I opened my eyes to what I thought was the bright light of a sunny morning and inhaled a deep breath of the man laying next to me.

"Edward, did you know you have a couple really light freckles on your shoulder?"

"Go back to sleep, Love." His velvet voice whispered gently, slightly amused.

I felt a little disoriented as I struggled a moment to recognize the room we were in. Ah, yes... our new house. Wearing yesterdays clothes, I yawned and stretched inside his reassuring embrace deciding I must have conked out on the ride here. Yet gazing out the window of my new bedroom, things felt oddly familiar. Of course, I was sleeping in my usual spot tucked against Edward's side. Still not quite coherent though, I wondered for a second if I had dreamed the last twenty-four hours and we had not left for New Hampshire yet.

As my mind cleared of its fog, I soon realized the reason for my confusion. We were certainly not in our cottage in the forest a few miles outside of Forks, nor were we in Edward's room on the third floor in the big house. Nevertheless, I knew this place well. I was lying with him in the beautiful wrought iron bed with the lattice and rose canopy and under the light gold comforter.

"I've missed this bed."

"Me too." He said, tightening his arms around me. "I'm glad we shipped it east."

"Good morning, Mr. Cullen." I yawned again.

"You mean good afternoon, Mrs. Cullen."

"How long have I been out?" I asked, rubbing my eyes sleepily and giving him my usual morning kiss on the cheek.

"Oh, A few hours." he answered warily.

"That's a bit vague, Edward." I pressed, trying to shake off the last of my drowsiness.

"Well, it's a little after ten-thirty back in Washington."

Calculating the time difference got me completely awake. "Crap! That's almost two in the afternoon here!"

"I know, so go back to sleep." He suggested, though his voice lacked any confidence that I would listen. "You can tour the house when you're more rested."

"I got to get up." I tossed back the blankets, sitting up and swinging my legs over the side of the bed in what I at least, considered one swift movement.

It was a waste of effort. He had me back down on the bed and caged in his arms against his bare chest before I could blink, laughing as I struggled to get free.

"Why didn't you wake me when we got here Edward?"

"Perhaps I would have, if you hadn't stayed up all night long."

"I have to unpack."

"The essentials are already done." He murmured against my lips.

His dark sensual gaze caught me unprepared. My mouth fell open sampling his scent.

It doesn't matter how good he tastes, I yelled inside my head. It wasn't going to work this time. I had stuff to do. I would not succumb to his powers of persuasion.

I closed my eyes and focused. "We've got to get to the store, I've got to get organized for tomorrow, my truck needs…"

Edward's index finger replaced his mouth over mine as he rolled himself on top of me, pressing his long hard body against mine.

"I had someone stock the refrigerator with all you favorites yesterday,"

With his nose rubbing against mine, the common place words sounded ridiculously seductive.

"Your truck won't be finished for another week." He went on. "And our books are sitting on the kitchen table ready for tomorrow. I even sharpened you pencils."

Closed eyes didn't help. I could feel myself weakening, my mouth salivating as his breath continued to washed over my face.

"So unless you can think of something else to do other than sleep…" his hips gently rock into me.

I licked his finger, unable to stop myself.

"Well, I do need to change out of these clothes…" I offered, opening my eyes and giving in.

"I can help you with that." his fingers slid down to the hem of my tee shirt.

"… and brush my teeth."

"Later…" he murmured kissing my throat and continuing to rock against me.

I giggled as the texture of Edward's jeans on the insides of my bare legs made me squirm.

"Something amusing you Mrs. Cullen?"

"When was the last time we were in bed together with clothes on?" I trailed my fingers down his bare back and underneath the waistband of his jeans.

"Our Honeymoon" he eyes were alight with playful eagerness.

"If I recall," I softly nipped at his jaw, "you tore what I was wearing off that evening."

My stomach tightened with hunger for him. Already I could feel the aching beat between my hips and dampness starting to bloom.

"I would hardly consider what you had on that evening clothing." My entire body tingled as he stroked the nipple of my breast beneath my bra with his thumb.

"And what would you consider it?"


He lifted his bare torso, hovering on one elbow above me just high enough to get his free hand to the fly of my shorts. But as I started to wiggle out of them, other less enjoyable urges began to make themselves known.

"I'm sorry Edward." I groaned unhappily, blushing. "But I really have to pee."

He chuckled lightly and rolled away. "Go ahead, I'll be waiting here."

I sat up light headed and unwilling to take my eyes off him.

"Having arrived here unconscious," I paused to both admire and glower, "you're going to have to tell me where the bathroom is."

He grinned unrepentant and nodded toward a door on the other side of the room. I finally forced myself to turn and looked over at it.

"What's up with the bow?"

"Happy birthday to you..."

"No!" I gasped as it all came crashing down on me.

"Happy birthday to you..."

"No, no no!"

I was nineteen years old.

"Yes." His grin grew even wider taking in my horror. "I thought the package at the airport would clue you in, but I was assured by Alice that would not be the case."

"Oh my God! I didn't even remember what day it is!" I exclaimed in shock. " I must have been blocking it out."

"Apparently." He muttered dryly. "Funnily enough, neither did Renee and Charlie. Alice also mentioned you're dad's going to call this evening, your mom not until tomorrow."

I sat immobile unable to bring myself to believe it. I must have been suppressing it all month.

"So, do you want to go look at your present?" He offered hopeful.

I raised an eyebrow at him. "What did you have done in there Edward?"

"Just a little remodeling."

"Yeah, right."

"Oh, be a good sport." He pleaded, gazing up at me with the full force of his golden eyes.

I wasn't really mad or anything. Well, maybe I was, but it was me that I was mad at. How could I have been this clueless?

"I can see the door fine from here, Edward."

He shrugged unconcerned. "You're eventually going to have to use it."

"Fine." I grumbled and got out of bed, considering briefly peeing outside just to spite him.

I heard his frustrated groan as I cracked the door a couple of inches and peaked through. I didn't know what I was expecting… a fourteen carat gold toilet seat?

I finally opened the door and went in.

It was beautiful, like something out of a magazine, the most relaxing and peaceful looking bathroom I had ever seen. The room was large, but not in the extreme, its centerpiece a tub clearly built for two. The color scheme was earth tones, with large stone tiles on the floor. I walked in further and hurried through the reason I had came in and flushed. I knew he wouldn't come and share this with me until he heard it.

I picked up the new bar of soap in its dish and was at the sink washing my hand when I heard his knock on the ajar door. I opened my mouth to tell him to come in when something else… far worse than forgetting my own birthday dawned on me.


"Oh Edward!" she cried out as if in pain and I rushed to her side thinking she had hurt herself.

"Are you okay, Love?"

"I can't believe I did this!" She turned from the sink and buried herself in my chest.

"Did what?" I asked, taking her into my arms.

"I'm so awful." She whimpered. The statement did nothing to alleviate the mystery.

"It can't be that bad."

"Your b.. birthday."

"What about it?" I continued to question anxiously, stroking her hair.

"We've… we've never celebrated your birthday… "

"This is what's gotten you so upset?" I hugged her gently, relieved. "How would you know when my birthday was? I never told you."

"No, I never asked." She howled as tears began to well in her eyes. "Not about you, or Alice, or Esme…"

"There, there…" I patted her back trying my best to comfort her. "You didn't do anything wrong. We don't really celebrate birthdays in our family."

"You all celebrated mine last year." She said, pulling away from me frowning.

"That was different. We never do our own. Besides, you know what Alice is like." I shook my head thinking of my sister's obsessive need to live vicariously through my wife.

Her eyebrow arched, clearly disbelieving my honesty.

"Carlisle has no idea exactly what day he was born." I explained. "Jasper doesn't remember. Alice didn't know either until she found her records. It would be rude for the rest of us to do something."

Her chocolate eyes glistened as she studied my face, appraising my answer.

"It's more than just that."

"Yes, I suppose so." I sighed "None of us really feels a compulsion to mark the date of our births."

"Well I do." She retorted almost defiantly, the tears finally cascading down her cheeks.

"It means something to humans." I tried to explain. "Birthdays so often are a measure of change… of milestones achieved.

"We never will move on. Nothing…" I paused to kiss her the palm of her hand. "Nothing physical will ever change for us. Rosalie in particular struggles with that more than the rest. We all know how painful birthdays are to her, so we generally just avoid them."

"I don't care," she continued to argue. "If that day in time did not exist, you would not be here with me now."

"It's really not that big of a deal."

"Then when is it?" She asked sniffling, stroking my nose with her finger.

"Why do you want to know?"

"Because I do."

"Fine," I gave in. "It's June 20th."

"Thank you, Edward."

"Are you happy now?"


"Then I need to address that problem." I smiled down at her. "I will not allow you to be unhappy on your birthday."

I took her face in my hands, bringing it close to my own and wiping the moisture off her cheeks with my thumbs. Her hot breath rolled out like waves, but the burn of her scent in my throat meant nothing to me. My lips started first with her wet eyelids, tasting their sweet and salty dew. But as I lifted her mouth to mine, she turned her head and pulled away.

"I really need to brush my teeth Edward."

"Your being ridiculous." I said, then an idea occurred to me, "But if that's what you want..." I dropped my hands to her waist and turned her around. "... it is your birthday."

I smiled innocently as I could as she glanced at me through the mirror wondering no doubt, what I was up to, before reaching out to her little travel bag already on the bathroom counter.

"Thank you for bringing this in, Edward."

I stood behind her, my fingers making their way beneath her shirt once more. "You're welcome."

I began gently kneading her lower back while she unzipped the bag and retrieved what she needed. Her breath caught as I lowered my head and inhaled into her hair, shifting it to the side with my nose so I could kiss her neck. Her heartbeat quickened and her fingers trembled and fumbled opening the cap of the toothpaste while my lips sought after the corner of her jaw in route to her earlobe.

"You seem to be having trouble with that." I whispered in her ear teasing.

"I can do it."

Leaning in closer and rubbing my cheek against hers, I reached around her and took the tube from her hands anyway, squirting a line of mint green paste on to her toothbrush and sat it back down on the sink.

"One moment please." I requested, before she had the chance to pick it up. My hands glided softly down her body over the top the cotton fabric of her shirt stopping at the hem. Her lips parted slightly, wordlessly raising her arms above her head and allowing me to remove the garment.

Though she stared at me needy through the vanity mirror in front of us, she seemed determined to complete the task at hand. That was fine by me. I continued undressing her as she lifted the toothbrush to her mouth, cupping her lace covered breasts in my hands before unhooking the same lovely pink bra she threw at my feet yesterday and slipped the straps down her shoulders. The hand at her mouth shook in earnest now while she brushed and the other reached out to the edge of the sink to steady herself.

Her chocolate eyes never leaving mine as my lips feasted on her naked shoulder, my fingers returned to the now bare mounds of flesh, massaging gently her pink hardened nipples. A hand moved further south, to the pale skin of her stomach then dropped to her shorts, stroking the denim seam between her thighs before retreating back to unsnap her and lower the zipper.

She was breathing heavily now and the toothbrush hung limp in her mouth, her hand no longer moving it back and forth. I smiled triumphant, turning on the water and removing her toothbrush from her mouth myself. Her gaze finally broke from mine, bending over the sink to rinse her mouth and I took the opportunity to get down on one knee to slide her shorts and panties to the floor.

I kissed where the curve of her bottom creased at her thigh, lifting her foot out of her shed clothing and planted it back down several inches from the other, giving me room to play. Then I took my time standing back up, gorging my tongue on the creamy flesh before it.

Our eyes met again at the mirror. Elbows locked, her hands clung to the sink holding her upright. My fingers reached around the front of her body, slipping between her spread thighs. Staring into the dark pool of chocolate, I caressed the wet folds, feeling the pulse that I could hear thundering in her chest and swelling her loins with blood.

Would it be crass to suggest we mount a mirror above our bed? I thought intrigued.

It was strange and amazing watching her watching us. I could not have torn my eyes from the image if I had to. But my mouth kept busy, returning to her neck, my ears thrilled to the quiet moans that escaped her full lips. Her trapped naked body moved against my hand and rubbed against my crotch of my jeans. My erection bulged in its confined space, demanding to be set free. I took my hand from her breast just long enough to remove the restraining garments, uncoiling the snake. He lay between her cheeks and I found myself bending her further over the sink, my hips now rocking in tandem with her own erotic dance.

"Please Edward," she begged, pulling up onto her toes and lifting her hips to mine.

I needed no more invitation. A low growl came from deep in my chest. Knees bent slightly, my fingers parted her and I thrust myself into her throbbing, hot core, caught up in her moan of relief.

Damn! I paused for a moment to steady myself.

Delicious mouth hanging wide open and head held up still caught in my gaze, she flattened her breast to the cool porcelain, reaching out and gripping the faucet.

I grasped her hips and we began move together slow and drawn out, guttural, satisfied groans escaping her throat. But as her heart upped its tempo, soon both our bodies wanted more. I could see the heat rising off her back as her delicate skin began to slap faster and harder against my stone body. She would not ease up and as I forced myself to be careful and not hurt her, she turned wild, grunting and slamming violently against me, her climax only seconds away. Her pace finally broke as her legs began to shake. I could feel the buildup inside me too, pulling my hands away just in the nick of time. Fresh tears now rolled down the face in the mirror as she cried out in ecstasy. The smell of her orgasm exploded out and around me, numbing my mind as my own erupted out after hers.

Body bent and nearly collapsing on top of her, my hand now joined hers, holding on to the sink while I searched for air and did my best to collect myself.

"Well, we got the bathroom broke in." she said breathlessly.

"Do you wish to tour the rest of the house?" I asked wickedly.

"I think maybe I might go back and lay down for a while."

Chuckling, I scooped her up into my arms, carried her back to our bed and tucked us in.

"By the way, I liked my presents… both of them." She said yawning.

"I'm glad that you did." I said, taking my index finger and wiping off a little smudge of toothpaste from the corner of her mouth.

She took my finger and sucked it clean. Still a little jumpy, I shuddered.

"I just hope you'll enjoy your birthday present as much as I did mine."

"I have no doubt that I will."

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