Author: icicle33

Title: You Set Fire to the Rain

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any of the other works I mention in this fic. Please don't sue me.

Characters/Pairings: Harry/Draco, past Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Andromeda, Teddy

Rating: M

Warnings: angst, violence, slight gore, strong language, character death, sexual situations, and hot boy love. Also, this story is EWE and mostly DH compliant, but I have tweaked a few things to go along with my plot.

Word Count: 1300 this part...but novel length story

Summary: After the war, Harry cannot handle the overbearing press and needs to get away. He decides to spend the summer with Andromeda and Teddy in France. When Malfoy shows up too, things get complicated. "Slowly, you were becoming my world, my reason for existence; and yet, I wasn't even a blotch, not even an insignificant speck in the universe of Draco Malfoy."

Author's note: This is a novel length story that is Complete and just needs to be edited a little more before posting. I will be posting a chapter or two a week depending on the length of the chapter and response. I would like to thank my betas sonnyisforlovers and ashiiblack. I could not have written this story without all your help and advice. They are wonderful writers as well, so check out their stories too if you have some time.

Also, as mentioned in the warnings, this story will eventually contain character death; however, the character death will not come until the end of the story, and this story is not about death at all. This is a story about Harry's journey in self-discovery. It's about the epic love story that exists between Harry and Draco, and how even in a short time they managed to change each other's lives. Yes, you will need tissues for this fic, but you will also smile, laugh, and I'm pretty sure that you will be content with the ending. If you join me on this journey through Harry's whirlwind relationship with Draco, I promise that you won't regret it. I hope you enjoy this fic as much as I enjoyed writing it, and as always, feedback makes my day.

~You Set Fire to the Rain~

: :One: :

x x x

I set fire to the rain just to watch you burn. I set fire to the rain and threw us in the flames.

~HJP [1]

: : : :

They say that life is full of great adventures—that the adventures are what make life worth living. Well, by the time I left Hogwarts, I had more than my fill of adventures. I was ready to start living a quiet life of solitude.

What I didn't know, what I didn't count on—was that my greatest adventure was still to come—that my greatest adventure would be with you.

If I had known what would happen—if I had known that you would become my world, perhaps I would have done things differently.

Or perhaps I would have done things exactly the same.

All I know is that it's over now, and I'll never be the same. We'll never be the same.

I'm not sure where to start; it's such a long and complicated story, much like everything in my life. Perhaps I should just take the easy route, for once, and start at the beginning.

: : :

Two Years Earlier...

After the war, I didn't know anything about your life. I testified at your hearing, testified for you and your mum, so you wouldn't wind up in prison. You didn't deserve Azkaban; you were a pawn of the war—helpless, broken, and dejected—much like I was. Definitely not a criminal. I told myself that the only reason I was helping you was because of your mum; she had saved my life after all, so I owed her. But now, I realise that it went so much deeper than that. Perhaps even back then—I felt an unnatural, unwavering attraction to you—much like a moth to a flame.

After your trial, I completely lost track of you. Once I knew you weren't going to Azkaban, I didn't much care what you did with your life. I didn't much care what anyone did with their lives; I just wanted to find a way to have one of my own and most importantly to be left alone.

Of course, being Harry Potter and defeating the most heinous dark wizard of all time—twice, didn't keep me off the radar. I was constantly being followed, hassled for interviews, pictures, guest appearances—you name it and they asked for it. Hadn't I already done enough for the wizarding world? Hadn't I already sacrificed my childhood and adolescence to a madman trying to rid the world of diversity by infecting the wizarding population with hatred and intolerance? Apparently, saving the world twice didn't grant you a free pass or any influence amongst the press. At least it didn't for me.

The press.

Oh, how I love the press. Adore them really. The Daily Prophet and I are on such familiar terms that the head writers and I get together every Friday night for a pint at the Leaky…yeah right. I have threatened, or at least Hermione has threatened, the Prophet, with a multitude of lawsuits ranging from invasion of privacy to defamation and slander. She has threatened to sue them for every Knut they are worth, but unfortunately, that hasn't really deterred them. It was as if the more I hid from them, the more interested they were in reporting news on me. And it's not just the Prophet any more either. Other papers, primarily gossips rags, were all interested in the daily happenings of Harry Potter's oh-so-fabulous life. They followed me everywhere, taking pictures and reporting on me doing anything and everything, including, eating lunch with my mouth open or not washing my hands after using the loo one afternoon. It was getting absolutely ridiculous, and I just couldn't take it anymore.

It was one thing to write about my sordid breakup with Ginny Weasley as the press had called it. All of a sudden, I was London's most eligible bachelor, and as loath I am to admit this, it was 'big' news. Still, it was quite another to report about my personal hygiene skills and choice in restaurants or magazine subscriptions. Why do people actually care about those things? Seriously.

At first, I tried to take it all in good faith, laugh it off that the papers now had a 'Where's Harry?' column or 'Spot Potter' section. It was funny at first—kind of a continuation of Potterwatch—but not any more; the war had ended three years ago. Three bloody years and the press still wouldn't leave me alone. No matter, how much I hid. The more I hid, the more they pried and became desperate to capture pictures of the elusive Potter.

I was growing deeply depressed and even my work was suffering. Kingsley told me that he didn't feel that my heart was in the Auror training programme any more, so that I should take some time off—the entire summer if I wanted, to recuperate and find myself, decide if I really wanted to be an Auror or not. It wasn't even May yet, and he insisted that he wouldn't expect me back until September. At first I was hesitant at accepting his proposal, what would I really do with so much time off? And of course, I wanted to be an Auror. I'm Harry Potter, defender of innocents, vanquisher of evil…what else would anyone expect me to be? What else was I actually good at?

But then the press took things much too far.

Someone had actually managed to capture pictures of me sleeping…in my bedroom…and worst of all...without pyjamas. I was only wearing my red Golden Snitch boxers. At first, I was completely mortified; it was like a nightmare that the entire wizarding world now knew what I looked like in my pants. But after speaking with Hermione, I quickly got over my mortification, and then I was actually petrified, terrified for my safety. How could someone invade my privacy like that and watch me while I slept? It was beyond disturbing, so much so that I decided to take Kingsley up on his offer. I needed a break, a long break, far away from all the nonsense and madness that surrounded wizarding London.

Luckily, I knew just the place. It had been far too long since I had seen my darling godson anyway, so I decided to spend the summer with Andromeda and Teddy at their summerhouse in the south of France. Little did I know, that I would find a lot more than I bargained for that summer.

: : :

To be continued...

Author's note: Thanks for reading part one of this story. Don't worry, Draco will be coming into play in the next chapter and the next chapters are longer than this one. Reviews make me smile and if you want me to answer any of the anonymous reviews then leave your email in the response. Also, I will be updating at least once a week and perhaps twice a week for a shorter chapter or lots of positive response. Thanks again.

[1] The HJP quote and title of this fic are based off of the Adele song "Set Fire to the Rain". I have altered the lyrics in order to fit this fic, but the original song and lyrics do not belong to me.

[1a] The cover image I have added to this story is beautiful Drarry art by Cris. I do not take credit for it at all and no harm is intended towards the artist.