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EDIT2: For this story I am using the ENGLISH dub as a source. That means English spelling for things, English nicknames, and no Japanese honorifics. This is for no other reason than 'for fun'...cause I actually like the English dub. Except for 'Kyuubi'. That's easier to see as a name than 'Nine Tails'. Though maybe I'll have Naruto call him that ('Nine Tails') until he finds out his name of course.

Please enjoy anyway!


And it would stop hurting if that slippery bastard would just die already.

Him, with the red hair and the piercings on his face. He needed to die so that the pain could end.

But this stupid rock was holding him back! He needed to get loose. He needed to unleash all of his power and get loose! He needed to…stop and wonder what this feeling is. Why it felt like he was about to...

Throw up?

It was at that point that the eight-tailed beast inside of the giant rock trashed about, roaring in clear confusion and pain. Pain stared up unemotionally at it, but his eyes were filled with weariness. Just what was the beast doing now? And would it affect things in the future?

His eyes widened when the eight-tailed kitsune started to glow red and he quickly ducked for cover when there was a blinding red light that brought a painful burn to the land. For a few minutes as Pain hid behind a sturdy rock, the air around him burned and it was too bright to even keep his eyes opened. Good thing this was technically a dead body he controlled.

Elsewhere Sakura, Neji, Tenten, and the Hyuuga bodyguard Koh, stood around Hinata's injured body. Sakura was doing her best to heal her and it appeared to be working. But then Neji, who was staring concernedly at Hinata, abruptly looked up and with his byakugan activated, saw a dangerous red chakra heading straight towards them. Fast.

"We need to get out of here!" He shouted.

"But Hinata isn't fully healed yet!" Sakura replied as she kept healing the Hyuuga heiress. Off close by there was a large toad and next to him was a shivering Katsyuua.

"Neji Hyuuga is right Sakura. Something happened to Naruto! We need to get out of here quickly!"

"What?" Sakura exclaimed. 'Naruto…' She thought concerned as she paused in healing Hinata and stared in the direction of her friend. She was broken out of her trance when Tenten grabbed her arm.

"Don't you think about recklessly running into danger too!" She exclaimed pulling Sakura to her feet. Sakura saw Neji had picked up Hinata and was carrying her in his arms.

"But-" She started looking in the direction of Naruto once more. She didn't know where Kakashi was. Sasuke was still a traitor. Naruto was all she had right now and the last thing she wanted to do was stand aside while something was happening to him. But the ANBU who was stationed there appeared in front of her.

"You are Lady Tsunade's apprentice aren't you? We need your skill to keep helping to heal the injured. We can't have you putting yourself in danger. If it needs to be said, it looks like that Naruto kid has gotten a lot stronger. I'm sure he'll be fine."

Sakura didn't necessarily believe this ANBU who had never seen her teammate in action until now.


"I can't tell you what's going on. It's all a big blur of red and I don't know what. But I can feel that Naruto's still alive," the slug answered.

Sakura hesitated. The red worried her but if Katsuyaa said Naruto was still alive then that was good. The ANBU was right that Naruto was a lot stronger than he used to be. Hopefully, she was just underestimating him.

"Sakura we have to go," Neji pointed out looking worriedly at the fast coming chakra.

The pink-haired medic nodded her head and then winced in pain when she felt the air around her burn. The others winced and grunted in pain as well.

"This…pain…what is up with the air?" Tenten gasped out. Neji gritted his teeth.

"It's chakra! We have to get out before we burn!" he pointed out. In his arms Hinata whimpered.

"Lady Hinata!" He called out to his cousin in worry. Gamakichi quickly turned his back towards them.

"Hurry up and get on my back! I'll take you all to safety! This heat isn't affecting me that much," the toad said. It was true that his skin was much tougher than the humans' skin, but honestly he didn't know how much longer his added toughness would last him against this burn.

All of the humans nodded and quickly clambered onto the toad before he hopped away to safety.

Back at the battlefield, Pain was barely keeping himself together in this heat. He was burning chakra as well using an Almighty Push just to keep the bulk of the heated chakra away from him. He wondered if he would run out and have to retreat when the chakra suddenly stopped moving around him.

He was confused and tense for a few seconds as he opened his eyes and saw the red chakra sit eerily still. He kept his jutsu up and it turned out to be a good idea for the chakra suddenly blew back against him towards the source. The pressure was pushing against his Almighty Push and his arms were shaking just trying to keep the jutsu up. His vision became a blur of red but at least the heat didn't hurt his eyes anymore.

Finally, after what felt like minutes, all of the chakra was behind him. He released the jutsu and took a couple of seconds to breathe heavily and regain his breath. Things weren't looking too good for him. He felt too drained after all of that. He had no idea how he would keep up against the Kyuubi jinchuuriki now. But he had to try at least. Failure wasn't an option and as long as he still had chakra, even a little, it would stay that way.

Pain slowly and carefully turned his body around and peaked behind the rock. He was shocked by what he saw.

The red chakra was flickering about crazily, but it also seemed to be compressing into one form. Underneath all of the chakra, lying down between the rubble of the rock that once held him at bay was the shadowy form of what had to be the Kyuubi jinchuuriki. It was too dark and the chakra too bright to make out the detailed characteristics, but Pain was sure it was him because who else could it be?

But now there was the question of what the chakra was doing. It wasn't forming around the boy like Pain thought it should. Instead, it was forming on top of the body. Whatever was going on was certainly going to be trouble for Pain. He thought about sending an Almighty Push in the direction of the chakra in an attempt to stop it from doing whatever it was it was doing, but Pain was low on chakra. And this chakra had to be the volatile chakra of the Kyuubi no Kitsune itself. There was little doubt in Pain's mind that an Almighty Push against that would do him little, if any good.

All he could do was sit behind his incredibly sturdy rock and watch helplessly as the chakra formed. He had so many ideas in his head about what the chakra could be doing, but none of them could even come close to what actually happened.

Pain's eyes widened and his jaw slackened in shock as the chakra took on a human form. Even after all the abuse his eyes have gone through already, Pain could clearly see that was definitely a man, or at least a teenager as the build seemed to be the same as the Kyuubi jinchuuriki, squatting on top of the Kyuubi jinchuuriki's body.

The volatile chakra was simmering down as more and more went into the figure before finally, it was all gone. With its disappearance Pain could finally start to make out what the figure looked like.

He paled when he saw a curtain of red hair, tan skin, and dark whisker marks.

And when the figure raised his(it was definitely a 'he') head and Pain's Rinnengan met blood red eyes with slitted pupils, Pain knew he was fucked.

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