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March 5-Morning

That was it. The world had been saved. No one needed to worry about Shadows or the Dark Hour anymore. All was well. It was graduation morning. The day the group had promised to meet up on the school's roof. The place from where they could admire the beautiful city they had risked their lives to save.

And that was where she was now. Minako was laying down on one of the benches, with Aigis sitting close by. They were speaking quietly with one another, well, Aigis was doing most of the talking, but Minako could not ignore the heaviness in her body.

"Heeyyy!" Junpei called out from far below.

Good, thought the girl. They've remembered…

"Thank you…for everything," said Aigis, tears of happiness streaming down her cheeks.

It was so nice where she lay. Warm, but with a nice cool breeze. She could hear the voices of all her friends, cheering as they came to meet up, yet they were still quite far away.

And then she heard it. Another voice. The voice. His voice. Turning her head, Minako saw him. Shinjiro. He stopped next to her bench and looked down at her, panting. He had rushed over from the hospital, making it before anyone else and Minako felt her heart swell.

He's awake… He's okay…

"Minako…" Shinjiro smiled almost teasingly. "Don't make a sick guy push himself so hard." He sat down and pulled her into his arms, but allowed her to remain laying down, which was good because the girl wasn't sure she had enough energy to sit.

This embrace, Minako had missed so much, had craved for so long.

"It's pretty pathetic of me to forget the way I did…" said Shinjiro after a pause. "But even then, my feelings for you were the same as always. Haha…I got one thick skull, huh?"

"Yeah, you do," mumbled Minako, taking one of Shinjiro's hands and lacing their fingers together.

The heaviness was growing.

"The girl I saw in my dreams… It was you," said Shinjiro softly, glad that Aigis had tactfully moved away. "You were crying and laughing like usual…"

Which was exactly what Minako was doing right now. Shinjiro chuckled and tightened his embrace, holding her close.

"Yeah… This ain't a dream… You're really here…"

"Yes…I'm here…"

They heard the others get closer, all still cheering loudly.

"Haha… Man, those guys sure know how to ruin a moment," laughed Shinjiro.

It was so bright and sunny out, a perfect day. And it felt so warm laying in Shinjiro's arms… Minako's eyes began to feel heavy. She knew what was coming, knew that her time was up. There was nothing she could do to change it. She had no choice but to accept it. She had chosen it, after all.

"I love you, Shinji," she murmured softly and finally allowed her eyes to close.

So warm…so perfect…

Shinjiro knew what was happening too. Though how he knew, he was not sure. Fighting to keep himself leveled, he drew the girl close to his chest and kissed her lightly. Then he pressed his lips to the top he her head, his hold tight and loving.

As everything began to fade away into darkness, Minako heard the voice of her beloved Shinjiro one last time.

"I'm glad I met you…"

La Fin