Ice was coming from underneath the door! What in the name of the Underworld was she doing. Trying to sort souls was becoming harder and harder with her antics!

I stood up stretching my arms above my head, looking over at the line I had left I sighed. There was no way I could keep my mind on it now, no I had to investigate this. I walked over listening carefully to the other side of the door, then slowly opened it.

The hallway was covered in ice, the walls had piles of snow to each side, but where was she? I stepped across to the snow on one side trying to make my way to the other end of the hall, how far was this? I nearly jumped out of my pants, my beautiful Persephone came slinding around the corner. Her brown hair flying behind her, her cheeks pink in excitement, her dress hiked around her hips as she tried to make her feet stop. Her green eyes wide, she was nearly to me, so she threw herself down to one side.

I had to dive to catch her, landing us both in one pile of snow. She lay flushed in my arms, biting her lip, not quite meeting my eyes. I sighed, "That answers one question." She smiled running a hand carressing one side of my face. "Care to tell me what your doing?"

She looked to the ceiling, then to me, "I was bored." she whispered.

I kept my voice flat, no need for her to hear amusement it would only encourage her, "So you covered my halls in ice?"

She nodded, "I was sliding."

"Sliding?" Good gods, laughter bubbled up and I had to give in. Standing I helped her out of the cold fluffy snow. "Sliding." She smiled up at me, wrapping her arms around me. The things she came up with! Zues, help us.

She kissed my neck, "Care to join me?" I cocked an eyebrow. "Please, my love."

"I have a better idea." I said sighing. I picked her up in my arms and strolled out of the hall.

From Mount Olympus to Greece, they would have all been in shock that day. For in the Underworld the Lord of Nightmares, the Terror that haunted so many, the God of Death and Destruction had frozen the hills in the underworld so that he and his wife could (from what she called it) 'slide'. Their laughter was heard throughout the Underworld.

Later in the day, Hades watched as his little wife finally tired of her sport. She came to him, yawning. He took her hand, bringing it to his lips, "I've got to go finish my duties now, love."

She grinned, "Of course, I'll clean up the halls."

He nodded, "Please." Walking stealthily away, pulling his cape around him he muttered, "The things you come up with."

She heard him and winked at his retreating figure, "Just wait 'til tomorrow."

He turned grinning, then shook his head in surrender. She had too much imagination, sense of adventure, and way too much free time. Laughing, he threw back his head, He wouldn't change her for the world.

Major thanks to Conjuror for the cover. You can find this great artist on deviant art. Look up .com or go to deviant art website and search the name Conjuror or pm me for details or links. Thanks for the wonderful art!