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The four Golden Monarchs of Narnia were out riding peacefully. They found a nice hill which gave them a lovely view of the distance they had ridden from the castle, which was quite a long way. When they had all dismounted from their horses, and had spent some time admiring the view, King Edmund stuck his nose in the air and gave a long sniff.

His siblings looked at him strangely.

"They're baking cupcakes at the Cair," he stated knowledgably.

King Peter looked at him in suspicion and disbelief. "There is no way you can smell cupcakes from here."

"I'm not smelling the cupcakes," Edmund replied disdainfully. "I'm using my cupcake sense."

Queen Lucy and Queen Susan rolled their eyes and lost interest. Peter, however, had never been quite as good at letting things go.

"Your what?"

"My cupcake sense. It means I can tell when cupcakes are being baked, anywhere in Narnia."

"Then why were you sniffing the air?"

"I wanted to give the impression that I had smelled them so that I could keep my cupcake sense hidden."


"I don't want you taking advantage of it! It is a rare gift and a great responsibility to bear!"

Peter looked at Edmund incredulously.

"What? It's my gift from Aslan. I just got mine a little later! Lucy got fairy juice, Susan got a hollowed-out bone, you got a big sword and I got my cupcake sense!"

"You do not have a cupcake sense."

"Yes, I do."

"No, you don't," Peter spoke with an air of finality.

"I do!" Edmund protested indignantly.

Peter glared.

"I'm High King and I say that you don't have a cupcake sense!"

Edmund looked momentarily defeated, then thought about it for a while, then got the sort of look on his face that people get when they are about to say something that they think is very witty.

"Yeah, well... I'm the Just King so I'm the judge and I manage the laws and I say that you can't make any law that says that I don't have a cupcake sense!"

Peter looked confused. "..What?"

"I do have a cupcake sense!"

"You don't! I'm High King which makes me your King which means that I have authority over you to say that you can't say that I can't make any law that says that you don't have a cupcake sense! Because you don't!"

Queen Lucy had had enough.


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