Save Me Chapter 4

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This is filler chapter and a lot shorter than most chapters to come. Oh and I found out Owen Wilson was up for a Peoples Choice Award 2012 for his voice as Lightning and LOST! _ Please read this chapter while I sit in a corner and throw darts at Johnny Depp. :P

The next morning Sally woke up next to her husband who was snoring away next to her. Sally smiled and cozied herself up to him. I feel sorry for Holley losing Mater Sally thought as she drifted back to sleep. She wondered where her son was and getting up to...

Finn was falling through the sky feeling the wind rushing past him. He felt the wind shoot up his shirt and he released the parachute. He saw the beach where the people he wanted to see most were.

Meanwhile at the beach, Amy had just got back from a stealing spree with food.

"I bring food!" Amy announced walking up. She dropped the food on the sand in a satchel she made with the remaining scraps of cloth from the parachutes. Chase and Amy dug into the bag and grabbed whatever was their taste. Holley was still fast asleep.

"I think we are several steps closer to Daddy," Amy smiled to Chase who was busy munching on an apple. Chase caught Amy's glance out to sea. He laced his fingers through hers and whispered, "It'll be okay." Boyfriend or best friend, Chase was the best thing that ever happened to Amy. She hoped she would know Chase forever. But she was going to accept that if they don't last, she would move on. She rested her head on Chase's shoulder before walking down the beach with Chase.

A man had fallen from the sky and sat next to Holley. He smiled before gently waking her up.

"Hello Holley," Finn smiled. He was met by arms falling around his neck. He felt Holley's tears fall on shirt.

"I missed you," Holley whispered. She kissed his cheek and began to weep. She felt safe again for the first time in absolutely ages. Finn's heart skipped. "Thank God you came for me..."

"I know Holley, I'm here..." Finn whispered. He was only 4 years older than Holley. She was 39 and he was 43. He did love Holley but she thought of him as a sidekick and not like that. Though he wished though. He got on fine with Amy and thought he would be great step dad to Amy. But he was getting a bit ahead of himself there. Suddenly something got over him. He broke away from Holley and forced his lips onto Holley's. Holley was taken a bit off guard but smiled to herself. She hadn't been kissed on the lips since Mater's passing. She kissed back passionately to show her love. Amy had walked back alone looking pissed off. She saw her mother exchanging spit with Finn.

"MOM!" Amy screamed. She ran over to them and pushed Finn over and punched him before running off crying.

"Is she okay?" Finn asked getting back up. Holley felt bad suddenly.

"I um have to go somewhere. See ya around Finn," Holley said before kissing him goodbye and running after her.

Amy sat on the edge of a cliff crying. She wished she had Chase to cry on. She picked up a stone and threw it towards the ocean. Suddenly a voice came into her head.

"Baby girl, we will always love yer. You're a super smart girl. No-one can hurtcha when I'm around," the voice of her father said. A single tear fell from Amy's eyes. She missed her father so much. She would give anything to see him again. But then again, her mum wouldn't let her. Besides she was in a relationship with pesky Finn. No-one could listen to a girl like Amy. She looked into the water and saw her reflection. She saw reflections of the people who loved her: her mother, Chase, Sally, Lightning and her father. Amy wanted to touch the reflection of her father but she couldn't as she knew the water would ripple if she touched it.

"Daddy, come back..." Amy cried to herself.

"You'll be safe and sound," Mater seemed to whisper back. Tears fell harder from Amy. Soon she was crying uncontrollable sobs. She wanted to see him...