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My love, My life

Bella POV (three years later)

I sat at the vanity and pushed the hair pin into my hair. I touched up the makeup Alice and just finished doing and then slipped my feet into my shoes. The door to the room opened and I smiled as my precious daughters walked in with their Aunt Bree.

"I tried getting them dressed but they keep giving me that look and I can't."

Bree said and I called her a chicken and took the dresses out of her hand. "Momma you look really pretty." Kiah said with her father's smile.

"Thank you baby aunt Bree made you and Keiara's hair really pretty."

"Aunt Bree put flowers in our hair…see momma."

Keiara says showing me the flowers. I sit down on the couch and pull both girls over to me. I get Kiah into her dress first and she frown when I zippered it. I was sure this was the face they gave Bree. I dressed Keiara next who simply voiced how she felt instead of pouting. A trait Edward said she got from me.

"Momma I don't want to wear dis dress."

Keiara pouted pulling on her dress. "Come on can you wear it for Uncle Em and Aunt Rose wedding, and then we can take it off." I say to her and she scrunches up her nose.

"But they itchy momma."

Kiah said scratching at her legs. "But you both look so pretty and it will make Aunt Rose really happy." I say and they pout.


They say at the same time and I shake my head happy to have won that battle. Emmett and Rosalie were finally getting married. Edward and I didn't know what they were waiting for but we stayed out of it. The door opened and Edward walked in looking absolutely mouth watering in his tux.


The girls yelled running over to him. He picked them both up and walked over to me placing a kiss on my lips.

"I missed my girls last night, did you have fun at Nana and Pop Pop house?"

He asked them. Last night he spent the night with the guys at the hotel for the bachelor party and I spent the night with Rose for her bachelorette party. Thankfully Carlisle and Esme kept the girls for us.

"Yes, Nana gave us cupcakes."

"Momma said we can't eat dem now or we going to get our dress dirty."

"They itchy daddy."

Kiah told him and he laughed. "You both look very beautiful, though." He said and the girls blushed. "thank you daddy" they said in unison. He kissed their cheeks then put them down. He took my hand and pulled me against him.

"You look stunning chéri."

"And you look very handsome, Mr. Cullen."

I tell him and he smiles at me then places another kiss on my lips, this one lingering longer than before.


The girls say and we laugh pulling apart. There was a knock on the door and I knew it was Rosalie in the adjoining room.

"Come on Rose, it's just Edward."

I yell and she enters the room all her makeup finished courtesy of Alice. "Aunt Rose you look like a princess." Keiara says with a smile on her face.

"Thank you Keiara you and Kiah look really pretty in your dresses."

"Thank you." Keiara said with a blush.

"Momma said we have to wear them for you and Uncle Em." Kiah said

"Do we really have to?"

Keiara asked with a pout. Rose looked up at me obviously not wanting to be the bad guy. "Girls you have to wear the dresses to be the flower girls. If you take off the dresses you can't be the flower girls." Edward says and they both slap their hands on either side of their face with their mouths opened in the O shape.

"But I want to be da flower girl."

"Me too."

"Then I guess you have to keep your dress on."

I tell them and they both nod their heads. "Kiah you scratch my back I scratch yours." Keiara says and Rose, Edward and I all laugh as they hug each other and scratch the others back.

"Girls why don't you go with daddy to see Uncle Em why I help Aunt Rose get dressed."

I tell them and they give me a huge smile. "Ok!" they both say and Edward places another kiss on my lips and one on Rose's cheek before he leaves the room with the girls.

"Bella I'm nervous."

"I know, but you love him right?"

I ask her and she nods her head. "What if he feels like I rushed him into it?" she asked me and I pointed to the chair for her to sit down.

"Rose the two of you had a three year engagement. I don't think that's rushing it."

I say to her and she nods her head. "Or what if he still doesn't want to get married and is just doing it because I want him to." Rose says and before I reply she says.

"What if he grows to despise me for this, what if…"

"What if the sky turns to fire and your nose falls off…"

I say with a smile, tossing the words she said to me the day before my wedding. "I'm stupid right?" She says and I shrug my shoulders.

"Yes, a little. He loves you Rose. When have you ever known Emmett to do anything he doesn't WANT to do?"

I ask her and she smiles, "Your right." She says and I smile shrugging my shoulders. "I know. Now can we get you dressed and off to finally marry this man?" I ask her and she laughs nodding her head yes. I help her get dressed just as Alice and Angela enter the room with Kiah and Keiara following.

The wedding was underway and the girls made everyone laugh as they tossed the flowers into the pews instead of the aisles. Then when they made it to their grandparents they bowed for their applause. I shook my head watching them. Angela walked down the aisle with Jacob, then Alice and Jasper and next was Edward and I since we were their matron of honor and best man.

Rose asked her mother and my father to give her away since her father was deceased. Rose mother and my parents had always been great friends and since her father passed away years ago Charlie always filled in when he could. The ceremony was beautiful not that I really expected it to be anything else since Alice coordinated it.

As Emmett and Rose said their vows Edward and I smiled at each other. I was remembering our wedding day and I had never been surer about anything in my life then I was when it came to the choice I made to marry him.

Once the wedding was over Emmett and Rose looked as happy as Edward and I did and I wished them the best. Everyone left for the reception hall and Edward and I changed the girls' clothes so that they would stop complaining about the itchy dresses.

"Can we go play…"

"Kiah your half naked baby."

I say to her as I fold up her dress. Keiara starts to laugh hysterically making it impossible for Edward to get her dress off.

"Why are you laughing Keiara?"

Kiah asked her sister and Keiara looked over at us with a smile on her face. "Momma said nacky." She said and started laughing again, this time Kiah joining her. Edward and I both laughed at our girls as we got them changed and into a simple skirt and shirt.

"Momma can we go play now?"

Kiah asked me once she I buckled her shoes. "Yes, but no running." I say and she takes Keiara's hand and they leave the room with a smile. We follow them out and back to the reception hall were everyone is dancing and celebrating. Edward takes my hand lacing our fingers as we sit and watch the girls dance with their grandfathers.

"They have two left feet like their mother."

Edward says and smiles over at me, "Fuck you." I say with a smirk and he leans over so his lips are against my ear.

"When and where."

"I say the bathroom in ten minutes."

I tease back and he groans against my ear. "I say right here and now." He replies and bits on my ear lobe. I laugh and slap his thigh making him laugh also.

"Our daughters are right over there in case you forgot."

I say and he laughs, "You just got lucky Mrs. Cullen, because I want to pull that dress up, rip those sexy little thongs I know you have on off and fuck you until you scream my name." he whispers and I moan.

"No fair…"

I whisper and he chuckles against my ear. "I've been thinking that sense I saw you in this dress chéri." He says his hand creeping up my thigh. He wasn't playing fair and two could play at this game. I placed my hand over his erection and he growled. "Daddy come dance with us!" Keiara yelled and Edward dropped his head on my shoulder while I smiled.

"Come on daddy please!"

Kiah yelled and Edward looked over at them. "Give me a minute, girls' I'm talking to your momma." He tells them and I laugh.

"Liar, you're trying to seduce their momma…"

"It's your fault, you tempt me."

"Oh please I tempt you in a robe, furry slippers and rollers in my hair. It's not my fault your always in heat."

I tease and he laughs and turns my face so that I am looking at him. "I have the sexiest woman as my wife; of course I'm always in heat. But let's not forget you're the one who called for phone sex last night." He said and I smiled and kissed his lips. He deepened it taking my tongue into his mouth.

"Hey there are children present!"

Emmett yells and Edward and I laugh. "We know they're our children!" I yell back and he smiles at me. After Edward works to rid his self of his erection he kisses my forehead and tells me he'll be right back. I watch as he goes and dances with the girls like fools, and I couldn't help laughing when the girls slapped their hands over their face at some dance move Edward did. My cell rung and I quickly answered seeing it was my doctor.

"Hello Dr. Ko."

"Hello Bella I hope I'm not calling at a bad time…"

"No, just give me a minute to go somewhere less noisy."

I tell her getting up from my seat. I head to the back to a private room. "Ok." I say chewing on my lip. "I have your test results back and I'm afraid they came back negative." She says and I close my eyes tightly as I sit down.

"Dr. Ko are you sure I mean I thought…."

"…I'm sorry Bella but you're not pregnant."

Dr. Ko says into the phone and I inhale a deep breath. I knew from my experience with the girls that it would just be better to take a blood test at the hospital then take a home pregnancy test. Edward and I were still trying and I wanted to give him his son so badly.

"Ok thank you."

"I'm sorry again Bella."

"No it's not your fault. I knew we would have trouble. I'm fine really a few years ago I thought I'd never have children and I have two little girls. Thank you Dr. Ko."

I say and we hang up the phone. I sit there fighting the tears in my eyes. This was the third time I thought I was pregnant and it turned out I wasn't. I loved our girls more than anything and I just wanted to give them a brother and Edward a son. The tears fell from my eyes and I let them fall. I heard the door to the room start to open and I tried to quickly wipe the tears from my face. Today was my best friend's wedding day and I couldn't ruin it because I was balling like a big baby.

"Isabella is every…what's wrong?"

I hear Edward ask with worry in his voice and I can't make myself look up at him. I felt like I disappointed him for not being pregnant.

"Dr. Ko just called."

I say hardly above a whisper. Before I know it Edward is kneeling in front of me with his hand cupping my cheek.

"We're not pregnant."

He states and not asks. I shake my head no as I feel another tear betray me falling onto my cheek. "I'm sorry." I say and he shakes his head.

"Don't apologize you have nothing to be sorry for Isabella."

"I want to give you a son and I can't."

I say and he shakes his head again. "I am more than perfectly happy with you and our girls. Don't you EVER doubt that, Isabella. If we are not blessed with another child then fine but DO NOT beat yourself up over it. I love you." He says and I only felt guiltier for not being pregnant.

"I love you too."

I reply and he wipes my tears from my face. "Now can you stop crying, I don't think the girls will like seeing their mommy cry." He says with my favorite smile and I smile back at him.

"So if I never give you a son…"

"…I will still love you more than my next breath chéri. I'm a little offended you doubt that."

He says and I inhale a deep breath. "Would you love me any less if I…lost a limb?" He asked me and I shook my head.


"Then remember that's how I feel about you."

He says and I could never forget that he loved me; the why was the part that always left me stumped. He leaned up and placed a soft kiss on my lips. Taking my lower lip into his mouth he nibbled on it gently. Fisting his hair I deepened our kiss and he slowly stood pulling me up with him. His hand pressed into my back like fire burning through my dress. Lifting his lips from mine he looked down into my face.

"Are you happy with our life?"

He asked me and this caught me a little off guard. "Of course I'm happy." I tell him and he cups my face in his hand.

"Then I'm happy. When I married you Isabella we didn't know if you would ever get pregnant and I still married you because I love you more than anything else in this entire world. You gave me two little girls I would NEVER trade for any son. If by the grace of god we have another baby then it will happen when it should no sooner."

He tells me and I smile up at him. "When you say stuff like that is when I think I don't deserve you." I tell him and he gives me my favorite smile.

"It is I who doesn't deserve you Isabella. Now no more crying over this alright?"


"Momma! Daddy!"

We hear the girls yelling on the other side of the door. "You guys in there? The girls are looking for you two." I hear Angela say. Edward smiles at me and kisses my lips.

"Wouldn't trade them for the world."

He tells me and I smile nodding my head. "Yeah Ang let them in." Edward says and the door opens and they both come running.

"We thought you dis- disappeareded like…poof!"

Keiara said tossing her hands in the air. "I was sad cuz we taught you and momma lefted us." Kiah said and Edward picked her up kissing her cheek.

"Your momma and I would never leave the two of you. Momma had a phone call so we came in here because it was quieter."

He told her and she nodded her head. "Momma I fell down and hurted my knee." Keiara said to me and I kneeled down to look at her leg.

"Aww my poor baby, you want me to kiss it?"


She said with a pout and I smiled and placed a kiss on her knee. "All better!" she yelled as if me kissing her knee made everything better.

"Momma my knee hurt too."

Kiah said and I looked up at her then kissed her knee and she smiled. "All better!" she yelled like her sister and I laughed. We went back out to the reception hall and the girls went out to dance with their uncles. Edward and I sat down and he kept kissing my hand and shoulder. I wasn't surprised Rose noticed my absence. When she walked over to me, Edward placed a kiss on my lips and left us alone.

"Everything alright?"

"Yeah everything's fine, now stop worrying about me and enjoy your day."


"Rose I promise I'm fine."

I tell her and she looks at me as if trying to read my face. "Tell me later?" she asked and I nodded my head with a smile.

"Ok, now come on dance with me."

She says taking my hand and pulling me out on to the dance floor. We dance together earning laughs from everyone at the reception and I promised I wouldn't let the difficulty I had of conceiving control how I felt about life. I had an amazing life, a phenomenal husband, two adorable daughters, great family and friends, and starting in another three months a new show with Rose and Alice. Rose sold a talk show idea to ABC and it would be starring Alice and me. I couldn't believe I was going in front of the camera again but I would admit I missed it. If it's one thing I learned it was that life happens at its own speed not when you want it to, so I knew if we had another baby it would happen when it was time.

As I danced with Rosalie I felt the strong arms I knew belonging to my husband slide around my waist. His lips pressed against my neck and I shuddered when I felt the tip of his tongue.

"If I'm correct I was promised some wild wedding bathroom sex…"

He whispers in my ear and I laugh feeling my cheeks catch fire from my blush. "How fast can you get me to a bathroom?" I ask and before I know it he turns me around to face him.


"When have you ever known me to joke about sex Mr. Cullen?"

I ask and he gives me my favorite smile. He takes my hand and we quickly walk over to the table where our parents are seating. "Dad can you keep an eye on the girls?" He ask Carlisle and I stood there trying not to make it obvious what we were about to go do. I noticed the girls walk over to us and Keiara climbed into my father's lap while Kiah climbed into Carlisle's.

"Where are you and mommy going daddy?"

Kiah asked with her big green eyes and I was leaving this for Edward to answer. "Um Mommy has to help daddy with a huge problem, we'll be right back." He says and I shake my head, as my mother and Esme both give that knowing smile. Edward quickly takes my hand and rushes us out of the reception hall. I couldn't help but giggle as Edward rushed us to the nearest bathroom.

The moment we entered the bathroom Edward's lips were on mine and my back was pressed against the door. It was hot, deep and fucking breathing taking as he gripped my thigh hitching it over his hip. I wrapped my arms around his neck pushing my fingers into his hair. When he started kissing on my neck, I wrapped my leg tighter around him causing him to press his erection into me.

"Fuck Isabella…"

He growled into my ear. His hand palmed my ass squeezing it as he grinded into me. A moan left my lips and I fisted his hair bringing his lips back to mine. The kiss was hotter, sloppier this time as I sucked on his tongue. He gripped my thong in his hand and before I could say a word they were ripped from my body and flung to the floor. His hand slid between my thighs and I moaned banging my head back against the door.

"Fuck baby you're so wet…"

He said his fingers sliding into my folds. He pumps and curls his fingers inside of me and as good as it feels I know we don't have time for the foreplay. I let my leg drop back to the floor and his fingers pushes deeper inside of me, his thumb making those pleasing circles over my clit. Biting on my lower lip and breathing slowly I tried to remember not to scream since our family was just a few yards away.

I quickly unbuckled his pants and slid my hand inside. Jesus my husband was blessed, I wrapped my hand around his hard cock and it made me moan along with him. I begin to stroke him slowly, spreading the pre-cum on the swollen head of his cock with my thumb. His head drops in the cradle of my neck as his fingers work faster and I stroke his cock faster. God it felt so good I didn't want to stop, but I wanted his glorious cock inside of me more than anything.

"We are wasting precious fuck time baby. We both know the girls will come looking for us soon."

I tell him and he lifts his head up and looks at me. Lust filled his eyes and I knew I was about to get the fucking of a life time. My inner sex goodness smiled with anticipation as he picked me up and my legs wrapped around his waist, with one motion he was inside of me. I quickly hit the lock on the bathroom door and gripped the back of his shirt. Moaning as he started to stroke me, I felt my entire body hit as he filled me. Pressing my back into the door, he trailed kisses over the tops of my breast. I kicked my shoes off and pressed the heel of my feet into his low back.


I moaned and he did causing me to moan loudly. He filled me to the hilt as his dick worked my feminine walls. It thrust making it harder to breath, but moan in pleasure. He gripped my hips and started to pound into me. I held on to him as he fucked me into oblivion. I bit at his ear, sucking it into my mouth as I moaned his name over and over again. When it slid out of me I felt an absence that didn't last long because he was soon slamming back into me. I felt every muscle of his thick cock inside of me, owning me.

"Edward I-I'm oh god don't stop baby…"

I moan unable to form a complete sentence. He pulls me away from the door and walks over to the sink. When my ass touches the cool metal of the sink it adds an additional sensation that makes me moan.

"Lean back."

He tells me and I do, supporting myself on my elbows. His hand travels up under my dress and when he cups my breast I bit my lip letting my head drop back. His strokes slow down as he starts to swivel his hips. Hitting my spot with a different angle and my legs start to shake. I wasn't going to be able to last much longer.

"I love watching me enter you Isabella, it's the sexiest fucking thing."

Edward said as his hands started to massage my thighs as they shook from the anticipation of my release. "Seeing my cock glowing with your juices, filling you over and over again, it makes me harder watching you take me in." He continues and I swear his words are only bringing me closer to my release.

"Edward I'm so close baby…"

"Touch yourself Isabella…"

He tells me and I start to massage my clit needing my release to come before I lost my mind. "Fuck you're so beautiful cheri." He says starting to stroke me faster and I lift my legs up onto his shoulders allowing him to slip deeper.


We both moan when he does, his forehead against mine. My walls continued to contract around him branding and claiming what rightly belonged to me and only me. His lips and tongue attacked my neck as he lifted my hips from the sink counter and pummeled into me.



And Over again.

I pushed my fingers into his hair fisting and tugging as I took him in repeatedly. He slammed into me and I gasped filling him in my gut, when he did it again I cried out his name. His strokes came faster, harder and I was whimpering under him, tugged his head so that I could kiss him. When are lips touched it was like his strokes became more urgent and needy. Nibbling on the others lip, sucking on the others tongue, our mouths moved in sync as he took from me as much as I took from him. I could never get enough of this; there would never be a, such thing as having enough of him. Then I felt it start between my thighs wrapped around him, it slowly traveled throughout my body like liquid fire. I felt him everywhere as my mind was flooded with sensations that could only be described as ecotic.

"Oh shit Edward I'm coming baby…"

I moaned against his lips and he kisses me just as I start to moan loudly how good he was making me feel. His strokes were fast, pounding on my spot as my legs quivered on his shoulders. As I started to come down from my release I saw in his eyes he wasn't done. He removed my legs and told me to bend over the sink.

Breathing heavily I do as told and smile seeing our reflections in the mirror. Edward loved making me watch him fuck me, and I had to admit I loved it to. We looked at each in the mirror as he came up behind me and gripped my ass.

He pushed back into me and I bit down on my lower lip as I tried to keep my eyes open. If we fucked in front of a mirror my eyes were to be on him at all times. This was kinky Edward and my god how I loved when he came out to play. His strokes varied between fast ones at first then they would slow down painfully causing me to beg him to move faster.

"Who owns you Isabella?"

He asked and I knew he didn't mean who owned me as property, but who owned my heart, who I belonged to in spirit and who I gave my body to undyingly. He forever told me that I owned him in every way a woman could and I knew it drove him crazy when I told him he owned me in French.

"Vous m'avez propres"

I said and he growls as I watch him lean forward. I moaned feeling his lips on the curve of my back, his tongue tracing hearts on my shoulders as he moved in and out of me sensually. I reached behind me and grabbed his hand then placed it between my thighs. He got the idea and started to pinch and pull at my clit whispering in my ear what I was doing to him. Fuck I was on the verge of coming again. He started speaking in French and sucking on my neck and I was a goner as I moaned loudly tossing my ass back against him. He growled and his stroked picked up and he soon followed me in ecstasy.

Only our breathing filled the bathroom as we tried to pull ourselves together. Looking in the mirror we laughed when our eyes caught.

"You will be the death of me chéri."

"No I won't I'll miss your glorious cock too much, oh and maybe the rest of you too."

I tease and he swats me on my ass. He fixes his pants while I pull my dress down and slip my feet back into my shoes. He picks up my torn thong and places it inside of his pocket. Once we look a little less like we just fucked in a hotel bathroom he takes my hand and pull him to me.

"Promise even when we are in our sixty's you'll still run off and have public bathroom sex with me."

He said with a grin and I laughed, "Even in our eighty's. As long as you can get him up baby it will forever be my job to get him back down." I tell him and he gives me my favorite smile then kisses me passionately. Just as there is a knock at the door,

"You two perverts finished in there?!"

Emmett shouts and I roll my eyes shaking my head. Edward unlocks the door and Emmett is standing there with a stupid grin on his face.

"See at weddings there is usually always two people who have the dirty wedding sex it is never suppose to be the old married couple."

"Screw you Emmett, you're just mad we beat you and Rose to the bathroom."

I say and Edward laughs taking my hand as we head back to the reception hall. The moment the girls see us they run over to us. Hugging our legs they look up at us,

"Momma did you help daddy with his big problem?"

Kiah asked me and I laughed remembering what he told them. "You'll have to ask daddy sweets." I tell her and both girls look over at their father. He gives me a playfully look and I smile at him.

"Yes girls your mommy helped in only a way she can."

He says and they both smile happy with his answer. We head back out onto the dance floor and dance some more with everyone. When it is time for Emmett and Rose to leave and head off to their honeymoon, Edward plays the piano for them which caused Rose to cry.

By the time we finally made it home the girls were out cold. Edward and I worked to get them out of their clothes and into their pajama's.

"Momma is the Aunt Rose and Uncle Em get married over?"

Kiah asked and I smiled, "Yes baby their wedding is over." I tell her as I pull off her shoes off. "So we don't have to wear those itchy dresses no more?" Keiara asked sitting in Edward's lap her head on his chest as he tried to pull her shirt over her head.

"No, you girls don't have to wear those dresses ever again."


They both said in their tired voices and I laughed getting up and grabbing their night gowns. I handed one to Edward and we dressed them in their p.j's.

"You girls looked very pretty today though."

"Thank you daddy."

Kiah asked, her eyes still closed as I tucked her into her bed. "Daddy wasn't mommy pretty too?" Keiara asked hugging her pillow pet.

"Yes, I think your momma is the prettiest woman in the whole world."

He says and I smile placing a kiss on the top of Kiah's head. "That's a lot right daddy?" Kiah asked as he came over and kissed the top of her head.


"Good because momma is very very very very very very pretty."

Keiara said then she gave a large yawn. "Yeah very very very pretty" Kiah added. I kissed the top of Keiara's head. "Thank you girls, now get some sleep." I tell them making sure they were all tucked in.

"Goodnight momma, night daddy."

They both say and Edward and I start to head out of their room. "Night girls we love you." Edward says and they both mumble a 'we love you too'. Edward hits the night light and leaves their door open slightly. We enter our bedroom and both undress. I was too tired to do any more then take Edward's pajama shirt and slip it on. We both climbed into the bed and he pulled me against his body, with my back firmly against his chest he placed a kiss on my neck.

"I love you Isabella."

"I love you too"

I say back pulling his arms tighter around me. He hugs me and softly hums my lullaby until my eyes close and sleep hits me.

I was dreaming, I could always tell when it was a dream. Edward, I and the girls were at the lake house. Edward and I sat on the porch as we watched the girls run around making tag. Edward's finger made small circles on my arm as he spoke to me. But something else caught my attention. It was man. He was walking across the water, but there was nothing god like about this man. He was dark scary and my heart was pounding in my chest.

"Edward look."

I say but he tells me he doesn't see anything. The man walks closer to us and then I hear a voice I haven't heard in years say,

"Who knew I could cause your life hell from the grave."

My skin crawled my breathing picked up as the man came closer. "Keiara! Kiah come here!" I hell getting up and Edward kept asking me what was wrong. As the girls ran towards me the man began to walk faster.

"Edward he's coming…"

"Who Isabella?"

"I don't know look!"

I yell pointing and then the man aims a gun at us. He pulls the trigger and …


I yell popping up in bed. Edward quickly sits up next to me cupping my face. "It was just a dream Isabella." He says and I feel the tears in my eyes. The fall to my cheeks and Edward wipes them from my cheeks.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

He asked me and I shake my head. I wanted to forget it. "Are you sure, maybe you'll feel better after we talk about it." He tells me and I place my head on his shoulder. We sit there in silence for a while before I tell him about my dream. He turns my face to look up at him,

"Have you ever seen the man before?"

"No, I honestly didn't see his face in the dream."

I tell him and Edward kisses my forehead. "This was just a dream Isabella. I will never let anything happen to you and our girls." He tells me and I cup his face.

"Or you. I wouldn't survive it Edward."

Edward cups my face and kisses me softly. It was slow and passionate just wanted I needed. "We are one Isabella; nothing will happen to any us. I promise chéri." He says and I know he means it. He continues to kiss me and I wanted so much more. Pushing him onto his back I straddled him and rode away my nightmare on my husband's hard cock until it was completely forgotten.

The next morning was father's day and the girls and I woke up and made Edward breakfast. I had to remind them to keep it down before they woke him up.

"Momma, daddy like blueberries."

Keiara says holding a fist full of blueberries that juice was sliding down her arm. "No he likes chocolate chip." Kiah says holding a fist full of chocolate chips that were melting in her hand.

"Um girls how about we make blueberry and chocolate pancakes."


They both yell and then they toss them into the pancake mix bowl. I look into the bowl and shake my head; I guess we were having blueberry, chocolate chip pancakes. I mix the bowl and then start to make the pancakes on the stove while the girls argue over who was going to make the table.

"We use princess plates, like when we play tea party." I hear Kiah say

"I want daddy to you use my Dora plate."

"Dora is stupid."

Kiah said and I turned and looked at her as her little arms were crossed over her chest. "Kiah Cullen we do not say stupid in this house apologizes to your sister." I tell her and she huffs and puffs then grumbles.

"I'm sorry."

"We will use those plates I put on the table, not your tea party dishes girls."

"But Momma I don't want to use those…"

Keiara said with a pout. "Well I don't care Keiara. Your tea party dishes are not meant to have real food on them." I tell her and she huffs and puffs and removes the toy dishes from the table. A minute later the dishes crisis was over as the girls giggled and laughed as they colored on the construction paper I gave them to make Edward a father's day card.

"Momma look we drew Daddy, you and us."

Kiah said and I smiled at what I assumed was suppose to be the four of us. "It's beautiful girls, daddy will love it." I tell them and they both smile proud smiles. After breakfast is finished I set the table and tell the girls to go wake up their dad. They both ran up the stairs and I was sure their stumping up the steps would wake him before they even made it to the room. I walked up behind them and smiled as I watched them bounce on the bed. I was thankful that he put his pajama pants back on last night.

"Daddy wake up! its daddy day!"

Keiara yelled and Kiah pulled his eye lid up. "Daddy!" she yelled into his face and I tried to stifle my laugh as he groaned. Then faster than they could register what was happening Edward was up and tickling them both. I smiled as their giggles filled the room. He finally stopped when they said they would pee on their self. Both girls quickly ran to the bathroom and Edward smiled over at me.

"Morning gorgeous."

"Happy Father's Day, baby."

I say with a smile and he waves for me to come to him. I sit on the edge of the bed and he places a kiss on my lips. He laughed when I told him he had dragon morning breath tickling my sides. Once he used the bathroom we all went downstairs and the girls told him what we made him for breakfast. He looked at me with a brow raised when he heard what was in the pancakes. I shrugged my shoulders.

"They wanted to make both."

I say and he laughs. We sit down and have breakfast while they tell Edward everything we had planned today. The smile on his face while they spoke made my heart full. I loved when we sat there like that. Nothing outside mattered just us in this house, Edward looked over at me and mouthed he loved me and I still blushed when he said this. "I love you more." I say and he mouths back impossible making me laugh.

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