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England pushed the door to the taxi open and stepped into the dark streets of London just before his flat. The trip home was free of any further complication aside from tearful hugs and smiles from America and Canada as they parted ways. Hoping Canada had the time to lie low with Cuba, England ducked his head into the taxi, extending a hand to America. "Do you need help walking, Alfred?"

"Nah. I think I got it." America shook his head, but firmly took England's hand as he moved out of the taxi.

"Just don't complain to me when jet lag catches up to you." England sighed while leading America up the walkway, pausing at the door to open it with his key. "I'll get you a copy of my key first thing in the morning."

America hurried inside, quickly pressing England up against the nearest wall. "Alright, roomie~" He leaned in and kissed the Englishman softly.

"A-Alfred-!" England protested, struggling a little. "At least close the door-!"

Not even turning around, the American kicked the door shut and grinned. "There. Better?"

"Lock it... please." England's voice was soft and his eyes were flooded with concern.

America's expression faltered and he nodded, becoming a little more serious as he moved away to lock the door. "I forgot that we need to be careful. Sorry 'bout that."

England took a few steps forward, lifting his hands to cup the sides of America's face as he turned around from the door. "Just as long as you're safe, love."

"As long as you're safe too." America nodded, leaning down to softly kiss England again. "We'll be okay here."

"I never thought I'd get this far when I left that night." England moved his arms over America's shoulders, holding him close.

"But you were brave and you found me." America tipped his head down and kissed England's forehead softly, smiling against his skin.


"Mmmhm. Very brave. Very hot." The American scooped England into his arms and carried him into the living room, despite England's struggles and protests.

"I-I can walk Alfred! Don't push yourself so hard!" England said with a forceful squirm.

America gently set England down on the couch and climbed over him. "It's cool, Artie. I'm fine!"

The heat rose in England's cheeks and he gave a futile squirm under America's weight. He was partially relieved to see him displaying his strength again, it meant that the drug must have left his system. One less worry to weigh on England's mind. "I've got nothing on you, hero."

"You said it!" America grinned, softly stroking the side of England's face.

"So humble!" England laughed softly, then pulled America forward by his shirt collar, claiming his lips.

The American weaved their hands together, pinning them at the sides of England's head, and firmly kissed him back. "So. What do you do when the hero kidnaps you?"

"Heroes don't kidnap their lovers." England answered smugly with a smirk.

America leaned close, tilting his head and brushing his lips to England's ear. "I can't let you leave here... But it's for your own safety..." His breath fanned against the Englishman's skin, making him shiver.

Blushing deeply, England shifted a little under America, tangling their legs together. "W-Well, if it's for my safety..." He swallowed hard. "U-Undress... me..."

America gave a start of surprise at the request and slowly moved his hands out of England's, trailing them down his chest and starting to work his belt open. Everything he had done with England up until then had been his firsts and he couldn't help feeling the smallest bit nervous.

England's eyes widened as America did exactly as he asked. Reaching his own hands up, he patiently undid the buttons of America's shirt, and when it was open, ran a hand along the warm skin of his chest. The Englishman breathed deeply at the sensation, completely in awe of what he saw. "A-Alfred... you're... flawless..."

That breathless comment made America blush deeper and he placed a hand on top England's, stopping it over his heart. "I love you, Arthur."

"I love you as well, Alfred..." England moved his hands to America's hips, slowly guiding him forward and against his own. The friction jolted through him, causing him to arch his back. "A-ahh..."

America picked up on the movements, rocking his hips gently against England's, and leans down, kissing the Englishman firmly. He slipped his tongue into England's mouth, picking up from where they had left off in the car.

England opened his mouth, welcoming America's tongue inside and sucking it softly. He moved a hand from his partner's hip, teasing his nails along America's neck and running his fingers through his hair, pulling slightly.

The American gave a low moan and pulled back, his shoulders heaving as he took in a few breaths. Remembering England's request, he started working at his pants and belt, trying awkwardly to move them off while still pinning England to the couch. "Gonna have to move a bit..."

Nodding slowly, England raised his hips a little, allowing America to slip his pants off. He reached up, pulling America's unbuttoned shirt away, both articles of clothing carelessly dropped to the side of the couch. Bringing his shaking hands to America's pants, somehow managing to open them among a haze of feelings, England tried to ease them down. "Your turn to move, love." He said, smirking softly up at America.

America leaned back, taking over for England as he pushed his pants down, watching eagerly as England sat up, pulling his shirt over his head and throwing it to the side. He raised a hand, taking the dog tags he wore and started to remove them, until England pressed a hand on top of his.

"Keep that on, Alfred."

The way England said that, the look in his eyes, everything about him made America shudder deeply and he nodded, quickly positioning himself on top of England again, kissing him passionately. The feel of their skin touching with nothing between them sent shivers through him, and he moaned through the kiss.

Only their boxers remained, and the two drew apart, both nations looking to the other. America nodded slowly, urging England on. "It's alright, Arthur. I... I want this."

That was all the resolve England needed and he hooked his fingers under the band of his boxers, slowly lowering them as America mimicked him. Setting his boxers aside, England waited just until America did the same before wrapping his arms around him, holding the him close and enjoying the comfort of his warmth.

America shuddered, his breathing labored as he felt England against him. No formal wear, no business suits... nothing but skin on skin. He kissed along England's jaw, stopping at his ear. "Mh... Arthur... I need you so bad..."

England nodded slowly against America's lips, trailing his nails along his back and nodding slowly. "Alfred, I... I want you..." His chest was tight, his voice a whisper of a plea.

America tensed immediately and sat back a bit, his face red with embarrassment. "I kinda sorta maybe... have never done this before. You're my first, Arthur."

England blinked hard and sat up quickly, though he took care not to throw America off of him in surprise. "Your first?" The Englishman blushed deeply at the thought, then shook his head, stroking America's cheek softly. "I'm honored to be your first, Alfred."

"Does that mean I...?" The deep scarlet color that dusted America's cheeks mimicked England's. "O-Or should you?"

England shook his head. "Here. Like this." He switched places with America, lowering him onto his back and settled between his legs, bending over a little to kiss him softly. "Is this alright, love?"

America nodded slowly, his heart beating a mile a minute in his chest. "Y-Yeah..."

England pressed his face against America's chest, taking in a deep, steadying breath as he sorted out his thoughts. "... it's going to hurt a bit, love. I have to start with my fingers to get you ready, but after that... it will still hurt. If you don't like it in any which way, tell me and I'll stop as quickly as you give the word."

"I don't care if it hurts. I just love you." America said, putting on a brave face and flashing a small smile.

"I love you as well, Alfred, and that's why I don't want to hurt you." England pressed two fingers firmly to his lips, parting them and coating the digits with a generous amount of saliva. He removed the fingers slowly, his hand trembling in nervousness and anticipation as he lowered it, purposefully neglecting America's thick cock standing at attention. Pressing his index finger firmly to America's entrance, England slowly circled the pad of his finger around it before slowly inching it inside.

"A-ah-!" America instantly tensed around England, his hands scrabbling along the material of the couch for a grip. "A-Arthur, I... want this... so badly-!"

"Shh, shh, love... if I go too fast..." England shut his eyes and reveled in America's breathless moans. He moved his hand back and forth, pushing his finger in and almost removing it with slow, careful movements.

America writhed under the Englishman, a mixture of pain and pleasure flickering in his sky blue eyes. His chest rose and fell heavily with every breath he took, his grip tight on the sides of the couch as he mouthed England's name over and over, his voice lost to breathy gasps.

England trailed his other hand up to America's hip, rocking him to the pace he had set, while pushing his own building erection into America's leg. As his eagerness and arousal grew, he slipped a second finger in, somehow managing to slow his movements again as he felt resistance around them.

The American gasps under England, arching his back and slowly pushing against the fingers inside him. "A-Arthur, I...!" America's voice soon gave way to small moans of pleasure, unable to form complete sentences from the feelings building up in him.

Panting heavily, England curled his fingers deep into America before slowly easing them out. He leaned over, running a hand under the couch and feeling for the container of lube he kept there for lonely nights. Smiling softly at the idea that there wouldn't be any more of those in the foreseeable future, the Englishman's fingers brushed the container, and he grabbed it. Sitting up, England slowly applied a generous amount of lube to his cock, moaning softly at the sensation. He shifted forward, moving America's legs over his hips, and slowly guided his cock until it just barely pressed against the American's entrance. "Ready... Alfred?"

America nodded, swallowing hard as his heart drummed in his chest. "I want it... so bad, Arthur..."

England smirked and pressed himself close, whispering soft, lustful words in America's ear. He slowly allowed himself to push in, careful as to not hurt America in any way, and started a steady rhythm of thrusts, holding on to his partner's hips for support.

It took a minute for America to adjust to the new feelings, the sudden closeness of England that he had never experienced before. He blinked hard, straining to keep his eyes open, his gaze fixed on every movement the older nation made. Shifting a bit, America slowly started moving his hips in time with England's, and after a bit of trial and error, managed to meet him for each thrust, his moans becoming louder and more frequent with the effort. "Mh-! Arthur...!"

England panted for breath as he continued to move with America, moving one of his hands from the America's hip and slinking it down his inner thigh. As England lightly teased America's cock with the pads of his fingers, he smirked and looked deep into the brilliant blue eyes that he had treasured for so long. "I-is this... good, love?"

Seeing America nodding and writhing jerkily beneath him was all the incentive England needed to wrap his fingers around the American's cock, stroking him softly against the the rhythm of their thrusts. The Englishman moaned heavily as America clenched around him, and he arched his back, picking up the pace and thrusting harder.

"A-ah... like that-! Just like that...!" America leaned back against the couch, rolling his hips up and pushing his cock into England's hand, then moving his hips down and forcing himself onto his partner's cock. All of the sensations were building up inside him, and America felt the urge to release pooling in the pit of his stomach.

England pitched himself forward, leaning heavily against America, and bit sharply into his neck, the want to mark his partner becoming stronger than his need for completion. He growled lowly around America's skin, his hips bucking hard as he felt the younger nation's cock pulse in his hand. They were so close, so painfully close.

America was beyond being able to speak now, moving his mouth to wordlessly, attempting to call out England's name and only managing lustful gasps. He tipped his head back, allowing England more access to his neck, and shuddered deeply, finding his voice at the sensation of teeth on skin. "Arthur-! I'm gonna... oh God-!"

Just hearing the American say that was more than enough to bring England to climax, roughly thrusting in hard the furthest he could and holding himself still within his partner as he came, breathless cries of America's name following his release. A few firm strokes later, America followed suit, arching his back and scraping his nails along the surface of the couch, leaving scratch marks across the material.

Panting hard, England collapsed on top of America, only moving just enough to slide out of his partner. He felt America's hand softly stroking his cheek and lazily tipped his head into the gentle touch, smiling softly as he felt the younger nation's chest rising and falling under him. After a moment to catch his breath, England shifted up a bit, wrapping his arms around America's shoulders, a motion the American mimicked, moving his arms around England's hips.

"That was... amazing... you're amazing..." America managed breathlessly, leaning his head down a bit to softly kiss England's forehead. "I love you, Arthur."

"I love you as well. So very much..." England shifted himself up, kissing America softly, then looked into his eyes. "Stay with me, Alfred... don't ever leave me again."

America nodded softly, a smile lighting his face. "I'll always be here for you, Arthur. I promise." He shifted a little, getting more comfortable on the couch. "Can we sleep here? It feels nice... in your arms."

"Yes, I'd like that..." England returned the smile, laying his head against America's chest again, and breathing softly against his skin. "I'm glad we found each other again."

"Me too." America shut his eyes slowly, softly running his fingers along England's back. "Night, Artie."

"Good night, love." England murmured, closing his eyes and letting sleep take him.

When England woke up, he gave a small start, not used to sleeping on the couch, nor in the arms of another. As quietly as he could, he edged out of America's embrace, and dressed himself. Careful to not wake his sleeping partner, England headed to the kitchen.

About an hour later, he heard America approaching from behind, and didn't bother looking up from his cooking to greet him. "Have a good rest, Alfred?"

"Mm-hm." America responded, sleepily. "Hey, Arthur, I didn't know you had a pet! S'kinda cute~"

"Don't be ridicules, I don't have a-" England turned around, looking skeptically at America. The expression was quickly replaced with shock and awe when he saw the American cradling a familiar, mint green, winged rabbit in his arms. "Alfred-!" He gasped in awe, but was suddenly cut off as his cell phone rang.

America's bleary morning smile faltered, his expression hardening as he nodded to the phone. "Answer it, Arthur."

England swallowed hard, picking up the cell phone and steadied his voice as he greeted the caller. His eyes opened wide, and placing a hand over the receiver, he looked to America. "... it's my boss."

AN: Remember when I said this fanfic is based off of a 10-hour long RP between myself and Star? Well, here's the end of the log, with added bonus fluff heacanon on my part that says when England consummates a relationship, his partner is able to see his magical friends (nothing universe breaking like they get magic powers or anything. Just merely the ability to see what England sees).

Unfortunately, Star and I haven't picked up on this RP plot in some time. Not because we've had a fallout or anything, quite the opposite. Shortly after this, I ran into Star again on Tohla, and she invited me to join a group of amazing RPers known as Hetaplay. I've found the England to my America (my lovely waifu Taka) and have settled there nicely with a few ongoing RPs.

I'm not exactly sure when I'll be able to pick this one up again, to be perfectly honest. Star gave me the outline for the story, so I could just write it if I wanted to, but that feels kind of empty, you know?

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