Well, here we are. I've been wanting to write this Vidia origin for so long, but it's taken me a while to figure out how it would play out and where it would go. But now, I think I have a pretty good idea of how to make it happen.

Before it starts, there's a few things I should make clear to you all. My intention is for this story to be very dark and tragic. Some of you may not associate the Disney Fairies with violence and death and tragedy, but I personally think that anything, even the softest, cutest kids stories can be taken seriously as a darker and more adult thing if handled properly. Also, I won't be putting intros at the beginning of every chapter like I normally do unless I have something important to say. It just doesn't seem right for me to put intros in when I have nothing to say.

This story is rated M for strong graphic violence, disturbing content, and sexuality.

Some of the fairies are Disney's creation. The ones you don't recognize are mine.

Now that that's out of the way, allow me to set the stage for this little tale...

This takes place around a thousand years ago. Long before Tinker Bell and Peter Pan, and Pixie Hollow is embroiled in a deadly conflict...

The two fairies lay silent in the tall grass. They didn't move any part of their bodies even an inch. They could almost easily be mistaken for dead. The world around them fell silent as well, as if even the earth, itself wanted them to succeed. A cool breeze blew through the tall grass, making a faint hissing sound, almost like that of a snake. Conditions could hardly be more ideal. At the side of each fairy there lay a bow with a single arrow. On their backs they carried a pack with more arrows. Hopefully, if everything went according tho plan tonight, they wouldn't have to use more than one each.

Months and months of planning had gone into this. After years of turmoil, years of pain and suffering, it could all end on this very night. Queen Veronica's reign of terror could finally be quelled. But first, this mission had to succeed, and the first stage of it was currently in progress.

When the time felt right, both fairies slowly raised themselves up from the ground. They were clothed in dark green and brown dressing, making them almost impossible to spot, especially from above. Ahead of them was outer perimeter wall surrounding the Home Tree. The wall was contructed years ago when the civil unrest became a rebellion. No fairy would dare try to fly over it, not with the ever-alert guadrs patrolling it constantly, ready to shoot down any intruders with their poisoned-tipped arrows.

But luckily, tonight, just as they had been told by their inside-man, the guards were short-handed. The many small skirmishes and battles that had been fought in the past few months had worn down Veronicas elite guard. Only two fairies could be seen patrolling the upper part of the wall. One for each of the two in the tall grass.

"Do you see any others?" One if them asked quietly.

After a brief pause, the other fairy answered.

"No, just those two."

The other fairy breathed a contented sigh.

"Just like we were promised." She said.

Niether of these fairies looked like anyone would expect a warrior to look like. Sandy had been a humble Water Fairy long ago. She had lived a simple, carefree life until her lover was brutally slaughtered along with hundreds of other fairies and sparrow-men by Veronica's soilders during a peaceful protest against her plans to tear down his village to create a recruiting center for more of her soilders. Now, Sandy worked non-stop alongside her fellow rebles bring down the tyrant who had taken so much from her.

The other fairy, Violet, was a Garden Talent who had at one point Shared Veronica's vision a new, improved Pixie Hollow. She was even recruited to be one of Veronica's highest-ranking guards. But once Veronica's brutal tactics to achieve her goals became apparent, Violet began to realize the mistake she made. It was when she refused to execute a group of fairies that were expected to be rebles but were not given due process that she fully renounced the sadistic queen. She paid dearly for her insubordination, though. She was imprisoned and tortured horribly on a regular basis for nearly five years. She was eventually rescued by rebles during a daring prison raid of which the purpose was to find more fairies and sparrow-men to join their cause. Violet happily accepted and had been fighting alongside them ever since. She had completely renounced Veronica and her old ways of thinking. It took some time to convince some members of the rebellion that shw was truly on their side, but her hard work and extreme dedication to see Veronica fall eventually won them over.

The whole rebellion was made up of fairies and sparrow-men just like Sandy and Violet. They had all at one point led very simple lives, but were now fighting ferociously to live that way again. It had not been an easy journey in any way. For half a century there had been bloodshed, death, and destruction across the once peaceful Pixie Hollow. Some thought it would never end. But now, on this very night, it seemed very likely that it could all end. Peace would once again be restored.

Sandy and Violet both pulled their bows up into the aiming position. They focused their sights on one guard each and pulled back on their arrows. The guards stared out of the vast expanse of tall grass before them. They scanned the area at least two times, looking directly at Sandy and Violet as they did, but being able to see them. Their camo was too good. The heavy cloud cover that blocked the moon and stars made shadows impossible to see as well.

"We have to hit them at the same time." Violet whispered over the cool wind. "We can't give either of them a second to react."

"I'm ready." Sandy said as she gripped the bow as tightly as she could. They both aimed right for the necks.

"On three..." Violet said. "One... two... three!"

They fired their arrows with two soft twangs from the bows that were so close together they sounded like one twang.

In an instant, both guards dropped. Two small grunts could be heard as they fell. Then it was completely silent again. Sandy and Violet remained motionless, listening for any sudden shouts alarm sounds. None came, and they both felt a deep wave of relief wash over them. The other rebeles had had the same luck as them.

Groups of two or three had surrounded all four sides of wall and dealt with the guards on thier respective sides. Now all they had to do was regroup at the top of the wall and puch forward together into the Home Tree. There, they would meet up with their inside man, a Tinker Sparrow-Man named Jake, who had spent months working his way through Veronica's fortress, gaining the trust of the guards, pretending to be another one of Veronica's devoted followers. All the while he was feeding info to the rebelion about weak spots in the Home Trees defense, the patroling patterns of the guards, and other useful tid-bit for a reble army seeking to overthrow a dictator. Hopefully, he will have taken care of any other guards in the Home Tree, and he will lead ther rebles to where ever Veronica is, and they will finish her, bringing an end to the dark age of Pixie Hollow.

"I think we're good to go." Sandy whispered.

"I think so too." Violet whispered back.

And with that, they took off as quickly and quietly as they could. They landed on the upper part of the wall and gaged their surroundings. At their feet lay the two guards, a fairy and sparrow-man, both fully decked out in the black, snail shell armor that all of Veronica's guards and soldiers wore. The necks and areas beneath the arms were the only weak spots. Both arrows had hit them dead center through their throats. Small pools of blood formed under each of them.

Sandy stared down at the dead fairy with particular interest. Violet seemed to notice it in here eyes and approached her carefully.

"Whats wrong?" She asked, concerned.

After a brief pause, Sandy spoke.

"This fairy, she looks familier. I think she may have been in the group that took Simon from me."

And suddenly, Sandy began to kick and spit on the dead fairy. She soon started sobbing, and Violet felt she had to step in. She threw her arms around Sandy and held her tightly yet gently.

"Sandy, calm down!" She said has sympathetically as she could. "I know how you're feeling! We've all suffered greatly these past years, but it's going to end real soon! We have to finish the job before we let our emotions get ahead of us!"

Sandy went limp. Her sobs quieted a bit. Violet wanted to say something more comforting, but before she could, she caught some movement at the corner of her eye. She quickly let go of Sandy and spun toward it. But she breathed a sigh of relief when she saw who it was. Marco, a Light Talent was rounding the corner of the wall with two other rebles. He nodded at Violet, and she nodded back. At the other corner behind them, Crystal, a Frost Talent was coming around with her partner. Three more Rebles came around to them after a while, and all ten of them were together.

"Well, that wasn't so hard, was it?" Marco said in an upbeat tone.

"Oh yeah, that was a real breeze." Crystal said sarcastically. "The wind was heavier on our side so we had to take that into account while we were lining up our shots."

"But everyone succeeded, right?" Violet asked. "All the guards were takin' out without alerting anyone else?

Everyone nodded, and Violet breathed a quick sigh of relief.

"Okay, well, we're not done yet." She said. "Now, we wait for the signal from Jake."

They all turned to face the Home Tree, whose glow had faded tremedously in the past decades of Veronica's rule. Veronica reserved most Pixie Dust for herself and for her guards, and she was sucking the well dry with the amount she took every day. Rebles were forced to make their own Pixie Dust with much less efficient tools. They still managed to make enough to sustain themselves, but it wasn't at all easy.

The group just stood there staring at the tree in silence for a good few minutes. Their heads were spinning with thoughts of what they were about to do. They would be honered forever as heroes if they pulled this off. After a while, Marco voiced his thoughts aloud.

"Can you believe this is it?" He said.

"It's pretty amazing, I won't lie." A Scout Talent named Jenny said. "Soon Veronica will be gone."

"And Clarion will take over." Micheal, a Dust Talent said.

"You know something," Crystal said angrily. "Why didn't Clarion come with us on this? If she's supposed to be our big, fearless leader, why isn't out here leading the charge?"

"You know darn well why she can't come out here!" Violet snapped. "She's too valuable to the cause! Mother Dove, herself selected her to be the next Queen of Pixie Hollow! We can't risk her safety, even for something as important as this!"

Crystal snorted, but didn't say anything. She had never cared much for Clarion. The only reason she stuck with her was because it was better than siding with Veronica. At least Clarion wasn't pure evil.

Violet turned to Sandy, who hadn't said a word for quite a while. She still looked deeply upset.

"Sandy, are you okay?" She asked gently.

Sandy simply nodded. But Violet could tell she was lying. This whole situation had shaken Sandy to her core. Violet wrapped an arm around her and held her tight.

"It's a terrible thing that happened, Sandy." She said. "But tonight, we're going to make sure it never happens again. Tonight, every innafter thisocent fairy and sparrow-man whos was wrongfully killed by that witch will be avenged."

"And then what?" Sandy snapped suddenly. "What will we have after this? There's nothing more Veronica can take from me! Killing her isn't going to bring back my Simon, or any others who we lost! How are we supposed to go on after this?"

Everyone seemed deeply affect by what Sandy had just said, and nobody answered at first. Crystal remembered a close friend of hers who was killed in a small battle with Veronicas soldiers in Tinkers Nook, and a single tear fell from her eye. After a moment of silence for the fallen, Violet spoke up.

"We live." She said. "That's how we go on. We just continue to live our lives to the fullest everyday. We remember those who died to secure our victory, and we continue to live so that they didn't die in vain."

And that statement seemed to boost everyones morale. Even Sandy seemed inspired as she let a small smile form accross her face. And at that moment, almost as if it were a sign from Mother Dove, a small light shone trom the base of the Home Tree. It was Jakes signal.

"It's time." Marco said.

"For Pixie Hollow!" Crystal cried in a hushed voice.

"For the fallen!" Violet said.

"For Simon." Sandy whispered.

And the group took off for the tree. Their hearts racing and their bodies shaking. It was time to end this once and for all.

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