips, and soon he was completely in shambles, his wails alerting his mother of his pain. She quickly came to his aid, trying to stop his tears, questioning the sudden onslaught of tears. His cries only escalated, and he was trying to get the image out of his head, his heart breaking at the thought of...

His mother frowned, sighing in defeat and leaving his room, hoping that he would be able to find relief.

The boy clawed at his chest, trying to quell the waves of pain that had bloomed, for some reason his tears would not stop, grief pulling at his every nerve. Soon he became silent, his tears had dried up yet, he felt incredibly empty. Dragging his body out of bed, he quickly changed clothes, not really paying attention to anything and walked out of his room, completely blind to the world around him.

His mind was focused on the song.

In his dream, he had been in the desert, and after a few minutes he began to hear a beautiful song. It's soft guitar had made his heart ache, and the sheer melancholy tone of the singer had made him shed a tear, but he had no idea why. He looked to the sky, to find his melodic singer perched on the edge, his voice only growing stronger, and he felt his eyes flutter shut, becoming entranced and immersed in the sound of his voice. As his heart began to swim in a never ending ocean of despair, his mind was completely calm, sighing as the singer began to hit his final notes, conveying a desperate need for love.

When he opened his eyes, he saw the singer falling, his body graceful and his face serene. His eyes lit up at the sight of Kenny, noticing his blue eyes, but his mind went into overdrive, and soon he rushed to his friend, his whole body shaking with fear. He held out his hands, pushing his body to run faster, faster, and his heart froze.

He wasn't going to make it.

Kenny landed with a loud crack, falling quickly in a broken heap, motionless forever. He fell beside the dead boy, staring at the brunette with disbelief. His hands trembled, body shaking as he reached out to caress the boy. His hand brushed away the boy's black bangs away from his face, but found that same calm and content expression, his eyes closed and the boy only looked like he was sleeping. He tried to wake the boy, shaking him softly, hoping that he would just wake his friend up.

Soon he brought the other boy in his arms, rocking him softly, hope leaving his body as the time dragged on. He couldn't stop remembering how the boy had looked, frail body falling and his blue eyes, dull and blank, completely accepting of his fate. They had been glazed with an unknown look, and he couldn't push the image from his mind.

The boy was long dead before the fall.

There his dream had ended, but he didn't want to look, he wished that he could forget everything, but it was as if the image was burned on the back of his eyelids, and the despair that followed was eating away at him, but he couldn't stop it from consuming him entirely.

He had made his way to the living room, the glass doors allowing the sun to illuminate the room, he winced, hating the sun and it's mocking brightness. The kitchen was invaded and he took a few coals, munching on them without much though, and he felt his body grow tired, even breathing was a chore. His mother came in, softly inquiring his about his sudden tears.

He could only stare back at her with misty-honey pools.


His neck ached, but he sat up, looking around with curious eyes. He found himself in a black room, void of any furniture and people. He couldn't even distinguish where the floor and walls met, his eyes believing to be in an endlessly dark void. He pushed himself to his feet, blue eyes recalling his fall to his...

He spoke softly but calmly, "Am I dead?"

He waited, wondering if he would even get an answer. His body stiffened at the sudden noise, "Not exactly. I like to refer this as limbo. Not dead, but defiantly not alive either." He soon recognized the voice, it was the same that had convinced him to sing. He felt relief wash over him, touching his heart and allowing him to sigh happily. "I...I have so many questions." A warm laugh echoed in the void, and Kenny could made out the voice to be female."They will be answered with time. I am glad that you are finally awakening to your powers. Don't you wish to know why you are here my dear?" He nodded, but felt silly for doing so, she probably couldn't even see him- "Okay, allow me to explain. We honestly have no true name, humans have called us many things ranging from sirens to banshees, but we enjoy calling ourselves Hiren." Kenny blushed, apparently she could see him, and he continued looking around, yet he was unable to see anything but the darkness and shadows mixing together, creating an endless illusion of infinite space.

Her voice grew quiet and held a hint of sadness, "You have been unfortunate enough to be separated from your true origins, and your family is shrouded in mystery. That blue crystal in your chest, it is your heart. It controls your pain and reflects your emotions, but it will soon change, and when it does, I will guide you." Kenny kept his head downcast, listening intently and shyly resting his hand over his 'heart'. "I am beside you...take a moment to just feel. Once you have figured how to channel your power then you will be able to see me." The brunette reached out, instead trying to feel for the woman, but found it to be no use. After his useless searching he settled himself back on the ground, his thoughts drifting to his friends.

He mused about how they had come together, easily becoming lost in his memories as his blue eyes hazed over with a milky white glaze. From the darkness he began to see a figure, petite and curvy, with long black hair that draped around her thin shoulders. He blinked hurriedly and saw nothing once again. She laughed, "Don't try so hard. Relax my dear..." Kenny felt a drowsy feeling creep up his spine, and he held a hand to his mouth as he yawned. Quickly he lost all consciousness, but he was barely able to make out sapphire gems twinkling with delight.

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