Trust Is A Funny Thing.

This is based on the Disney channel film, "Geek Charming" starring Sarah Leyland and Matt Prokop, so that's who I believe the characters to look like in my head. I don't own any of these characters or the basic plot, but any unfamiliar situations are probably mine. It's 4 in the morning and I can't sleep, and this is what happens when I can't sleep, so feel free to flame it if it is terrible, I won't hate you!

Dylan has never really been big on the whole opening up and tell people personal things. Her "friends" knew nothing about her, and Asher never really cared, he was always more interested in himself or volleyball to pay any real attention to her. So why the heck was she opening up to this geek she had just met? A geek, who had tipped his lunch all over her designer top, and than basically insulted her hidden intelligence (yes hidden, she didn't want everyone knowing she was super smart, have you ever met a super smart popular person? No, because being smart doesn't make you popular, it makes you a geek, and being a geek is something that Dylan didn't want to go back too.) Of course she knew that "gross" was just one syllable, she was making it longer for dramatic effect, but she could see it in his eyes that it only made her appear stupid, and that made her feel weird, like she had to prove something to this boy, this geek. What that she wasn't stupid? No! He was just some geek, who she didn't need to think about. Sure he has later save Surge from the fountain at the mall, but that didn't change anything did it? She had blown him off like she planned too. Then everything changed, he said he wanted to base his film for the local film competition on her and her Blossom Queen campaign and she agreed without even asking any questions, really thinking about it, or what it would involve. Sure Nicole Patterson had the entire football team as her marketing team, but she didn't have a film being made about her, and how popular she was! Dylan was sure she would win Blossom Queen hands down, and if she didn't then it would be all Josh Rosen's fault.

When Dylan woke up on the morning of Asher's volleyball match, she just knew that today wouldn't end well, she wanted to crawl back under the covers and skip today, but Hannah and Lola were counting on her to be at the beach, and Asher would want her there to cheer him on. She showered and got dressed, then drove her car, the Dylish mobile to pick up Hannah and Lola before heading to the beach for the match. Before she parked, she could see him, standing with his 2 friends, the red head, and the other one who always seemed to think that Josh was making the wrong choices, like choosing Dylan for his documentary subject. She toddle her way over to him, tempted to take off her wedges as they were making it very hard to walk in the sand, but she knew that her outfit wouldn't be complete without them. She knew after she had shot the footage that she had made a fool of herself, especially toddling after Asher, who couldn't honestly give two flying monkeys about her, he'd rather spend time with his friends. After her "friends" had abandoned her for her "boyfriend", she couldn't wait to get home and just sink into a nice hot bath and forget today ever happened, but then of course the universe wasn't finished with her yet, she hadn't paid several parking tickets and now her car had been towed, so she had no real friends, no real boyfriend and now no ride home, she was stranded at the beach a good few miles away from her house. Then came her knight in dirty converse, he offered to drive her home and although she was pretending that she didn't really care on the outside, on the inside, she was glad that he was still here. After their big fight about her being a diva, which she later admitted to herself that she kinda had been, but she wasn't going to admit that to him, especially after he made her get the bus home, and that was just GA-GROSS. She was sure she wouldn't hear from him again and that her film and campaign for Blossom Queen would be over before it truly began. When her laptop pinged as she lay on her bed surrounded by maths textbooks, she was sure that it would be Hannah or Lola, updating her on the latest gossip, she ignored it for a few minutes before curiosity got the better of her and she had to see what it was about, but the email that was sitting in her in-box wasn't from an email address she recognised, but she instantly knew who it was from.

From: FilmGeek101 WoodlandsAcademy . com

To: Dylish123 WoodlandsAcademy . com

R.E: The film.

Attachments: 1

.avi file,

Hey Dylan,

I'm sorry about earlier, I was just overly stressed and tired, and your diviaish ways were not helping me at all, so I snapped, sorry for abandoning you, I hope getting the bus didn't kill you. Anyway this is the footage I have so far, I want you to have a say in the editing, cause it is your life and everything. I want to get a more in depth view of your life, without your friends or school, lemme know if this is okay, and we can set something up.



Dylan sat open mouthed staring at her laptop for a full 7 minutes before clicking on the attachment that Josh had sent. She want to die on the spot, this is not how she wanted the people of Woodlands to see her, she looked spoilt and stuck up. She almost seemed desperate for Asher to notice her, which thinking now is probably true, she made a mental note to talk to Asher later, they had some very important things to discuss and she had a feeling that he either wouldn't like it, or he wouldn't care. She was betting that it would be the latter, he never pays her any attention, so why should he start now? Replaying the video several times, a few things became apparent to her; One, she did not look like a good candidate for Blossom Queen (as much as she wanted to win, she wanted her mom to be proud of her too, and this would NOT make her proud at all.) Two, she had been a terrible friend to Hannah and Lola, and she could see it in the way they looked at her when her back was turned, especially when she was insulting them and saying that their popularity came from hers, which was not true, and she knew it. And finally, Three, she was a bitch, there was no easy way to say it, she wasn't a nice person, and although people were nice to her face, what were they saying when her back was turned and she was out of ear shot. Dylan made a silent promise to herself, that she would change and would no longer treat people like something she found on the bottom of her shoe. Hitting the reply button, Dylan took at deep breath and began typing.

From: Dylish123 WoodlandsAcademy . com

To: FilmGeek101 WoodlandsAcademy . com

R.E: The film.


This isn't how I wanted to be portray but the camera never lies, don't scrap everything, we may need it. But I do want to start a fresh and show you the real me, and not some front that I put on everyday. Can you come pick me up at around about half past 10 tomorrow morning, if you want to know the real Dylan Schoenfield then there is something I have to show you.


After Dylan hit the send button, she flopped back onto her bed, and sighed. She wanted a hug, but her dad was out at dinner with his girlfriend, and Marta had taken the night off to recover from a stomach bug she had. Her friends wouldn't understand why she was so upset, and Asher, Asher wouldn't care at all, even if she appeared at his door in tears. Dylan got up and walked to her closet and dropped to her knees and pulled out the box which contained her mothers Spring Formal dress, the same Spring Formal where she had met her dad. Dylan missed her mother so much, and she wanted to tell someone how she felt, but no one would listen. A sudden thought donned on Dylan, she carefully placed the dress back into the box, before running back to her room, and clicking a few buttons on the Woodlands Yearbook website, finding the information she was looking for, she picked up her iPhone and began typing, within the space of 2 minutes, she got her reply. A small smile appeared on her face, she knew this what she needed to do. She phoned Asher and explained to him that although she liked him a lot, their relationship wasn't really working, and they would be better being friends. Asher didn't sound too bummed about it, in fact Dylan was sure he didn't understand half of what she said. She cleared her room, and wait for the door bell to ring.

After the longest 15 minutes of her life, Dylan jumped up when sound of the door bell chiming rang throughout the house, she ran to the door, pulling it open and looked up into the ? Eyes of Josh Rosen, who looked slightly windswept. A worried look came over his face, as his eyes drank in her appearance. Dylan was then very aware of how she looked, an oversized jumper that belonged to her dad from his college days, and a pair of jammy shorts, and ugg boots. Her hair was up in a mess of curls and she was sure she has mascara all down her face from crying. Just thinking about her mom, made her eyes water again, and Josh sensing the on-coming tears, placed his bag on the floor, and wrapped her in his arms,hugging her tighter as she sobbed into his tee shirt. He rubbed her back and whispered comforting words in her ear. When she had finally reached her bedroom, she went into the bathroom, closed the door, and took a glance into the mirror, she winced at the sight. She had big black panda eyes, black tear stains down her face, red puffy eyes and nose. She washed her face and made herself a little more presentable before opening the door and going back into her room, to find Josh sitting on the end of her bed looking at his shoes. He glanced up when he heard her come in. She gave him a small smile.

"Thanks, I needed that." She said quietly.

"It's okay Dyl." He said, "You feeling better?"

She nodded, not trusting her voice, in case she started crying, she glanced down at his white tee-shirt and winced.

"You have mascara all over you tee-shirt, sorry." She blushed, her voice sounded shaky and small, nothing like her usual confident, loud voice.

He glanced down at his tee-shirt and laughed. "As long as it comes out, your forgive."

She smiled at him, before turning to her wardrobe and putting out an over sized tee shirt she had for working out.

"Put that on, and we can wash your tee-shirt." She said, before turning round to give him some privacy.

After she had put the tee-shirt into the washing machine, she sat on the bed with and started drawing mindless shapes on her covers with her fingers. The silence was killing her, and she could see that he was feeling awkward too. She wanted to tell him everything, but she was scared that he would use it to hurt her. She didn't want to completely depend on this geek who she had just literally met and just started speaking too! Especially when they weren't exactly friends, they were more professional acquaintances.

She didn't even know if she could trust him, did she really want to chance it?