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Chapter Six


The next morning Bella was up and ready before five and was downstairs eating breakfast in the kitchen when Charlie walked in.

"Your up early." He commented, in an exhausted voice.

"Look whose talking. Have you even been to sleep yet?" She was only mildly concerned as she knew, she herself had gone nights sleeplessly when researching a case.

"Not an iota. Is there coffee?" Bella tilted her head to signal there was and then grabbed her jacket.

"I'm heading down to La Push."

"What's todays challenge?" Charlie's chuckle was thick with tiredness and the roughness this case was taking on him.

Bella laughed. "I promised hand-on-hand, something lighter than running."

"And you chose hand-on-hand as a lighter subject?" Snorted Charlie.

"Well that's what they think." Bella laughed. "I'll see you later."

Bella was quick to get in her car and speed her way to La Push, for no other reason than to the training, she tried to tell herself. Although she knew things with Jacob were a definite go ahead, they'd promised to take things slow for now. Especially after how things we're so heated in one of their first encounters.

She got out the car to see everyone had gathered, even the wolves and were play fighting all over Emily and Sam's garden.

"Hey," she shouted, getting everyones attention. "What's everyone doing?"

Sam was the one to step forward from his play fight with Jacob to answer, "your going to be training our girls to fight, I think we deserve to watch."

"Okay." Bella answered, while slowly walking to meet Sam where he was standing. "But you should know Sam, you try and interupt me or try and stop anything I'm doing, I will go all Alpha on your ass." She turned, not giving him a chance to respond and smiled. "You girls ready?"


Sam had only interupted twice, not much to Bella's surprise but what did surprise her was her reaction. The first time she'd humoured him as much as possible without giving in but the second time her anger had gotten the best of her.

Sam stormed towards her as Kim was able to throw Emily to the floor and several attempts. "I think that's enough!" He stressed, barely in control of his wolf.

"Enough?" Bella questioned laughingly. "Do the vampires you hunt ever use that line? I'm not the bad guy here Sam, I can let them have a break and relax after an hour but will anybody whose trying to kill them give them that choice?"

"There only human." He argued.

"So am I."

"Are you? You never said how you actually got out of your ropes in the woods."

"I think that's enough." Jacob growled as he stormed forward.

"I don't think that's any of your business." Bella defended.

"I think it is, especially when it's concerns my packs safety." Not only was Bella fuming at his direct hits but she was also overwhelmed by sadness, knowing he didn't include her in that sentence.

"Oh my god." Someone just beyond Sam said, causing everyone to look.

Every single flower pot and everything not purchased to the ground was floating, even the house was shaking from the stress it was exserting to stay down. Bella flinched knowing it was her and fled.

Which brought her to the reason she was sitting with her knees to her chest staring out into the vast ocean of La Push.

"He's right, I am dangerous." She spoke for the first time in a while as she felt, rather than saw, someone sit down on her right.

"He's not." Jacob stated emphatically.

"Did you go blind or something. I nearly lifted Sam and Emily's house out of it's foundations!"

"That doesn't make you-"

"Don't say it, you don't know just how dangerous I can be." Bella sighed sadly. "It's happening again." She spoke quietly with a sour regenation, knowing Ruby was right that it wasn't over.

"What's happening?"

"Nothing." Bella spoke quite harshly.

"You know you can trust me, right?"

"I know, and one day I may tell you but until then, I just-I just, can't. I'm sorry."

"It's okay, I suppose. As long as you know I'm here."

The silence continued between the pair until Bella said she had places to be when it had gotten darker. Jacob didn't like that she would be alone in the mood she was in but there was not much he could do about it. He just said all he could with a withdrawn imprint.

"Please stay safe."


Bella arrived at her destination early hours the next day, knowing they wouldn't be open, but not really caring. She let herself into the very derelict looking bar and quickly made her way to the a barstool, grabbing a full of whatever her hand grabbed first on her way down. She hadn't tried to be quiet knowing it wouldn't matter wasn't long before she her the clicking of a riffle pressed up behind her back.

"Want to tell me what your doing in my bar, stealing my Johnny Walker?"

"I didn't think you'd want me at the good stuff I know is in the kictchen." Bella commented back, sarcastically.

She felt the gun ease at her back, "why don't you turn around and give me a hug?" They said when they realised who it was.

"Thought you'd never ask." Bella said in relief as she turned and relaxed into a hug. "Everything's so messed up Ellen."


She spend the next two days serving the lovely patrons that frequented the Roadhouse. She couldn't begin to recount the amount of fights Ellen had had to stop her having, Ellen had actually expressed her thankfullness that Jo wasn't here as that would mean more splitting up for the older woman to do. At least this time Jacob knew were she was and the pack weren't fretting. Although how much they would have done if she hadn't have rang she didn't know, centainly not Sam, she thought sarcastically.

So many days had gone by working in the bar, and she could feel the late shifts and drinking catching up with her. She had never really thrown up after alcohol before but there was always a first time for anything, she thought.

"How are you feeling this morning?" Ellen asked her the next morning when they were having breakfast. Bella grimaced at the taste of the food after her night of throwing up.

"I think I'm still having after-effects." She pushed the plate away knowing she couldn't finish. "I didn't think there was even vomit in the world." She chuckled making light of it.

"Maybe you should start refusing patrons offers of drinks from now on."

"Maybe your right."

Bella picked up the newspaper that Ellen had discarded next to her and was shocked by the date. September 18th it said in the corner. Jacob was a senior, she thought, regretting being here as long as she had.

"Ellen?" She could hear the despairation in her own voice as she looked up at her mother figure.

"I know." She sighed. "You've been here nearly three weeks, but you seems so-so, well just not you. I didn't want to disturb the little bit of piece you seem to have found. Although I think there's something more you want to get back to."

Ellen was right, she had an imprint to get back too.


She was driving back when she suddenly felt the familar urge again. She slammed on her breaks before opening her car door and throwing up. "Urggh!" She moaned, getting back into the car and sitting back to relax. Her phone rang, disturbing her peace. "Hello?" She answered harshly.

"Well hello to you too, what crawled up your ass?"

"Hey Bobby."

"Well don't sound too happy, you might pull something."

"Sorry Bobby, bad couple of weeks."

"Well I may be making it worse."

"Is it Sam?" Bella asked quickly, sitting up.

"No, no. I've yet to her from the idjit, still. No this is monster related. I've been scouring for cases, by the reports there's a wendigo just on the boarder of Olympus, Seattle. I thought you'd want it, scenes as its your territory."

"Yeah, yeah. Can you, err, send me what you have. Just email me. Thanks." She quickly put the phone down and yet again opened her door. "Urghh."


"Idjit, hanging up, not picking up-" Bobby's rant ended as his door bell rang.


"I-I don't-"

"Yeah me either, but here I am." Dean said as he entered through Bobby's front door. "Bobby it's me!" He shouted as Bobby lunged at him with a silver knife.

"My ass." Bobby muttered as Dean created space in between himself and the older hunter.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Your name is Robert Steven Singer. You became a hunter after your wife got possessed and... You're about the closest thing I have to a father. Bobby. It's me."


Bella was standing by her car when they all came out and saw her. She was expecting just one of them to approah her but, to her surprise, all of them ran over to the young hunter.

"Bella!" Jacob shouted, with happiness radiating from his face.

"Good to have you back." Jared said with a smile. She looked around and saw the relief on everyone's face.

"Missed me?" She commented sarcastically.

"Of course, your a pack sister." Seth commented lightly as if her position in the pack was never questioned and she smiled uneasy wondering who else's mentality was like Seth's young mind.

"Are you okay?" Jacob asked, a small frown on his face.

"I'm fine." Bella brushed off the fact that she probably looked awful and smiled. "So what are you guys doing now that your free from torture for the night?"

"We're heading to Sam and Emily's." Paul told her.

"Oh. Do you think I'm welcome back yet?"

Paul laughed. "Sure. Just be careful of Emily's flowers this time."

Bella's flinch was very visible and she was shocked to hear, not just Jacob's growl but every other wolf's that were there. As if they were protecting her.

She turned to her car, not wanting to think of the way her brothers always protected her like that and slung one last comment over her shouder, ignoring how all the wolves were looking at each other confused. "First to the car gets a ride."


Emily was quick to hug Bella tightly, and Jacob was confused by the sensations that made him get quickly to her side- just in case.

"I'm glad your back." Emily commented as he pulled Bella to his side, thankful she didn't pull away. Especially when Sam appeared. The wolf in Jacob saw him as his Alpha as he always had, but differently today, he felt the need to growl a warning, knowing that the last time he had been around Bella he had hurt his imprint's feelings. Even if she wouldn't agree.

"Bella." Sam greeted calmly.

"Sam." Bella replied.

Before Emily could nudge the Alpha to get him to give the apology Em thought Bella deserved, his whole posture changed, as if he'd just realised something. "I'm sorry Bella, for how I reacted. Your part of this pack and I shouldn't have assumed you were a threat. I hope you can forgive me." Pretty much everyone looked at the Alpha in shock, knowing he had been reluctant to give the apology, and it had been Emily's constant nagging over the weeks.

"Er-erm, sure Sam I can forgive you." Bella replied in an almost daze. Everyone released a breathe as if they'd been on edge in case they needed to fight.

"Good." He took a breathe. "Jacob, can I talk to you?"

Jacob's reluctance was evident, but he settled as soon as he saw Seth deliberately step closer to Bella, and Jacob's wolf settled knowing she was protected.

"What's up Sam?" He asked, glancing back at the house when they got far enough away, no one would hear.

"Do you feel any different since Bella got back? More protective."

"Well yeah, but she's my imprint and she's been away for-"

Sam interupted the younger wolf. "And the others? Do they seem more protective?"


"This is going to be an awkward question, but have you and Bella been, erm, well you know have you-" Sam huffed, annoyed with himself "have you been intimate?"

"I don't understand why your asking this Sam." Jacob said harshly, getting annoyed himself.

"You know I've read the stories many times over." Jacob nodded. "The only time a wolf is instinctly protective over someone is an imprint. The only time a whole pack is instinctly protective over someone is if their carrying a cub."

"If their.." Jacob struggled to get his words out at the shock.

"If one of the imprints are pregnant that imprint becomes just as important to the pack as it does to the imprinted wolf."


"So where is it?"

"Where's what?" Dean asked the hot girl that answered the motel door.

"The pizza... That takes two guys to deliver." She replied with a sneer.

"I think we got the wrong room." Dean commented, looking to Bobby.

"Hey is-"

Dean couldn't believe he was finally seeing his Sammy again, all that was missing was Bella he thought. Sam couldn't believe it either as he stopped dead to stare at Dean.

"Heyya Sammy." Dean muttered quietly as if to speak to loud would disturb the peace. He thought too soon.

"Who are you!" Sam yelled as he lunged at Dean, knife first.

"Like you did't do this!" Dean yelled, protecting himself from the attack.

"Do what?!"

"It's him! It's him. I've been through this already. It's really him." The older hunter yelled as he got inbetween the two fighting younger hunters.


"So what'd it cost? To bring me back, what'd it cost? Just your soul, or was it something worse? So what am I off the hook and your on it? Your some demons bitch boy? I didn't want to be saved like this!" Dean yelled, advancing on his little brother.

"Look, Dean, I wish I'd have done it. I tried everything! That's the truth. I tried opening the Devil's Gate. I tried bargaining, Dean, but no demon would deal, Dean, all right! You were rotting in Hell for months and I couldn't do anything about it! So I'm sorry it wasn't me, all right. Dean I'm sorry."

"It's okay Sammy, you don't have to apologise. I believe you."

"Don't get me wrong, I'm glad Sam's soul still remains intact, but it does raise a sticky quetion.." Bobby pointed out to the boys.

"If he didn't pull me out, then what did?" Dean asked.

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