Hello! The story takes place around chapter 3 of Mockingjay. It's after Katniss' visit to Twelve and Peeta's first interview. So the story has some events of Mockingjay that I thought were kind of important. They are arranged a little differently, just 'cause it seems it went with the story better. Sorry for any grammatical errors!

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Chapter 1

After the tossing and turning and having this terrible nausea that won't go away, I finally accept that it will be a wakeful night. I quietly get the few possessions I kept from Arena, from a drawer under the gray clothes I wear. The pin, the locket, silver parachute, and the pearl Peeta gave me a few hours before I blew out the force field. I sit on my bed with the items, feeling like these little things are my life in pieces. Prim is rousing.

"Katniss?" she whispers, not wake my mother. "What's wrong?"

"It's nothing. It was just a bad dream. Go back to sleep." I say.

Prim carefully gets out of bed anyway and sits on the bed with a blanket. "You can tell me. I won't tell anyone. Even Mother." She whispers.

Prim has grown so much since that reaping day. Not just physically, but mentally too. She used to be the little girl always beside me. She was the one I protected. I was usually the one to comfort her, but know she's asking me if I'm okay. She is growing up too fast.

"I'm going to tell them I'll be the Mockingjay," I tell her. "I'm doing it because I want to… and because I kind of have to, but… I want to do it." I say uneasily. I look down at the pearl.

It's just that… I'm worried… about Peeta. If the rebels win the war, I'm afraid they'll execute him as a traitor."

Prim face softens."Katniss, you're very important in this whole operation. You can probably ask for Peeta's safety from the rebels." She says.

"Yeah, you're right." I raise my glance. "I could ask for his immunity, and they would have to agree to it if they want me to be the Mockingjay. The only thing is, I have to keep her from thinking she can break her word. I'll need witnesses."

"President Coin will have to announce it in front of the population of 13." She adds. "It'll be hard for her not to keep her word, when everybody witnesses it." Prim says.

"Good idea. She won't dismiss my demands when it's over."

I feel better with goal and a solution. I give her a big hug.

"Thanks for talking with me." I whisper. She hugs me tighter.

"Go to sleep, okay?" she says. She gets back in the bed, carefully, not to wake up my mother. I lay in bed, and I do fall asleep.

The Command is put into my schedule. This is it. During breakfast, Gale gave me the inspiration to ask for us to go hunting. It would be great to get out. I make a mental list of what to ask for. I ask Gale to come with me. Gale got his communicuff taken away the other day, because he blocked Boggs from catching me when I stormed out. We walk into command. They're already in position to lecture me to become the Mockingjay, but before they start I ask for supplies to write my requests. I should ask for Buttercup to stay with us. He's important to Prim. I need ask for hunting, Peeta's immunity, and… what else?

"About done there?" asks Plutarch, a couple minutes later. I guess I still have problems concentrating.

"Yes," I say. "I will be your Mockingjay, but I have some conditions." Coin's face is stern. She can't wait to hear them. Plutarch gestures for me to go on.

"My family gets to keep our cat." This causes a disruption. There's a huge commotion about the tiniest request, but they talk about moving my family to the higher levels so the cat can do his business outside and so they agree to it.

"I want to hunt. With Gale, in the woods." They fall silent. "We won't go far, and we will use our own bows. Whatever we get, we'll give to the kitchen." I say, but they're already talking within themselves of denying it. "It would help me get better, faster… if I could hunt." There is a lot of talk about security and the risk of getting injured, but we reach a settlement.

"I need Gale by my side when I do this…"

"With you how? On camera? Off camera?" Coin asks. "As presenting him as your new lover?" She is still holding her serious face, but I can't help but feel shocked.

"What? I just…"

Plutarch starts talking on how they should keep the romance with Peeta and all, because to the capitol, I'm pregnant with his child. There is further consultation what to do, because I can't keep up the act of pretending to be pregnant. They'll say that I had a miscarriage. Gale will be portrayed on camera as my cousin. They ask for the remaining requests, but I'm still trying to get over their demeaning of me. I feel my cheeks warm up. I concentrate on my remaining requests.

"When the war is over, and if we've won, Peeta will be pardoned." Everyone is silent and I feel Gale's gaze on me, his body tensing up. Oh, I just got a thought. "The same goes for the other captured tributes, Johanna, Annie, Enobaria..." I don't really care for Enobaria, but it seems just to ask for her pardon too.

"No," Coin says.

"Yes!" I say. "It's not their fault they were left to be captured by the Capitol. Who know what they're doing to them?" Coin goes off about how they will be judged accordingly as war criminals. Since viewing Peeta's interview, many were set on thinking Peeta was a traitor.

"Immunity!" I rise from my chair. "You will personally pledge this in front of the entire population of District Thirteen and the remainder of Twelve, soon. You will hold yourself and your government responsible for their safety, or you'll find yourself another Mockingjay!"

Of course my words start another dead silence, until Fulvia speaks. "That's it! The Mockingjay!" She looks to Plutarch excitedly.

"That's her." he says. My gaze is still on Coin. She has to give in. Plutarch advises she could give an official pardon. He informs her that Peeta is not even of age. She agrees, finally.

"Anything else?" she asks. She's unhappy.

"I kill Snow." I say. Coin smirks. "When the time comes, I'll flip you for it." She says.

"Fair enough." I say. Coin dismisses everyone and leaves the Command. Plutarch and Fulvia are ecstatic that we're on the team.

"You know in general what we're asking for, Katniss. You may have mixed feelings right now. Here I hope this helps." He shows me a black cover sketch book. I open it and there is a drawing of me in a black uniform, with a hood helmet, curved breast plate, full sleeves. It looks like a mockingjay. The design and the features could only come from one person. It was designed by Cinna.

Plutarch goes over a plan to launch an Airtime Assualt, a bunch of propos featuring me. I'll be filmed here, but there might be trips to other districts. The propos will all be aired. Beetee had hacked into the underground network, so that all of Panem will see the broadcast, including the Capitol.

They brought Venia, Flavius, and Octavia to district 13. More like kidnapped. They were taken from the Capitol, suddenly and brought to District 13. They got in trouble for stealing food. The guards say they repeatedly stole, but they've been punished so harshly. They're not used to specialized meal portions. I don't know what the guards did to them, but they are taken to hospital for minor injuries. My mother personally takes care of them.

I'm a little upset how they were treated. I get upset when anyone is treated unjustly. They're like children. They didn't know they can't take food. My mother tells Plutarch that they'll be ready the next day, but they will be shaken up from being taken from the Capitol and brought here, so suddenly. Plutarch is relieved, and Gale and I are released to go to our next scheduled period: training, which means hunting.

We're walking out of the training center on the ground, when two guards catch up to us. We're both given trackers on our ankles, our weapons, and a burlap sack for game. The guards continue to tell us when to be back. We're given a communicuff, but all I can think about the 2 hours we have left to hunt.

They opened the tall bared gate to the woods. As soon as we walked enough distance for the gate to be out of view, Gale and I take out our bows and knifes. We're walking as quietly as we can. My shoes are a little big for me, and cause leaves to crunch. Gale looks back at me whenever I make a really loud sound. Other than that, we did pretty well. We got squirrels, rabbits, and a turkey. We walk to a log and Gale begins to skin a rabbit. I sit on the ground laying against the log, sharpening a stick. And it's all so peaceful and normal like before that Reaping Day.

"Why do you care so much about your prep team?" he asks. His voice interrupts my day dreaming.

"Why shouldn't I?" I ask.

"Well, they spent the last two years dressing you up for the Hunger Games, to die, making you a show for the Capitol."

"Well, they're not evil. They're like children, just being told to style tributes. They don't really know…"

"I pretty sure they know where the tributes go, Katniss. They have to know those tributes, they prep up, are sent off to be killed. Those stylists probably just don't want to think about it too much about, right?"

"Well, they…"

"You're defending them!"

"I defend anyone who is treated so badly. They were punished cruelly for stealing a slice of bread! Maybe it reminded me too much of what happened to you, when you got caught with a turkey!" I cross my arms and look at a rock or something. I don't want him to see how upset this is making me. feel so uncontrollably irritated. I don't want to yell at him. This feeling seems alien to me. I've never been so in rage with Gale. We do argue some, but he's never angered me like this. It's probably my medication.

"I'm not trying to fight with you, but you have to know that they were part of it. They're from the Capitol. Coin probably thought it was how those Capitol people should be treated for the whole production they were in. She probably thought it as a favor to you." he says still a little offensively.

Why is he ramming on me for standing up for them? It was the right thing to do. Gale just despises people who are for, or have anything to with the Capitol. I don't speak for the trip back, until we reach the gate. We turn in our weapons, and game.

"You know they cared." I tell him. "Flavius and Octavia couldn't stop crying before the Quarter Quell. Venia could barely say goodbye."

"I'll keep it in mind when they remake you." Says Gale.

"Do," I say.

That evening during Reflection, Coin called an assembly. There, she made the announcement of my consents for me to be the Mockingjay. I take a seat next Finnick, sitting near other patients in their hospital gowns and robes. I haven't seen him in a while. Last time I saw him, I acted incredibly mean to him, for knowing about the plan, and keeping it a secret from me.

"Nice to see you out." I say.

"Yeah, I'm still staying at the hospital, but I'm soon getting my own boarding cell. I'll be good in no time." He says coolly. I smile at his remark, but I notice he's still wearing the bracelet that labels him "mentally disoriented".

"So what's this all about anyway?" He asks. I look at him to further explain. "This assembly?"

"I agreed to be the Mockingjay," I answer. "With some requests. I asked for the tributes' immunity, if we were to win the war."

Finnick looks hopefully toward the platform where Coin will speak. "Good. I was a little worried about Annie. I don't know what she would do that would be considered treason, but still."

I start to feel bad, guilty. I go back to the day when he tried to cheer me up about Peeta being captured. He said that since Peeta doesn't know anything, he won't be punished severely like what they might do to Johanna. They won't kill him, because they could use him against me. I was upset, and that's when I said "like bait? Like what they're doing to you with Annie?" I made him cry.

President Coin stands on the platform and commences her announcement. When she gets to the tributes' immunity, I get some cold glares from the people around me. They probably think it's selfish to ask for their immunity, when we have no idea what they could do.

"… It follows that any deviance from her mission will be viewed as a break in this agreement. The immunity will be terminated and the fate of the four victors determined by the law of District 13. As would her own. Thank you." Coin gives a short glance at me. If I screw up, then we're all screwed.

I'm lying in bed, awake, feeling nauseous. I haven't been that well, but I don't want to go back to the hospital again. I just moved in with my mother and Prim.

It's starting to feel like the Hunger Games again. It's different, but there is somebody watching my every move, and telling me what to do. There's less of a chance that I'll be killed, but still. This is a real war, even if I'll be way behind the front lines, according to Fulvia. I'm being filmed tomorrow. Prepped up and filmed for the propos. Almost like the Games again…

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