Hi everyone! Aoitsubaki here! This is my first 07-Ghost fanfict yay! I can't really picture how I love this series so I'm just dancing in my head *dancing**dancing* LOL. In this fanfict I must remind you:

- Teito is a girl (Tiera "Tia" Klein, I've settled with that between Tieria, Tiera and Tiana XD )

- Kuroyuri is a girl (I don't care what people say but if he looks better as a girl I will change it! )

- This is a FrauxTeito and a bit MikagexTeito but I MAY put a one side AyanamixTeito at the end (because of the whole VerlorenxEve thing)

- I'm not making girl Teito conceal her gender, people will know she's a girl from the start (I can't picture her cutting her long brunette hair *pulls out hair*!)

- This fanfict follows the anime (I'm literally copying how the story goes in the anime :D), but I may use some scene from the manga as well

- Most of the scene is written in Tia's point of view, I'll tell ahead if it's written in normal point of view

- Miiight be a little OOC, but I'm trying to do it justice

Okay I really said too much XD, without further ado, here's Fleeting Memories! Please R&R and no flame please! I accept critical suggestions though (is that what they call it? LOL)

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Tia's POV

White, falling snow

A tall, magnificent tower

A man, stood as stoic, the sound of chimes rang around his neck, his face as so kind, and he smiles to me

As if nothing can ruin this perfect scene, the ground starts to tremor, I look back, smoke starts to rise above the buildings behind

At least, that's what I remembered before I suddenly wake up


I woke up panting as I sat on my bed, grasping the thin sheet I used as my quilt. I look around, it seem the room is how I left it. Desk is cleaned, wardrobe closed, windows covered by the thin curtains. No sunlight yet though, but I'm sure it's early morning. But, that's not what bothering my mind right now.

"It's that dream again…" I mutter under my breath. These dreams have been haunting me ever since I arrived in the academy. Well, it's not like it's the only problem I had here, but I sure gives me a headache just thinking about it. No, it's somehow…so nostalgic that I can't get it out of my mind.

"What's wrong, Tia?" a guy's voice suddenly appears beside me. As soon as turn my head, the first thing I see is a guy yawning, while rubbing his blond bed head.

Oh yeah, I'm sharing a room with a boy "No, it's nothing…" I lied.

"Oh come on, you won't even tell little ol' me?" he gives me a wink. A wink? Sometimes his act to persuade me into telling him things is a bit too far off for me.

"I don't even understand it myself, idiot." I throw the sheet I was grabbing so it falls on him, he looks like one of those ghosts with a sheet on top of it.

"H-Hey!" I only stare at him as he struggles under the sheet. That's what you get, stupid Mikage.

But, Mikage's not all bad. He really likes to tease me, but he's really kind. He didn't do anything perverted even though his roommate's a girl. Most of all, he treats me as equal, unlike those other bastards in the academy. It's because I'm the only girl of this year, becoming Master Miroku's pupil might be one of the cause too.



*sigh* so much for peace and quiet…

"Please gather in the assembly hall before the bell finish ringing! You'll have to repeat a year if you're late! Scratch that, don't even bother showing up if you're late!"

I can hear running sounds from outside my dorm room. Looks like the others have finished changing already, don't wanna be late now.

"*inhales* Today's the day, Tia-!" Mikage finally got out from that sheet just as I finished changing. A uniform of a cadet, all back with gold embroidery. There's really no difference between a male and female uniform though, I only wear higher length boots and I exchange the usual white gloves for a black one. Don't bother tying my hair up today, it's not like there's any combat duties for the day. The bells are still ringing, we're not too late.

"Let's go, Mikage."

Normal POV

At first glance, Barsburg Military Academy may seem like a castle. But, it educates many of Barsburg Empire noble youths to become exceptional soldiers for the Empire. Young cadets may one day graduate and provide their services for the Military higher-ups, today is one of those days.

"As the 315th class of the honorable Barsburh Empire Military Academy, we are the elite chosen to become soldiers of Fort Hohburg. Let us all endeavor to become outstanding soldiers who will not bring shame upon the name of the Empire. I present this words in behalf of all cadets in this is, I am president of the graduating class, Shuri Oak." As the young blond turns to his peers and salute, the whole room follows as well, putting an end to his speech.

"Chairman Miroku, I've heard that this year's graduating class is exceptional." A middle aged man said to the man in his right, who wears a long, black coat. His old age shows in his face, with a deep set of red eyes and his hair and mustache colored gray. "That is correct." He replies with his deep voice.

"Usually, only 20 out of the 500 graduates pass the final exams and become Begleiters." Another man to his right comments. His pale violet hair both tied in the front, his purple eyes set on the elder chairman in agreement. "The real challenge is just about to begin for them."

Tia's POV

He keeps blabbering about becoming outstanding soldiers and all, in reality he's a complete coward, that Shuri Oak.

"Ti-a! Come on! We gotta get to class!" Mikage called out to me.



"Tomorrow, the greatest Military elites will be here to watch the final exam. Make sure that you show them everything you've learned here in the academy."

"I bet you'll get scouted by the Military, Shuri!"

"Ah stop it, you know that's not true!"

"Cool! So you'll become an officer just like that? Life's so different for people in famous families."

Between the teacher's lecture up front and those 3 idiots talking alone in the back, I don't know which one's more…disturbing. It'd be rude to call the teacher annoying, but the word suits those 3 so much more. But I won't meddle in their business, that's why I'm always silent in classes.

"By the way, Ms. Tia Klein."


"You haven't been attending my combat exercises class again, that makes me sad…" he sighed to me.

"…I'm sorry Sensei, but I was told that I was excused from all basic physical classes." I said to him with indifference. He sighed again, well I supposed any teacher would be disappointed if a student were absent during a class, but I just couldn't help it. They were "orders" after all.

"Hah, I supposed that's what you get by being Chairman Miroku's favorite little doll. It'd be a disaster if her pretty little face got even a small scratch now, wouldn't it?"

Keep your, Tia, keep your cool. Why did he keep bothering me anyway? Oh right, it because of that…


"Hey you, girl!"


"Are you that girl that got a full scholarship from Chairman Miroku's recommendation? I heard you used to be a sklave!"

"…What about it?"

"*twitch* Do you know who I am? I am Shuri Oak, son of General Oak and the next head of the Oak family! Why don't you do your job as a sklave and accompany me to lunch?"

"…Sorry, but I don't have time for leisure. I'll be going now."

"*twitch**twitch* Why you! You'll regret it for refusing my kind offer!"

-flashback ends-

And I don't remembered what he says after that. Now he gets back at me by using any chance possible to mock me, not like I care though.

"Sensei! Shuri-kun brought porn to class!"

I snap out of my daydream, and I realized that the teacher was covered by pages of a porn magazine. I peek a little to the back and found Shuri holding a porn magazine as well. Must be Mikage's doing…

"So I see."


After Class

"Hey Tia, what've you been eating? Wait, are you on a diet?" Mikage asked me as we walked in the corridors.

"What are you talking about? I'm fine." I replied without looking at him. Suddenly he blocks me and winked again.

"Well that's a relief. Wait, nervous about tomorrow's test?" he says teasingly.

"As if!" I swung my roll of paper at him to move him aside. Suddenly, a shadow blocks the light from above us and so we looked up. A giant Hawkzile flies above the building, and made its landing to that grand structure in the middle of the district: Fort Hohburg. It's where the Royal Family and the Military takes place. Many elite soldiers and rich people lives there, you might find yourself being there if you strive high enough.

"That's so cool!" Mikage points out to the Hawkzile as it makes its landing. It is pretty impressive, but I kept my face to indifference.

"Hey Tia, if we passed out exams, we'll be to get into Fort Hohburg right?" Mikage wonders out loudly. "When I finally become a soldier, I'll fight for the Empire and protect my family! So we gotta pass our exams, Tia! You got that?"

When I see Mikage, I see his passion and determination. He keeps saying he'll protect those who're precious to him, especially his family. I really…admire him for that. But, what'll I do?

"Family huh…?" I mutter. It's so great listening to Mikage's stories about his family back home. As for me…I don't really know if I had one. In fact, I don't remember anything about my past, nothing.

"You still can't remember anything about your family?" Mikage asks me, I can hear the worry in his voice.

"No…" I replied. "But sometimes, I had this dream…"

"A dream? Hey, it might be some of your memories from your past!" he lightens up. He seems to be more cheered up than me in any case.

"Maybe." I say to him. "I'm not really sure though, since I've lost all the memories that I had."

"But you know, Tia." He tells me. "Even if you never get those memories back-" before he could even finish his sentence, I walked ahead.

"They say that some students got killed during the finals. I'm sure I'm going to be fine, but-" I turn halfway around and points to Mikage. "You mister, will have to work harder."

"Hey, how come I'm the only one who needs to work harder?" at first he got confused, but finally he was struck with realization and smirks at me. "Is that a challenge?"

"We'll see."


"Come at me for real! Mikage!"

"You should stop day dreaming too, Tia-chan!"

"Don't you dare call me with that name!"

"Tia-chan! Tia-chan!"




*leaps back*

In every living being, exists a form of energy called Mana. For some, they're gifted an ability to convert Mana and use it at will. This ability is called, Zaiphon.

I ran again towards Mikage, forming my Zaiphon around me. Mikage does the same thing, and he charged on, not knowing that I've evaded and leaped on top of him.

Zaiphon took an appearance of words, mirroring the user's feeling and nature. Hatred, joy, sadness, fear, these feelings can be manifested into one's Zaiphon.

Still in mid-air, I formed my Zaiphon again, made a kick turn to counter, but he dodged by a split second. I cursed mentally, but tried to keep my cool. I'm not going to miss this time.

Zaiphon can be divided into 3 types: Offensive, Healing and Manipulative. It is as it's named, Offensive Zaiphon is the most common, which is mainly used in battle to launch attacks and put up defensive barriers. Healing Zaiphon is a more "gentle" type, able to heals wounds and at some level, regenerate a whole body part. Manipulative Zaiphon, a rare and special kind, gives the user the ability to move object at will, animate or inanimate.


I know charging him from behind won't work, my only option is to charge head on. I dashed towards him, Zaiphon encircling my fist, Mikage charging towards me also with Zaiphon in hand. I landed a punch, but he dodged it again. He did an uppercut but I easily evaded it again. This series of kick and punches goes around for about a minute.

"You won't hit with an attack like that!"

"Aww Tia-chan, you'll hurt me if you keep attacking me like this you know!"

Zaiphon users are said to be blessed by God, given a talent only a few possessed. For those reasons, Barsburg Empire Military Academy established a program specifically for cadets with Zaiphon abilities, to be trained intensively as Military power. Ones like me and Mikage.

We leaped once again away from each other, but it didn't take long for Mikage to charge front again. He's going to take me head on. I can see his Zaiphon becoming more and more fierce. I stood my ground, close my eyes and opened them again, remembering the words Master Miroku planted into my psyche.

Do not show any mercy, Tia. For a girl like you, that shall be your greatest weakness!

Mikage lands his Zaiphon to me, but I evaded once more. Not known to Mikage, I've already appeared behind him, my Zaiphon made its way around his neck. With a single movement of my fingers, he's done for.

"Uncle! Uncle! Tia, I give up!"

His dreading voice snaps me from my brief reverie. I dismissed my Zaiphon immediately, I almost lost control of myself back then. Suddenly another blow of Zaiphon made its way to me, I managed to dodge it in a nick of time. I glared at Mikage but it faltered into confusion seeing him making one of his silly expressions again. He pointed behind me to the spot where his Zaiphon lands.


"Those are my feelings for you! I hope you accept them whole-heartedly!" he says with an oh-so-cute tone. But I didn't pay attention to what he said, since I am filled with fury for that one word I hate most in the entire world. I can feel my fist clenching, as I activated my Zaiphon ready for that target over there.

"Well Mikage." I said to him, suppressing a bit of my anger and my eyes twitching. "I'VE GOT PLENTY OF THINGS TO SAY TO YOU TOO!"

"Hyaarghh! Someone help me!"

Night comes, and we found ourselves back in our dormitory room. I was tired of chasing Mikage all day and expected to fall asleep instantly the moment I hit the bed. But somehow…I'm wide awake. I know that something is bothering me, but I couldn't even figure out what it is. Is it tomorrow's finals? Or is it the fear of having that dream again tonight? I don't know, I just wanted to sleep.

"Tia, you asleep yet?" Mikage whispers to me.


"What, you're still mad? That's so cute." He chuckles.

"Shut up." I hissed back to him. For a second, the room becomes silent again, before Mikage finally breaks that silence.

"You know, we'll probably be put into different units once we enrolled in the army."


"…Be sure to write sometimes, okay?" I didn't reply, sometimes I barely strikes up the first conversation with him. Besides, with my past as battle sklave, it's going to be worst when I'm in the Military. I don't even know if I'm going to have time for myself.

"Because, you're kinda my best friend after all!" I silenced myself again. He called me his best friend, I'm happy but, am I really that worth it for him? "Tia, you listening?"

"You know, how I was a battle sklave before I came here right?" I asked him.

"…What about it?" he asked back. I almost didn't believe him, is he even paying attention? I was a sklave, that pretty much sets my entire future for me.

"Being a sklave, I was just a doll trained to fight until I die. Master Miroku's the one who's been taking care of me for as long as I can remember. Because of that, I don't know anything about having a family or loving anything else." I began retelling him my whole past. "But I guess…having you as a best friend is almost similar to that." I tossed around to my right, realizing that Mikage had crept up to my upper bunk. He's…crying?

"Wait, why are you crying?" I panicked.

"You idiot." He sniffs. "You said something so touching I have no idea how to react!" he uses his sleeves to wipe his tears and snot. Gross…

"But really, this is the first time you've ever said something like this to me. So, I'm really happy!" he smiles at me. I envy him, how he can just give out smiles like that so care freely. That's one of his good points, I guess.

"All right then!" he exclaimed. "Let's swear an oath of friendship before the big exam!" he let out a hand to me, as if he was telling me to grasp it. An oath…promise? What is he up to now?

"I'll never abandon you when you're in trouble in or out of the battlefield. I swear to God that when we die, we'll die together! Wait! I don't know if that's the best thing to say to a girl about dying and stuff…"

"What about me being a girl?"

"N-No! don't take it that way, but anyway! What do you say?"

I glance at the hand he let out for me. At first, I thought he was being silly but now…I see to it like a goal. Mikage would do this, for someone like me. Others would ridicule me and casts me aside, but Mikage gives me hope, that I'm just like anyone else. He's done so much for me, so if Mikage's willing to take that oath then God, I'll be willing to take it too!

I lift my hand and take Mikage's grasps. My green eyes met with his brilliant topaz, his never faltering smile met my indifference stare. With this, our oath, our fate is sealed. And I'm not regretting every second of it. Because for Mikage, I'd do anything!

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