There's been a lot for our happy newlyweds to cram in before the start of school, but the day to say goodbye to Forks... at least for awhile, has finally come.

You want love,

we'll make it

Swim in the deep sea

of blankets

Take all your big plans

and break'em

This is bound to be a while

Your body is a Wonderland…

Beneath her warm naked body as she slept sprawled on top of me, the song had played on a loop in my head all night, a pleasing backdrop as I planned my itinerary for the coming day.

Flat on my back and breathing quietly with my eyes closed, anyone who didn't know better would assume I was asleep. I was completely relaxed — a state I did not often find myself — left hand resting on the spot where my wife had just been, absorbing the last of her warmth.

My wife… I felt the corners of my lips automatically curl upward. Would I ever grow used to those two words… lose the rush of pleasure it gave me every time I thought or said them?

I sincerely doubt it.

It was Saturday, September 12th, almost a month since our wedding, two weeks since I...

What… succumbed? …surrendered?

No, freed myself, trusted her faith in me… in us.

We had made love almost every day since... often several times a day, I reminisced smiling. Though my fear of hurting her was never out of my mind, confidence that I could keep us safe it seemed had done nothing but fuel my desire for her. If only she would be more careful...

Oh, who am I kidding? I chuckled under my breath. I worship her lust, thrill to the fact that she hungers for me... driving my need with her own.

It had become difficult to accomplish anything when she was near me. All I wanted was to be inside of her... all day... everyday...

Your body is a Wonderland…

I sighed happily and forced my seventeen year old mind to focus. At least I had behaved myself last night. Granted, she had dozed off on the run home, barely stirring as I put her to bed and slipped in beside her. It had been late when we left the big house, after three when I practically dragged her out the door while she fought her eyes to stay open. I understood her reluctance to leave. It would be our last evening with our family before we took off. But she needed her rest, whether she liked it or not.

Fortunately, my wife had slept soundly in my arms all night, exhaustion from the hectic week finally taking its toll and keeping her down for a full eight hours. Even in her dreams of the last few nights she worried, mumbling about packing and books and failing classes she had yet attended.

Your body is a Wonderland…

The sun was high up in the sky, peeking through the trees and scattering bits of heat across our bed from the skylight above. I was too happy a man this morning to be brought down by what it meant.

There was no use complaining, I reminded myself, and not a lot of reason to if I was being honest. I did my best to give a positive perspective to the fact that I was trapped here, hiding in the woods, and unable to go with her to say goodbye to her father. Although our flight didn't leave Seattle until evening, I did have full list of things to do.

For one, I needed to hunt. Recycled plane air full of its concentrated human scent is always uncomfortable. I also needed to finish closing up the house, getting what remained of her food tossed and the furniture covered. And then there was my special plans for dinner...

Your body is a Wonderland…

She had been out of our bed and in the bathroom now for almost eight minutes, taking care of her "human necessities" as it were. The faucet shut off in the sink and I listened as her toothbrush went into her small travel bag.

I should be dressed by now, in the kitchen making her breakfast. I knew what happened when she beat me in there… Pop Tarts, Captain Crunch, or some other junk food.

However, I could not bring myself to move, to get up off the mattress and put my clothes on. I felt no desire what so ever to remove myself from our bed. Instead, I lingered, breathing in the smell of her that saturated the sheets. Of course, I was pleased that she had agreed to a year at Dartmouth. Nevertheless, it would be months before we would share this place again, to have this much time together alone. I had not nearly had my fill.

So much had changed in a single month.

I sighed again, reflecting on the fact that I was a bit too reflective sometimes.

The creak of the bathroom door and sound of her footfalls in the little narrow hallway announced her return to me.

"Hey, sleepy head," I heard the smile in her voice. "Have you changed you mind about going to college?"

I opened my eyes to her pulling a deep blue tee shirt over a highly attractive pink bra and panties and rolled lazily on to my side.

"Possibly," I mumbled, faking a yawn and a stretch "I've always wanted to try my hand at ditch digging."

"Up and at 'em, Mr. Cullen." She ordered playfully, drawing her long brown hair up into a ponytail. "Orientation is in two days and we are not even on the right side of the continent."

She yanked back the blankets and bent over our bed to give me a quick peck on the forehead. An innocent kiss... sweet... chaste... not at all what I was looking for.

"Edward!" She gasped and giggled around my lips as I took hold of her, pulling her on to the mattress and pinning her beneath me. "We're gonna get behind."

"Nonsense." I murmured in her ear, my fingers already making their way under her shirt.

She struggled beneath my grasped. Reluctantly I gave up, dragging my face back to see a very business like expression on hers.

"It's bad enough that you let me sleep half the day away."

"Half the day…" I scoffed, rolling my eyes.

Her expression did not change.

"All right, all right…" I whined. She laughed as I pouted and climbed off her, finally removing myself from our bed and went to get my clothes.

She immediately got up too and began to strip the sheets from the mattress. "Did you call about the car?" She asked, her voice souring on the last syllable.

"Yes, Jasper is going to drop the Mercedes off to the dealer in Seattle at the end of the month." I paused for a second, then continued on for my own amusement, "We can still ship it east… if you would prefer."

A highly impressive growl came for the other side of the bed. She picked up a pillow and chucked it at me, her aim so off that I had to take a large step to the left to ensure it would hit me in the head.

"Ah, Mrs. Cullen, you never fail to entertain."

I bit back a laugh as she growled again.

I leaned against the dresser and began to put on my underwear. "Can I make you some breakfast? There's a couple of eggs still in the refrigerator… blueberry bagels too."

Silence greeted my question.

"You might as well finish them up." I tried again in a second effort, pulling up my jeans. "No sense in wasting them."

Still, no reply.


"Um… Huh?"

Hmm… distracted, worrying again no doubt.

"I asked about breakfast." I reiterated, shaking my head. And people say I have a problem.

I turned and looked back across the room as I zipped my fly. She was holding a pillowcase limp in her hand, her mouth hanging slightly open. Her eyes shifted upward from my crotch and met mine. True, she did indeed stare at me hungrily, however it was clear that food was nowhere on her mind.

The pillowcase fluttered to the floor. I smiled, rather pleased with this turn of events.

She did not smile back, instead licking her pink lips she began to walk slowly around the bed toward me, removing her shirt as she went. The pain and the pleasure of her smell intensified as she drew closer and a low growl escaped from my chest as I exhaled the deep burning breath. She unhooked the front clasp of her pink bra.

The stone shaft between my hips twitched. I took a couple steps closer to her, the heat from her warm body reaching out like a siren's call, billowing out to my bare chest.

"Don't move, Mr. Cullen." She said, putting her index finger to my nose. A sly look came to her face and she slid the straps of her bra off her shoulders and down her arms. My eyes followed the pink satin and lace as it fell to the floor at my feet.

She began to circle around behind my back and my head automatically turned to see what she was doing.

"I said don't move." She purred seductively.

My eyes darkened slightly as my erection grew more pronounced. She needn't ask again. I turned to stone as her nails raked down my naked back before smacking the pocket of my jeans, and I beat back the urge to grab her hard and just... just...

I hissed in frustration.

She seemed to enjoy the sound, giggling while her lips met my shoulder blade, then my back, fingers having tucked themselves just inside the waistband of my jeans, sliding around to the front and popping the button.

"You promise to get us to the airport on time?" She pulled down my fly and my jeans dropped to my ankles.

"Even if I have to run people off the road."

"Then I suppose..."

I swallowed hard and my stomached tightened in anticipation as she made a second pass around me. Her mouth circled my shoulders again, her soft fingers traced the shape of my torso, slithering across the muscles of my hips while she lowered my boxer briefs as far as she could reach. My breathing became labored and I struggled to maintain calm as the rougher texture of her nipples brushed against me when she arrived at my chest again. Then, as if she desired nothing more than to completely unhinge me, she got down on her knees and pushed the rest if the cotton fabric to the floor.

I staggered back into the wall, reaching out to the tall dresser beside me to hold me in check. She snickered gratified, dropping down on her hands to crawl toward me, pressing her hot cheek against my calf and rubbing it like a cat. She lifted her body higher, nails scraping down the backs of my thighs while her lips and tongue kissed and licked their way up to my hip joint.

Warm moist breath blew over my naked pelvis, a pleasure that was downright maddening. With her mouth so close, I hissed again, stiffening and becoming tense.

"I won't." she lamented against my granite flesh, answering my silent plea for restraint. It was an unspoken agreement. There was just too much risk involved in me inside her mouth.

I was so jealous of her aggression. I wanted more than anything to throw her to the floor and… for lack of better words… fuck both our brains out. Yes it was a crude epithet, but it was how I felt some days. It was so unfair that I could not give her more.

But it seemed impossible for her to leave either of us wanting. With one hand, she fondled me and stroked me, looking up from under her dark lashes, and smiling sheepishly. With the other, she fetched the wrist at my side, kissing my palm before drawing two fingers into her mouth, moaning as she began to slide them in and out.

I could not stand it any longer. I wretched my hand from her grasp, taking her about her waist and hoisting her onto the high dresser beside me.

"Edward!" she cried out, eyes wide as saucers.

"Surely you don't think I'd let you fall, Love." I snickered devilishly, kissing the inside of her thigh and kicking my clothes behind me.

Her heart which had heretofore drummed loud but steady, spluttered wildly when I threw her legs over my shoulders. She fell back on to her hands crying out again as I tore off her panties, pulling her part way off the dresser and to my waiting mouth.

She clung on to the dresser for dear life as I began to play. But I was confident, the last fourteen days had taught me how to please her, to... as she begged me once... make her forget her own name. She shuddered as I blew my cool breath across the dark hair, but I knew it wasn't from the chill. Yes, I thought with pride. I could smell her wetness. My tongue surged forth to sop up the nectar from the throbbing folds of her luscious pink flesh.

In no time, I could feel her body let go of the fear of her tenuous perch. Under my ministrations, she soon began to grind against me, oblivious to her locale. Her pulse banged at my temples. Her internal flame flushed her milk white thighs, blasting my face, my shoulders and my hands. This had become my favorite game. Controlling my own desire, stringing it out, getting her close, then backing away. She whimpered needy, clutching my hair and squirming in my arms that wrapped around her legs trying to get my tongue where she desired it most.

"Please Edward, please." She begged, panting and desperate.

I succumbed to her entreats, my fingers making their way to the small round mounds of her breasts while my tongue began rubbing slowly back and forth against the drawn up bud. She thrust her hips against my mouth and with my building sped and tempo, perspiration began to bead everywhere on her body. The heat and her moans urged me on and I upped my pace until my tongue vibrated furiously against her.

"Oh... Oh..." Her back arched.

Yes! I thought thrilled and gently tugged her nipples.

" Oh… Ohh… Ohhh... OH! OH! OH!.

Her damp thighs clamped against my ears. She was nearly hyperventilating when she climaxed, convulsing and jerking on top of the dresser as her orgasm throbbed out of her and down my waiting throat.

"That's a good start." I murmured against the flushed skin.


I fought for sanity as Edward pulled me from my perch nearly shoulder high to him, and carried me to our stripped bed. He kissed me lightly and laid me down carefully on the mattress.

But I had no desire for gentility. Before he could climb on, I scampered quickly on to my knees, my hand going straight to his testicles as my lips fell on his neck.

"Yes, it was a good start." I agreed, sucking on his earlobe, dredging a low throaty snarl from his chest while my fingers took his rock hard shaft in hand and squeezed. "But from what I can tell, we are not nearly finished."

Surprise from his speed took my breath away and set my heart racing. Instantly, I was on my back and he was on top of me, his erection pressed firmly against the outside of of my womb.

Fire blazed in the dark eyes that were inches above my own. My hands were above my head, restrained in his. He was panting hard and my watering mouth opened hoping to taste his smell.

His eyes closed and his face moved to the side of my head, nose skimming the inside of my arm while he modulated his breath.

"I promise to behave." I lied, wrapping my legs around his waist, my body already starting to plead him for more.

"It's okay." He assured, releasing my hands and began to trace my lips with his tongue. "I'm alright."

Edward's kisses started off gentle and and sweet. I wanted more but I resisted with all I had not to make it any harder for him, leaving my wrists above my head where he had abandoned them. He pulled his head back, staring at me through narrowed eyes.

His mouth rejoined mine harder than I expected as his hips began to rock against my pelvis, teasing the new and growing ache between my thighs. I could not stop my hands from digging into his bronze hair and I felt one of his own come off the bed and once more wrap itself around my breast. Our lips moved together only briefly before mine were parting, inhaling his tongue in to my ravenous mouth.

A shiver ripped through Edward on top of me, but he did not pull away. My head was soon spinning from the flavor ...and the lack of oxygen. I could not bring myself to part from his sweet taste and the salty added flavor that I easily identified.

My mouth chased Edward's as he lifted his face higher, finally breaking from mine.

"You need to breathe Love." He whispered amused as my head fell back down into the mattress.

"I can taste me…" I gasped in broken phrases as he kissed my chin, "…on you you…" and flushed embarrassed for the pulsating pleasure the words conjured between my hips.

He turned his mouth from my face and began to run his nose across my collarbone "Is that a good thing?"

"Oh God yes…" I blurted out before I could stop and I felt my face redden further.

My husband chuckled, clearly delighted, his fingers on my breast sliding lower.

He was well aware of how much I enjoyed them playing inside me, but I caught his hand up in my own, bringing it up to my mouth to kiss the knuckles. Not that I didn't want them in me, but I could feel him so hard and rigid pressed against me, clearly in need himself.

"Roll us over, Edward."

He brought his mouth back to mine as we changed positions, pulling out the scrunchie that hung crooked on the side of my head, my long hair cascading out and around his face. I reached down between us and it was my own fingers that parted my swollen folds. I lifted up on my spread knees and hovered over his glorious body, bobbing on just the tip of his shaft, before tearing my unhappy mouth from his to sit up and settle fully on to him. Edward growled and thrust up from below, nearly throwing me off.

"Yes…" I moaned finally fill, sending another spam rocking through him.

I set the pace for us, slow and satisfying, savoring the angel... no, the man inside me. Edward's hands slid to my waist, his hips rocked up to meet me, less aggressive than his first thrust, but no less gratifying. My hair, damp and sticky with sweat stuck to my skin as my straining legs pumped faster and faster.

My pace quickening with my need for release. I could feel myself growing close and I leaned back, my hands bracing against his knees.


It felt as if the whole house was shaking as my orgasm ignited once more, and I screamed out his name.

The snarl of some primal animal erupted from below me and the next thing I registered was that I back down on the bed my head almost off the mattress. Edward was on top of me and still inside me, his hands above my shoulders gripping the edge of the bed.

One thrust, two thrusts, three thrusts, four…

The house shook again and the mattress turned to rubble in his fists as his head snapped back, his roar filling the room.

Gasping for air, Edward rested his forehead against mine briefly before he pull out of me, rolling over and tucking my body against his side. He mumbled something I couldn't make out, then smiling, kissed me on the lips.

"I'll have Esme get us another mattress while we're away."

I looked up at him horrified. "Don't you dare!" I cried out, my flushed skin becoming darker.

He laughed, still breathless and hugged me tight, his eyes glancing over at the damaged section of the mattress.

"Well then, where are you going to sleep when we come home for Christmas? We already took the old bed from my room and had it shipped east."

"I don't know. I don't care." I thought for a moment. "Ask Alice to do it at least. Esme is my mother-in law for crying out loud."

He laughed again, then we both laid still, recovering from our late morning exercise.

"Are you ready to get something to eat?" he asked after a few minutes.

"Just give me another second or two." I replied, absently stroking the thin dark strip of hair just below his navel, thinking about the fact that it would be at least another twelve to eighteen hours before I could play in it again.

Edward snatched up my fingers and brought them to his lips, kissing my wedding band.

"If you continue to do that Mrs. Cullen, I will take back my promise to get us to the airport on time."

My leg curled around his hip as I inhaled the intoxicating aroma coming from his chest.

"What are we going to do when we have to spend all day with our clothes on?"

"I don't have the foggiest, Love…"

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