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When Naruto wakes up he sees Kyuubi holding a knife in his hand.

He tenses for a few quick milliseconds, his instincts screaming orders at him. They quiet down the moment he sees that he isn't being attacked...Kyuubi is cutting himself. He watched wide-eyed as Kyuubi pricked his finger with a knife, a bored expression on the red-head's face as his red eyes followed the blood trail down to his hand. His pink tongue darted out and lapped up the blood and Naruto could see his finger had healed.

He couldn't contain his curiosity.

"What are you doing?"

"Getting used to pain," Kyuubi answered. Naruto was surprised he did. He was dreading the back and forth games he KNEW Kyuubi was going to play. But this 'game' is kind of odd. Naruto nearly cringed when he saw Kyuubi drop the knife and start twisting his thumb and did actually do so when he heard the 'crack'. Apparently that too much for Kyuubi as the demon let out a gasp. Naruto felt a small chakra spike come from him as he held his broken thumb in his grip. When he pulled away it was healed but Kyuubi stilled rubbed it soothingly and muttered, "Too much" under his breath.

"Why are you doing that?" Naruto couldn't stop himself from asking. Kyuubi turned his gaze towards him and something about those red eyes and that blank expression unnerved him.

"Because last night you caught me off guard with your little sneak attack. That won't happen again."

Oh that. But instead of saying anything about that Naruto focused on the now.

"You got blood on my floor. And I see you left your mess out!" Naruto glared at the ramen cup still tipped over on the table and the cold noodles on his floor. The smell of old ramen now will probably linger for a few days. But secretly Naruto was grateful for the smell of ramen was much more tolerable than the smell of the dead.

Still suddenly everything felt dirty. His bed felt dirty. His apartment felt dirty. Kyuubi felt dirty. He felt dirty. Konoha felt dirty. He just wished that a giant waterfall of soap and bubbles would fall out of the sky and wash over Konoha and when it all stopped the village and everyone in it would be sparkling clean again.

But that went way beyond wishful thinking. Things won't change unless Naruto gets up and does something.

"Last night, you said we can ignore each other for the rest of our lives. I just wanted to let you know that this is possible as I will outlive you."

Naruto completely ignored Kyuubi's statement. He was a mess. He needed a bath. Kyuubi needed one too.

"You stink," he said.

"Well you don't exactly smell like roses either. And who do you think has the more sensitive sense of smell? I deserve your cooperation for putting up with that for this long and not complaining until you brought it up."

"You deserve a lot of things I think. But the only thing you are going to get right now is a bath."

"A bath? You're lucky I'm still wearing the clothes you gave me. I had every urge to rip these garments off along with my hair."

Speaking of hair, Naruto didn't want to comment on it but Kyuubi sure did a number to his. Naruto's face scrunched up in confusion as he looked at the butchered, uneven mess on top of Kyuubi's head. To his shoulders in the back, to his ears at the sides, and barely touching his red eyes in the front, and Naruto to wince at the top which was a look even he wouldn't be seen in public with.

Not that he cared at all about Kyuubi's looks. And judging by what he sees it appears Kyuubi didn't care either. But still even he had an urge to go through it with a comb or something and maybe even grab some scissors and snip a little, just so that Kyuubi would look at least a little presentable. Now he sort of understood why Sakura nagged him about his hair sometimes.

But then Naruto had thought. Where exactly did Kyuubi cut his hair?

"Where's the mess!?" He asked a bit angrily.

"Where there should've been a mirror obviously."

Naruto quickly untangled himself from his sheets and ran into his bathroom. He let out an angry groan as he saw all the red and black hair on the floor. Turning to Kyuubi he shouted, "Okay you are going to clean ALL OF THIS up! And you're going to clean the ramen and the blood too!" And he pointed at all of the messes Kyuubi made since he got here.

Kyuubi lazily glanced at him, "With what?"

"Your hands!" Naruto said semi-seriously. If he needed a mop or broom fine, Naruto will provide one. But first he was going to clean the hard way.

"Hah. No."

"Do it! Or I'll-"

"We are NOT going down that road again are we? Face it we're at a standstill there."

"I wasn't going to say that. I was going to say if you don't clean this mess up then I'll...I'll...I'll think of something."

"Wow. I'm terrified. I better do what you say before you actually think."

"JUST DO IT! I'm frustrated enough already and if you keep pushing me I'll...I'll fight you!"

"You'll fight me? Yeah right as if you can even beat me. I destroyed Pain or did you forget?" And to Naruto's surprise he could see Kyuubi's grin stretch a bit too wide. An action that was very familiar to him. So he smirked back.

"But like you said we're at a standstill so you can't kill me. And you don't know how to actually fight in that body do you? There's no element of luck or surprise or whatever it is you used to beat Pain because I know how clumsy you are. Yeah...okay I can incapacitate you IF I wanted to you know. So you better do as I say or else you won't be able to move at all again!"

Kyuubi's growl was low and menacing but Naruto wasn't bothered. Not when he saw Kyuubi get up and actually go do what he was told.

"And while you clean all this up I'm going to go find some supplies to fix this wall with. We're going to get clean tonight whether you want to or not."

"I don't care what you do Naruto. Just be sure to bring back some sealing stuff."

"Don't tell me what to do," Naruto mumbled under his breath. He's sure Kyuubi still heard his words but he left his apartment before the demon could reply and Naruto got roped into an arguing match that would leave one or both too frustrated to even function.

It took Naruto several hours to make it back to his apartment. But that was because he kept on getting sidetracked and helping people. Sometimes he would even offer the wood he bought to others requiring him to keep going back to buy some more.

But true to his word that night, with the help of some clones, Naruto got his wall fixed. The plumbing was a little wonky but with the help of buckets Naruto managed to get himself a nice cleansing bath and force Kyuubi to take one as well. Any awkwardness was immediately nullified by the fighting, both verbally and physically, that took place during the bath.

Shoving, hair pulling, hitting, insults, making fun of body the time it was over, Naruto was so done with his demon that he locked him in the bathroom for the rest of the night; only opening the door once to throw some food in. Both men went to sleep angry.

In the morning, Naruto got up still mad but feeling the tiniest bit merciful due to what the day was. He first got dressed in his black garbs and didn't bother with breakfast because he wasn't hungry at all. He then opened the bathroom door and wasn't surprised to see Kyuubi awake, but he was surprised to see the bathroom still intact. Still he didn't say anything other than,

"I'm going out. Behave until I get back."

"Leaving again huh?" Kyuubi sneered. "Tell me just how much work have you gotten done on our situation?"

"What? Are you lonely here by yourself? Is that it?"

Kyuubi looked incredulous at that. "Hardly. These moments of solitude have been the best that I can remember since I've been sealed away. Surprise, surprise humans make terrible companions."

"You bring it on yourself!" Naruto growled.

"Of course," Kyuubi rolled his eyes. "Anyway the more correct word to use would be 'bored'. You're not doing anything to entertain or help me you horrible host! I had to learn how to work everything in here by myself! Including the porcelain thing!"

"There are some things that are a lot more important to handle right now! And I'm perfectly fine with you trying to entertain yourself so long as you don't break anything."

"Why not just bring back some books or scrolls and let me do all the research?"

"Nice try. But there's no way I'll let you 'help' me. You would try to sabotage my research wouldn't you?"

"Is it really that surprising? You're trying to seal me away."

"Lock you away. You're a bad demon! You kill and hurt people for fun! It's like locking you up in prison for your crimes against humanity. Let me tell you if I did what you did I'd let myself get arrested with no fighting-"

"No you wouldn't!"

"-Because I know I deserve to locked up! You obviously lack the compassion to see that. And nothing will change the fact that you started-"

"I didn't start anything!"

"What?" Naruto asked looking shocked. Kyuubi just turned away.

"Forget it. Take your righteousness to whatever wedding you're going to."

"It's a funeral."

"I DON'T CARE!" Kyuubi practically roared. That combined with the rage Naruto could clearly feel coming from the demon, stopped him in his tracks. Although the blond was confident in his abilities to best the Kyuubi in a fight that was still a last resort option he wanted to avoid if he could. After all an all-out fight would draw immediate attention. Especially with recent events.

"...Fine. I'll probably be gone for a while and I won't be able to check up on you."


"...Don't break anything."

Naruto heads out, closes the door, takes two steps, and hears the sound of glass breaking from inside his apartment. With a loud sigh, he keeps walking.

When he met up with Sakura, she was dressed in her funeral wear but looked completely composed. However she didn't act that way.

The first thing she did when she noticed him was almost roughly shove his now clean forehead protector into his hands and very quickly say, "Here'syourforeheadprotector! Allclean!"

And then she brought her arms to her sides and didn't look him in the eye. He gave her a few seconds to gather her thoughts again.

Kakashi was dead.

Shizune was dead.

Jiraiya was dead.

Pa was dead.

And Tsunade's in coma.

It's too much right now, Naruto knew. Too much for the both of them. The only hope they had now was that Tsunade would recover and even that task fell on his pink-haired teammate. Without Shizune there, she was the only one skilled enough to help Tsunade. They will both have to walk into this funeral ready to say good-bye and take on the (too large) responsibilities their mentors left them. Shikamaru with his words of wisdom or Iruka with his words of comfort would be all too good have right now. Because Naruto didn't know what he could say that could make Sakura and him feel better at the moment. Especially when Sakura was obviously trying hard to keep herself together.

So he didn't even try. Mumbling "thanks" for his protector before tying it around his neck, he then asked softly, "Ready to go?"

She took a few deep breaths before nodding quietly. They weren't walking long before Sakura grabbed Naruto's hand in a vice grip.

It hurt a bit, but Naruto squeezed back just as tightly.

The funeral is as bleak and depressing as previous funerals. Even more so probably. It wasn't raining, but Naruto was still getting wet because Sakura was crying into his shoulder.

"K-K-K-Kakashi-shi-sen-sen-seeeeei! S-Shi-Shi-Shizune!"

Naruto starts thinking about how two more of his teachers died, Pa and Kakashi. With Pa's death he wonders what will happen to Sage Mode. Who will teach it now that Pa was gone? There was Ma but could she do it? Would Naruto have to continue the line? Was he the last person who knew how to do Sage Mode? Should he teach it if that's the case? Who should he teach it to? His future children? Or students like Konohamaru? Or both? Should he set up a school offering lessons on how to get into Sage Mode? But what if he teaches the wrong person?

What if he ends up like Kakashi-sensei, and accidentally teaches a Sasuke?

Before his thoughts could go down that dark path, Sakura thankfully distracted him.

"I couldn't save them Naruto," She sobbed. "I-I found them too late. I tried-I tried so hard but I couldn't give them their lives back!"

"It's okay Sakura," Naruto reassured her as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder. If he were being honest he would admit that he wished she would try and comfort him too. It would be the first time since their missing teammate left that they could help each other without mentioning him.

But Naruto wanted to keep staying strong and helping Sakura helped him to do just that.

"Don't beat yourself up over it. They wouldn't want you to. Like you said you tried your best. And think about all the people you did save. So many people that would've died didn't because of you. Including some people we know,"

And with that Naruto glanced over to where the Hyuugas were standing. Hinata was standing right in the center, between her father and Neji. She looked just as sad and depressed as the rest of them but perhaps because her family was right there she held herself in a composed manner. Not a tear to be seen although he could pick up the slight tremble of her lips.

He stared longer than he meant to because then she looks at him and they meet eyes. Before, it was always Hinata who looked away, usually with rosy red cheeks. But this time it was Naruto who quickly looked away, sans blush.

He still had no idea what to say to her. She was a friend sure but she nearly died confessing her love to him. To him. All this time and he never even knew someone actually liked him like that. And now he didn't even know what to do and other than forget it because this really wasn't the time for such thoughts.

"Shizune was my mentor. My big sister," Sakura quietly sniffled. "And what-what will we do without Kakashi-sensei? We-we-things won't be the same without him."

Right...With Kakashi-sensei's death...even if they do bring Sasuke back now, Team 7 will never be complete again. The dam he had put up to block the tears was starting to crumble, but he only sniffled and subtly tried to hold his head back to keep them in. He will only cry when he's alone.

After the funeral it was downtime at one of the few working restaurants. Naruto and Sakura had actually been invited to a larger dinner thanks to their outstanding efforts in the fight, but both declined to enjoy a quieter one. Together they sat at a table, slurping down drink after drink as neither of their stomachs could handle solids. They had paid for their drinks before they got them at Naruto's insistence. He had something he wanted to do and he wanted to do it fast after they'd eaten.

It was quiet for the first few minutes, aside from Sakura's occasional sniffles and hiccups, but Naruto knew he eventually had to bring this particular subject up. He wished the timing could've been better, but he knew what would happen if he went back home empty-handed once again.

"Hey Sakura? Do you know when the library will be rebuilt? Or when all the books will be available?" He asked. Sakura paused in the sipping of her drink and when she spoke to Naruto's great joy her voice wasn't heavy with tears anymore. Good. Her crying always left a heavy feeling in his gut.

"All of the books and scrolls from all the libraries have been recovered and are now-" She paused to sniffle. "-Are now being held and organized in a more secure place. Only certain personnel are allowed in at the moment. I can-I can get you something if you'd like."

"Why, you have access?"

"Yes Naruto. I have access. I need the medical textbooks. Par-Particularly ones on comas..."

Right, Naruto thought wincing. Rather than drag on an awkward conversation, or maybe he just knew Sakura didn't want to talk about it right now, Naruto simply stated his request.

"I need any and all books and scrolls on sealing. Anything," he had to say anything to draw away suspicion. If he said he need things specifically based on his seal, they'll know immediately. Sakura looked at him, her shimmering green eyes wide in confusion.


"I'm working on something. You'll find out soon enough," Naruto answered nervously. He hoped Sakura would just trust him on this.

"Something to prevent something like this from ever happening again?"

In sense...yeah he was. So he nodded. Sakura nodded back.

"Okay. The new library is open 24/7 so once we finish here we can go and grab what you need."

"Thanks Sakura," Naruto smiled gratefully. Sakura returned it with a smile of her own. But instead of 'you're welcome' or any other variation of that, she said something that stopped him in his tracks.

"You know I trust you completely right Naruto? I don't know what it was that happened before Pain died. I'm assuming it had something to do with know...with the Kyuubi. But whatever it was you handled it. You controlled it and you took care of the greatest threat to Konoha since Kyuubi's attack. You did so well. I'm really proud of you, you know."

He had been getting compliments like that every time he shows his face. The most common is that he's a hero, just like dear old dad. He's been trying to see the good side. As long as they think it was him then his secret about Kyuubi was safe. But it was hard to handle. A grin, a quick 'thank you', and then disappearing as fast as he could did him good so far. But hearing this from Sakura...

"Don't say that to me."

"Why not? You deserve it. Yeah I'll miss Kakashi-sensei and Shizune and my heart goes out to all the people that died but," she took a deep breath. "You saved everyone else. I'm just one medic; I couldn't heal everyone in Konoha if I tried. But you Naruto, you tried and you saved everyone. And now look at everyone who respects you now! I was talking to Iruka-sensei earlier and we were remembering when you were just a little brat who ran around causing trouble. Now you're a hero and instead of glares everyone's sending you smiles now!"

This was getting to be too much. Way, way too much. Was she feeling guilty because he had to comfort her earlier? Forget what he had thought then. He didn't want to be comforted if it meant this, a cold feeling of guilt practically swallowing up his insides. Sakura placing her small hand on his own was just the icing on the bitterest cake ever.

"If anyone should be feeling accomplished now, it's you."

Accomplishment surprisingly didn't feel too good.

"We should go," he said standing up abruptly. "I need to get started right away."

He ignored Sakura's bewildered look. It didn't matter to him if she thought he was acting strange or whatever. Naruto just wanted to go get what he needed and get home immediately.

"I guess," Sakura started to say as she also stood up, "Embarrassment is to be expected. But don't worry Naruto it'll pass over soon and you'll feel proud of yourself. I'm sure of it!"

If that's what she thought...

"But let me give one last proper thank you," the pink-haired girl twiddled her fingers and blushed a little but Naruto paid it little mind. He wanted to rush now.

"No no it's fine-"

"Naruto let me thank you!" At the sight of Sakura's classic anger, Naruto quickly gave in. At least that was something he was used to.

So Sakura walked up to him. She wrapped one arm around his back and used the other to cup his cheek, leaned up and...

Hugged him.

Just hugged him and whispered another soft "thank you" in his ear.

And Naruto understood. A hug from Sakura was something he had been wanting since he was 12-years-old. And he could see random people stop and look, some curious most smiling.

Ask him before the Pain attack, and he'd tell you he'd kill for a moment like this.

But right now, the torrent of guilt inside him only grew bigger and if asked, he'd tell you he'd kill to avoid moments like this from now until he died.

Or maybe from now until Kyuubi was resealed and the next chance at a heroic redemption came his way.

When he got back to his apartment, he was pleasantly surprised to see it was actually clean. Kyuubi was sitting on the floor, leaning on his bed waiting for him. Or maybe he was waiting for him, but is now resting his eyes.

Behind Naruto his clones were setting the books and scrolls on the table and then disappearing. But instead of getting right to work all that came to mind was what Kyuubi said before he left, about him not starting it. Whatever 'it' was. The attack on Konoha? The entire beef with Konoha? Naruto wasn't sure. And he wasn't sure if there was anything to be unsure about either. Kyuubi certainly looked serious when he stated that. But that didn't mean much considering who he was dealing with. Kyuubi could lie to him. He would do it easily Naruto knew. Maybe not for sympathy or pity points, but to take advantage of Naruto's hospitality and kinder nature.

He would do it. Naruto knew this.

And yet, something nagged at him. Kyuubi, he also knew, was a centuries old demon with tons of knowledge. He would definitely know more about the attack than he did. Pain, before he died, said much about truth and suffering. And Sakura was right that people glared at him before for his pranks, but what she didn't say is people glared at him before that. They glared when he didn't do anything wrong and it was because of the beast sitting in front him.

But...but would it be completely outlandish to believe that Kyuubi might have something to say? Naruto shook his head, wondering where this sudden trust for one of his worst enemies came from. It's not even like...well Kyuubi did clean of his apartment. And killed Pain. And Naruto was still taking the credit.

"About what you said earlier..." Naruto said immediately waking the demon up, "About you 'not starting it' what did you mean?"

The demon yawned and rubbed his eye. "Hmm. I leave you to figure it out."

"I'm trying to see it from your side you know. Don't play games if you want me to understand," Naruto said glaring.

"It's more than you are willing to listen to. Let's leave it at that."

"I can't believe this. Why don't I just chalk it up to you lying?"

"Have I ever lied to you?"

"You lie all the time! You lied earlier when I was fighting Pain!"

"I would've taken your pain away you know. You may not agree with the method or the result, but I assure you the pain would've been gone. HAHAHAHA!"

Naruto gritted his teeth and immediately stomped to and sat at the table. He picked up a beginner scroll and focused all of his attention to it. How stupid. Giving Kyuubi a chance to explain himself. Completely stupid. Ignore him, he thought. Just ignore him. But he couldn't. Not when he heard Kyuubi walk up beside him.

"Go away," he demanded not looking away from the scroll in his hands.

"Let me help you."


"Come on."

"No Kyuubi!" And then the monster had the gall to ignore him and reach for one of the many scrolls anyway. Naruto swiftly smacked his hand away. But Kyuubi even ignored that and grabbed a scroll with his other hand. Naruto had enough. Standing up he shouted,


"I just want to help," Kyuubi smiled in what was obviously supposed to be a kind, disarming smile. Naruto saw right through it.

"You're only going to 'help' yourself! You know you aren't trying to get sealed back into me."

"Well you know it'll take forever for any progress to be made on your own," Kyuubi shrugged. "Meanwhile I am perfectly willing to do research of my own and sell you the information I get."

"Wha-? Sell?!"

"Yes Naruto. I research and help you figure out seal knowledge and I will tell you what I find out for a price."

"Forget it!" He yelled reaching out to grab the scroll Kyuubi held. Kyuubi held it out of reach and with an annoyed expression on his face he said,

"I am NOT going to sit here and do nothing!"

"You might as well do nothing for all the help you're going to be. You must be the biggest idiot in the world if you think I'm going to believe you suddenly had a change heart and want to help!"

Naruto jumped for the scroll again but Kyuubi jumped away just as quickly. The monster had a stupidly annoying playful grin on his face, as if this was fun time or something. And Naruto, thinking about the time he was wasting try to get the scroll back, was getting the increasing urge to make his next leap not involve grabbing the scroll, but knocking Kyuubi out. In fact, why not?

"Maybe a change of heart is a bit of stretch-!" Damn. Naruto leaped towards him again but apparently Kyuubi was doing more than cleaning when Naruto was away. There's no way he could be this fast. He certainly wasn't before. Kyuubi continued what he was saying.

"But certainly you could believe that I want a thrill."

"What thrill-urgh!" Damn it! Damn it! Naruto thought as he failed yet again to stop Kyuubi. His apartment isn't even that big when you don't include the bathroom and the training room. And they're exactly the same size. This shouldn't be so hard.

"The thrill of fighting a worthy opponent. Not sure if you understand since I'm sure your fight, if you can call it that, with the Uch-"

"It's only a thrill if you know you're going to come out on top! I'm not a fool Kyuubi don't treat me as if I'm dumb!" And to prove it, Naruto paused in his attacking and started trying to plan a more efficient way to get Kyuubi to stop moving. Shadow clones of course.

"Oh but you are. Rude too. And you do know that there is also a thrill that comes with the unknown. I mean come on. I may be insanely confident in my abilities and knowledge over yours but despite that you are the only one in this village, with a name that I know and is alive, that I feel can actually cause me some trouble. That's a compliment Naruto so you better take it as one."

A compliment from Kyuubi? Now that is low. With renewed vigor he used shadow clone jutsu to surround the demon. It was actually pretty comical seeing Kyuubi's eyes widen and hold on the scroll tighten.

"Damn it Naruto!" He shouted looking half-nervously half-angrily at the clones surrounding him. He hunched over a little and with his hair standing up on end Kyuubi really did sort of resemble a fox on guard. Kind of sad since he was wearing Naruto's face.

But for the first time since this whole fiasco started, Naruto felt happy. His clones grinned determinedly and the original Naruto let out a laugh of triumph.

"Surrender now Kyuubi or we'll dogpile you!"

His moment of glory was sort of ruined when his clones started shouting agreements and threats and pleads to actually dogpile Kyuubi and Naruto had to tell them to shut up before someone heard them. But still Kyuubi dropped the scroll and the scowl on his face looked more like a pout at a plan gone wrong than a serious 'I-will-kill-you' expression.

Naruto happily took his time walking up to the demon and picking up the scroll at his feet. When he stood up they were chest to chest and Naruto smirked because he won that little battle. Kyuubi glared a little harder but the blond ninja turned around and walked back towards his table. Once he was out of range, his clones proceeded to jump on Kyuubi.

The THUMP, the '"OW! NARUTO!" and even his clones' laughter had Naruto smiling and laughing for real.

"Well I'm in a good mood so I'll let you sleep in here tonight. Allow me to get at least some reading done and I'll even give you a blanket and pillow for you to curl up with under my bed hehe," Naruto snickered. He heard Kyuubi grunt a little as the fox shoved his head out of the pile of clones.

"I'd rather sleep outside then enjoy your so-called hospitality!" He spat. But Naruto couldn't take it seriously. So he just shrugged and said,

"Whatever. But I am really hungry now so would you like to eat dirt too or do you want some real food?"

Kyuubi closed his eyes and looked away with a "humph!"

Still with a smile on his face Naruto decided to let him pout and went about making his ramen. It isn't long before he heard Kyuubi start whining.

"Hey! Get rid of your stupid clones this is uncomfortable!" Naruto heard Kyuubi struggle a bit and in response his clones let out a collective "naaaaah!" and Naruto chuckled again when he turned around to see the 'fight' that Kyuubi was obviously losing.

"I don't think so. They're having fun and I don't trust you to come and grab something again. So you are going to lie there, behave, and wait until I finish dinner and get some studying done. Then I'll lock all this stuff away so that you can't get them and then I'll disperse the clones."

"Grrr you're as annoying as ever when you're happy! I want you upset again!"

"Too bad! Now shut up I need to pay attention to this scroll and this water. I'm going to actually gain some knowledge before tomorrow."

Kyuubi grumbled a little but otherwise didn't bother the original Naruto. Instead he spent his time snapping his teeth at the clones who kept poking him and messing up his already messed-up hair. The sight was kind of funny and Naruto could only wish he could dedicate more time to watching it.

But he needed to focus and there would be other times where he could do this. After all he still had all of his and Kyuubi's chakra so making the shadow clones isn't that big of a deal. But right, time to focus. The sooner he gets the basics of sealing down the sooner he can get to the real stuff.

He did want to follow through with his word and have Kyuubi back inside of him within the year. Even if he couldn't make a promise on it.

And finished with another chapter!

Yeah I don't know why the ending gave me so much trouble before. I mean for the past two days all these ideas kept coming to me and it was suddenly so easy! Boy writer's block is weird D:.

Anyways hehe my note at the top had a double meaning :P! And I told you the fighting would tone down soon! It will just take a while(if ever) for it to stop completely.

So if anyone's confused I'd like to say that most of the villagers that saw Kyuubi's chakra see it how Sakura sees it. Kyuubi started to get loose but Naruto took control and stopped him and then killed Pain. That's why they see him as a hero, because he did what he was supposed to do as a jinchuuriki and then killed Pain. Everyone else is like the boy, didn't see nuthin but heard the rumors.

Some things:

1) Naruto's grieving for his dead teachers is something that will pop up every now and then but I'll try not to over do it or something. Realistically, I think it would take him awhile to get over their deaths(especially in such a short time frame). And that will happen in this story, but Naruto's got so much going on that he's going to try and separate it all and do whatever is appropriate at the time.

2) Don't know if I said this but I wasn't super upset at Pain reviving everyone in the manga lol. I kind of just went with the flow. So no this isn't a response to that, it just fit in the story XD.

3) Naruto's feelings for Sakura and Hinata's feelings for Naruto(and to that extent Sakura's feelings) are still in the planning stages. Dunno yet how much of an impact they'll have on everything.

And...yeah I think that's it.

So about what's coming next: I have a small idea for the beginning of the next chapter, but obviously I have other things to update first.

Cheater Cheater and Little Terror I am aiming to update next. CC is practically done, just need my beta's opinion and then editing. And Little Terror still has a lot more writing to go but at this point screw my insecurities. I'll just write, write, and keep on writing :P. Beta can help there too obviously. And finally after that is Salvation and then Seas and Anything That Can Go Wrong. And then we start all over with October 10th again.

To get all of my stories updated in January would be amazing but I won't make any promises :X.

But yeah to end this long-ass note:

HAPPY NEW YEAR!(Can't believe it's been a whole year 0_0.)

May twenty-thirteen be in your favor :)!