I Bet You

Summary: For losing a bet, Kurt has take a walk around downtown Bayville without his image inducer. There's only one problem with that—Kurt's terrified of being around so many people.

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Chapter 1:

Logan stood proudly in front of the Danger Room controls, a smug grin across his usually expressionless face. The waiting X-men down below took that as a bad omen.

"Ok kids," Wolverine's rough voice boomed over the intercom, "here's the drill. Avoid the obstacles, and don't help your buddies. This is last man"—several X-girls gave him a cold stare—"er, or woman standing wins. You guys think you can handle that?"

Several students scoffed and pishawed from the group below. "I thought so," Logan muttered, grinning wider. And he started up the program.

It was much harder than the students anticipated. Logan had riddled the training program with trapdoors, falling objects, walls that would pop out of the ground, etc, in addition to the usual stuff. Very quickly, Rouge, Bobby, and several other students found themselves "out" and they sat quietly in a row along the far wall, watching their teammates get pounded. "That program is way too hard," Bobby sulked.

Rouge snorted. "At least yah had your powers tah help yah along, Jack Frost," she mumbled.

Back on the playing field, only two students remained—Kurt and Kitty. Kitty was only surviving because she could phase through everything. She was getting hit left and right, but everything passed clean through her body. Kurt, agile and quick, avoided everything and was faring far better. He was actually destroying as much of the equipment as he could, while Kitty was stumbling around, barely avoiding being squished into a pancake. Along the sidelines, people were taking bets about who would win. Most people were betting Kurt. To be nice, Rouge put her money on Kitty, though it looked like she would be out for the count very soon.

A giant swinging pendulum barely missed Kurt. He cart wheeled out of the way. This is ridiculous, he thought. He jumped up onto a raised platform to get a breather. Kitty was running away from a huge metal ball that seemed to be following her wherever she went. Kurt heard something swish above him. He back flipped away from the falling object, landing gracefully on the floor far below. As he prepared himself to jump away from something else, a whistle blew, and Logan called out, "Stop!"

Kurt looked over to Kitty, who was crawling out from under a pile of machine carnage. "Kurt wins," Logan said. "Everybody's dismissed."

Kurt stalked over to where the rest of the team was filing out of the room. He grabbed his bottle of water and was about to leave when he noticed Kitty talking to Rouge. She looked upset. Kurt sighed and walked over to them.

"Vas?" he asked, noting the sour look Kitty gave him when she saw him coming.

"Nothin," Rouge said. "Kitty's just upset cause she lost."

"It's not that," Kitty sighed. "I can totally take losing, but Logan makes these programs too hard. They're impossible."

Kurt shrugged. "They're not too bad, but if you vant to complain, take it up with Herr Logan, not your friends."

"They're not too bad," Kitty mocked. "Easy for you to say, Mr. Flexible. Your powers make it too easy for you. Try doing a session without your 'porting and then say it again."

Kurt's ears perked up at the challenge. "Fine," he said. "Vhat if I do zis program again, no powers? If I beat it, will you believe that Logan's programs aren't too bad?"

Kitty gave him a long, suspicious look. "Sure," she said, "but if you lose, you have to take me downtown for some shopping."


"No image inducer," Kitty added, suddenly liking the deal very much.

"Vas?" Kurt's golden eyes got very, very wide and his ears drooped. He shook off the surprise and put up his hands in defense. "No vay, Keety. No vay."

Kitty smirked. "Oh, but you already agreed to it. If the training program isn't 'too bad' then you can do it, powers or no. You gonna back out?"

Kurt's pride won over for a second. "Nein," he muttered in defeat. Rouge patted him on the back.

"Yah can do it, Crawler."

"Yeah," Kurt sighed. I'm gonna die, he thought.

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