Author's Note

Hello! This is my 1st story, and I intend it to be at least 20 Chapters long. I'm gonna make tons of stories. I love Portal, so that's where I'll begin. Thanks, and enjoy!

(By the way, this takes place after the events of Portal 2.)

Chell was still wandering in that corn field. That obviously got boring after about a week or so (only since she hadn't been outside for, like, 20 years) so she decided to head back into Aperture.

Hey, Chell thought. Maybe they'll give me cake! I am so hungry, and GLaDOS totally owes me for promising cake and then trying to drop me into a fiery pit of death. Oh darn. I forgot; The Cake Is a Lie.

So she wandered her way back to Aperture, dying of hunger….. for cake. Why did she want cake so bad, you wonder? Well, she hadn't eaten in what, 20 years or so?

Finally, she found the shed. Companion Cube lay burned on the ground. She kissed it and apologized for murdering it. She explained that she couldn't pass into the next Test Chamber unless she burned her best buddy. She picked it up. It was quite a bit heavier than it was when the Portal Gun held it. She stumbled around, trying to carry it back into the science institute. The door was open a crack. Obviously GLaDOS had slammed it so hard that it was open just enough to get back inside of Aperture. Chell was relieved. She could finally see GLaDOS and Wheatley (oh wait, he was in space with Space Core) and ATLAS and P-body…. She was overjoyed. The elevator started to head down. Her stomach lurched. Would GLaDOS still try to kill her? She was Still Alive, and Wanted Her Gone. It was too late now…. Fate had to take its way.