Fallout from the atomic wars


Hello there! Sorry, I've been away for a while with work, but I am now going to write the second part of my 'Heavy Stuff' Back to the Future storyline. If you haven't read the first part and would like to, please check it out under the Back to the Future section entitled 'Heavy Stuff'! As we are about to embark on part two, I hope you enjoy what is to come as much as I am enjoying writing it. Thank you for reading!


Sunday 17th November 1985. 11:05am


A hole was punched in the space time continuum. A force so strong that not even the fourth dimension could restrain it. Through this hole burst an energy. This power.

The slick-lined, stainless steel structure of the DeLorean slipped almost effortlessly from its ties to the past, present and future and spread its flaming tyre tracks into the now. The car zoomed along the road. Fire bursting from the exhaust and the smoking wheels leaving their mark on time and tide. Suddenly the back end of the DeLorean kicked out and sent the car and its driver into a squealing tail slide across the tarmac of 1985. As the car came to a halt in the middle of the road lined by trees, the bulky gull-wing door flew open and out stepped the time machine's soul passenger, Marty McFly.

The boy had just come back to the future from 1931. A year he would now never forget. He'd originally returned to the past to save his mentor, Doctor Emmett Brown, from his certain death. He'd become embroiled in the life of a younger version of the eccentric scientist and accidentally fallen into the dark past of Hill Valley, full of speakeasies, gangsters and confusion. Since Marty had become a time traveller, he tried to take days like these in his stride, but now that he was back in 1985, he was not there to relax and smile at his achievements, but to find out whether what he had done had changed things for the better or for the worse.

As he stepped out of the slowly warming DeLorean, he was unsure about how to answer his question.

At the first glance as Marty stumbled from the DeLorean and stared down the long road of the Lyons Estate, Hill Valley looked normal. The flaming tyre tracks were dissipating and shrinking into nothingness, but otherwise there was nothing out of the ordinary. There were no massive pylons built behind houses or crime scenes littered about the place like there had been after their trip to 2015. Everything was in its rightful place as it had been when Marty had left for 1931 the day before. When he had left 1931, he had been on the outskirts of Hill Valley before his road was even thought about being built. The temporal parking space which the DeLorean liked to frequent. Now that time had passed, lives had moved on and buildings had been built, Marty now stood at the entrance to the Lyons Estate, deep within the myriad of streets in Hill Valley. The DeLorean was sitting helplessly in the middle of the road having just missed a badly parked vehicle on the corner leading down Marty's street. There was however one thing that was bothering him. Two if he had bothered to pay closer attention when he had first gotten out of the DeLorean. But as he stood, a bit dazed from his time travelling journey and focussed upon his soul hope that all was back to normal, the second of these passed his judgement for the moment. What he did notice was that everything was suddenly cleaner. A whole lot cleaner and tidier. Not the kind of tidy you instantly notice, but one where after inhabiting the space for a few moments you begin to notice and comment upon the cleanliness of a place. There was no graffiti on the estate signs, nor was there any rubbish fluttering in the cool wind. Only the skittering of fallen autumn leaves could be heard as they were blown around in small turrets by the blustery gusts of wind. Now that he'd had time to take this in, this did seem odd. The positive part of him was hoping that this was just some scheme dreamt up and quickly acted upon by Mayor Goldie Wilson. One of his new initiatives to clean up the streets perhaps bought about by Marty's help 'cleaning the streets' of crime in 1931. He never had found out what happened to Kid after the fire…

But the honest, time-travelling, Doc-listening part of him told him that something was wrong. Marty blinked in the sunlight, holding his hand up above his eyes to allow him a better picture of what was in front of him. And indeed, all changed when he turned to look away from the Lyons Estate and instead began turning to survey the rest of his surroundings. He looked back on the DeLorean, sitting innocently in the middle of the street, slowly defrosting, but as his gaze wandered toward the sky, something inside of him sunk. He supposed it was hope.

Now that the Lyons estate wasn't on the outskirts of town, there were houses and buildings in the way, but even they couldn't obscure the thing that was tearing Marty's optimism down. In front of him, just teasing him over the skyline of Hill Valley, was a brick wall or at least what appeared to be brick from where he was standing. A large, loathsome wall which towered over the houses closer to it.

'Ah man.' Marty exhaled, just staring at the wall in disbelief. Marty followed it around, only to find it seeming to border Hill Valley, keeping the town enclosed. He lost sight of it as it disappeared behind a particularly high set of houses, but he knew that the wall probably encircled the entire town. He could see fringing on the top of it which looked to Marty like barbed wire, stretching in menacing coils along the high ends of the monumental structure. The houses were obscuring the rest of his view so he couldn't be certain whether there were exits or sentries placed around the wall. All he knew was that it was there now and hadn't been when he'd left yesterday.

Marty tore his sight from the eyesore that stood so far away and yet seemed to be leaving a shadow over him. Something was definitely wrong and it was all his fault. Again. The only thing he could think of doing was getting home and seeing what damage he had caused there. He might as well see how much he had changed the world before fixing it…if indeed it was possible to fix. He turned away from the wall lining and walked back towards the DeLorean. He knew that it would be somewhat conspicuous if he left it in the middle of the road. So without a thought, he leapt back inside the time machine, closed the door and drove down the Lyons Estate and back home. The seat where Doc had sat before disappearing before Marty's eyes still had its seatbelt done up. Reminding Marty of the dreadful moment a few minutes previously when his mentor had vanished right in front of him. The time machine was still in existence, thank goodness, which to Marty meant that Doc hadn't been completely erased from existence. However, this left the question: where could Doc be now? Marty didn't like to answer these questions when he was still in shock. His plan was to formulate them and act later.

'Oh geez, Doc. Where are you?' He lamented.

Marty pulled up swiftly and left the car on the curb outside his house. Whatever he discovered inside his house, he knew that the DeLorean was on standby for a quick getaway should he need one. He patted the car just as he had seen Doc do a hundred times and now he knew why. It was the one thing that was recognisable. The time machine was his tie to 'reality' and no matter what happened Marty wanted to keep it.

Marty looked at the door that led into what should be his salvation. Home is where the heart is, but Marty was scared of what he'd find in the house. Time would tell.


Thank you for reading. Well, we're back on the road, as it were. I hope you enjoyed this little chapter ready for what is to come because where we're going we don't need….roads! :D xxx