Void Bladeworks

(A Zero no Tsukaima and Fate / Stay Night crossover)

Disclaimer: I don't own Fate / Stay Night or Zero no Tsukaima, if I do I'd make Saito and Shirou less wimpy and more manly. (not to mention making Ilya the main Heroine)

Author Notes: judging from the reviews i've readt most of you don't even know which archerko i'm referring and using for this story, Props to the one who've read Himura Kiseki's Work and know Archerko 3 anyway google "Himura Kiseki Archerko" to know who she is.

Well or just simply Imagine Archerko as an adult Ilya who fights like archer (though fans are diverged on whether She's a matured Different version of Ilya or a matured Shirouko from Heaven's Failure doujin)

PS: here's the List of work starring Archerko

(Sword Dancer I (comedic), Sword dancer II (seriously epic doujin), Plus-Ko (shirouko), and the latest Yuuzai Shouko Bukken Nigou (epic comedy))

She stood there on a hill of corpses, staring at the vast open plains that were tainted with death and suffering. Beneath her feet lay a hundred sinners, a hundred warriors- warriors who she vanquished with her will that commanded countless numbers of steel. She has a long silver hair that she would tie in a braid that mimics the brilliance of the moon. Her fair skin is smoother than the finest silk, and as white as the purest snow of winter. Her body was slender and men around her would always refer to her as the cute and alluring. Her perfectly shaped breasts matched her marvelous curves and successful models would look plain compared to her angelic face. She's about five feet and five inches tall and an exceptional beauty envied by the lesser divines. Branded on her hand is the mark of a hero, a rune she uses to summon her strongest arsenals. She wore the Shroud of Martyr, a long coat of crimson red, to cover her flawless body and pairs it with a black mini skirt that covered a tight fit shorts beneath.

"This again?" She sighed in frustration while wearing a frown as she let go the European short sword that she used to slay her last foe. On that statement, everything around her dissolved and the pile of bodies she stood on disappeared. She landed on a concrete pavement of a street in a city. "Damn it, this kind of job leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Well, at least I can look forward to a good bath in Shirou's house later. All this fighting leave me in a- ahhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Our heroine was blissfully lost in the thought of a hot steaming bath when a huge hole appeared beside her. It immediately creates a vacuum and threatened to swallow her in.

She grabs on a streetlamp with both hands to avoid getting pulled in but the vacuum was just too powerful, and she could no longer feel strength in her arms. "W-what is this? Some sort of noble phantasm?" While shouting that she looked everywhere for the person responsible for what she thought was an attack. "I – I won't lose to this kind of cheap surprise attack! I- I ahhh!" Though she says that, her grip loosened and finally collapsed and she disappeared inside the hole.

Meanwhile in another world:

"Okay class, this is the day each and every one of you will acquire his or her own familiar. Remember that your familiar will help determine your status as a mage and that familiar will also stay by your side forever until you die so do your best!" While displaying an encouraging smile the professor cheered on his class in the middle of a grass-covered-courtyard.

"Finally, this is the day I can show everyone what I can do. I 'm sure I'll summon the most amazing familiar ever." A girl clenched her wand inside her fist with determination. This girl wore a long cape over her white blouse and skimpy skirt- the common uniform for students in her school. She has a beautiful, pink, long hair that she likes to sway freely with the wind. She was of fair skin, had a slender body and about five feet and 3 inches tall. This girl calls herself Louise.

"Uwoh! Everyone's familiars are amazing but I have to specially mention Miss Tabitha for her dragon which was the most impressive familiar summoned today as of yet." The professor gave special attention to a blue haired mage who sat silently reading a tome of spells and scriptures. "Is there anyone else here who haven't summoned a familiar yet?"

"Professor! Zero hasn't summoned a familiar yet!" A tan colored girl with long red hair and breasts the size of ripe watermelons called out.

"Oh, you must forgive me then. Then let's see it Miss Valliere, please summon a familiar." The professor looked at Louise, he was eager to see what kind of familiar the pink hair would summon.

"W-well I…" It was easy to see that Louise was nervous. Even though she was determined to summon an amazing familiar, the constant scrutinizing looks of her peers were eating on her confidence.

"Don't be shy now! I am definitely sure you'll summon a brilliant familiar!" The professor encouraged her.

"Okay…" The girl gave off a big sigh while still hesitant to attempt the summoning. "My name is Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière. Pentagon of the five elemental powers, heed my summoning... and bring forth...my familiar!" She cries out as she waved her wand.

A flash of light erupted in front of her. While the other mages exhibited a simple flicker in summoning their familiars, the stream of light illuminating from the distortion Louise made in her summoning rivaled that of the sun. From the hole of light a figure was forcefully tossed out by a sudden surge of energy.

"Gah, oof, ow, grah!" The figure which appeared to be a girl cried in pain as she stumbled on the grass.

A long deafening silence consumed the crowd as they observed the girl who was struggling to regain her senses.

"Wahahaha! A commoner, she summoned a commoner!" One of the male students shouted out laughing.

"Yeah! We should have known this Zero will only be able to summon a lowly commoner!" Another student burst laughing after dissing Louise.

"Where the hell am I? And why do I hear laughter?" The girl who was just summoned was covered in small bruises from stumbling on the ground. She struggled to her feet as she checked her hips and limbs for any injuries.

"G-guhh," Louise groaned with teary eyes. Her hope of summoning an amazing familiar was destroyed by the commoner in front of her. What was to be her chance to redeem herself from her past failures was instantly reduced to that of an embarrassing memory much like her other experiences.

"There, there Zero-chan we didn't expect much from you anyway!" The big breasted girl who reminded the professor of her summoning tried to comfort her… sort of.

"W-why is my familiar a commoner like you?" Louise groaned angrily in a soft whisper only the girl in front of her can hear.

"F-familiar, summon? Was I just summoned?" The girl was now on her feet with one eye closed still grasping her hips in pain.

"Now, now children, things like this happen. It's nothing to be embarrassed of." The professor defended Louise and tries to calm the other students. "It can't be helped Miss Valliere, you must for a contract with your familiar at once."

"Y-yes, I understand." Louise approached the girl. "Pentagon of the Five Elemental Powers, grant your blessings upon this creature and bind it as my familiar!"

Louise held her familiar's face gently with both hands as she leaned closer.

"W-wait what are you…" Before the girl could continue her line, she felt Louise's lips touch hers. Its taste rivaled that of the sweetest wine. The sensation was overwhelming, almost intoxicating.

"From now on you're my familiar okay?" Louise said with a stern sounding voice.

"I- I don't know what's happening anymore…" the girl's eyes looked like swirly whirlpools amidst the confusion.

Two hours later

"Hey, hey did you hear? That zero girl summoned a commoner as a familiar!" A female student gossiped with her friend while they walk in the school hallway.

"Really? She's really hopeless isn't she?" said the friend before making a mocking laugh.

"G-g-g-hhh," Louise who happened just to be near the two silently groaned in anger. She couldn't deny the fact that while others summoned fairies, elementals and dragons she on the other hand summoned a mere human- a commoner at that.

"So basically, every mage at least once in his life has to summon a familiar that will be bound to him for eternity?" her familiar asked.

"Yes, I'm stuck with you for the rest of my life." Louise replied in a disappointed tone. "What is your name, familiar?" She asked. "I- I mean, I'm forced to spend the rest of my life with you so I should at least know your name. Wait that didn't come out right what I mean is that," before Louise could correct herself her familiar touched her hands gently to stop her.

"Yes, yes I get it. Anyway, my name is Archerko but my friends call me Archer. You may call me by both."

"Okay, I am Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière, Archerko since from now on you are my servant, I will have you call me master." Louise says in a firm, bossy tone.

"Master? What kind of weird fetish are you in to?" Archerko quirks an eyebrow in defiance.

"F-fetish?" Louise's cheeks immediately brightened reddish pink. "Y-you are but my lowly servant, it's just natural that you call me master!"

"Hou?" Archerko sighed. "I've been summoned in a holygrail war before, even then that black haired princess never asked me to call her something so formal like 'master' before."

"You will stay by my side from now on. Are we clear?"

"Yes… master…" Archerko reluctantly addressed the girl with her desired title but she imagined something unpleasant if she was to decline. "Are those familiars as well… master?" Archerko turned her attention to the magical animals that were cuddling with their owners. There were four near them- an earth mole which was covered with hard armor and had long sharp claws, a snake with three heads and rainbow stripes, a huge bird ¾ the size of an adult man and a blue dragon owned by the blue haired silent girl.

"Yes, while everyone has powerful animals I have you." Louise could not bear to look at the familiars of the other students. She felt disgusted about herself and her inability to summon a good familiar.

"Well forgive me for not having hind legs master." Archerko retaliated sarcastically.

"It can't be helped, carry my bag we're going home." Louise grumpily stood up.

"Yes, yes my lady." Archerko imitated the butlers she sees in animes and bowed down elegantly before taking her master's bag and followed.

"Well, well, I see you're finally bonding well with your familiar zero." The big breasted red hair approached the two just before the exit.

"Kirche, please I'm not in the mood for silly chatter with you." Louise felt irritated just being near that girl.

"That's not too nice. I'm just here to congratulate you for summoning such a cute familiar." Kirche went behind Archerko and embraces her.

"G-gyah," Archerko moans in surprise as soon Kirche started touching near her more private parts.

"Y-you perverted harlot! Stop molesting my familiar!" Louise was flustered to see her familiar get aroused from getting groped

"I can't help it! She's just too cute." Kirche rubbed her cheeks against Archerko's.

"I- I said stop it! And you familiar, you must be ashamed getting all aroused from being groped by this boob monster!" Louise pulled on Archerko's hands to get her away from Kirche.

After a few more minutes of roughhousing about, Louise and Archerko finally reached their home, rather, their dorm. Archerko looked rather disappointed. She imagined a mansion or at least a two storied house not a single room.

"This is your home?" Archerko asked while trying her best not to insult. She laid Louise's bag on a desk a few feet away from the door.

The room was bigger than a normal dorm room. From the door you can immediately see the bed was single but had an impressive design. The bed-sheet had a frilly design hanging loosely on the side of the bed. The most outstanding color in the bed's design was pink. The design itself looked jagged but pleasing to see, fit for a noble. Beside the bed were bed-drawers, there were two. The drawer on the left had a lamp while the one on the right had books Louise reads before going to sleep. A few feet to the right is the closet where Louse has all her clothes stored and opposite that was the window where the view of outside was remarkable.

"I guess, this isn't too bad. This is classy compared to Shirou's place." Flashes of the wooden dojo and her humble room of where she used to stay appeared in her mind. "Uhm, master where am I supposed to sleep?" She asked.

"As my familiar you must be near me always so you may put a cloth or a mattress beside the bed to sleep on." Louise pointed on the cold floor beside the bed.

"E-eh?" Archerko gasped in disappointment and shock.

"W-were you hoping to sleep beside your master you perverted familiar?" Louise stormed, flailing at Archerko.

"No… but I wouldn't mind." The silver haired girl gently squeezed on Louise's arm and seductively whispered on her ear. "Would you want to? Mas… tah?"

"S-s-s-shut up!" Louise's cheeks blushed bright red. It was the queue for Archerko to exit the room and start running.

"Y-you dare seduce your master you mongrel!" Louise grabbed her wand and started firing off bursts of energy.

"I- I was only joking come on!" The familiar dodged the blasts easily, trailing holes and debris for everything she steps on gets blasted by Louise a second after.

It only took a few seconds for Archerko to lose Louise who got tired of chasing her familiar and went back to her room to study. Archerko, believing that it's not the best time to return decides to check out the whole school first, it was going to be her home for who knows how long after all.

"This place is huge, even my castle back home is little compared to this place. Shirou's school is nothing like this at all. I want a top view I wonder if there's any place I can... wait that place looks tall enough." She spots a huge bell tower near the center of the school grounds.

"Hey there, young miss," a voice of a man called out from behind her.

"Eh?" she turned around to see a blond guy flaunting a rose in front of his lips, almost kissing it.

"I can't help but notice how pretty you are, may I know your name?" the guy made an elegant turn before offering his rose to the girl he just saw.

"Uhn, I- I'm sorry I'm kind of busy right now. What's with this guy?" She hurriedly tries to run away.

"W-wait!" The blonde tries to run after her but immediately lost her right after a corner.

"That was close, phew." The silver haired beauty sighs in relief as she looked at the guy who just tried to hit on her from the top of a roof. "Now then," she quickly and stealthily started hoping from roof to roof to reach the tower. The tower was high, but it only took her two jumps to reach the top.

From there she could see everything, and with her enhanced eyesight, she can see all the details of nails and screws half a kilometer away. She scanned the area and memorized the outline. She made sure not to miss anything- every building, every visible room, every door, every crack and every tree she memorized all of their locations.

"This place sure is beautiful. I've never seen such a gorgeous view before." She was amazed at the natural scenery around the school and outside it. "Eh, what's that?" Something caught her attention a few distance away outside the school grounds.


"Ahaha, so our intel was right, the princess really is here." A man whose face is hidden in a hood grinned grimly with his nine accomplices.

"Y-you bastard, you scum!" An orange haired girl, dressed as a knight cursed at him while her hands are forced together behind her and tied with a rope.

There was a carriage that was supposed to be guarded by seven knights but they were ambushed by nine men. Everything came as a surprise and most of the knights were new so they were easily subdued. Three of the knights were immediately killed while some where knocked unconscious. The leader of the knights too lost due to the overwhelming difference in number and because she had to protect the carriage while fighting.

"You have a sharp tongue for a prisoner. But you're really pretty so we'll let you live so you can serve us with that body of yours later." The brute gave a mocking laugh.

"Who would do that for a scum like you?" The female knight retorted.

"No? Well perhaps the lady here can do it for us." He grabbed the princess who was forcefully dragged out of the carriage.

The princess wore an elegant gown with a violet cape that signified her high status. Her red hair was covered with a queenly crown filled with the kingdom's precious jewels. She also wore a necklace which held the most precious of stones that hangs over her neck and touched her enormous breasts.

"N-no, please don't do that to the princess, I'll do anything you want!" The knight knew to save her princess from shame she would need to turn their attention to her no matter what the cost. She failed to save her princess from these robbers, the least she could do was save her from being violated by such brutes.

"You heard that boys? Take them both, we'll have our way with them back in the hide out." He signaled for his men to take the prisoners into the carriage.

"He, heh yes bo…"

"Hmm, what's wrong?"

"Ahhhh!" One of the robbers screamed as the disemboweled body another falls on his feet. The robber who was restraining the princess had his chest completely blown off along with everything else above it.

"W-what happened? W- who did that?" The leader panicked after chunks of flesh and blood smeared on his face.

"It must be one of their backups be ale.."

A gust of wind was only felt before the head of another robber was freed from his neck. This time, a tree behind him caught the weapon used to take him down.

"A-an arrow?"

The arrow used was two centimeters thick. That's one centimeter wider than a normal arrow. It's made of steel and unlike most arrows, it did not consist of a tail, a body and a tip; instead it was a single strip of fine steel with a sharp tip. In fact it looked more like a little spear than an arrow.

"Damn it where are the attacks coming from?" The leader started to survey his surroundings for hints of archers and assassins.

A few seconds later three of his men joined the dead bodies. One of them was impaled on a tree by a similar arrow while the other two suffered a similar fate to the first victim.

"Five of us in under a minute?" One of the remaining robbers started shivering in fear. "T-this is dangerous I'm getting out of here ahhhhh!" The panicked robber frantically runs the opposite direction but after a few large steps, he felt his legs collapse beneath him. The legs he trusted to carry him away from that place was no longer there. They were skewered on the ground with the same arrow that killed his comrades. "No! No! Please not me!"

The robber shouted for forgiveness and begged for mercy but to no avail as his screams of pain were silenced with the next arrow. His chest looked completely hollow after an arrow cleanly went through his ribs, lungs and heart. His death was a signal for his remaining companions that there was no escape, it was either fight or die but how can they fight an enemy they could not see?

"Damn it!" The leader took the female knight as hostage and as shield while another took the princess. "Who is there? If you don't show yourself these girls will meet their deaths on the end of my blade!"

On "blade" the robber who was holding the princess hostage had his forehead pierced by another arrow. This time to their surprise the arrow was of normal size. It was sent precisely to the center of his forehead cleanly missing the princess by a dangerous margin.

"Kyah!" the princess moved away from the corpse of the robber which fell like a log on the ground.

"Oh no! Go after her!" The leader commanded his last remaining minion to restrain the princess. However he forgot the knight he has restrained his arms who was eager beat the living daylights out of him.

"Take this you lowlife scum!" Using her head, she swung backwards and smashed her captor's nose then kicked him away. By this time, one of the other knights who were knocked unconscious regained her consciousness and restrained the robber. The other remaining robber escaped but this time there was no arrow that chased him.

"I'm sorry mam I was so easily…" the lower knight asked for forgiveness from her captain and her princess.

"Enough, it's an insult for me to be apologized to by my subordinate when I myself didn't do anything." The knight captain turned away and gestured for her subordinate to free her from her bind.

"Eh? Wasn't it the captain that killed all these men?" The knight noticed the bodies of the robbers scattered around.

"Think carefully soldier, I'm tied up, how can I do such a thing?"

"I- I suppose not captain." She apologized before cutting her captain's hands free from the ropes.


"I guess, even here, I'm still a hero of justice. It's in my title after all, the counter- counter- guardian, protector of everything." At that instant she makes a leap off the tower and used the carvings around it as small platforms. Then, upon landing on the ground she bends her knees to act as a spring to absorb the impact of the fall.

"Ehh!" A woman's gasp erupted from behind her.

"Huh?" Archerko looked behind her to see who it was. She finds there a maid with short black hair wearing an apron over her long dress customary for maids in the school. "You are... I'm sorry I must've startled you." Archerko apologized after seeing the shock on the girl's face.

"N-not at all, I was just surprised to see someone suddenly appear in front of me like they just fell from the sky. Uhm… did you just jump off from the tower?" The maid explained.

"Ghnn…" Archerko groaned she knew there was no other way to explain because the girl saw her after all. "Yes but please don't tell anyone." She requests.

"Um!" The girl nodded while still in awe of what she just saw and heard.

"Well I'll go now," the familiar turned the opposite direction but before she could start running…


The silver haired grasped her stomach in pain. She's hungry and all the commotion made her even hungrier.

"I forgot, I haven't eaten yet since morning…" She had a pitiful look on her face.

"Uhm, miss…"

"Archerko. Call me Archerko."

"Oh, then Miss Archerko if you don't mind we have some food here if you're hungry." The maid invited the counter-counter-guardian.

"I'd love to but if I don't go back now my master would get angry." Archerko declined and started heading continuing on the opposite direction.


"On second thought, I don't think she'll be anxious to see me too soon anyway." She hurried to the maid who just invited her for some helping of food.

Apparently the room she entered was the kitchen. It is the place where most of the food in the school is prepared. There were other maids and chefs there who welcomed her cheerfully and asked her to take a seat on the huge preparation table where ingredients were prepared.

"Siesta brought a friend, how nice!" A chef cheered.

"We just met. Here Archerko-san." Siesta laid a plate filled with fried rice, sausages and some vegetables in front of Archerko.

"Thank you so much! Let's eat." Although very hungry, Archerko remembered to keep her noble roots intact. She ate gracefully, careful not to spill a drop of rice or water.

"Wow, such elegance! You must be a noble!" said one of Siesta's maid-friends.

"N-not at all," Archerko paused and waved her head to deny that description. It's not that she's ashamed of her nobility but rather she enjoyed being a commoner more throughout the years. To her, life in the castle was bountiful but it was also a cage. Her life as a commoner living with Shirou, Saber, Rin and the rest of her friends was a blessing she would never exchange for anything.

"Please don't embarrass our guest. So can you please tell us about yourself?" The chef eagerly asked while Siesta and the other maids clumped together around the girl to listen.

"W-well…" Archerko felt that she could choke because of all the attention around her. "I'm supposed to be the familiar of a student named miss Valiere and I was just summoned today."

"Oh. So you're the rumored familiar of the zero!" One of the maids said.

"Zero?" Archerko blinked, she heard that name pertain to her master quite a lot but never really bothered with it.

"You don't know? That girl can never cast a spell and not destroy anything. Even a simple spell to cast light to shine on objects turns to a destructive spell blast comparable to that of a flaming arbalest used by the empire."

"Ah, so that's what that nickname meant." She flashbacked on the instances where Louise would get fired up just for hearing the word zero. To Archerko it was just a number but for Louise it represented her failures as a mage. Archerko felt that she could understand her master more now that she knows the history behind that nickname.

"Anyway tell us about your life before you were summoned!" Another maid eagerly asked.

"Well, before I was summoned I was a counter-counter-guardian." She said this very frankly.

"A counter- counter…?" Siesta sounded confused.

"Counter- counter- guardian." Archerko repeated.

"What is that?" the Chef asked.

"To put it simply, I try to keep people alive who are targeted by powerful assasins." Archerko tried to explain it without confusing them more.

"Ah! Like a bodyguard!" said Siesta.

"No-… actually yeah." Archerko felt disheartened that her accomplishments were lowered to that of a simple bodyguard. But she can't deny the fact that it's true, protecting specific people is certainly the job of a body guard.

"Then Archerko-chan must be really good in fighting!" The chef imagined an Archerko clad in knight's armor, slicing monsters and evil thugs in all righteousness.

"A bit," Archerko avoided bragging in such intense crowd. "Anyway, I'm sorry but I think my master is already worried about me. I have to go."

"It's okay, please come again if you have the time. We'll have plenty to eat!" said Siesta.

"Your name is Siesta right? Thank you for your kindness oh and the food was great! Bye!" She walked outside of the room while waving goodbye to her new found friends then ran hastily as soon as she stepped out.

Archerko rushed towards her master's dorm's direction. This would be her first night to stay with her master like it or not.




In her rush she forgot to slow down on a turn and crashed against a group of male students. She knocked down three of the five students on their back with her face buried on one of the student's chest.

"Stand up, you stupid commoner!" The two students who evaded the crash pulled Archerko up by her arms. "You clumsy mongrel you need to be punished for this!"

"Nnghhh," Archerko was still dizzy from the collision. "I'm sorry it's my fault." She apologized.

"You think it's alright to just crash into your superiors like that?" A student held her chin roughly with one hand.

"Wait, wait, don't hurt her," the guy who received the initial impact from the crash made it back to his senses. "This girl, she's quite beautiful for a commoner don't you think?"

"I have to return to my master now, please forgive me, I'll pay for my actions some other time." Archerko pleaded and promised.

"No, if we will just let you go free, other commoners will think that it's alright to behave like that." He replied with an arrogant tone.

"What's going on here? Miss Archerko!" Siesta, the maid who gave the familiar her meal heard the commotion and decided to check it out. "What are you doing to her?"

"Look, it's another commoner who doesn't know her place." One of the students holding Archerko by her arm hissed at Siesta.

"You brutes get off her!" The chef and some other maids followed Siesta on the way to the scene and saw the commotion as well.

"Brutes? That's quite the tongue you have old man. Do you want to be fired along with the harlots beside you?" The student who looked like the leader of the group threatened.

"G-g…" the chew knew that personally interacting violently with these students will only expel them out of the school and from their wages. "Siesta, do you know where miss Valliere's dorm is located? Call her!"

"Y-yes!" Siesta hurriedly run past the rowdy group to Louise's dorm.

"Hey you, wait here!" One of the boys chased after Siesta but… "Gwawh!" Before he could run to make chase a leg appeared beneath his legs crushing his pride and joy.

"I'm sorry but I don't allow filthy scum to touch my friends." Archerko who already completely recovered from her daze was responsible. "It's my fault so deal with me not with her."

"You arrogant commoner!" The leader raised his hand and slapped Archerko. "You dare call us scum?"

Meanwhile back in the dorm

"That darn familiar, who does she think she is acting like that?" Louise can't concentrate on doing her homework as her familiar's face appeared in her imaginations. "S-still… she's quite cute when she… ARGHHHHH what am I thinking about?" In frustration she grabbed her book and threw it on the ground.

"Miss Valliere! Miss Valliere!" A girl's voice called out from outside sounding frantically.

"Eh?" Louise hurried to answer the calls and opened her door. It was Siesta, she was breathing heavily and looks panicked.

"You are…" Louise wondered who it is that was calling her out urgently.

"I- It's miss Archerko she's about to be beaten up by some male students!" She reported.

"What! Take me there!" As if a switch was flipped in her brain, she left everything she was doing behind and followed Siesta to the location.

Back in the scene of the incident, the students decided to bring their prey into the center of the courtyard. They intend to make her as an example to any commoner that would dare fight back or talk back to them. A crowd of students now flocked to the scene to witness the punishment. The large number of people gathering only served as encouragement for the bullies.

"You bitch!" One of them cursed her and slapped her. This was the fourth slap since they decided to punish her.

"Enough this is insane! You shouldn't be allowed to do this!" One of the maids demanded.

"It's your friend here that started it. She bumped us!" one of the boys reasoned using his twisted logic.

"I'm giving you one last chance how about it? Be our personal toy for the week and we'll call it even?" The leader whispered to Archerko's ear.

"I'm sorry, but unlike most girls you know, I actually have taste." Archerko gives of a mocking smile before letting off a weak laugh.

"You…" The leader raised his hand and slapped her again.

"There they are!" Shouted Siesta who just arrived in the scene with Louise behind her.

"Stop this! She's my familiar stop hurting her!" Louise stood in front of the leader to shield Archerko from anymore slaps.

"Ah you're the rumored zero, and that filth is your familiar? How comical. Get out of my way I'm not yet done serving that bitch her punishment!" The bully shrugged Louise away forcing her aside with his arm.

The force, threw Louise's small frame out of balance. She was about to crash face first into the ground but for some reason she did not.

"Eh?" She felt like she was floating, her face was inches away from rubbing against the floor but something stopped her from falling, or rather, someone.

"Uwooh!" The crowd shouted in amazement at what they just witnessed.

Archerko who was restrained by two students somehow now has her master Louise in her arms. She carried her like a princess as she walked slowly to a bench nearby.

"A-archer." Louise blushed as she gasped for breath to recover from the shock of what just happened. To escape from the bullies and catch her would require lots of strength but to catch her immediately after is astronomically impossible.

"Geez master, I can't let these scum bruise your cute face can I?" Archerko teased.

"Y-you! Don't play with us you fucking bitch!" One of the lackeys charged to grab Archerko's shoulder which he did. What he did not expect was what happened right after grabbing the girl's shoulder.

The boy felt himself to be weightless. Time slowed down and to him it looked as if the grassy ground which was supposed to be motionless suddenly stood up. Before his face could touch the ground, his cheek collided with what felt like solid steel. The boy was immediately sent flying back to his leader who caught him and was sent off balance.

"She's good," Kirche who apparently just arrived to watch that moment whispered to Tabitha. "As that guy was about to grab her shoulder she feinted forward to use his own momentum against him. That momentum added to gravity added plus her own physical force made that really powerful kick- a kick enough to send somebody twice her weight flying."

"I just remembered, I'm supposed to be my master's proud familiar. I can't embarrass her right now by losing to a bunch of trash like you can I?" For the first time in this fight Archerko sent off chills against her opponents' spines. She did not need to draw a sword, she did not need to clench a fist but what she did is only say those words to break her opponents' spirits.

Meanwhile in the Principal's Office

There were seven people inside the principal's office- the old principal who had a beard that lengths to his waist, the professor of Louise who witnessed her summoning a few hours ago, the princess of the kingdom, the captain of the royal knights and three injured female knights.

"I am very sorry my princess! If we knew you would be coming to our school earlier than expected I would have arranged an envoy to fetch her highness. This tragedy would not have happened." The principal apologized sincerely with his head bowed humbly in front of the royal princess.

"Please, it's our fault for not going at the appointed time." The princess pardoned. "However I would like to meet our savior if we can."

"Savior?" The old mage was puzzled at what he just heard.

"Ah, here." The female knight took a bag and emptied it on a table. It was filled with the arrows that struck their assailants.

"These are?" The old man observed the items closely.

"Just before the kidnappers were about to take us these arrows saved us. Unfortunately we did not see who used them, or the bow that was used to fire them but from our perspective the arrows were definitely coming from the school's direction." The knight explained while taking the time to try and remember what really happened.

"These arrows are most amusing. Just by simply looking at them you can tell that they are imbued with high-skill magecraft."

"Magecraft? Then we're right to assume our man is in this school?" the princess face brightened with delight.

"Goodness my lady it's the opposite. Such advanced level of magic is beyond any student in our school and none of the teachers can even come close to this ability. The magic imbued to these arrows is a complex array of mystic arts. It's shrouded with the magic to ignore air-resistance and I can sense a reinforcement spell under it as well." The mage was more awed each second that passes while he studied the arrows.

"Reinforcement? That explains how it penetrated the bodies of those men like knife through butter." The captain remembered the clean circular hole the arrow made on the bodies of its victim.

"So is there no one here that you know that could have been our savior?" the Princess asked with a sad frown.

"Well, professor?" The principal looked at the professor who was beside him.

"Don't look at me sir, such complicated art is beyond me." The teacher surrendered.

"If there was someone like that in our school, that someone should replace me as principal for it's clear that he already surpassed me a-hah-hah." The principal joked.

"That's too bad… oh but not all is lost! I would like to visit my precious friend Louise!" she requested with an eager smile.

"Of course Princess Henrietta. I'm sure miss Valliere would be thrilled to see you."

"Yes, to see you would really lighten up that girl's day. She had the most unfortunate experience today." The professor sighed then displayed a frown.

"Mr. Principal we have trouble!" Another professor stormed inside the room "W-wah your Highness!" He was shocked to see the heir of the throne inside the room.

"Please don't mind me, what's the problem?"

"A bunch of our students are ganging up on a girl who is supposed to be miss Valliere's familiar." The teacher reported.

"What? Wait did you say a girl?" The principal felt awkward after hearing what he just heard.

"Yes, Miss Louise failed to summon a strong familiar today. She summoned a commoner of all things." Louise's professor said in a rather disappointed tone. "That poor child, her grades are always top of the class when it comes to written exams and theories, but she just doesn't have any luck at all in practice."

"Bullies ganging up on my friend Louise? I just simply cannot allow that!" while saying that, She had her hands close to her chest close fisted. "Knight Captain Agnes!"

"We're on it my princess!" The captain immediately understood. Henrietta wanted her to help Louise from those thugs. "Lead the way professor!"

Wasting no time, the teacher led the way to the courtyard where students and staff are gathering. It's also there where everyone would witness a glimpse of the true abilities of the silver haired guardian.

Louise who's still confused about the matter approached her familiar and said, "Archerko no, just apologize I'm sure they would…"

"I already did that, that's how I got my first bruise." Archerko playfully pointed at the red slap mark on her face then smiles.

Louise was speechless because if apology won't work then truly there are only two options left. The first option was to fight them and retrieve Archerko's lifeless body after a few humiliating moments. The second would be to run away as far as possible and ask a teacher for help. The second option sounds all too good right now but they're dealing with 4 mages, it's going to be hard to lose them.

Louise tugged on Archerko's coat and said, "You should escape, I'll draw their attention, use that time to run."

Seeing Louise's worried face only made Archerko's smile wider. "You know? A worried look doesn't suite you at all. I won't lose to these mage rejects."

The thugs heard everything and were more aggravated. "Mage rejects? You sure are cocky just because of that lucky shot!"

"Let's see how cocky you are when your face is burned to a crisp!" A bully summoned a pillar of flame around the familiar. The flames looked intense but Archerko kept her calm. To her, the flames are nothing compared to the prana bursts she had to dodge daily every time she stole Saber's snacks.

With a flick of her wrists energy gathered inside her hand which she swung and caused an explosion. The sudden burst of energy dispersed the fire and covered the place Archerko and Louise was standing on with black smoke. Everybody was in wonder at what just happened? Was it some sort of smoke screen spell?

"Above you!" A voice which belonged to Archerko called out to them from the skies.

Everybody looked up to see the familiar shrouded in crimson coat wielding two short-swords ready to deliver two overhead slices. Her red coat made her look like a bloody reaper who was about to take a life. A rune on her glowed, it was the rune she got after the summoning ritual. The line fire mage did not have enough athletic abilities to move fast enough. The two blades sank deep on both his shoulders as he cried in pain. It was a blunt attack so the boy managed to escape severe injuries but the attack was enough to put him to sleep.

The leader of the bullies staggered backwards after seeing his comrade beaten unconscious. "Y-you, you'll use a weapon against a noble? You're in for it now!" He threatened as the he and the other remaining two took out their staves.

The girl did not mind the threat and took a step forward instead. The three mages were casting different spells at her. The leader summoned three metal automatons made of cheap iron. The other mage seems to have transmuted an iron sword from a pendant he wore while the remaining mage started firing off energy bursts from his staff.

Archerko decided to deal with the automatons first because they engaged her in melee. She sliced the first one in half with horizontal slashes in opposite directions before it could launch an attack then used its body as a vault. While she was in midair, energy bursts were precisely fired at her but she easily blocked them with her swords as they neared her. The second automaton got its head lopped off after the familiar landed a falling diagonal slash just as she landed. The third golem was in attack range but she managed to sink both her blades inside its core and destroyed it completely.

The mage that wielded an iron sword charged at her. "You son of a…" He carelessly swung his sword for the girl's throat but even that was easily dodged by a lazy back-step. He was covered by a comrade who fired 4 shots of energy bursts which the familiar easy repelled with her blades.

"How are you blocking my fire blasts? This can destroy concrete walls a meter thick!" The mage was in awe so see the short swords undented.

The familiar grinned and flaunted her blades to her enemies and the audience. "The swords I make are first class weapons." She replied.

Thinking that he caught her off guard, the student with a sword lunged at her again. This time he paid for trying. Archerko simply bent down and side stepped to dodge the attack then swung her blunt blade against the boy's stomach. The mage groaned in pain as he felt the attack shake his intestines. She smashed the hilt of the sword against his chin which threw him back a few meters behind. His brain juggled inside his skull because of the impact and he was already unconscious before he landed flat on his back.

The other mage kept firing off projectiles but the girl just zigzagged her way forward, leaping short distances until she reached her mark. The hilt of her sword found its way on the back of her opponent's neck. The boy was immediately out-cold and slowly knelt down then laid down face first on the grass.

"N-no way, all my golems and them in just a few seconds?" The leader's eyes widened to see his comrades and his automatons defeated so easily. Just before he could say something else he saw her raise her hand and a sword's blade reached his neck. This time the sword was sharp and he can lose his head if he made the wrong move.

Archerko stared at the guys and asked, "Well?"

The loser had an undiscerning and despair filled look on his face when he said, "I- I give up."

Like an uncorked frizzy liquor bottle, the crowd erupted into cheers and started pushing around Archerko.

"W-wahh!" The silver-haired familiar squealed while trying to avoid being squished by her new found fans.

One of Siesta's maid-friends managed to cling on her from behind and said, "Uwohhhh that was amazing! Are you some sort of goddess?"

"No, but if you'd rather refer to me as that I don't mind." Archerko flashed her 'handsome tomboy' look then flirtingly placed her arms around the maid.

The maid blushed as she felt her heartbeat skip a thump, "K-kyahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" The maid squealed then fainted.

"Archerko-san you made us worry!" Siesta came running through the crowd with Louise.

Archerko placed the unconscious made in Siesta's arms and said, "I'm sorry. I'll be more careful next time."

Louise approached her familiar and examined her face with glassy eyes. Archerko wanted to lean away but the crowd around her was pushing her towards Louise.

"You're alright? You're not injured in any way right?" The zero asked in a worried tone while her face is still pink.

Archerko felt her heart rise seeing her master's worried expression. She could not help but hug her tightly like a teddy bear. "You're so cute! Of course I'm fine." She swung the lass while she tightened her embrace.

"M-mouuuuu i-it's not like I came cause I'm worried! L- let go of me you familiar!" Saying that, Louise actually wanted to hug back, being in Archerko's arms remind her of her older sister back in her home town.

While Archerko and Louise were having their moment inside the big crowd of cheering fans. Captain Agnese, Princess Henrietta together with the professors and three other knights finally arrived on the scene. "There they are!" She shouted as she sees the large crowd.

"H-hey look it's the teachers!" The crowd immediately dispersed after seeing the teachers come in with soldiers with them.

The knight positioned to draw her sword to look for the assailants but what she found were only two girls hugging each other looking back at her confused on what she was there for. "What the hell…" she saw the five male students lying motionless on the floor with the exception of their leader who Archerko spared.

"Which one of you here is supposed to be the familiar in trouble?" Agnes asked the two and the crowd.

"Uhmm…" Louise looked troubled, she didn't want for them to find out about Archerko. For some reason, even if she's a commoner, she felt bad thinking about losing her.

"It, was me, I'm sorry." Archerko let go of her master and stepped forward to take responsibility for everything.

The maids and the chef gathered around in front of the teachers and the knights. "Please don't punish her, she's the victim here." They begged.

"I know that geez… we received information that a commoner was being ganged on." Agnese ordered them to calm down.

"Louise! My dear Louise!" Princess Henrietta rushed to Louise's side and hugged her.

Louise immediately recognized who it was because she was best friends with the princess since childhood "P-princess!" She was thrilled to see her royal friend.

"I was so worried when I heard you were being bullied here. Thank god we came here in time. Where are the bullies?" Henrietta wore an angry face while surveying the place.

"Uh…" Louise pointed on the men scattered on the floor.

"E-eh?" The princess shouted in surprise. "Did you do all these? My goodness I didn't know you practiced…"

"N-no!" Louise interrupted, "It was all thanks to my familiar, princess!" She explained then glanced at Archerko who tried her best to keep out of the two's reunion.

Agnes approached the familiar with a look of wonder on her face. "I can't believe this, you took care of five mages by yourself? And I supposed that's the weapon you used?" She pointed at the sword Archer still had inside his left hand, the other one was beside a mage she knocked out.

Archerko nodded and let go of the sword to show her non-aggression. "It was my fault for bumping on them, but I couldn't forgive them for hurting my master like that."

While they were bust talking they did not notice that the leader of the bullies have summoned his familiar. It was a large bird the size of an ostrich with wings that spanned 5 meters to carry its weight. The boy climbed on his familiar and ordered it to snatch Louise by her clothes from behind.

"I won't leave here with my honor tarnished! You will pay!" The disgraced noble caught Louise hostage by the back and began to fly away.

"M-Master!" Archerko cried out and reached for her master's hand but it was too far away.

"Archerko!" Louise called for help and struggled to break free but the talons of the bird have a tight grip on her cape.

Henrietta approached the Captain and said, "Captain Agnes do something!" She ordered.

"It's out of range, if I try to throw my sword from here I might hit miss Valliere." Agnes explained with disappointment and regret. "If only we had… huh"

Before she could finish, their conversation was interrupted with a blinding light emanating from beside them. It was the silver-haired familiar. Her face is filled with anger and determination to save her master. Inside the hands of the guardian was now a silver bow and between it and ready to be fired was an arrow that stretched a meter long.

"Wait- that's!" Agnes immediately recognized the arrow inside Archerko's hands.

Upon release, the arrow's sheer energy and force created a sonic boom that knocked everyone aside. The arrow created a short trail of light as it made its way through the bird's abdomen. The whole length of the arrow penetrated through the enemy familiar and completely reduced it to chunks of falling flesh.

"Louise!" Henrietta cried out as she saw her friend enter a free fall. Everyone shouted in horror for they might already be witnessing the final moments of the girl.

But death wasn't near the girl that time as her noble familiar sprinted towards her. With all her leg strength she kicked the ground to jump 15 feet high and caught her master in an embrace in midair. She completely enveloped Louise in her arms to protect her from the fall as she prepared for impact. Upon landing she bent her knees to absorb the full force and rolled on the ground to soften their fall.

Everyone ran towards them worriedly. "Miss Archerko!" Siesta approached the two lying on the grass.

Everyone was worried that one of them was already dead. But instead Archerko got up and once again carried her master like a princess and said "I'm fine, I'm more worried about my master here."

"Y-you idiot!" Louise scowled while blushing still wondering what just transpired on this breath taking experience.

She stood there on a hill of corpses, staring at the vast open plains that were tainted with death and suffering. Beneath her feet lay a hundred sinners, a hundred warriors- warriors who she vanquished with her will that commanded countless numbers of steel. She has a long silver hair that she would tie in a braid that mimics the brilliance of the moon. Her fair skin is smoother than the finest silk, and as white as the purest snow of winter. Her body was slender and men around her would always refer to her as the cute and alluring. Her perfectly shaped breasts matched her marvelous curves and successful models would look plain compared to her angelic face. She's about five feet and five inches tall and an exceptional beauty envied by the lesser divines. Branded on her hand is the mark of a hero, a rune she uses to summon her strongest arsenals. She wore the Shroud of Martyr, a long coat of crimson red, to cover her flawless body and pairs it with a black mini skirt that covered a tight fit shorts beneath.