Title- Bright Lights

Disclaimer- Whedon owns them.

Timeline/Spoilers- the 1960's

Summary- Occasionally, he tries to be human

Author's Note- written for 12_daysofficmas for day #4 and fanfic_bakeoff. Not so coincidentally, I was at the casino tonight….


There was something perverse about a vampire moving to a sun-drenched place like the desert but his whole existence was perverse. Every so often, he slithered out of the gutter and tried to live among the humans. Something would inevitable derail the fresh attempt and Angel would sink again. For some reason, he'd get a wild hair and set himself up for another failure.

Vegas, however, intrigued him. Hundreds of people, sticky with sweat from their brief walks between casinos, should be something he should avoid if he were smart. Spike would say Angelus had never been smart. It was a challenge to be sure but the sharp scent of body odor was a detriment, making him think about the good old days when eats were fun to catch, if a bit fragrant.

Airmen dotted the crowds from the nearby base, which did a bustling business with Viet Nam in full swing. Angel wondered if Darla would visit that country. Wars had always been so entertaining. No, the entertainment and Vegas's swag would be more Darla's speed.

Angel sat down in front of a one-armed bandit on the urgings of some old woman who thought he was cute. He really didn't see the point in it but he clearly heard his father's voice in his head, pointing out he had every vice known to man. Angel slipped a few coins in and pulled the arm. He watched the barrels roll and three cherries popped up and the machine spat out double his money.

The vampire smiled. This could be the most fun he'd had in a long time.