I walked back into the throne room, my eyes roaming over the familiar faces looking for my wife. She was the light that called to my darkness, my savior, my everything. I wouldn't be here at this wedding now if not for her, (I can't honestly say that, the boy deserved my respect, my presence).

He had a harsh life, but he had accepted it as a man. Even though my siblings and I tried to explain Hera's reasons for casting him out, I felt it deep that he had accepted it and moved on. Hepheastus was a fine man, he'd grown into something that many gods only hoped to attain. He was a god I could respect, like Zeus I could follow him into war and know he would lead us to swift victory.

I found humor in my marriage, I could not deny. Persephone was everything I was not, she was warm, sweet, she radiated a kind gentleness. I was cold, sadistic, and radiated pure evil. Yes, it seeped from every pore of my body, felt by everyone to ever be in my presence. Persephone was immune, she felt no fear, no chills, no qualms with me. She loved me as I was and I loved her. I could look at this marriage no differently.

My own marriage gave me a unique appreciation as I watch Aphrodite walk out to her husband. She was a ruthless seducer, a selfish brat, a useless peice of fluff in my eyes. He a hard worker, a quiet introvert, a man who hid his quick mind from those who would exploit it. They reminded me of my love, so unsuited. As she slipped into his arms, I saw it. I saw the love shining between them and knew it was what I experienced, this was what was there so clearly for people to see when I was with her. They slipped out of the room and I crashed back to reality realizing I hadn't located my sweet wife.

She had begged me for a dance, her sharp little brain ignoring the fact that I King of the Dead did not dance. I did not celebrate, party, and drink as the rest of these revelers, I was a cold man whom would rather mind my own. She had been aggravated, and I had to speak with the boy so I had left her in her snit. Then it hit me, surely no man would be that ignorant!

I moved to the dancers, my eyes quickly finding her lush finger and shining brown hair. She wore black as I did, but outlined her gown in gold. Her lips were parted as she laughed, spinning round and round in the music. I sighed, she was the loveliest creature I'd ever lay my eyes upon.

Then anger quickly found its way into my heart, I looked to find arrogant green eyes. Eris, a male sprite, spun her in his arms, holding her pressed to his nimble body. He was sprite of discord and this time he'd bitten off more than he could chew. His eyes looked to me, a chilling grin spread across his face, he seemed to challenge me. I can't recall moving, just that I was behind him.

In my anger, my hand transformed into a claw and I grabbed his shoulder casually tossing him across the room to slam into a wall. He would bother no one this night, the impact had knocked him uncouncious. I took no pleasure outward of this, for my young wife was staring me down for committing some faux pas of Olympus.

"Well?" she sneered. I stared at my feet sheepishly. She was hardly ever angry, never at me, but I think this time could be the time.

"Would you like an apology? I fear I can not lie, I enjoyed that." I whispered for her ears only. She snorted, but I would give her nothing less than the truth.

"Your supposed to finish the dance with me now," she grumbled placing herself in my arms. "It's a rule."

I laughed aloud, quickly stepping in time among the other couples. It was the first time I had ever danced, but after watching it, it was not hard. "I have no rules, my love."

She grinned, pressing herself closer, "I know."

Swinging her around, ignoring the stares of those around us, it hit me. I could get used to dancing with her, it was wonderful to be in public and still press myself into her warmth. Her cheeks flushed, apparently noticing my joy in being so close, and I could not contain the joy.

Across the room, Poseidon stood by his brother, Zeus, staring in disbelief. "I admit he has changed."

Zeus mirth boomed through the halls, patting his brother on the back, they were actually closer than most of the siblings, (Hera being the only one closer to the King of the gods). "I told you, but yes I'll admit it is somewhat unbelievable until you witness it yourself."

Posiedon turned to Zeus, "Unbelievable is not enough to describe the emotion of disbelief I felt hearing of his joy. He's never smiled, let alone laughed." Zeus nodded. "It's a beautiful thing."

"Yes, it is." With that he slipped away to find his own wife.

Laying in bed I curled up to him, putting my feet against his icy ones, shivering with the thrill of them. I always felt complete with him, he loved me with every breath he took and I sought to make him smile, to make him truly happy.

He pulled me tighter against him, "You are my angel." I giggled.

"Your my devil." He snickered, burying his face in my hair. "You realize you should apologize to Enis for your jealous behaivor today."

He groaned, "I'm not apologizing when he knew damn well what he was doing. Besides, I wasn't jealous."

I kissed his chest softly, "Sure and you don't like the scent of lilac either."

"Never said that."

My husband was many things, but he was in denial something fierce. "Is that why you stare every man that talks to me down like you would like to rip out his insides?"

"I do though," he mocked. "I would like to pluck out their eyeballs and feast on their blood for dinner."

I sighed, "Its no wonder the stories that pass through the halls of Olympus."

"They are all true for the most part." he admitted.

"I know," I whispered. He turned to look at me, staring me down in a manner in which I flinched.

"Perhaps you know because I am not the only one denying some powerful feelings..." he trailed off. I looked away. "Persephone." he said called my attentiion back to his eyes. "Persephone, I saw the way you looked at Minthe when she spoke to me today." A grin crept across his features and my cheeks went hot.

"She was flirting." I had wanted to tear her limb from limb and suck the bones from her body to leave a pool of the small nymph to warn off others that would trespass what was mine.

"Yes, and I ignored her." he pointed out. "Yet, your eyes went that beautiful shade of black and I saw the lust for blood across your features." He laughed, "Your as bloodthirsty as I am, my love."

"Your as jealous as I am."

"Perhaps." he admitted and drew me to him for a long kiss. It spoke of lust, desire, heat, love, and a promise for violence that I absolutely devoured. What could I say? Everyone had a sadistic side, but we were the only ones to take glory and pride in it. I was learning quick at my love's side and he was enjoying it as much as I.

Yes, if the nymph happened to cross paths with me again, she would learn. She would learn that the Underworld had no friends, all were equal, all could be crushed. Hades and I had compassion, yet we did not share what was meant only for each other. She would regret her trespass on my territory. I was forgiving, but I was not one to ignore such disrespect. I would forget this instance for now, should she do it again...It was her life. It would be my pleasure her to teach her the flaw of her mistake.

Together we slept with dreams of love. Both of us naked, joined, finding our pleasure in pools of blood. We shared our love, our dreams, our lives, and it was a wonderful thing.

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