Creed's victory celebration was not an innocent affair. Bodies heaved and gyrated against each other. Tongues violently intertwined. Sitting on a throne in the center of his futuristic headquarters, Creed held a glass of wine in one hand while his opposite arm kept Kohaku firmly straddled in his lap. Although they were fully clothed, the unlikely couple filled the chamber with the loud beginnings of love-making.

Kohaku abruptly killed the mood when she fell silent and glanced away in shame. Creed tilted his head suspiciously, questioning her in a low tone.

"Is something wrong, Incarose?"

Kohaku blinked toward the ground as she sorted through her thoughts.

"Strange. Ever since I assimilated my current host, I seem have been developing human emotions."

Creed calmly moved his empty hand so he could take his servant by the chin and gently guide her attention back to him. He offered a comforting smile as he tried to get a more specific answer.

"What's bothering you?"

He saw a worried look growing in Kohaku's eyes when she shyly responded.

"Should we really be doing this? Everything you've done has been for the sake of Flora."

Creed uttered a sad sigh and shook his head.

"Flora is gone. I doubt anything can restore her at this point. You're the closest thing I have left."

After another moment of consideration, his expression changed to a devious grin.


His free hand traced down the curve of her back, stopped at her smooth cheek, and squeezed.

"A man has certain... needs, and you appear to be quite capable of fulfilling them in your new form. I'm sure Flora would have wanted me to move on."

That seemed to settle the debate, as Kohaku quickly leaned into him again and began suckling his neck. After he took a sip from his glass, he noticed his partner was curiously staring at the remaining wine. He extended the cup to let her have a taste, causing her nimble hands to wrap around his sturdy fingers and guide the glass to her lips. He chuckled lightly when she downed the entire glass out of impulse. It was the first time she ever experienced this delicacy with a full set of human senses.

"Well, how is it?"

Kohaku let Creed's arm return to his armrest, then lowered her head and tried to shake the sudden buzz away.

"I... I feel a slight dizzying sensation. My cognitive functions are being altered."

She soon decided she enjoyed this feeling and allowed the wine to overtake her mind. When she gazed back toward Creed, her eyelids dropped seductively.

"May I make a suggestion, Master Creed?"

He replied with an amused smirk. He had a pretty good idea where she was heading.

"I'm listening."

She carefully wrapped her toned thighs around his chiseled waist. Her voice lowered to a whisper as she nestled lovingly against his ear.

"Since there is a high probability I'm going to spend the rest of my existence in this form, I feel I should become more accustomed to living as a human. I would like to experiment with this body's auxiliary abilities."

It was easy for Creed to understand what she was insinuating. His fingers were already eagerly tugging at the laces on the back of her leotard when he answered.

"I see no reason why I shouldn't give you what you want after everything you've accomplished for me."

He tossed his glass to the floor, paying no attention to it when it shattered to pieces.