Hey everyone. This is my third Talespin adventure crossover. All characters, places, and things recognizable belong to either Paramount pictures or Walt Disney Animation Studios. Everything else is my creation. Warning sexual content in this book. Alrighty lets go.


Chapter 1 Special Delivery

The 23rd century

USS Enterprise Stardate 8423.5 Border of the Romulan Neutral Zone.

"Captain's log Stardate 8423.5 we have been ordered to patrol the Romulan Neutral Zone as there are reports for a new weapon that the Romulan's may have and the star bases fear for this weapon. Need security so they requested a Star Ship to help patrol the border. Since the enterprise was the closest to Star Base 2 of the Neutral Zone we have been selected for responsibility." Captain Kirk said on his log in his command chair.

"Mr. Spock anything on the scanners?" Captain Kirk says to his Vulcan first officer.

"Nothing detected Jim. It's possible that the Romulan's are cloaked."

Dr. McCoy approaches Kirk on the bridge.

"Damn it Jim what the hell is a Star Ship going around wasting time patrolling star dust of the border of the Neutral Zone! We are in need of a good rest and…

"Calm yourself Bones! As soon as we have been out here a week and found nothing, I will talk to star fleet for Shore leave." Kirk interrupts.

"Captain I'm detecting a surge of energy."

"From where Spock?"

"The surge is coming from…..." Just then an explosion took place. Little did the crew know that they were on a more exciting adventure than they could have imagined.

Cape Suzette April 1 1950. Baloo and Rebecca's house/Higher for Hire.

A delivery truck is parked in front.

"Oh Elvas faster faster faster faster. Seventeen year old Molly Von Bruienwald was moaning as Elvas Pressly a young brown bear with a pompadour haircut was pounding his member into her wet pussy.

"Oh Elvas..….that was…... Amazing. As Molly had climaxed.

"Thank you Thank you very much." He said quickly. As he was still inside her.

"He-he you know that could be a good catch phrase for you" Molly said.

"Hmm thanks doll I'll think about it."

Just then a 39 black Chevy drove up to home & business of the Von Bruienwalds.

Stepping out was a 24 year old Kit Von Bruenwald with a left crutch/cane due to an injury during the D-day 1944 invasion and had crashed his fighter.

"Molly!" Kit yelled.

"Oh shit!" Molly whispered. Kit walked up the stares and saw a guitar outside her room. Kit barged in.

"Molly Elizabeth Von Bruenwald who is this guy?"

"It's ok sir I-I was just leaving." Elvas said as he was putting on his jeans white t-Shirt and black leather jacket. Then he grabbed his Guitar, nodded, and left.


Kit turned to Molly who was naked under the covers. "Hmph, Molly you know tomorrow is my wedding with Sandy and we don't need any more problems. As it is my wedding band canceled and I need you to get dressed and get on the phone to find a band that can play."

"Elvas ain't that bad of a person kit."

"Molly, he's a dirty trucker and won't amount to anything."

"I beg to differ Kit, Elvas happens to be a very good singer. He may become famous one day with his guitar and this new music he called Rock & Roll."

"Rock and what?" Ha ha Molly your dreaming…...wait a minuet can he sing ballads?"

"I don't know ask him here's his card." Molly hands him Elvas' business card.

Meanwhile somewhere in the southwestern desert close to Nevada and Arizona.

Baloo and Rebecca were flying the Sea Duck delivering plutonium to a secret location that they got directions for and was told it was for top secret testing.

"Hey Butterball? Becky said in a seductive tone and was snuggling and creasing Baloo while he was flying.

"Yeah honeybunch?"

"After Kits wedding what do you think of having another kid?"

"Oh baby you know that's sounds like a good idea." The two bears exchanged a kiss on the lips."

Then the radio started buzzing.

"Hollo Baloo and annoying business lady. Sorry to interrupt what ever it is your doing, but I, Don Karnage, will be plundering your plane in about 10 seconds yes/no?" The wolf with the french accent said. The radio went static.

"Oh not them again." Groaned Baloo

"They must know we are carrying plutonium." Stated Becky

"Becky you grab the wheel while I'll shoot them down." Baloo ordered.

"Right!" said Rebecca.

Rebecca took over as Baloo went to the guns and started firing as the pirates were returning fire. But then more air pirates were coming in. These newer pirates had turboprop airplanes which made them faster.

"There's too many of them" Becky yelled.

"Push the new overdrive Butterball!" Baloo ordered.

Rebecca pushed the newly installed overdrive to get out of the way and went faster then it had ever had before. This newer Overdrive could last much longer.

"Whew! That was close." Rebecca said as she was turning off the overdrive.

"At least you and I are safe that's all the counts." Baloo said.

The Sea Duck was approaching the top secret airbase when brand-new fighter jets came up to both sides of their wings.

"Halt! Is this the Sea Duck?" was heard on the radio.

"Yes this the Sea Duck over." Rebecca said since she was flying the airplane.

"We have sent two fighters to escort you to our top-secret base since you are now flying over restricted airspace. Please follow these jets to its respected course."

"Uh yes. Will do Seaduck out!" Rebecca said.

The Sea Duck was guided to the southwest to an airstrip that said 51 and nothing else.

As soon as it landed, police cars and government trucks came in to escort it to a hanger labeled 51. As soon as Baloo and Rebecca opened the door to the airplane, two dogs dressed in overcoats came up to them and blindfolded them as they weren't allowed to look around.

"When can we take off our blindfolds buddy." Baloo asked.

"As soon as we're finished unloading," a dog said.

The cargo unloaders unloaded the plutonium quickly. A dog put cash into Baloo's hand and escorted him and his wife back into the plane and took off their blindfolds.

The Sea Duck was escorted out of the airbase and escorted back to regular airspace. One of the jet fighters gave them directions on how to get to the nearest town for gasoline.

"Boy I'm tired Rebecca." Yawned.

"You can say that again! what a day." Baloo said as he had his arm around Becky.

"Maybe we can stay in this cute little town of Las Vegas."

"What about Kit's wedding tomorrow?"

"Don't worry Butterball. We'll use overdrive most of the time to get there on time." Rebecca smiled.

The airplane landed on the small strip and got gas. The two rented a convertible and checked in the Flubmingo. A seagull in a three piece suit at the front desk was standing with a grin.

"Hello and welcome to fabulous Las Vegas! I'm Suggy Seagall and this is my Casino"

"We'd like a room please." Baloo said.

"Alrighty here are your room keys to the penthouse honeymoon sweet and some complimentary game chips and some drink coupons." As Suggy was known for his great hospitality.

"Thank you so much," Rebecca said as she signed the register.