Jackie heaved a big sigh. Why she had to do another clinic run with Guy was beyond her. She had been working on and off with him for weeks now and she wasn't too keen on it. He was ever the macho he liked to be, always flirting with women, even when they were patients. He was a good doctor she would be the first to admit that. But he sucked as a human being. Sadly, his looks were amazing as well, so women instantly fell for him. Which, to her own annoyance, pissed her off. She remembered all too well the day they met. They were both hired to work in a small town in the bush, in a hospital that actually shouldn't have been named that. She came from the big city, so did Guy. She had worked in a large hospital in Adelaide, he had worked in an even bigger hospital in Melbourne. She knew exactly what her reasons were for leaving Adelaide, but she still didn't really know whatever brought Guy to leave his job. He had always been complaining about the town they were located in: too hot, not much to do etc…And he always loved to brag about his previous job. He always made it sound as if he was the most brilliant doctor ever. It always made her smirk: if he was so brilliant, then why was he out there?

They met even before they started their job, because Guy picked her up in Adelaide. Somehow it was arranged that way and since she didn't know Guy by then, she thought it would be the most convenient. But from the moment they met, she knew what he would be like. He acted like he knew it all. Tried to make smart comments to her and not even 5 minutes after they met, he tried to flirt with her.

They had now been working together for almost a year. There were days he acted normal towards her, but she could probably count those days on one hand. Most of the time he either made fun of her, or pissed her off. He was good at both.

And now they had been working together for weeks in a row, while normally she'd also be working with other colleagues. But due to illness and pregnancies she had been working with Guy almost all the time. Luckily, she thought, this was their final clinic run they would do together. Then she would have a few days to herself, no work involved. She was looking forward to it, she had made some plans to make a trip back to Adelaide for a few days, to visit some old friends and family. She hadn't seen most of them in too long.

She closed the final first aid box and then moved some hair from her face. It was too hot to be working, especially in the outback. The last patient had just left and now they just had to wait for Johnno, their pilot, to pick them up and take them back to town. She sat down on one of the first aid boxes and watched Guy from a distance. He was just saying goodbye to their final patient in his own special way. She decided not to watch that and closed her eyes for a bit.

Minutes later she abruptly opened her eyes again because Guy was shouting for her.

"Oi, Jackie!"

"What Guy?"

He was walking towards her and held still just meters away from her.

"Looks like there's a storm approaching. I'm not sure how long it will take Johnno to arrive here, but I think we better put all these thing in the shed, just to be safe."

Jackie narrowed her eyes. A storm? She moved her eyes over the field, but couldn't really see any kind of storm.

"You must be kidding me, right? There's not even a small sign of a storm!"

"Zoe just told me that there's a storm heading our way. I trust her for that."

Jackie squeezed out a silly laugh.

"Oh, but of course. Zoe told you…" She rolled her eyes and then closed them again.

"Fine, whatever Jackie. You'll see I'll be right though!"

"Sure you will be Guy."

Thirty minutes later Johnno still hadn't arrived, but just like Guy had predicted, rain was now pouring down from the sky. Even though the shed was just about 100 meters from where Jackie was sitting, she managed to arrive there soaking wet. Guy welcomed her.

"Told you so."

She decided not to respond to it. She hated it when he was right about something, cause it meant he would make sure you'd know he was right. Instead, she looked at the radio.

"Have you tried to contact the base yet to ask when Johnno will be here?"

Guy shook his head.

"I was too busy bringing in all our stuff before it started to rain."

"Right, well then I'll just contact Clare."

Before she could reach for the microphone, Guy stopped her.

"You're soaking wet Jackie. Go sit near the fire and get warm and dry. I'm sure Johnno doesn't want someone who's soaking wet inside his aircraft."

She gave him the evil eye and then tried to contact the base.

"I'm sorry Jackie, but I don't think Johnno will be flying out tonight. The storm is too heavy and it's just not safe to take the plane into the air. I'm afraid you'll have to spend the night there."

Guy coughed while Jackie silently gasped. Spend the night there, with Guy? There was hardly anything there, let alone a good place to sleep for both of them.

"Are you kidding me Clare?"

"Sorry Jackie, not kidding this time. First thing tomorrow morning he'll pick you up, for now it's just not safe."

Jackie slowly turned around and looked at Guy who was looking down on her with a big grin.

"Guess we'll finally get to know each other a bit more now, won't we Jackie?"

"Oh zip it Guy!" Brilliant…instead of just working with him, she now also had to spend the night with him. She looked around the shed and noticed a small bed in the corner of it, which was too small for the both of them and didn't even look comfortable for just one person. There was a small table in the middle, where Guy was sitting and luckily a fireplace. Behind her was small kitchen, but she doubted there would be any kind of food for them to eat. The place looked like it hadn't been used in years. She turned around to have a look into the cupboards to see if there maybe was something eatable in there. She didn't have high hopes for it, but managed to find some canned soup and some beans. Which would have to do. She turned around to tell Guy about it who was shamelessly watching her. She could tell he was taking in every inch of her body and then she realized she was soaking wet and that her uniform was probably showing everything. It made her feel extremely naked and uncomfortable and she blushed.

"Guy, please don't stare at me that way!"

He grinned. "I've got to say: nice body!"

He still looked at her and it made her more and more uncomfortable, but before she could say anything, he held up a long, warm blouse he probably found there.

"Put this on, it will at least make you feel a bit warmer."

She didn't know what to do. The blouse was long, but not long enough. Then again, the uniform she was wearing, wasn't doing her any good either. And she started to feel cold.

So she took the blouse from him and walked over to the fireplace where it was at least a bit warmer.

"Turn around Guy, please. I think you've seen enough of me for today."

He didn't make any effort to look away.

"Guy, please!"

"I'm a doctor Jackie, I've seen loads of undressed women before me. I can handle it."

"I'm not one of your patients Guy, and you're not at all looking at me as if I'm one of your patients. Please turn around!"

Guy had to admit to himself that she was right. She didn't remind him of any kind of female patient he'd ever had. She looked gorgeous though. Something he knew from the day they met, but he had never seen this much of her body shape. And he liked what he saw.

He could tell she felt extremely uncomfortable, but it made her look even more attractive.

He slowly looked away from her, even though he could have looked at her all night.

But when she made a sound, he quickly turned around again, instinctively. Apparently she had turned around as well, cause he was now looking at her back. Her undressed back that was. She was struggling with the buttons from the blouse, from what he could tell.


It amused him to hear her swear, cause he couldn't remember any other time she had sworn.

She finally managed to get into the blouse then she turned around. She still looked extremely uncomfortable, but her beauty took Guy away.

"My God, Jackie!"

The way his eyes were focused on her didn't make her feel any more at ease. She had seen that look in his eyes many times before. It was the same look he'd given many women. And she didn't like it one bit.

"Guy, for god's sake, please stop staring at me!"

"I'm sorry, I can't help myself, but you look so beautiful!"

"It's not like you just see me for the first time Guy! Seriously…we're forced to spent the night together and you instantly try to make a move on me cause there are no other women around? What do you think I am, stupid? I've never fallen for your looks or flirtations, what makes you think I would do now?"

"I'm not flirting with you here Jackie, I'm just saying you look beautiful. Because you just do!"

"I'm wearing nothing but an old, ugly blouse Guy. Are you sure you'd call me beautiful? Or are you just turned on because I'm wearing nothing but this blouse? And because it's just the two of us?"

"Most women like to get compliments from a guy…"

"Yes, but not from you Guy. Because you say these kind of things to every woman you meet. It doesn't mean anything anymore."

Guy could be wrong, but while speaking she actually seemed to look quite sad. Before he could really tell if what he saw was true, she'd turned around and tried to warm her hands on the fire.

Of course she had turned around because she didn't want him to see she was upset. He would make funny jokes about it as soon as they were back in town again and she didn't want to give him that kind of pleasure. She was upset because it actually was quite nice to hear him say he thought she looked beautiful. But because he said it to so many women, she didn't even know what to think of it. Did he mean it, or was it really just another way to flirt with her, make her fall for him? And then why did she even care so much about what he would think of her? She never cared for it, why would she now? It all didn't make sense to her.

Thirty minutes had passed and Jackie was starting to shiver from the cold. The fireplace didn't help her warm up at all and she started to look for a warm blanket to keep her warm. She noticed the blanket on the bed and decided to grab it and put it around her. Then she placed a chair next to the fireplace and sat down.

In the mean time Guy tried to heat up the soup. He turned away from the stove to ask Jackie if she was hungry and then noticed her shivering.

"Are you cold?"

She shook her head.

"No, I'm okay. The blanket and the fire both keep me warm now."

He could tell she was lying because her lips were turning blue and she was still shivering.

"Are you sure?"

She nodded "Yep, I'm doing just fine."

Guy just shook his head.

"Soup is ready. Are you hungry yet?"

She nodded.

"I've got no idea how long this soup has been here," he said. "So hopefully we won't die from it!"

He brought her a cup of soup and they both ate in silence. After dinner Guy asked where Jackie wanted to sleep that night.

"You can take the bed if you want, I can sleep on the ground near the fire."

Jackie shook her head.

"I don't want the bed. It's too far from the fire."

"Okay, then you sleep near the fire and I'll take the bed. Also fine with me."

"No, I want this to be played fair so that you can't ever complain about it afterwards."

"Oh come on Jackie, don't be so childish."

"Well…childish or not I think we should toss. Winner gets to sleep near the fire."

"You're already shivering from the cold. Just go and sleep near the fire Jackie."

"No." She held out her hand for a coin and Guy decided it wouldn't be worth arguing over, she wouldn't just accept his offer no matter what.

"Heads or tails?"

Jackie decided to go for heads, but lost. Guy offered her one final time to sleep near the fire, but she refused. So he made his bed on the ground near the fire, while Jackie tried to fall asleep on the bed. The blanket she had wrapped around her wasn't covering her full body and her shivering got worse. Of course she could just ask Guy if she could still have the place by the fire, but she was stubborn. Didn't want him to make any comments to her about it, or laugh in her face. So she turned around one more time trying to get a bit warmer. Eventually she managed to fall asleep.

A couple of hours later Guy woke up from mumbling sounds he heard. It took him some time to remember again where he was and then realized the sounds were coming from Jackie. He lifted up his head to get a glimpse of her, but couldn't really. He got on his feet and noticed that she was still shivering from the cold. He walked over to the bed, bended over and took her in his arms. Jackie mumbled and then opened her eyes. Guy could see she was still half asleep.

"Guy…what are you…put me down!"

"Ssshhh, you're shivering from the cold. I'm going to lay you by the fire so you can warm up a bit."

"No, put me down!" But he didn't put her down on the bed. He gently laid her down near the fire. She tried to get up, but her body was too cold to even cooperate with her. Guy gently placed another blanket on top of her and then got up on his feet.

"Guy." She tried to sound strong, but her voice also seemed to have left her.

"No Jackie, just stay there, try to get warm and also try to get some sleep again. That's a medical order!" Finally she decided to give in. The fire actually felt quite nice and her body started to warm up a bit again. Before she knew it, she fell asleep.

Guy walked over to the bed and decided to try and get some sleep on there.

A few hours later he was the first to wake up. The sun was shining through the blinds of the shed and he noticed the fire had gone out. Jackie still seemed to be fast asleep by the looks of it. He got up and decided to boil some water in the kettle so that they at least would have tea for breakfast. There was no sign of any other eatable food, so he hoped Johnno would be arriving not too late that day to pick them up and had at least brought something to eat with him. He was starving. The soup from the night before wasn't nearly enough to fill his stomach. After he had put the kettle on the stove, he decided to contact base to ask what time Johnno would be arriving. Clare told him Johnno was already on his way and could be there within thirty minutes so Guy decided to wake Jackie up. She wasn't too impressed by it.

"Good morning sunshine!" Guy couldn't help but smile at her tired, annoyed face. She clearly wasn't a morning person at all.

"Shut up Guy." She'd hardly gotten any sleep at all that night and could really do without his smirking face and comments.

"Clearly you're no morning person and I'm sorry to have woken you up. But Johnno might be here in not too long and I though you wanted to be awake before he arrives."


"Right, I'll leave you to it then." He got up to check on the kettle. Jackie lay still for a bit, too tired to actually get up. The thought of having to work one final shift that day before she would have a few days off didn't really want her to get up either. But then she realized she was still wearing the blouse instead of the uniform and that Johnno could be there soon and she decided to get up and change clothes. She collected her uniform that was still a bit damp. She unbuttoned the blouse, her back facing Guy and changed into her uniform. She shivered when the cold, damp material touched her body. All of a sudden she remembered how he had picked her up that night and placed her near the fireplace. A shiver went down her spine, but this time not from the cold. She hated to admit it to herself, but it actually felt nice to be held by him. She shook her head. He was still a playboy and all this obviously was nothing more but a game to him and she wouldn't give in. She refused to be yet another woman that would fall for his charms.

Just when she turned around, Guy held a cup of tea in front of her.

"Sorry, no coffee." He gave her a wink.

"What was that for?"

"What was what for?"

"Don't act so innocent Guy. 'Sorry, no coffee' and then a wink?"

He grinned.

"Seemed like you could do with a coffee this morning instead of tea."

"I never drink coffee Guy."


"Ah what?"

"That explains it all, why you're always in such a cheerful mood."

Jackie started to get really annoyed. He was just playing her again.

"If you don't have anything nice to say Guy, then just shut up!"

"But when I say nice things to you, it's no good either. Because then you complain I don't mean it." She heaved a big sigh.

"Just…don't say anything okay?"

Guy shrugged his shoulders. Teasing her was so easy.

Thirty minutes later they heard the sound of a plane and they went outside. Jackie was the first to greet Johnno.

"Oi, Jackie! Must have been one hell of a night!" He gave her a big smile and winked at Guy. "Nice hair by the way!"

She grabbed her hair and realized it was a complete mess. She instantly gave Guy the evil eye.

"Very nice of you to say something to me about it!"

"You told me not to speak anymore, remember?"

"Ugh. You're impossible, you know that?"

"Yeah, uhuh, so I've been told."

Johnno watched the two from a distance with a big smile. Spending the night together apparently didn't change their feelings for each other. They still fought like cats and dogs and it amused him. He always enjoyed working with those two, because they spiced things up a bit. They were two totally different personalities: Guy an arrogant bloke and also vein and shallow. Jackie the total opposite: sweet and caring. But he always thought they were made for each other though. He had seen the looks between the two of them every now and then, even though they would never admit it. And Jackie, even though she didn't realize it, changed Guy. When he arrived in town almost a year ago he was careless and insensitive. Jackie managed to soften him a bit. And even though he was still a womanizer, he didn't chase after every female patient or woman in town anymore. The longer he was around Jackie, the less he seemed to care about hooking up with as much women as possible. But of course Guy would never admit that.

He got on the plane where Guy who'd taken the seat in the cockpit awaited him. Jackie, as always, took a seat at the back.

"Aren't you ever the gentleman?"


"I thought you'd let Jackie get this seat for once."

"I offered, she refused. Apparently she got too little sleep last night that she wanted to lay down for bit."

Johnno smiled.

"You hooked up with her then?"


"Yeah, you know…the two of you, only one bed in the shed. I'm sure it got romantic in there!"

"Ugh…me and Jack? Never!"

"Oh come one, you can't tell me you don't find her attractive!"

"I'm the last one to admit that she doesn't have good looks, but she's not my type. And are we really having this conversation?"

Johnno laughed.

"One day Guy, one day you might be surprised."

"You're way off mate, way off!"

Johnno shook his head in amusement. He was certain they would end up together one day. There was too much tension between the two of them to go by unnoticed.

Guy looked out of the window and thought back of the night before. The picture of Jackie, dressed in nothing but a blouse just didn't want to leave his head. And for an instant moment he thought Johnno could have been right. But then he shook his head. Last night it was her body he was attracted to, nothing more. Deep down inside though he knew that wasn't completely true.

Back in town Jackie immediately had to start her shift in the hospital. She tried to hide a yawn, but was caught by Rowie.

"Rough night?"

"You try and have a good night when you're stuck with Guy there!"

Rowie laughed.

"Was he that bad?"

"As soon as we found out we had to spend the night there, he tried to make moves on me. Can you believe it?" Jackie rolled her eyes.

"But nothing happened?"

Jackie looked shocked at Rowie.

"What do you think of me, of course not! Not even if he was the last man on this planet."

Rowie of course shared the same believe as Johnno and she couldn't help but smile. Jackie had fought off Guy loads of times but she too had noticed the looks between the two of them from time to time. She was careful enough not to mention that to Jackie though.

"And now you have to work another shift."

Jackie nodded.

"Yeah and totally not in the mood for it. But at least after this shift I'll have a couple of days off! Can't wait to visit my family and friends again!"

Later that night Jackie arrived at the pub, exhausted. She was greeted by Nancy who asked if she needed anything to eat, but Jackie told her thanks, but that she'd rather have a shower first. She walked the stairs and turned for her room when she bumped into Guy.

"Oi, watch where you're walking Jack!"

"Why should I?" She reached for her key and opened the door to her room. Guy was still standing in the hallway and she turned around.

"Is there anything else you want from me?"

"Did you talk to Geoff yet?"

She gave him a confused look.

"Geoff? No. What for?"

"Oh, nothing."

"Guy! You can't just ask me something and tell me 'oh nothing.' What's going on?"

"Well, if he hasn't told you yet then I'm not sure…"

"Guy!" God was he ever annoying again.

"I really think that…"

She turned around again and entered her room.

"Fine, whatever Guy." And she slammed the door in his face. She was too tired to play along with his games. Whatever Geoff had to tell her, apparently it wasn't important enough. Guy obviously had to tease her one extra time that day. She grabbed a towel and some fresh clothes and then headed out to the bathroom. She'd been longing for a hot shower all day.

Thirty minutes later she walked downstairs again to get some food. She hadn't really eaten well that day or the day before and she was actually starving.

"Nancy, can I…" Before she could finish her sentence, Nancy interrupted her.

"Geoff called for you and asked me to tell you to call him back as soon as you returned from the shower."

"Did he tell you what it was about?"

Nancy shook her head.

"Sorry love."

Jackie walked over to the phone and called Geoff.

"Ah Jackie, thanks for calling me back."

"No worries, what's the matter?"

Geoff coughed.

"Well…I know that tomorrow is supposed to be the beginning of your short holiday, but…"

"Don't tell me I'll have to cancel it Geoff?"

"Well…yes, I'm sorry, but I still don't have enough nurses, so…"

"Oh, but Geoff, you know I made plans to visit my family and friends these days. You can't expect me to cancel it."

"I know, I know and I wouldn't have asked if I had another solution, but I don't. I'm sorry."

She moaned. Fantastic. Now she would have to cancel her trip and god knew when she'd ever be able to get a few days off again.

"Right…I guess there's nothing to do about it?"

"Sorry Jack."

"Yeah…" She hung up the phone, ready to cry. She had been looking forward to see her family again and her friends. Now she had to call them up and tell them it might take a little longer before she would see them. She sighed and then turned to Nancy.

"Can I have today's special please Nancy?"

"Of course dear. Are you alright?"

"Yeah. Just a change of plans I guess."

She walked over to a table and took a seat. Tiredness came over her and she wondered how she would be able to work another shift that morning without some extra sleep.

"Mind if I join you?" Jackie abruptly looked up.


He took a seat across from her.

"Have you already ordered?"

For a short moment she was puzzled, but she soon recovered from it.

"Guy…what? You can't just barge in on me like this."

"I asked!"

"Yeah, and you didn't even wait for an answer, as usual."

"Oh come on, I don't see any reason why we couldn't have dinner together. We've done it before."

"I'm not in the mood."

"Not in the mood for what?"

"You. And your games and arguments."

"Eh? I just want to have dinner, that's all."

"Yeah…and before I know it you'll rub it in my face."

"Rub what in your face?"

"Oh, like you wouldn't know Guy! Isn't the only reason you decided to join me that you can laugh at me because Geoff decided to cancel my short holiday? Wasn't that what you were trying to tell me earlier?"

Now it was time for Guy to look puzzled.


"Oh stop it Guy, just stop it! I'm tired, upset and really not in the mood for any of your games, okay?"

"But Jackie…"

She got up quickly and walked away.

"Tell Nancy I'll eat in my room Vic."

She rushed upstairs, but before she reached her room, Guy managed to grab her arm.


"Guy, just leave me will you. Please!" Tears were now burning behind her eyes, which she hated because it would be yet another excuse for Guy to make fun about. But he didn't.

"Oi Jack, wait a second here okay? What's going on?"

She tried to shake him off.

"Nothing. I'm just tired that's all."

"Oh come on Jack. I'm sorry if I said anything that hurt you but I really have no idea what's going on."

"Just…forget it Guy. Forget it."

"Forget what? Jackie, really, you're talking in riddles here."

"Like you even care Guy."

"Look…I may be a jerk sometimes, but that doesn't mean I don't care. Obviously something upset you and I want to know why. Cause believe it or not, I hate to see you upset."

He lifted up her head with his hand.

"Talk to me Jack."

"I just…I'm tired, and then Geoff told me I can't go on a holiday break tomorrow because we're unstaffed. And then you showed up and just earlier you asked me about Geoff, and…"

"And you assumed I was just trying to make fun of you some more."

"Well, yes. Why else would you ask me if I'd talked to Geoff and then tell me you couldn't tell me if he hadn't?"

"Because…I was just teasing you there. I was just trying to make you worried about your holiday a bit, for fun. But I had no idea he actually cancelled your trip. I swear!"

"Ugh…you're so impossible Guy, do you know that! Really, really impossible!"

She turned around and walked to her room. He was the most arrogant, selfish, uncaring person she had ever met in her life. Why anyone thought he was attractive was beyond her.

Several days passed. Jackie was sitting outside the hospital, in the sun sipping from her tea. She heaved a big sigh and then stretched her legs while she closed her eyes. The last couple of days had been busy and she was glad she finally found the time to get a moment of quiet to herself. She just started to doze off a bit, when she heard Johnno call her name.

"Oi, Jack!"

"Please don't tell me there's another emergency somewhere!"

He smiled. "No, no, no emergency. Well, not that that kind of emergency anyway. But remember the open day race?"

"Yeah. What about it?"

"Apparently Guy and Rowie are teaming up together and I was wondering if you'd like to team up with me? Would be brilliant to defeat Guy for once!"

Her eyes lit up. It would be more than brilliant to wipe off the smug from his face for once. In fact, maybe she could add an extra contest to the contest. Make him suffer!

"Count me in! When do we start practicing?"

Not much later Guy bumped into her.

"So I heard you're teaming up with Johnno at the race. Be prepared to lose Jack."

"Ha! I was actually thinking of adding a little extra to the race: a penalty for the loser. Just between the two of us. Up to that?"

Guy grinned.

"A penalty for the loser? Are you sure, cause you're so going to lose this race Jack!"

"We'll see Guy, we'll see. Deal though?"


She smiled. Finally it was payback time! Finally she'd be able to make him suffer for a change.

In the days that came both teams practiced whenever they could. Jackie was convinced she and Johnno would actually win the race, which meant she could finally do whatever she wanted with Guy. And she found great comfort in that thought. It was only a couple of hours till the race and she was just doing some paper work at the hospital. Guy walked in together with Clare.

"Ready to lose Jack?"

"Ha, I'm gonna make you suffer!"

While Guy walked away, Clare looked up to Jackie.

"You guys, always fighting and teasing."

"It's just a bet Clare, nothing more."

"If you say so."

"What else would it be Clare?"

"Oh, I don't know. I just think it's time you two should be open and honest with each other for a change."

"Open and honest about what?"

Clare shook her head.

"About your true feelings for each other."

Jackie started to laugh hysterically.

"True feelings for each other? I hate the guy Clare, that's what the bet is all about."

"Hmmm." And with that Clare walked away. But it gave Jackie food for thought. If Clare thought she actually had feelings for Guy because of the bet, then what would other people even think of it? She shook her head and decided to tell Guy the bet was off.

His reaction didn't surprise her the least.

"It's off? Why?"

"Because it's childish and stupid."

"It was your idea."

"Well, then I'm being childish. But it's off I tell you, off!" And with those words she walked away.

"Oi Jack! Come on, come on!" He ran after her. "I'm sure you'd love to see me sweat and lose! What made you change your mind?" She pretended she didn't listen to him and he decided the bet wasn't off for him. If she wanted a penalty for the loser, she could have it. And she most definitely would be the loser of the race. If not only because he wanted to pay her back!

Of course he and Rowie had won the race. And that night, when they had returned home from the open day, he walked over to Jackie's room. He knocked on the door twice before he walked in.

"Guy!" She'd just changed into her nightgown, which made him hold his breath for a bit.


"What are you doing here?"

"Well…according to you the bet was off, but according to me it never was. Never agreed on it either. And seeing how you lost, and the price was a penalty for the loser…"

"Are you kidding me?"

"Of course not! You started this whole thing and you can't just cancel it the very last minute for no real reason."

She shook her head.

"Fine then. What do you want me to do? Wash your dirty clothes, or…"

"No, I want you to go out for dinner with me."

"That's it? We've had dinner before."

"Yes, but that was just as colleagues. I want you to go on a date with me."

Jackie started to laugh.

"A date? Why? Wouldn't that be a punishment for you?"

"No, because at this date you can't make any negative comments about me. Whatever I say to you, you can't be smart about it to me, you won't be able to snap at me."

Jackie shook her head.



"No. What do you think the people in town will think of it? It will have them gossip in no time."

"So what! What does it matter?"

"I don't want them to think that all of sudden I developed feelings for you! Because…because…"

"Well, good thing it doesn't matter what you want or don't want, cause you just lost a bet and you'll have to do whatever I want. I'll pick you up at seven tomorrow evening."

Jackie still wasn't sure if he would really get through with all this, but decided to dress up a little bit to be on the safe side. She wore a black dress she had never worn before and had her curly hair tied together on her head. She was just putting on some mascara when she heard a knock on the door. Before she could answer, Guy walked in. She turned around to face him and heard him gasp.

"Nice dress you're wearing."

He was wearing black pants and one of his hideous blouses. And she immediately realized she was over-dressed.

"Yeah…I didn't know…it was the only…"

Before she could come up with something to say he shushed her.

"It suits you Jack." She felt a bit uncomfortable. Was he playing her again, or did he mean what he said. She hated the way he made her feel.

"Ready to go?"

"Where are we going?"

He grinned. "You'll see. Follow me!"

Het took her arm in his and her first reaction was to pull it back. But Guy just looked at her and said: "Uh…no you can't. This is a date, remember?"

When they were about to enter the pub, Jackie wanted to just run upstairs again. She didn't understand what Guy was trying to do. It wasn't as if people would only be talking about her, they'd be talking about him as well. Did he really want people to think they'd be interested in each other? Guy noticed her hesitation.


"For what?"

"Don't worry. Most people know I just won a bet with you."

Jackie didn't really know whether that comforted her or not.

Guy guided her through the pub to the restaurant, where a table was awaiting them. She took a seat, as did Guy and almost instantly Nancy walked over to their table. The look on Nancy's face didn't give Jackie great comfort.

"Oh Guy and Jackie…how romantic to see the two of you together like this!" She turned to Guy. "Number four was it, right Guy? Oh…I always knew this would eventually happen, you two were made for each other!"

Jackie looked at Guy and hissed: "I thought you said…"

"Number four yes, thanks Nance." He then looked at Jackie. "No fights or comments, just enjoy the evening."

The look on Jackie's face was priceless. Of course Nancy knew the real story behind the date. He didn't know whether or not she believed it, but at least she played her role well.

Sounds were now coming from the jukebox and Guy looked at Jackie, holding out his hand.

"Wanna dance?"

She wanted to say no, but the look in Guy's eyes reminded her of the bet and she got up. She couldn't believe all this. Guy wrapped his arms around her and tried to pull her close.

He whispered in her ear "Remember, this evening you do whatever I want you to do." His voice gave her the shivers and to feel his strong, big arms around her gave her mixed feelings. Just like the night in the shed, when he had hold her in his arms.

"Lay your head on my shoulder and relax Jack. You're so tense!"

She couldn't help but give him an evil eye. This was embarrassing.

Guy could feel how she was trying to fight him off and that she didn't feel comfortable at all. He, however, thought it felt more than comfortable to hold her so close to him. He could smell her perfume and enjoyed himself far more than he should, for all the wrong reasons. Johnno's voice echoed in his head and he started to ask himself why exactly this was the kind of penalty he had in mind for Jackie. He had told himself it would be worth seeing her getting irritated and annoyed, but he never expected that he actually really enjoyed holding her. It confused him and he abruptly let go of her. She looked puzzled at him.

"Let's order some food, shall we."

Jackie didn't really understand what just happened and as much as she hated to admit it to herself, she could have stayed in his arms for a bit longer.

"I'll order today's special for the both of us."

"What's going on Guy?"

"Nothing. Why?"

She shook her head. "Never mind."

Guy didn't know what to do or say anymore. Somehow asking her to dance with him complicated everything. She stirred up emotions within him of which he had no idea that he had them. And he wasn't too sure he liked it or not. The way she was looking at him, with her big, asking eyes, didn't help much either.

Jackie noticed the change in his behavior and wondered what was going on. She didn't like it when he was playing games with her, but at least she knew what he was trying to do. Now she just didn't. It confused her.

After dinner Guy told Jackie he would walk her to her room.

"No, you don't have to Guy. I know my way around."

"This is a date, remember. So that means I'll walk you home. Or to your room that is. And no arguments over it, the bet still isn't over yet!"

Together they walked upstairs. Jackie reached the door to her room and turned around.

"Well, we're here now. Date is over so all can be normal again from now on! You don…" Before she could finish her sentence, Guy bended forward and kissed her on the mouth. It took her a short bit to realize what just happened then she tried to pull back. But Guy grabbed her in his arms and pulled her closer, not letting go of her mouth. She managed to squeeze out a soft "What are you doing?" before he let go of her and her lips. Her big eyes were gazing at him.


He tried to smile. "Nothing. Just…a date wouldn't be a real date without a kiss, right? It's okay. Date is now officially over and it won't happen again. Good night."

Before she could say anything, he had turned around and walked away. Jackie watched him in confusion. Was his plan to confuse the hell out of her, cause if so, it absolutely worked.

She could still feel the touch of his lips on hers and she just didn't know what to feel anymore.

The next morning Jackie was the first to get up and go downstairs. She took a seat at the bar where she was welcomed by Nancy.

"Good morning love. Did you have a good night last night? So wonderful to see you and Guy dance together, I've always said it to Vic, but you two are made for each other."

"Nancy…you do know last night was a set up, right? It wasn't a real date."

Nancy smiled.

"Of course I know, Guy told me. But I saw what I saw last night and that wasn't all faked. Breakfast?"

Jackie just nodded. In the corner of her eye she saw Guy enter the pub. He didn't notice her. She followed his movements as he made his way to the kitchen. The words of Nancy still echoed in her head. Was it not all faked? He was Guy after all, a playboy.