Dissidia All Stars


It was dark in Order's Sanctuary. Dark, except for the few spots of light where the warriors Cosmos could revive from the previous cycle were returning, and over Cosmos herself. Warrior of Light knelt before the goddess of harmony, until he felt it appropriate to stand again.

"Cosmos," he said. "How many have managed to return from the last cycle?" The war had raged for many cycles now, more than most people can even count, with no side showing any sign of weakening. Chaos had prevailed in all of the cycles so far, but Cosmos's warriors have always been able to hang on long enough to be revived by Shinryu.

"We're down to ten," replied Cosmos, with some dread in her voice. She knew that soon the war would end, and she feared it would not end in her favour. A world where Chaos ruled was not one that she looked forward to.

Warrior of Light sensed she was tense, so he told her the news that he knew would cheer her up, at least a little. "The number of warrior Chaos has left has fallen to ten as well," said Warrior, with no clear hint of any emotion in his voice. He never showed any emotion of any kind. It was the way Cid had made him. It wasn't that he didn't care; it's that he found it hard to show any kind of emotion. Turning around to face the specks of light forming the warriors, he asked Cosmos who they had left.

As he said that, the first of the figures finished forming and stood before them. Cosmos chose this moment to speak. "Son Goku, the Saiyan warrior of Earth, is one of our remaining warriors." As she spoke, a few more of the figures began to appear. Cosmos continues speaking as they kept appearing. "Harry Potter, the boy who lived, is another of our fighters. Scott Pilgrim, Video Game Master, is also among our remaining few fighters. Mew, one of the rarest and most powerful Pokemon, is here too, as well as Link, Hero of Hyrule; Luke Skywalker, The Jedi Master; Neo, The One; Edward Elric, The Fullmetal Alchemist; Dante, the second son of Sparda and Eva; and" turning to face the final spot of light as it finished forming its warrior, "Squall Leonhart, the young leader of SeeD".

The ten warriors started looking at their surroundings as the sky began to get brighter. Some were confused, some knew what was going on, but all turned their attention to Cosmos the second she started addressing them.

"My warriors," she started, trying to be as calm as possible. "Chaos's power grows more and more, even as we speak. I fear that soon we will be unable to defeat him, even with the power I give you. Please, you must find your crystals as soon as possible and defeat him, before it's too late".

The warriors all voiced their agreement in some form, and were soon leaving Sanctuary in groups of two and three. Warrior turned to Cosmos with the sternest look he could manage. "You're worried they won't win, aren't you?" Warrior asked Cosmos, trying to get an honest response from her.

Cosmos hesitated, but then sighed and said "Yes. I'm just not sure anymore if the power of the crystals will be enough after all this time."

Warrior turned back to watch the last of the warriors leave Sanctuary. "No matter what happens," said Warrior, "I will stay by your side, and so will all our allies. We will fight Chaos and his warriors no matter what. Even," he added, with a very serious tone, "at the cost of our lives."