Hi everybody! This was a challenge from Sincerely the Sign Painter (Who is epic and you should go read their stories!) about a back-story for Johnny 13's shadow. And that's we're my story begins. Enjoy and I do not own DP!

A shadow. That's what I always was, and always will be. That's my name at least. My name is Shadow, and this is my story...


"Hey, watch where your going loser!" said the school bully, Scar. He shoved my raven head of greasy hair into the water fountain. I spluttered and gasped as I went for air. But it was no use. He wouldn't let me up. This was the end, I k-

"Hey, pick on someone your own size!" said a tough voice. I felt Scar's hand release from my shirt. I gasped and wheezed to see who was the guy that saved me. I rubbed my eyes in astonishment. It was Johnny, Johnny 13! Well, that was his nickname at least. He had extremely bad luck. Poor guy. But he was tough. Tough as nails. Which is why I was so surprised he was sticking up for me- a loser.

"Oh yea? And who's gonna make me?" sneered Scar.

"Me." smirked Johnny as he punched the bully right in the face. It wasn't enough to do any real damage, just enough to knock him out cold. Johnny knelt down and helped me up.

"What's your name?"

"Shadow. Shadow Lyon. Mind if I..." I laughed nervously. "Tag along to wherever you're going?" Johnny's face broke into a broad grin.

"My own personal shadow. I like the sound of that. Come on Shadow, let's go." I scurried along as he opened the doors into the night.

(Line break)

"So all I have to do is scare a couple chicks?" I said nervously. Johnny chuckled.

"You're catching on real quick kid. Come on, it ain't that hard! The first chick I scared, she got real mad and hit me with her purse. We're on..." He grinned wolfishly. "Good terms now."

"What was her name?" I asked.

"Kitty. Kitten stuck by me ever since." He smiled but then frowned.

"It's your turn. All ya have to do is scream and boom! You got yourself a girlfriend!" I grinned with anticipation.

"All right! I can do this!" I leaped in front of three females.


"Ahhhhh!" they shrieked. The red head smacked me with her purse.

"Ah, hey, watch the head!" I cried. She smirked evilly as she whacked me again.

"Names Spectera. Spectra for short. And my intruders name is..."

"Shadow. Mind not whacking me with your purse again?" I whimpered. She laughed and held my hand.

"For now." I smiled and winked at Johnny. He let out a wolf whistle and gave me a thumbs up. I smiled back and turned back to my new... Girlfriend!

(Line break)

Yea, Johnny, Spectra, kitty, and me had lots of fun. Doing crazy stunts, just hanging around the park, normal teen stuff. All until that one fateful day when we were riding in Johnny's new mustang. After that, it went all black. Now all four of us hang out in a different environment- the ghost zone. The only part I don't like is I'm still a shadow. Always have and always will be.

Okay, it's only like 550 words, but whatever! Hoped you enjoyed! And please review!