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The rest of the walk to Shay's was awkward. They said goodbye and Ellie headed back in the cold strong wind. She arrived home, heading in through the back door she got to making a hot chocolate.

Joey: Ellie, we need to talk

Ellie froze Shit, did she catch me and Shay kissing, worse did Watson catch us

She turned around to face her sister

Ellie: What's up Jo

Joey: What's up? Watson is in your room crying...you really hurt her

Ellie: She saw me and Shay kiss

Joey: Yeah, and so did I

Ellie: I'll go talk to her

Joey: I'd be surprised if she doesn't tell you to fuck off

Ellie bowed her head before heading up to her room. Knocking on the door she walked in and saw Watson layed on the bed half crying.

Ellie: Watson...I'm sorry it weren't meant to happen

Watson: Fuck off, I don't want to talk to you

Ellie: Yeah...I gathered that. And I'm sorry ok?

Watson: Yeah I guess I could forgive you for the kiss

She said sitting up and wiping away her tears

Watson: But...truth is you don't want to be with me any more do you?

Ellie: Wh...what are you on about

Watson walked over to Ellie's diary and opened it up on the right page.

Watson: This, you said that you didn't want to be with me any more. That's you no longer find me attractive and you don't love me any more. Because there's someone else. Guess that someone else is Shay?

Ellie: I didn't think you'd find that. And actually no, it wasn't Shay, it was about Iesha but she's moved to Perth. Then Shay came so I guess now you could say it's about her... I'm sorry Watson

Watson: SO it's true then

Ellie: Yeah It is...I just don't have feelings for you anymore, I don't love you any more. I know that sounds really selfish and insensitive but It's how I feel. I've always said how I feel and I'm sorry if you don't like that

Watson slapped Ellie across the face

Watson: Yeah...guess I'm sorry for that

Throwing Ellie's diary at her she grabbed her suitcase she had previously packed and headed out the house, jumping in her car she drove off. Ellie sang onto her bed rubbing her sore cheek. Looking up she saw Charlotte walking in

Charlotte: Hey, you ok?

Ellie: No, I screwed up big time...ahh ya can see me now can't ya. Single for the rest of my life

Charlotte: I'm sure that won't happen

She said taking a seat next to her former student

Ellie: How'd ya know, you can't predict the future

Charlotte: Speak for yourself, you just did

Ellie: Yeah I know, guess I best head down and face the horrible hate of Jo and Charlz

Charlotte: They won't hate you, you just followed your heart c'mon

Pulling Ellie up of the bed Ellie groaned.

Half an hour later everything was sorted out. Watson rang up to say she was staying back at her old flat and Charlie and Joey weren't mad at Ellie. Mainly because she had told the truth. Now Charlie and Joey were sat in the living room by themselves.

Joey: So, wedding on the yacht?

Charlie: Sounds perfect

She moved to kiss Joey on the cheek.

Joey: Charlie...there's actually something wanted to talk to you about aswell

Charlie: What s it?

Joey: I don't want to freak you out or anything...but...

Charlie: But...

Joey: I want a baby

Charlie choked on her own breath

Joey: That's only if you want to

Charlie kept quiet, standing up she headed into the kitchen and Joey followed. Placing her hand on her Fiancée's shoulder Joey sighed. Charlie was about to say something when her phone rang. Looking at the caller ID it as Joyce answering it she stepped into the living room


Charlie, we need you down her ASAP, north end of the beach. There's been a homicide

Ok i'll be right there

Hanging up she returned to the kitchen and looked at Joey

Charlie: I have to go, there's been a killing

After getting dressed she headed don to the beach. Finally reaching she caught on her own breath...Again, she was shocked at who's body it as. Shay's. Walking up to Watson they shared a nervous glare.

Watson: Thank god it as her

Charlie: Watson! How could you say that

Watson: What? She kissed my girlfriend...my ex girlfriend.

Charlie: No, Ellie kissed her. And to tell the truth but Shay is Ellie's age you weren't. I don't ant you on this case. And I reckon this'll lead back to you

Watson: Whatever you say, and your pathetic. And ya know what, yeah Charlz this will lead back to me. But first catch my apprentice.

With that she took of. Three hours later Charlie arrived home, rather pissed of. It was nearing half six and all she wanted to do was eat, shower and fall asleep but knowing she had to tell Ellie the news and still talk to Joey. Sleep wasn't on the list. Shutting the door Charlie was meat by Ellie, Charlotte and Joey making dinner

Ellie: Hey, hope you're hungry. Who was killed? I heard it's a small case

Charlie: Yeah I am thanks, and yeah it's small. Ellie I've actually got to talk to you. I'll just get dressed and then we'll talk

Ellie: Ok

Ten minutes later Charlie arrived back downstairs and guided Ellie into the living room, taking a seat Ellie asked what was the matter.

Charlie: The person killed was...Shay, I'm sorry Ellie

Tears formed in her eyes before collapsing in Charlie's arms. Five minutes later she was al cried out. Sitting up she wiped her tears away.

Ellie: Who did it

Charlie; We have two leads, but Watson set at the scene that it'll lead back to her we just need to find her apprentice.

Ellie: So she'll be arrested

Charlie: Maybe, she might just be charged. We don't know how much she played a part in this yet

Ellie: OK

Charlie: You ok?

Ellie: Yeah I'll be fine

Charlotte: Dinner's ready!

Charlie: C'mon

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