Chapter 5~ Too Fast

Gabe waited at the end of the stair case. An annoyed look crossed his face. He looked up at Tori and glared. Tori responded by sticking her tongue out at him. Mr. and Mrs. Joyce were looking at the paper work in the kitchen. All the Skyers walked into the Kitchen. "You understand what's going to happen?" Tori asked smugly. Before the Joyce's could respond Gimp spoke up. "I will be taking charge of this task now Tori, as it's obviously you need more training to do this professionaly." Tori's eyes flashed angerly at him. She opened her mouth to talk back but Gimp turned to the old couple. "The paper work states that you are going to be fined for holding a Skyer." "I know what it says," Mrs. Joyce replied, "We both do. We all know what's going to happen now." Gimp searched the old couple for any sign of fight. He glanced at their sides to search for any weapons. He glanced at where the knives were in the kitchen. Before he could look back at the girl Tori stepped forward. She pulled handcuffs out of her pocket and slapped it around one of the girl's wrists. "Too fast.." Gimp's words faded from his lips. The girl's wings shot open and hit Tori, throwing her against a wall. A vase fell from the wall and shattered into a thousand pieces, cutting Tori's arms and face. Gabe went to grab the girl but she was flapping her wings violently, trying to back away toward a window. The claw like parts of her wings could easily rip into his skin. Gimp stared at the girl. The movement slowed. There was a pattern, a pace. She was in slow motion to him. He waited for her wings to open up before he shot up toward her. He got inches away from her. He took a needle from his pocket, ripping the saftey cap off with his teeth. He then put one hand around her, holding her head. The other hand stabbed the needle into the side of her neck. Her wings slowed until they started to go limp. Her body started to cramp up then went limp. Gimp held her as her body failed to support itself. He picked her up in his arms and turned around. He had hoped that the old couple hadn't tried to defend the girl. They stood were they had been, shocked. "It was to calm her down. To stop her from hurting herself and others." Gimp responded. "I understand," Mr. Joyce said walking forward. The girl's eyes were hardly staying open. She was fighting to stay away. Mr. Joyce walked up to her and moved her hair out of her face. "We love you Desiree. Don't ever forget that." He kissed her forehead. Her eyes closed.