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October 2-Evening

Having found Shinjiro's pocketwatch, Minako decided to return it to him.

"You…" he said when she approached. He paused, thinking.

It didn't seem like he was going to be speaking anytime soon, so Minako pulled out the pocketwatch she had gotten from Officer Kurosawa.

"That's…!" Shinjiro seemed quite surprised. "…Hey… Come with me, okay?"

The girl agreed and soon found herself at Naganaki Shrine. There was no one else around and it was a quiet night.

"Where did you find this?" Shinjiro suddenly asked.

"The police station," Minako replied. "Kurosawa-san had it."

"I see…" The young man fiddled around with the watch absentmindedly. "I thought It'd be fine if I never saw this again…" he continued. "But I never imagined that you of all people would bring it to me."

Why does he look so serious? Minako wondered. He didn't expect this at all? It was so obvious that I was gonna look for it.

After a pause Shinjiro spoke again.

"This isn't really to pay you back, but I want you to have this. I was hesitating about if I should give it to you or not."

He had the girl extend her arm, and he strapped something to her wrist.

Minako looked down. A leather watch…?

"I thought it'd look good on you…" said Shinjiro, looking as if he was awaiting her reaction.

"Thank you," said Minako gratefully.

"Yeah…" He looked away, embarrassed. Shinjiro stared down at his feet for a long time. "…Look after Aki," he finally said. Smiling, he added, "…You know he's an idiot. You remember the story about the first fight we ever had?"

Minako nodded and a sad look came upon the coated man's face.

"It was because…I stole a doll from a toy store," he explained. "Aki's sister couldn't make any friends. I stole it because I thought it'd make her happy. Aki found out about it and beat the crap outta me…and he was crying the whole time."

"Heh…" So he's always been a softy…

"Afterwards, we both went back to the store to return it…and to apologize for what I did," he recounted. "The toy store's owner smacked us both." He smiled again. "…He hasn't changed at all from back then. He's stupid, honest, proud, kind…and a crybaby."

Minako couldn't help but let out a soft giggle. I don't think Akihiko-senpai would be very happy if he figured out I was told all this.

"…That's why someone needs to be by his side," said Shinjiro, rousing the girl out of her thoughts.

"We'll be by his side," said Minako.

Shinjiro looked at her. "Yeah…I'll be counting on all of you." He sounded relieved and then he smiled. "I ain't worried at all, because I know you're with him. I'm leaving the rest to you." He had a kind expression on his face when he said this.

The girl nodded automatically, completely lost in that smile. However, she could tell that she now had Shinjiro's full trust.

Minako felt a surge of power as the Moon Arcana ranked up to 10, maxing out the Social Link.

When the girl next looked at Shinjiro, she noticed that same sad, lonely look on his face once more.

"The wind's starting to pick up…" he said a moment later. He looked at Minako with a smile. "I kinda want to stay here a little longer if we can, but…aren't you cold?" In a tender voice that made the girl's heart throb, he added, "Hey, you're gonna catch something. C'mere…"

He allowed Minako in invade his personal space. He draped his burgundy pea coat over her shoulders, ensuring that she'd stay warm. The two sat there, talking for a long time. That tender expression didn't leave Shinjiro's face the entire time.

Why was he speaking as if he's leaving? Minako wondered. I don't want him to leave… I…I think I love him… No, that can't be… I can't possibly be in love… The moments she had shared with Shinjiro thus far flashed through her head. I don't believe it… How did this happen? I…I'm in love with Shinjiro-senpai…

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