Title: Winter Wonderland?
Author: DancingStar
Pairing: Connor/ Lindsay, Peter/ Claire
Rating: 12
Category: Mystery, Comedy
Summaries: The hunting for the Yeti has begun...
Comments: No Crossover, this time :-(

Winter Wonderland?

"Let's go!", Peter yelled and rammed a couple of skis into the ground. He and Claire spent their vacation in the snowy Rocky Mountains. Peter had come to this place because he loved skiing but on the other hand, he didn´t spend his vacation at home cause then there was a high risk Connor probably thought, he´d need his help for a case. So Peter was lucky he didn´t had to worry about his job but his brother asked him to take care about Barney, Peter´s nephew. The little boy had to come with him and Claire when Peter´s brother heard he planned a nice vacation in the Rocky Mountains. Finally, the little Barney had to learn how to ski.
Barney also looked up a huge mountain with big eyes. "We have to go down THIS mountain?", he nervously asked. Barney had never skied before. After all, there were not many hills at Bell Island, where his parents and his grandfather lived.
"No offense, Uncle Peter, but do you have lost your marbles?", Barney asked.
"This is a slight slope," Peter said and put on his goggles. Slowly he turned around his axis and considered the situation. "Great!", he said to himself: Today, not many people were on the slopes and therefore he was able to let off steam.
"I don´t do it! I am going back to the hotel and see what Claire is doing!", With these words Barney stamped and began to return to the hotel. He past some people, who were on their way to the lift, and walked the last meters to the Rocky Heights Hotel. The building looked like a castle and the entrance hall was decorated with beautiful, brown leather chairs which fit beautifully with the dark marble floor and the furniture.
In the room of his uncle and his girlfriend, Barney carefully peeled himself out of his snow suit and was looking for Claire. He thought it was strange he was allowed to come along with Peter and Claire, but he wasn´t allowed telling anyone about this trip. Peter had told him it was because he and Claire weren´t together for long and they still didn´t want to tell their friends about it.
"I'm back!", he exclaimed and Claire immediately came to meet him.
"Why are you so early?", she asked, "Didn´t you want to ski with your uncle?"
"Uncle Peter is as crazy as a jaybird. He wants to ski down the black slope."
"Why do I have the bad feeling," Claire began, "that Peter will spend the rest of his vacation in hospital?"

Meanwhile, Peter had reached the summit of the mountain and looked down the valley. "That´s a Trifle," he thought to himself, when he looked at the track and got ready to leave. He even watched as some people which were racing down the hill in front of him and then he started skiing. First, his skis slipped slowly through the snow but then they became faster and faster. Peter rushed past a group of large pine trees and suddenly he almost crashed against another person. "Hey," he man called completely surprised and continued on his way. But Peter got off course, ran between two trees and came to a halt in a clearing. There he realized that he was sinking in the snow. Then Peter called out for help and after a few minutes someone came along: it was a couple from Wisconsin, they introduced themselves as Jeff and Bridget Roycroft. "This happened to us, too," Bridget said amused when she saw Peter in the snow, "But don´t panic, you can be saved out there."
Bridget's husband, Jeff, however, doubted. "We better should get someone... If you don´t move, you can´t fall further."
Peter nodded and looked after his two rescuers until they were gone. It took five minutes... ten minutes... and nobody came. Bored, Peter looked around and suddenly discovered a tall figure with white fur behind a thick tree. "A polar bear," he first thought, but then it occurred to him here he wasn´t at the North Pole.
Grudgingly, the animal moved away and Peter saw a red stain in its fur. No doubt, it was blood. Where the mouth of the animal had to be, it carried a dead rabbit between the teeth. "What is this?", Peter asked quietly and the animal suddenly raised its head. The creature sniffed in the air, as if it would record a track. The blood in Peter´s veins froze in fear. He didn´t want to end up as dessert for a Yeti! The unknown thing crept slowly up to him and just before it reached him, Jeff and Bridget came back with a rescue squad. The creature hurried to leave.
"Are you hurt?", a paramedic asked while he got Peter out of the snow pit.
"Not really... Can you tell me if polar bears live up here?", he asked.
"Free-living polar bears? No. If you´d would ask me about Buffalo, I could understand but polar bears?" The paramedics almost sounded a bit amused. Finally he turned around to his colleagues. "I think we can leave! He´s fine."
Then the paramedics left. "I owe you something! May I invite you for a coffee?", Peter asked and Jeff nodded. Before they sat down in a café at the foot of the mountain, Peter went to a phone booth. He had to tell Connor immediately about the Yeti, which he had seen...

Next day, Connor drove the van to the hotel, which Peter had described on the phone. Even from the street he could see the small, brightly lit castle. "It´s beautiful," Lindsay said enthusiastically when she looked out of the window.
"Unfortunately, we aren´t here for vacation," with these words Connor took her back to earth.
"That´s certainly a very cozy place," he then said when he noticed her disappointed look and looked back on the snow-covered road, "If we´re done, it won´t hurt us if we stay a little longer."
"That sounds very good," Lindsay replied. They already reached the parking lot of the hotel, stopped the car and they got out. With a couple of skis under their arms Peter, Claire and Barney came to them.
"We are pleased you´re finally here!", Claire yelled and pulled her jacket tight, when a cold gust of wind blew around them.
"We didn´t know you are here, too, Claire," Lindsay said surprised.
"They told me I have to keep this in private," the little boy next to Claire told, "Not even my mom and my dad...", he wanted to go on, as Claire quickly covered his mouth with her hand.
"Where did you see the Yeti?", Connor asked and looked at Peter. Peter turned around and pointed to a high mountain, whose summit had already disappeared behind a thick cloud. "Up there," he said, "I have seen him or her yesterday there above."
Lindsay shuddered at the thought of standing up there and looking down the valley.
"We leave immediately... Lindsay, you're coming with us", Connor suddenly said.
"No. I can´t even ski, "Lindsay disagreed and Connor looked at her in amazement.
"What do you mean, you can´t?", he asked incredulously.
"I've never learned skiing when I was a child... It´s a silly rumor that every Canadian is good at skiing or ice-skating."
"Connor, it´s alright," Peter wasn´t in the mood for a dispute, "Then, Connor and I´ll go without you," Peter finally defused the situation and struck against Connors shoulder, so hard that he even lost his sunglasses.
Connor looked at him doubtfully and of course Peter had noticed. "That won´t be that hard! Hunting a Yeti is fun... Come with me to my suite, I show you the gun I've bought for hunting, "he said, left and Connor and Lindsay thought they had misheard.
"Gun?", she repeated and Claire nodded.
"He bought the gun a few hours ago, I couldn´t stop him at all," she said.
"And he wants to kill the animal which lives up there in the mountains?"
"He said he´d stuff it and put it into his living room."
"I don´t want to be there when they shoot... whatever it is."
"Me neither... I'll help you with the luggage, "said Claire and together they loaded the suitcases out of the car.

"What do you think?", Peter wanted to know from Connor, after he handed him the gun.
"Impressive," he replied and let himself fall into a brown leather armchair with ears. "What will you do if the animal is a Sasquach?", Connor asked.
"What´s a Sasquach?"
"Another name for Big Foot. As far as I know a Yeti only lives in the Himalaya."
"We should leave." Now, Peter wasn´t in the mood for getting corrected.
Connor got up and both left the room. Peter had put his gun as a precaution in a bag. First, they put on their skis and before Connor could ask anything, how much time they´d need, Peter waddled to the lift like a duck.
"Be careful," a worried voice suddenly said to Connor. He looked up and saw Lindsay, who had come to say goodbye to him.
"Don´t worry about us. We... ", He stopped talking when Lindsay came one step closer and hugged him. He just hoped that Peter didn´t see it, but he and Claire had a secret, too.
"I know you´re old enough to take care of yourself. But you don´t have to prove how brave you are."
"That's okay," he smiled and patted her cheek once.
Peter sat by now in the lift and went up the mountain. "Connor, where are you?", he exclaimed impatiently in the lift, looking down to them. "I have to go," Connor said, before he walked the lift. Lindsay went back to the hotel and sat there in the entrance hall. "Do you want to wait around here for Peter and Connor?", Claire and Peter's nephew Barney simultaneously asked.
Lindsay smiled a little bit tired. "Yes, they won´t stay away for long."
"What about shopping?," Claire suggested, "It won´t help you, if you stare at the walls."
"Okay," Lindsay agreed. A little distraction was exactly what she needed.

Much later, Connor and Peter walked through the snow on their skis side by side. Peter wanted to show his colleagues the place where he had seen the Yeti for the first time. Finally they reached the pit, took off the skis and Connor began to check the area.
"There are traces of blood," he said softly. If the Yeti was still here, he didn´t want to wake or lure it in any case.
"Can you see footprints?", Peter asked.
"Yes, and they are huge! We should pour them out and send it to the Mobile Lab."
"I was hoping you´d say that and have already brought something," Peter replied, pulling a plaster cast and a package from his backpack. The gun slipped out and fell into the snow in front of Connor. "You also took the gun with you..."
"Safety comes first."
Before Connor could start discussing this, Peter had everything ready for the sink and had the impression immortalized in plaster. "These impressions are huge. This is something I've never seen... They must be greater than the foot of a gorilla", Peter thought with an agitated tone in his voice.
"If Cooper looks at the prints he can calculate how heavy the animal is. If it isn´t a bear...", Connor said and stopped when Peter suddenly straightened. He had heard someone or something stepping on a branch. Frantically he looked around and looked for the white, furry animal. Connor also looked around and when he couldn´t see anything, he packed the now hardened plaster cast in Peter's backpack.
"It was only a rabbit, I´m sure," Connor calmed him.
"Yes, you´re right," Peter said and put on his skis again.
At that moment, someone stepped on a bigger branch again, which broke under the weight of the figure without resistance.
"Two rabbits?", Peter asked, but this time Connor shook his head.
Peter stooped and lifted his rifle from the ground. Trembling, he held it in front of his body and looked through the scope. Just at that moment a large, furry shape came around the tree and made a huge step forward. Peter once pulled the trigger, but the bullet only found the tree.
"Peter," Connor exclaimed, holding a thick branch in his hands and as if that wasn´t enough, the Yeti suddenly began to cry and to waved its arms wildly.
"Hands up!", Peter shouted, still trembling in fear and the Yeti who had the gun in its face, stretched its arms in the air.
"Do... Do... Don´t shoot, please! I'm just on the way to a mountain station", the Yeti said.
"You are human?", Connor said.
The figure drew a white fur hat from its head and twisted it in its hands.
"Of course I'm human! My husband had an accident on the slope and now I'm running through the forest in order to be faster at a mountain station and get some help", the blond-haired woman said and she was still nervous. Only then Peter put the gun back into his backpack.
"It´s dangerous to walk through the woods by yourself," he grumbled.
"Who do you tell that?," the woman sneered, "Do you have a hunting license?"
"We don´t need! We are with the OSIR", Peter grumbled back.
"Peter, that's enough now! Well, we´ll get help. Meanwhile you can return to your husband. Please tell us, where exactly he is", Connor said, pointing to the direction from which the woman had come. Then he put on the skis and left with Peter.
"She was scaring me a lot," Peter admitted, shortly before they reached the mountain station. Connor only muttered something to himself. Then they reached the mountain station and informed paramedics about the accident.

"Hi! How was your search for Yeti?", Lindsay asked late in the evening and quickly got up from the chair. Outside it was already dark and although Connor was back since almost two hours, he had talked to Cooper and convinced him to examine the prints today. He had sent the plaster imitations by express mail service.
Connor took off his jacket and smiled. "Peter nearly killed a passer-by, because she was wearing a white fur jacket and cross-walked through the woods. But now he is even more motivated to get the Yeti", he said.
"Are you hungry? Claire, Barney and I got something from the room service." Lindsay entered the small kitchen of the suite and took a plate from the cabinet. Officially they didn´t share a room but that wouldn´t deter Lindsay to sneak to her boyfriend when she missed him too much. This place was perfect for a romantic vacation and she was sorry she hadn´t had the idea. They still had a few days vacation….
"No, I'm not hungry," Connor said, "Is everything alright?" Connor noticed the change in her voice immediately.
"It's alright," she promised him, but when she said everything was fine, that wasn´t true, Connor thought. "I'm sorry, too, we don´t spend much time with each other," he admitted, "That's why I have a surprise for you."
"What do you mean?", Lindsay was confused when he took her hand and gave her a jacket.
They took the elevator to the first floor, left the hotel which looked like a small castle and walked to the garden together. "Where are we going?", Lindsay asked and her question was answered, when they stood in front of a small pond, where the water was frozen. "What do you think of ice skating?", Connor wanted to know, "I still have some skates and we both can spend a little time undisturbed." He took her hands and pulled her with him on the ice.
"Connor, you know, I can´t ice skating," Lindsay said, "This is a beautiful place and you should spend a little more time with me... But not this way."
"I know," Connor said and at that moment he thought she probably wouldn´t bear this any longer, if he didn´t care better about her.
"I promise we´ll spent time together from tomorrow on…. After I could dissuade Peter, not to hunt the Yeti... Obviously, the Yeti doesn´t exist." He pulled her closer and she wrapped her arms around him gratefully.
"It's very beautiful here," she murmured.
"Yes, it's a really nice hotel."
"I didn´t mean the hotel," Lindsay smiled, who clung to him and finally kissed him wistfully.

"Remind me that I´ll never ask in which direction we should go," Connor complained the next day. About an hour, Connor and Peter got lost in the woods and because they thought they would be faster at the mountain station without their snowmobile, they left it.
"You asked me for my opinion," Peter looked up at the sky again. The sky was clear, but the air was freezing. "Do you have any idea where we are?", Peter asked, trying not to sound annoyed. Connor took a map out of his backpack and looked at him.
"Not really, but up to the next mountain station, it´s not far," he said.
"We should have a break," Peter suggested, "Do you have food?"
Connor paused and checked his backpack. "I picked up some sandwiches at the hotel," he said, and handed Peter a sandwich. Meanwhile it was lunchtime and they began to wonder how long they still had to walk until they finally arrived at the mountain station. "But it´s possible we´re completely wrong," Peter answered the question.
"I don´t think so... Let's move on?"
They ate their sandwiches on the run. Peter tried to commit the area to his memory when they passed a few small trees.
Suddenly they heard a low rumble and went faster. Peter got ahead of Connor, but suddenly he stopped. "This can´t be true!", he cried. The snowmobile of their hotel was standing in front of them. They had moved in a circle all the time!

After lunch, there had been fresh lobster at the hotel restaurant, Peter and Connor were still out, although they had promised to Lindsay and Claire. So Lindsay met Claire and Barney near the slopes. Lindsay was in a deck chair and enjoyed her skiing- free time, Claire sat in a chair next to her and helped Barney when he put on the skis.
"Are you sure you don´t want to come with me?", Barney finally asked.
"I'm pretty sure," Claire smiled, "I'm very proud of you, you want to learn how to ski."
"I only learn how to ski so I can ski with Uncle Peter," Barney replied. He disappeared into the next lift.
"You´re really good with kids," Lindsay said, when the boy was gone, "Is there something we should know?"
"No, nothing," Claire said.
At the top of the beginner slopes, Barney crouched down and probably wasn´t thinking about it when suddenly his skis were moving by itself.
"Barney!", Claire shouted after him shocked when she noticed how Peter's nephew drove off and had lost control of his skis. The boy was sitting in the snow with his butt but the planks under his feet didn´t slow down.
Screaming, he drove past a group of deck chairs, which stood at the edge of the slope. It was exactly the group where Lindsay and Claire had been sitting. Lindsay took off her dark sunglasses. "Hey Claire, am I wrong or is Peter's nephew…?", she asked uncertainly.
"I know! I know!", she said indignantly, and followed the boy. Barney came closer and closer to the end of the slope and still wasn´t able to brake. He screamed even louder when he suddenly saw a road ahead. With crashing boards, he crossed the street and landed in a huge pile of snow. Finally, the ride into hell was over. Barney's head appeared a few seconds after the landing in the pile and there he saw the black car that passed this road just shortly after him. If he had arrived a few seconds later, this trip would have taken a bad end.
He decided not to tell his uncle and girlfriend about this car, but when Claire came across the street and scolded him, he knew she had seen it.
"All I wanted was just that I can ski with Uncle Peter this evening," he defended himself and Claire snatched a ski pole from his hand.
"If your crazy uncle is jumping off the cliff, do you join him?", Claire asked him and together they went back to the slopes.

"This time we go to the right," Connor said and walked with giant strides toward a crossroad, where they had walked to the left a few hours ago. They had left the snowmobile behind them and continued trying to come to the mountain station. Connor turned to the right and followed the path. The forest was as dark as in the night.
They were still walking and because Connors swatch was broke, they didn´t know what time it was. "Where's the Map?", Peter asked.
"Let´s stop hunting the Yeti," Connor suddenly said and stopped. Peter also stopped and watched him surprised. "Why?", he asked.
"Because..." Crap! Connor now had to figure out a good reason. "Because I'm cold and because I still got aching muscles," he said. In addition, he was dead tired.
"This can´t be true," Peter complained, "You´re chicken out again!"
"Chicken out? Me? No, I don´t. But unlike you, I know when a case is hopeless."
"Hey, maybe I find the Yeti, get rich and famous but then just don´t come to me and…"
Once again, Connor grabbed for the map. He gave up, but this time it was already too dark to read. "Can´t see anything... But we are certainly on the right track."
"You said that three hours ago... By the way I got a flash…, "began Peter and wanted to say he´d got a flashlight, but Connor raised his arms annoyed.
"Are you sure you kept the map right side up?", Peter asked.
"Of course!", Connor replied without looking up from the map.
"We must hurry," Connor said again. He continued his way through the darkness and now he was running, powered by the hope they´d reach the mountain station soon and they walked on a path that was surrounded with snow trenches on both sides. Now Connor remembered once again the humming noise, which they had heard a few hours ago. He wondered if it was perhaps only caused by the snow or if the thin mountain air caused hallucinations. Last, was very unlikely, so the snow was to blame. But suddenly he heard a loud, powerful roar and it sounded very angry. Connor turned around. "Peter," he cried, and knew how pale he suddenly was, "Hurry up at last! The mountain station isn´t far away."
"I'm glad to hear!"
"Well," Connor exclaimed, turned around and wanted to go further. Actually, the map told this path should be a safe trail. Connor stepped forward and heard a sound, which was caused when the ground began sinking.
"I think we got a problem," he said when he realized that he really sank in the cold ground. "I get stuck." He tried to escape with a quick motion or grabbing for a tree root and suddenly he stuck in snow up to his waist.
"Don´t move," Peter said who was not sinking in snow. Peter was looking for an object with which he was able to get Connor out of the snow and finally he found a large branch.
"Okay... Take this!"
He stretched out the branch to Connor and he grabbed it. "The snow is pretty cold," Connor complained and pulled the branch. Peter stood at the edge of the snowfield and rowed his arms wildly.
"Stop pulling! You..." But too late! The sentence was hardly finished and he also lost his balance and landed in the snow. "... You´re pulling me in, too," Peter finished the sentence now and looked down at himself again. He was covered all over with cold snow and got stuck as well. "And what do we do now?", Connor asked.
"No idea," Peter admitted. Connor tried to escape the snow, but it was useless. Instead of freeing himself, he fell ever further.
"This is really great ... I've always hoped I'd die at home in my bed surrounded by my family, instead I have to bite the dust here in the snow, " Peter complained and looked around. There was really no way to escape.

"Peter?", Connor asked a few hours later with a nervous tone in his voice," Are you still there?"
"Hmmmm", Peter only answered. Of course he was mad because they both stuck up to their necks in the snow and now he was sinking so far that he could barely open his mouth without eating snow.
"I just want to apologize, if we should die here," Connor quickly said.
"Hmmmmm", Peter replied again. Connor took a break until he couldn´t bear the hysterical screams of the eagles.
"I just wanted to have the map so we could return to the hotel as fast as possible. That was pretty stupid, I guess..." Connor closed his eyes. Then he heard a low rumble and now he was alarmed again. "Peter," he warned his friend, "It's back!"
But Peter wasn´t talking anymore. Connor kicked his legs and started one last attempt to get free, but this didn´t work. Next moment, a ray of light glided over their heads. "We're here!", Connor roared with sore throat. And actually, the light beams suddenly stopped and a few seconds later, two men in police clothes appeared in the forest.
"Is the snow vehicle from the Rocky Heights Hotel yours?", one man asked.
"That's his snow mobile!", Connor said, pointing at Peter, who was barely visible in the snow. One of the two police officers quickly took a special rescue unit from his car and pulled Peter to the shore of the snowfield. When he was safe, the policeman took care of Connor.
"Are you all right?", asked a police officer and Peter nodded. "I could need a warm blanket," he admitted, looking down at himself again. Connor was still standing at the edge of the snowfield and was breathing hard. "How did you find us?", he asked.
"We found the snowmobile and then searched the area... We go to the hospital. You come with us?" the policeman replied.
"That won´t be necessary, thank you."
The police men took them to the black slope, from where they should be able to reach the mountain station easily. Then they left Peter and Connor alone.
"Did Cooper already call you?", Peter asked, while they were walking through the snow. It had snowed overnight and now of course it was difficult to shut down the black slope. "I wish there was another way to the mountain station," Peter muttered, but he was interrupted by a scream. Connor and Peter immediately fought all the way back to see where the scream came from. With a powerful jump Peter dived across a small hill and slid down on the other side. There was the cry again and now Peter realized it was a woman. And then he stopped. "What?", Connor wanted to know. He first had to push the cap out of his face until he could see something.
"There is a white, huge beast! And it threatens a woman... It has huge crawls!", Peter yelled.
"What if this is a human in a fur coat again?"
"No," said Peter then, panic in his voice. He had pulled a pair of binoculars from his jacket pocket and held it to his eyes, "This is a huge Yeti!"
Now Peter grabbed his gun and also looked through the visor. The woman screamed and before the big monster finally pushed her to the ground and threw itself over her, Peter pulled the trigger, the Yeti let her go and glared in their direction...

By late afternoon, Connor and Peter still hadn´t returned. Claire was worried about Peter, hoping he was fine. She sat next to the window and stared out onto the slopes. They could now be happy with all the happy skiers here. Barney had been recovered from the shock and built a big igloo, which collapsed into itself again and again, next to the slope.
Claire leaned her forehead against the window and still looked out. "Peter, where are you now?", she asked herself.
Lindsay also was worried about Connor. She sat on the sofa. Suddenly the phone rang, she ran quickly to the table and answered. The worst would be like if a paramedic wanted to talk to her and told her that Connor had a terrible accident and he would not have survived.
Wearily, she brushed back a strand of hair and breathed out reliefed when she heard Cooper's voice: "Good day. Connor happens to be there?", he asked. He seemed to have guessed, how worried she was.
"No, he´s…. He´s not here. Can I give him a message?"
"Could you tell him that I examined the plaster cast? Please also tell him there must be a figure who is up to 1300 pounds. It´s an unknown entity, because not even in the jungles there are humanoid animals with that weight and polar bears won´t be available in the Rockies, hm?", his last words sounded almost like a joke. He wanted to cheer Lindsay up.
"Thanks for calling," she said goodbye and hung up in a feeble voice. At this moment, Connor came in. "There you are!" Lindsay yelled, rushed to him and hugged him, "I was afraid you´re lost up there."
"No, I'm fine," he whispered. Lindsay smiled happily. From the corner of her eye she noticed how Peter wrapped his arms around Claire.
"Come on, there´s something you heed to see," he said finally and together they walked down the hall and a few minutes later the left the hotel. There was a paramedic squad, including a group of policemen and a Ranger.
"What do you think?", he wanted to know, when they passed the dead body of the Yeti. "Unbelievable," Lindsay whispered, "How did you ...?"
"It attacked a skier. Peter had to shoot it. The Yeti also nearly attacked us", he softly told and went with Peter, Claire and her to the sacrifice of the Yeti.
"Are you alright?", Lindsay wanted to know concerned and a young woman nodded.
"Now I´m fine, yes," she said, wrapped herself in the blanket she got by the paramedics. Connor put his arm around Lindsay and went with her to Claire, who stood a little aloof.
"What will happen to the Yeti now?", Lindsay asked.
"I don´t know but certainly the Rangers gonna stuff it and bring it to a museum...", Connor replied. The ranger called him and said: "I don´t want to disappoint you, but your Yeti is a female. And to judge by the milk glands in the abdomen, somewhere out there, there must be a small, second Yeti..."

"And now?", Lindsay asked in the evening. Connor had persuaded her to come ice skating and they were alone on the pond, the ice glittered mysteriously in the moonlight. "Will you and Peter continue searching after the yeti?"
"I don´t know," Connor answered honestly and when he spun around, he grabbed her hand. "Connor," she exclaimed in horror, "I can´t...!"
"You can."
"Just because we come from Canada, it doesn´t mean we are perfect skater. This is a strange prejudice, "she laughed, and at that moment she realized Claire and Peter also came to the pond in the garden of the hotel. Lindsay was so distracted she nearly fell when she wouldn´t have stuck to Connor.
"May we keep you company?", Peter asked and he didn´t wait for a response.
"Only if you answer a question," Lindsay said, "Are you Claire and a couple or not?"
"We are and now you tell us if you and Connor are secretly a couple, too!", Claire said.
"Oh, the answer is too obvious," Lindsay laughed Connor and hugged her.
"Really? I don´t think so", Claire was shocked when they skated away and left her alone, "Hey! Wait for me! You owe me an answer…! Connor! Lindsay, I´m talking to YOU….!"