Save Me

Hey Guys. I guess these counts as a Finn/Holley with Holley/Mater implied.

Summary: Mater dies in a mission and Holley finds comfort in Finn. She needed help. When her daughter grows up, she and her best friend want to explore the death of Mater. But Lemon's are still on the loose and will not stop until they kill her. Will they ever uncover the secret that Holley has been hiding?

I don't and probs will never own PIXAR, any songs in this (unless I do covers on them and record them. That would be so SICK! :D). Lol. ^-^ ENJOY PEOPLE.

Holley's POV

I looked into my daughter's eyes when she was ten minutes old. She had big brown eyes. Like Mater. She had a slight tan. Like Mater. But the only resemblance she had to me was her hair. She had dark brown tuffs which would hopefully become curly brown as she grew up. But so did Mater. We hoped she would become an agent like me. Her little eyelids fluttered shut. Her tiny hand reached up and wrapped itself around my index finger. I wanted to cry of happiness. Nine months was worth it. Mater sat next to me. We had been married for almost a year now. He wrapped his arm around my shoulders and hugged me.

"I love yer, Holley. Don't ever forget that," Mater smiled. He gave me that goofy grin. I placed my nameless daughter into her little crib next to my bed. I rested my head on Mater's shoulder and sighed.

"I want to see Finn and everyone else. Can you bring them in?" I asked. Mater nodded and kissed my cheek before walking out the room. I sat on the bed and looked waited. I felt my head slide and the next thing I knew...

"Holley! Holley! Holley!" I woke up with a start. I saw Sally and her husband Lightning McQueen, Finn, Flo and Mater standing around me. I studied them. They all had massive smiles on their faces. I sat up and yawned. Mater passed the baby to me.

"Hi guys," I greeted smiling. Mater had the little baby in his arms. He passed her to me.

"What you gonna call her?" Flo asked.

"I'm going to let Mater decide that," Holley winked.

"If she had blue eyes I woulda called her Aqua. But she has brown and I don't know." Mater groaned. "You guys got any ideas?"

"She looks like Belle from Beauty and the Beast," Sally suggested.

"What about Rachel?" Lightning asked.

"What about Alice? Classic British name," Finn smiled.

"What about America! Ya'know, America Ferrara? 'Ugly Betty'?" Flo argued back.

"Don't argue guys!" Mater protested. "What about Amy. After Amy Lee, one of Holley's favourite singers."

"Amy Leona Shiftwell. That sounds perfect." Holley said. Amy looked around and laughed.

10 years later. (No POV btw)

Amy was now 10. Amy was a tech-person and tomboyish. She still had the dark brown hair. It was shoulder length now and usually pulled into bunches resting on her shoulders. Her brown eyes had turned into a browny-green. She had long eye-lashes and the same tan she had as a baby. She was best friends with Sally and Lightning's son- Chase-who was born a week before her. She spent so much time at The Cozy Cone because her parents were always doing jobs. Sometimes not even in the town. Sometimes not even in the country! She wanted to know. The conversation when Amy was told that her parents were leaving usually went like this:

"Hey sweetie pie?" Holley smiled. She had her hands behind her.

"Yeah Mom?" Amy asked.

"Me and Daddy are leaving for awhile for a business trip. We'll be back in a few days. So you can stay with Chase. And we brought you...tada!" Holley would bring her arms out and show Amy a present which Amy would accept happily but feel gutted on the inside.

One of the worst times was when Amy had turned 11. She was sitting in the corn field near the cows with Chase staring at the clouds.

"What do you wanna be when you're older Amy?" Chase asked.

"I'm not sure. I wanna be a racer or at least work on the pit crew," Amy replied.

"I wanna be like my dad! I wanna carry on his legacy and be like him!" Chase smiled. Amy's smile faded. "What's wrong Amy?"

"At least you see your dad all the time. I barely see mine. Their always out of town. It's like they don't want me there. Maybe there's a deeper explanation." Amy explained. She looked at Chase at shifted closer to him. She felt calm. Suddenly a moo scared them. The old cow, Frank, was charging towards them. The pair ran back to the cone laughing.

"We should do that more often!" Chase laughed. "I guess you're having the guest room again tonight.

"Where have you two been?" a male voice asked. The 11 year olds turned around to see Lightning glaring at them.

"In the fields why Dad?" Chase asked.

"Hmm no reason. Uh WE WERE WORRIED! God Chase, act 11 for God's sakes!" Lightning grumbled. "Amy, your Mom is waiting for you at home."

"Ok, thanks . Bye Chase," Amy smiled to Chase before running home.

As Amy opened the door, she saw her mom crying and a man comforting her.

"Mom..." Amy began.

"Amy, something has happened to me and Daddy..." Holley began. "This is Finn."

"Mom tell me what's happened!" Amy yelled.

Holley hesitated. She looked at Finn.

"Baby, Daddy...Daddy has passed away..." Holley wept. She cried on Finn's shirt.

"How?" Amy said. "HOW!"

"I..I..I don't know..." Holley lied. She knew perfectly well how he died but never wanted Amy to know. Amy backed out the house. Thunder rumbled and lightning flashed. Rain began to pour. She ran to Chase's house. She was soaked. She saw Chase in his living room knocked on the glass.

Chase saw her and opened the door. He was greeted by a big hug nearly knocking him over. He hugged her back.

"What's wrong?" Chase asked confused.

"Daddy's dead!" Amy wept. She cried uncontrollable cries. Chase stared at Amy. His dad's best friend was dead! But how! Chase held Amy's hand and took her inside his house. He sat her on the sofa and draped a blanket around her.

"Do you know how?" Chase asked, giving her a hot chocolate.

"No...Can I stay here tonight?" Amy asked. She pulled the blanket around her more and undone her hair. Her eyes were bloodshot from crying.

"Sure. I'll go ask my mom," Chase replied getting up. "Hey..." he turned to Amy. "Um nothing." He left the room to ask.

The next morning, word had spread that Mater had died. A silence had fallen across the town. No one was speaking. No one knew how he died but no one wanted to know more than Amy. She would find out why when she was older. She knew what wanted to do with her life now. And nothing, nothing, would stop her...

Thanks for reading! :) (Love Chloe)