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Chapter 12 THE END

Baloo was more maneuverable with the helicopter as he could dodge all of them even the turbo props that were chasing them. All the pirates were chasing this time. Even the Iron Vulture was on purest after them with its cannons.

All aircraft had crashed except for the Iron Vulture, which was determined to get Baloo no matter the cost. Don Karnage ordered full speed ahead to chase Baloo in the helicopter even though it was approaching the Cape Suzette cliffs that were firing on both of them. Baloo took the Helicopter close to the entrance to the cliffs as the Iron Vulture pursed onward towards them.

"Full speed ahead!" Karnage ordered. Gabber whispered into his ears.

"I don't care if where dangerously close to the cliffs. I want Baloo. NOW!

"Sir we lost more than half of the crew and just lost our right rudders by cannon fire." A pirate screamed.

"Hard starboard!" Karnage yelled as they were about to crash into the cliffs.

Kabooom! The Iron Vulture couldn't turn in time as it crashed into the cliffs and exploded as Baloo and gang saw the explosion from near by. That was the end of Don Karnage.

"Well it's the end of the road Karny." Baloo said.

"Baloo were still being fired on man." Louie said

"Um Right." Baloo maneuvered the helicopter away from the cliff guns and flew wide angled so they couldn't capture them.

As soon as he cleared the cannons he flew them back the out side of Buzzes lab. As soon as they all got out Police Cars came and circled them. Sher Kahn Came out of one.

"Arrest them!" Kahn said as he pointed to the group.

Just then more cop cars came in along with a long limo with open driver cab and the $ symbol on the doors came up.

"Arrest your self Mr. Kahn!" Scroodge said as he came out with FPD officers.

"On what grounds Mr. McDuck?" The tiger growled back.

"On the grounds that you and the City of Cape Suzette police have been illegally arresting innocent people and accusing of the Themebians when they have not been and throwing innocent people in Jail!" The Duck strongly responded.

"Furthermore the FPD have found that you have ran corrupt business practices for the last 30 years by embezzling, killing off rivals threw any means and not showing any blame by paying off local police, paying off the Mayor and Police to find you not responsible for all these crimes and lying to people. You, Mr. Khan, are a no good crook!"

"You have no evidence!"

"Yes we do," said the head of the FPD Harbart Hiver.

"NO!" Khan Yelled

"Arrest him and the police that work for him!" Hiver said

"All your assets have been confiscated and are now noel and void. Mr. McDuck said

"YOU CAN'T DO THIS. I'm SHERE KAHN! As he was being handcuffed by FPD and put into a federal police car.

"Tell it to a federal Judge Mr. Kahn."

All the officers that worked for Sher Kahn were also being arrested. Their police cars were being towed away. As this was happening Kirk was talking to ship to beam down Becky, Kit, Molly, and Sandy.

"Becky, Kit, Molly how I've missed you all." Baloo reached to give them a big hug.

"We missed you too Papa bear!"

Scroodge walked up to the Von Bruenwalds.

"Baloo all charges for you and your family have been dropped of being a Thembian or associating with any."

"Well Thank you Mr. McDuck."

"That's not all Baloo. I hereby am restoring Baloo's Higher for Hire shipping company and expanding it for you guys. You will now be having a truck service and two brand-new jet cargo airplanes to delver your goods all over the world." Scroodge smiled.

"Really Mr. McDuck you would do it for us?" Becky asked.

"And I have hired some employees to run local truck part and another pilot. All with the Label of Baloo's Hire for Higher" Scroodge continued.

"Thank you thank you so much Mr. McDuck!" Kit said.

"Your very Welcome!"

"Wow thank you Mr. McDuck. Baloo said as he shook McDuck up and down comically.

"Don't you do that!" McDuck said as he then Chuckled.

Everyone had one big laugh.

"Well then. Ill see you around Mr. and Mrs. Von Bruenwallde as Scroodge went back into his purple limo and drove off.

"Congratulations Baloo. Now can you Wildcat, and Louie please help my ship?"

"Sure thing Captain Kirk!" Baloo said.

"Kirk to enterprise!"

"Aye sir!" Transporter chief said

Five to beam up these coordinates. Kirk, Scotty, Baloo, Louie and Wildcat beamed back to the enterprise to fix the Warp drive.

24 Hours latter, the five of them came back with Lt. Callaway.

"Are you sure you want to stay with them Alicia?"

"Yes I would like to stay captain."

"I really hoped you change your mind. We learned a lot from your report." Kirk said

"No captain I would like to stay with Wildcat."

"Well then I cant hold you if this what you want."

"Thank you captain."

"Well I guess this is goodbye Captain Kirk" Baloo said.

"Thank you Baloo for helping me and my crew." He said as he shook Baloo's hand.

"Well goodbye Mr. Kirk" Sandy said.

"And thank you" Kit said.

"Thank you and good luck with your business."

"Well thank you Mr. Kirk for helping my family." Rebecca said.

"Don't forget me" Molly gave Kirk a hug and kiss on the cheek.

"I won't" as Kirk returned the gesture.

Kirk then separated.

"Kirk to enterprise One to beam up."

The gang of Higher waved goodbye as he beamed away.

Back on the ship.

"Full power restored" Jim Scotty said on the intercom at Kirks chair.

"Set course for home Mr. Sulu."

"Aye sir."

"Engage!" As that happened the Warp engines started up and took off.

A Month went by back at Baloo's Higher for Hire shipping company. Molly graduated High School and became Baloo's Navigator for him on some cargo routs. Kit and Sandy would fly the other cargo plane.

Baloo was at a Bar one day depressed as usual even though everything was fine. He couldn't stop thinking about his beloved Sea Duck. Louie had approached him.

"Hey man why so Glum?"

"It's nothing Louie Its just I miss my old baby."

"Don't worry about it cuzz I'm sure everything will turn out just fine and besides you cant live in depression forever it would kill you."

"Your right man."

"Now come on finish your beer and Louie will take you home."


As they were approaching Baloo's Higher for Higher Louie opened the door to reveal a Brand New restored Sea Duck.

"SURPRISE!" Everyone said (Happy birthday Wildcat said in the background) As Baloo lit up and before his eyes was brand new Sea Duck with shinny Yellow body and orange underbelly with brand new superlight 100's and Molly cleaning one of the engines.

"You guys did this for me?"

"Of Course Papa Bear why wouldn't we?"

"With all the money we have made with our expansion we saved enough money to find parts and build you a brand new one!" Becky cheerfully said.

"Sandy and I chipped in as well." Kit said.

"Thank you thank you so much guys. I love you all."

"We love you too Dad." Molly said.

They all got in as Baloo was surprised to see everything just as she remembered it.

Baloo felt around in happiness and turned to his family.

"Lets go for a ride!" Baloo said as he started up the engines to hear them purr.

"We have Orange Soda!" Kit said as he opened up a compartment full of bottles of orange soda.

"Alright" Molly said.

"Course heading Honey?" Rebecca asked.

"Second star to the right and straight on till morning." Baloo cheerfully said

The new Sea Duck taxied in the ocean as the sun highlighted the wings. Then took off at full speed and turned flew into the sunset.