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Summary: Still dealing with the destruction of her home island, Luffy finds herself in the care of a bloodthirsty pirate crew. Things turn out to be not as bad as they originally seemed as Luffy finds herself slowly calling the gothic crew family, and their ship home. Luffy proves she's not useless though when she stands up again a couple of bounty hunters who've decided it would be a good idea to raid the Kidd Pirates ship.

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New Homes, New Families, Bounty Hunters!

Luffy was somewhat confused to put it mildly. She had no idea how she had actually gotten her in truth.

The week had started out fine, everything was normal day with the exception of the Marines that had shown up. It had been kinda like when her Grandfather showed up, but not the same. There was something underlining the visit, a reason they weren't giving for showing up.

Then they started to ask questions. Things that seemed quite random, and that nobody had the answers to. Things like 'Do you know who this man is?' or 'Where can we find anybody who knows of him?'. It just seemed really random at first, but everybody brushed it off. Everybody but Luffy that is.

She had been watching the marines ever since they had shown up, and the more she watched them, the more weird and nervous she got. She couldn't help but shake off the growing feeling that something really bad was about to happen. Something that nobody expected.

Grandpa hadn't shown up that week like he had promised. So that should've been some alert. Grandpa Garp, as crazy as he was, never broke his promises, especially when they concerned family and friends. So it was odd that he hadn't shown up yet like he said he would.

Then the Marines started talking in code a lot. It was something that not many people on the island understood. In fact, no one, save for Luffy herself, understood what they were saying. It was thanks to her grandfather's insistence on her becoming a marine that she even learned anything about them. Marine Code was just one of the few things she learned that she considered important.

A raid, on what Luffy had no idea, but that was what they had planned. She thought maybe one of the local bandits, but then, why would they care about that? Luffy got her answer a little too late.

It had taken them five days to set up and get everything worked out.

It took only two to put it into action. And in under eight hours, the marines had had the whole island up in flames, killing anybody unlucky enough to cross their paths. Which was everybody.

In the end only Luffy was left to her own knowledge. If anybody was still alive, they would die within a matter of days. Everything that could be used for supplies to survive was burnt, everything.

Now Luffy was on a pirate ship, one headed by a very bloodthirsty captain with red hair and a whole lot of anger management issues.

He was, in his own unique way, nice to her though. Unlike the others who jumped headlong into fights, he wouldn't make her if she didn't feel like it. She wasn't forced to kill again. The others just did it because it was nature most likely.

She was often told to stay aboard the ship, sometimes with another member, sometimes alone.

And in the short time she had been aboard the ship, trying her best, and unfortunately failing, to deal with what she had lost, she found herself thinking of the crew as family.

A very dysfunctional, bloodthirsty, pschopathical, homicidal family.

She often found herself mending wounds and such for the crew, all of which ranged from minor cuts and bruises, to someones' arm nearly getting lopped off. The really extreme ones were difficult but not impossible to fix with her Devil Fruit abilities.

They say that the soul must heal first before the body, for Luffy, that was proven true time and time again. She'd just heal the soul where the physical body was supposed to be injured, and viola, the actual arm or other injured body part followed not soon after. So somehow during her stay, she had become the ship's doctor.

Right now she was on her own this time, waiting for the others to get back, hopefully without anybody pissing Kidd or Killer off this time. Because then she'd have to treat injuries, and it didn't help that the town had a marine base, so that meant that the navy would get involved. And well you can figure out the rest.

Luffy sighed, about to fall asleep when the sound of footsteps on the gang plank reached her ears. It couldn't be the crew, too few in number, and it didn't sound like boots. Unless somebody had baught new everybody new shoes and was forcing everybody to wear them, which she highly doubted as Kidd's short temper and inability to take orders from others resulted in somebody winding up dead most of the time. Luffy hid, just in case, when the sounds of footsteps stopped.

"So this is the Kidd Pirates ship? Looks like some scene out of a cheap horror movie! HA! Pathetic." a voice spoke up mockingly.

"Looks like they ain't here boss." another voice siad, this one scr5atchy and annoying. Luffy could just imagine what the others would say in this situation. Something about idiots who need to learn their place. And then Kidd would say something sarcastic and rude, and then go about turning the deck of the ship into the floor of a slaughterhouse. Yes she had spent way too much time with these homicidal maniachs.

"Betcha we could find something interesting to do here, maybe ransack the ship? Heh! Their fault for leaving their blasted ship unguarded.

"Yeah, I bet their captain and first mate are idiots! Probably a bunch a pansies and the ships just for show!"

"Let's ransack the place-"

"Whoever said it was unguarded?" Luffy asked calmly as she got up from her hiding spot. She stood defiantly infront of the group, which was indeed small in number with four or five men. They all looked at her in shock, before their expressions changed into something along the lines of mockery. They were underestimating her because of her physical built and stature. She was a bit on the petite side, but that didn't mean she couldn't knock you around. These men were about to find out the hard way.

"Well looky here...What's a pretty little thing like you doing in a place like this?" the man, the leader of the group, seemed to think he was coming off as helpful. It was probably the worst acting Luffy had ever seen.

"Get off this ship!" Luffy growled out warningly as the man took a step closer.

"Ooh~ Little girlies got an attitude! C'mon now, no need to get violent..." he fiddled around with something behind his back, "You might get hurt!" He lunged at her as he drew aknife, obviously intent on causing injury. Luffy kicked the man back, knocking him into the others.

Luffy glared at the men before prepparing an attack. She put her hand in the air, as if she were gripping something like a pole, and then forcibly brought her hand down onto the deck. (Think like when somebody is debating with you and they bring their fisted hand down on the table or whatever.),

"Scyth of Souls!" Pulled back spinning her newly materialized weapon in her hands, the large, sharp blade glintingly in a deadly manner as the afternoon light hit it. The deck soon turned red as the sunset, giving the scene the perfect background and mood. Luffy couldn't help how fitting and strange it was for the setting to be just right like it was for a bloodbath. If Kidd got back before she finished this, maybe he could finish the scene.

"I said...GET OFF THIS SHIP!" She lunged at the leader while the others backed off, not having expected such a deadly weapon to appear out of nowhere, or for such a frail looking girl to be able to weild it so expertly.

She and the leader traded blows, neither winning or losing completely, until finally they broke apart.

It was clear who could keep going for the longest amount of time when it was revealed that Luffy wasn't even out of breathe, unlike the leader who was panting and sweating from overexertion.

"Why you little...I'm gonna-"

"You're going to what?" Came the irritated voice of a certain short-tempered captain. "I can't believe this. I'm gone for a bit, and some idiot deciedes he can just trape onto my ship like he owns the place and then harass my crew."

"Who-You're Eustass "Captain" Kidd aren't you?" Kidd snarled at the idiotic question.

"Nah, I'm the tooth fairy! Who do ya think I am!" Kidd growled as he put his hand up in the air, "Now get off my ship!" a giant metal hand created various weapons and anything else metal slammed down on their "guests". Killing most of them, except for one.

The leader had somehow gotten lucky and Kidd had missed him. Killer was about to run after him as he tried to escape when Kidd stopped him.

"Luffy, think you can finish this, or should someone else?" Luffy sighed as she answered in her own special way. She stepped forward, waiting a bit before smirking. She placed her hand on her chest and drew it away from her, materializing a bow in her hand. She grabbed hold of where the string would be, and and drew it back, an arrow shaped out of some type of strange light, just like the bow, appeared.

"Souless Arrow!" Luffy called out as she released it. It was dead on the mark, always dead on the mark, the attack never failed as long as the arrow hit you somewhere on the body., even a graze made it succeed. It went straight through the man's chest though, and before he even hit the railing, he was dead.

"How's that?" her response was a crazy grin from the captain.

"Pretty good! Let's set sail, we got places to be, things to do, and I'm not sitting around in some town that's boring as the sea it's in! I stay here any longer and somebody's gonna pay!" he ordered, changing his tune and expression quickly.

"How're you feeling?" Killer wound up asking. Luffy rarely fought or killed, almost never. She was still recovering from what had happened when they found her, and for one reason or another, Kidd wasn't forcing her to do it again. And he wasn't going to get mad if she said no.

"Better...Not completely fine, but better...Definitely better." Luffy nodded as if agreeing with herself as she went below decks. "I'm gonna go take a nap."

"Okay." Killer replied as he watched her disappear down the hall. Killer couldn't help but find himself worrying slightly about her ever since she had joined, as weird as it was to worry at all. He was right aobut one thing when she joined.

Things had indeed gotten interesting with her around.

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