happy 100 th birthday Charles!


Gomez woke up in his bed.

It was a cold foggy day outside.

He looked around him and raised a brow; he was not used to wake up alone.

He got up and dressed; he looked at the clock and was a little surprised, it was 1 pm, he didn't usually sleep much.

He went to the kitchen that was dirtier than usual, and didn't see anyone there, not even grandmamma who was practically living there.

He searched the house.

no one was there, no even kitty cat or Cleopatra, and they never got outside.

He was confused, where was everybody? They didn't even leave a message.

He went outside, no one,

The cemetery, nothing,

The swamp, not there either.

He started to stress, where were they?


I walked up the street, and past the big mansion that nobody lived in for more than 50 years.

It was old and scary, it seems like it always dark and fogy around there, but still I liked it.

I pass in that street every once in a while and always feel like the mansion is calling me, I felt a strange desire to investigate it.

So I decided to do it, today I will uncover its secrets.

I stood in front of the gate and reach out to open it, when it opened on its own.

I stumbled back, that was way creepier then I expected.


He heard the gate open.